Dreams made of glass 28/52

Title: Anxious
Genre: drama, supernatural
Characters: Clara, Izzy & Seth
Prompt: 83
Rating: PG
Type: Series
Summary: Seth gets to meet his Nanny, and some things fall into perspective.
Warnings: language.
AN:  I am sorry I had not noticed how long Clara’s neck got when I adjusted her for the hair. oh well, what’s done is done. Oh yeah, I wanted to know what flashback you would like the most, an flashback from Izzy as a teen? an flashback from Seth? from Nando as a teen? Ferris as a teen? I did plan on all four, but i am not really sure, so i ask you guys, do you want them, and if you do, which do you want? and do feel free to suggest some other flash, any flashback is fine, as long as its not the Death in the cabin one, cause you wont get that 😛 This is written for simfic50.

To the centre of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you,
To the depths of the ocean where all hopes sank, searching for you,
I was moving through the silence without motion, waiting for you,
In a room with a window in the corner I found truth.

-Joy Division

Izzy opened the door slowly, leaving Seth out on the porch. He stepped into the living room, spotting a grey haired woman in the kitchen right away. “Clara? Mama?” He said with a tiny voice.

“Hello there Israel, my boy. Took you long enough, I was beginning to think you would not come visit, but leave after you finished whatever business you had with Isabel”

“I would never drive all the way up here without visiting” Izzy said, a faint smile crossed his lips.

“I hear you brought Isabel’s boy, and Terrence Williams” Clara said.

“I did” Izzy said with a sigh, “You’ve been right all along mama, it was Isabel who didn’t tell me the truth about her kid” He shrugged “I should have known better, I know”

“It was just convenient to believe what you were told by her and Terrence” Clara said acidly.

“You know that?” Izzy gasped.

“I know everything, son. I had honestly thought you’d know that by now” Clara smiled at Izzy’s mirror image in the window in front of her.

“You’re right mama” Izzy whispered.

Clara turned around and smiled motherly at her son, “Say that again please”

“You’re right mama” Izzy snickered. “Well, you are, for once”

“Lets not argue” Clara said, wiping her hands off in her apron, walking over to her son. “You look good, you look like a grown man, my little baby, a grown man” she mused.

Izzy laughed softly “You got grey hair” he stated. He looked away from his mother and down at the floor. “I am really sorry I didn’t come home for papa’s funeral, but I was busy and..”

“We got your telegram and flowers, Israel” Clara said, looking at Izzy’s hand, she took his hand in hers, studying the ring on his finger. “Why was I not invited?” she asked softly.

“Because..” Izzy took a deep breath, “Papa was still alive then, and he would not have wanted to.. I mean, besides it was just pretend, I mean.. eh.. we just had a little party and exchanged this” he wiggled his finger a little.

“Still the same boy?” Clara asked, trying to catch his sons gaze.

Izzy nodded, “Well, not really, we broke up for some months ago” He smiled bitterly, “Twenty years, just like that”

Before Clara could say anything, Izzy continued. “Sebastian was against me coming to Murky Mile, and I felt like I owed it to Seth” He finally looked up at his mother, “It’s not like I ever did much for him, so its only fair that making all the wrongs, right, crave some sacrifices from me as well”

Clara patted her sons hand “You’re a good kid” She whispered. “I’m sure you would have been an excellent father”

Izzy shook his head sadly “I am not so sure, mama”

Clara just smiled. “So where’s my grandson?”

Izzy smiled back, “At the patio, he was scared to come in”

“Scared?” Clara asked surprised.

“Yeah, everyone seems to think he’s a psycho killer, and well he just want you to like him, and not just think of him like the mental kid or something” Izzy whispered, making sure Seth wouldn’t hear.

“Oh, I know, but I know something they don’t” Clara said with a secretive smile. When Izzy just blinked, Clara’s smile grew, “That’s for Seth’s ears, not yours, young man”

Izzy shook his head amused and went out to fetch Seth who was still sitting where he had been left. Izzy guided Seth inside gently, “She’s not all that scary” he whispered, “I mean look at the crap I subjected her to, and she still loves me”

Seth nodded, not sure what to think about all this, he had walked past this house numerous times when meeting with Florian at the cemetery, if he had only known. “It’s just a little weird” he whispered back.

