Dreams made of glass 29/52

Title: Too much
Genre: drama, romance
Characters: Early, Consuela, Jarod, Crystal & Ramon.
Prompt: 54
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Early is summoned to his parents apartment.
Warnings: language. adult situations, insinuated drug abuse.
AN:  In case you wondered, then yes, Ramon is the genuine child of Early and Crystal. I have high hopes for that child! *grins* And yeah, I forgot to ask about an Early flashback in my earlier authors note, I had planned one of those too, the question was just what flashback you’d like to have first. and if there was something special you would like to know about some character. Written for simfic50, This chapter goes to icysilverpill, cause she dropped off the Internet, and I miss having her around LJ.

Hush Hush
never enough
never enough

The pain inside me
that will never die
Something for the pain
inside me
that will never die

wanting you
to believe me


Early had dropped everything when Setsuna had told him that his mother had been by the Bus Station, and had hurried towards his childhood home. Had it really been that long since he had met Crystal on the street? It felt sort of freaky to walk up the rows of apartments here, last he had been here had been in the middle of the night, knocking off his mothers silverware.

He didn’t bother knocking, just opening the door, he knew would be open. His father was on the sofa watching the footie, and Consuela, she was in the kitchen. Early’s eyes widened seeing she was standing with a baby in her arms. “Hey” Early croaked, “I got your message”

“Oh hey Angel, I’m glad you came” Consuela said with a smile, feeding the baby a bottle from the fridge. Early thought it was a little freakish to think that she had done the same for him once, or yeah, she would have shoved her tit in his mouth, wouldn’t she? he shuddered by the thought.

“Don’t you want to see him?” Consuela asked, gesturing for Early to step closer.

“S-sure” Early said, carefully walking over to his mom and the baby, inwardly counting all the fingers and toes he saw. He smiled with relief as he realised they were all there. He stopped inches from the child, just staring at it. “Hello there” he said to the baby, grinning as a idiot when the baby looked directly at him. “I’m that  fucktard, known as your daddy” He looked up at his mom for some help.

“His name is Ramon” Consuela said.

“A boy” Early whispered. “My son, Ramon, far out”

“Want to hold him?” Consuela held out Ramon.

But Early stepped backwards, waving his hands in front of him, “No, man.. what if I dropped him or something” When Consuela looked puzzled and a little hurt, Early just held out his hand that shook slightly.

“Oh” Consuela said dryly. “Didn’t have time for that before you came here?”

“Mother” Early answered clipped, “Not in front of the baby, please”

Early looked down at his son once more, smiling. “You’re a perfect little boy, aren’t you?” He whispered, “You are just as beautiful as your mother, that is for sure” He caressed the baby on the head gently, but when Ramon grabbed his fingers to suck on them, he pulled his hand back. “Bad idea kiddo”

“Crystal is upstairs” Consuela said, looking lovingly down at her son and grandson. “And while you’re up there, go wash your hands”

“Okay baby” Early cooed, “I am gonna check in on your mom and make you a little brother to play with, I will be right back”

“Early-Angel!” Consuela gasped, “Don’t you dare!”

“Relax mom” Early grinned, gently kissing the baby on his forehead before he walked up the stairs to his old bedroom.

It felt totally surreal to even open the door, and for a moment he could tell himself he was 14 years old again. but as the door swung open he saw a tidy room, and Crystal was laying there on his old bed, reading some book in her jammies. “Eh, hey Crystal. Cute kid” he said not knowing what the hell to say.

Crystal looked up at him and smiled politely. “Hey Early, good of you to come” her voice dripped with venom.

“No, no.. Don’t do that to me, I told you from the very beginning what to expect” Early said, trying to sound offended, but just sounded childish. And with a sigh he stuck his hands in his pockets. “Okay, I am really sorry I wasn’t here” His voice dropped to a soft whisper. “Was it hard? Are you alright?”

“Let’s just say I cursed you a time or two” Crystal said flatly, but as she looked up at Early standing in the middle of the floor looking sad and lost, she smiled a little. “I’m okay, thanks for asking”

“Good” Early said with a nod. “He is beautiful Crystal” he added with a tiny voice. “And, for what it’s worth, I wish I had been here to, eh.. I just wish I had been there when you needed me to be, I’m sorry babe”

“It’s okay Early, really.” Crystal said, putting the book away, standing up. “I didn’t expect you to be here” She reached out and squeezed Early’s shoulder gently. “Are ‘you’ alright?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about me” Early said with a little boyish smile, “It will take an army of mad killer robots to take me out”

“I’m not so sure about that Early” Crystal said with sadness in her voice before she buried him in a tight embrace.

“I’m so sorry I said all those nasty things last time we spoke” Early whispered. “I didn’t mean it, and.. maybe you’re right” He admitted, “I went to a doctor as you asked me to, had some pills that took those soars” Early smiled against the skin of Crystal’s neck. “And I even paid for it, both the doctor and the pills”

“You did that for me?” Crystal whispered happily.

“I did” Early admitted. “And for Ramon”

Early went to wash his hands, but instead he sat down on the toilet, staring off into the wall, why hadn’t he told Crystal what he had decided to tell her before he came here? he had rehearsed it for days. He looked down at his hands that shook even more now, his entire body had begun to ache like was his bones sore and itched. He knew the cure for this, he even had it in his pocket but it just seemed wrong, it was not because he was at his parent’s house, lord knew he had taken more smack here than anywhere else when he was younger. It just seemed wrong with his baby downstairs. His baby, it was just so surreal.

“What is taking so long?” Crystal asked as she opened the door from the hall, looking at Early sitting on the toilet with a lighter and a tinfoil pack between his hands. “Oh” she mouthed acidly.

Early was shaken from his trance, not even realising he had even taken his lighter and the tinfoil out from his pocket. And hurried to put it back as he stood up. “Sorry” He mumbled, “I wasn’t about to do anything with it, I don’t know.. I.. ”

“You know what Early?” Crystal said coldly, “There is no need to apologize, it is me who is the idiot, I thought that you might change your ways once you saw Ramon, you know.. having something to live for, a son who needed you”

“I do, its not like that Crystal” Early whispered, standing with his back to his ex-girlfriend, staring out the window on the spring buds on the trees outside. “It’s not like I am suicidal or something”

“Could have fooled me” Crystal snorted.

“I don’t expect you to understand anyway” Early said softly “So I wont even begin to explain”

“Yeah, don’t bother, that’s just great. Because then I will have absolutely nothing to say to your son when we bury you” Crystal sneered, “Your daddy was a fucking moron, who wanted to die so badly he was never arsed to talk about it, I’m sorry kiddo”

“Would you even listen if I told you why?” Early said, his tone sharp and annoyed. “Anyway, Crystal, I just came here to see the baby” He sighed, “And give you some money”

“I don’t need your money” Crystal spat.

“I know you don’t, they are for Ramon” Early said slowly turning to look at Crystal, “I didn’t want a baby to begin with, remember?” he mumbled, “Now he is here, and he is my son” Early looked away from Crystal and down at his shoes, “Maybe I am not really around, but I wanted to help out the way I can, okay? Will you let me do that?”

After thinking in silence for a moment Crystal nodded, “Yeah” Crystal said, “I can put your money into a bank account for Ramon, in case he needs them”

“Thank you” Early whispered, looking back up at Crystal, “I’m working on it okay?”

“Working on what?” Crystal asked, placing her hand on her hip, awaiting an answer.

“Us” Early said with a little humble smile, “The family part”

Crystal had gone and laid down again, and so Early went downstairs to see Ramon before he left, He saw the baby laying on a little blanket in the living room, so with bated breath and shaking hands, he picked up the little child. “Hey come now, Ramon babe, I am not that dangerous, don’t ever believe what these people tell you” He snickered.

“Would you like chicken or weal for dinner, my son?” Consuela asked.

“Don’t bother with food for me, mom. I am leaving in a moment” Early said, holding the little warm baby close, marvelled at the feeling of the tiny heart beating against his.

“Jarod! Say something!” Consuela demanded loudly.

“What do you want me to say, woman? If he wants to leave, he leaves” Jarod said, not looking away from the tv.

Early smiled down at Ramon, “Listen kiddo” He whispered, “I’m gonna leave, but I will be back real soon, maybe we can even go for a walk next time, you, your mom and me, wouldn’t that be cool, huh?”

Ramon just stared at his dad.

“Yeah, I knew you’d say that” Early chuckled. “Soon okay? I promise” He turned around and handed the baby off to his mother before he left their apartment with a half assed wave and a stupid grin on his face. This was the best day ever, he could feel it!



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