“Don’t worry about it Seth” Izzy said, “I know my mom, and she has been watching you for years, calling me an idiot because I believed Terry’s story about being your dad, I guess she always knew, and I am sure she’s been watching you from afar”

Seth looked over Izzy’s shoulder and looked directly over at Clara who was setting the table. “Christ” Seth whispered, “She’s the Hardware store managers wife”

“That she is” Izzy said with a smile.

“Kane used to work for them, for you mom and dad I mean, before.. yeah.. I mean” Seth smiled and cleared his throat, “I had my first real kiss in that hardware store”


Seated at the table, they all just looked at each other. until Seth broke the silence. “Funny I never thought about the resemblance” He mumbled.

“Excuse me?” Clara said, smiling at Seth.

“How much I look like you” Seth said blushing slightly.

“Honestly” Clara said, “I stayed out of your way on purpose, it was a silent agreement between Gemma, Isabel’s mom, and me”

“Gemma, her name was Gemma?” Seth said softly, smiling a little to himself. “I wish I had known.. but”

“Don’t beat yourself up over it, Seth” Izzy said, clearly moved as his voice trembled slightly. “None of what happened there is your fault, if it is anybody’s fault, it is mine, or Isabel’s” Izzy’s brows knotted as he frowned. “You know I was here, when you were little, and you know that I came to see you, cause my mama had said that she was sure you were my child” he sighed heavily, “And you also know that I never went and looked for myself, I have absolutely no excuse for that, none! had I just taken the time to go see you, you would have had a family, and not just a crazy mother and a mental stepfather”

Seth took a deep breath and nodded, knowing that no matter how much he argued this, Izzy would always claim the blame was his. “I walked past here often as a kid” Seth said smiling.

“I know” Clara said “Your friend Kane, Terry and Lis’ son used to work for us, remember?”

Seth nodded “Yeah I remember” a bitter-sweet laugh slipped past his lips. “He was a great kid”

“He was” Clara said, “Very like his father” She looked over at Izzy who looked away from her, and out the window. “It was almost scary to sit and watch history repeat itself” she said softly. “And I am sure it would have, if the spirit had not mingled in your fate”

“Sp-spirit?” Seth stammered, his eyes widened.

“When I was younger…” Clara began, but then took a deep breath, “You hear the trees whisper, don’t you?” She leaned slightly in over the table and looked Seth directly in his eyes.

“Y-yes ma’am” Seth whispered. “Yes I did” As tears started to well up in Seth’s eyes, Izzy just looked from his mother to his son, confused and not sure if he liked this conversation. “Always mean, always talking about blood, death and malice” Seth’s voice dropped to a mere breath. “The harbinger, they always spoke of the dark harbinger”

Clara nodded and listened, noticing Izzy’s discomfort. “You heard them too as a child, Israel, you used to be deadly afraid of the forest, if you think about it, and leave all that big city bollocks behind, you know that something dark and sinister lives in those woods”

The argument was already lined up, but as Izzy looked over at Seth’s big, wet, scared eyes, he nodded. “I know mama, I remember” he finally admitted with a barely audible voice.

“See Seth, my boy, you are not as crazy as you think you are” Clara said with a huge grin.

“But..” Seth murmured.. “Is it Mary? Kane told me once that all these things seemed to happen only to those who had either been at Mary’s cabin, you know, the hunters cabin, or had been at his house when they made this girl call for Mary in the Mirror”

Clara shook her head, “I heard that Mary tale too, and I think she might have done what they say she did, but I am sure she was but a vessel, and the cabin? As far as I know, its built there to cover up an old well, who knows how old?”

As Clara left the boys to have their coffee, Seth came out into the kitchen to her. “Need any help, Clara?” He laughed nervously, “I’m sorry but I don’t know what to call you, and Mrs Singer sounds wrong”

“You can call me Nanny, Seth, its your right” Clara laughed merrily. “Nanny Singer”

“Nanny” Seth tasted the word, “Need help with that?”

“No, you just go for a walk with your papa, and I will clean up this mess, Israel said you wanted to visit the graveyard, its just on the other side of those trees” Clara pointed out the window.



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