Dreams made of glass 27/52

Title: Sun
Genre: drama
Characters: Ansel, Ferris
Prompt: 53
Rating: PG
Type: Series
Summary: Ferris ignores his sixth sense, and goes with Ansel.
AN: My computer HATES BV, so i am not really gonna show more island photos than this.

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

Keep your head up, movin’ on


Sitting alone in the dark, Ferris let his fingers run over the keys of the piano. Early had been furious with him when he had agreed to Ansel’s proposition of a vacation. Ferris had to admit it did feel wrong and weird, all his alarm lights had gone off, but he had chosen to ignore them, Ansel was right, he needed to get away, if nothing else then away from Early before they just let themselves spiral down into something none of them could see the end of.

He wanted to leave, wanted to go down to the bus station, he wanted something to lessen his boredom, and the kill feeling of impending doom. But he had made an arrangement with Ansel, that he would be paid for five days, but if he split before those days were done, he would not get a single cent. It was a tough arrangement, but he couldn’t really blame Ansel for being cautious, after all it was a neat amount of money, and chances were that had he had those money right now, he ‘would’ have left. Ansel knew him better than himself apparently.

He had felt really alien in the clothes that Ansel had bought for him, Ansel on the other hand had thought he looked really nice. When Ferris had argued, Ansel had just said that even after this week, Ferris himself would not be able to afford it. This had caused Ferris to look down himself, straightening his vest, muttering that it still looked stupid.

“Your name is Georgie” Ansel had said, “And you are my sisters son”

“Check” Ferris had mumbled from the back seat. fighting the urge to just annul the deal, and jump out the taxi door. He even saw Early from the taxi as they drove past the central station, what was he doing there? Maybe he had been looking for him? Ferris had looked away from the window with a heavy heart.

And here they were, in Ansel’s private beach house, rented for the entire year, since he seemed to have a lot of concerts here. or whatever, Ferris didn’t really care why he had bothered to rent a year round beach house.

“This place is awesome” Ferris said after ended tour of the cottage and the private beach. “Why the hell do you live in that crap apartment, when you could just stay here?”

“Sometimes i ask myself the same” Ansel laughed softly, “I am glad you like it”

Ferris looked shyly down at the floor, “I never saw the ocean before, so yeah i think its amazing”

Ansel laughed, “Well i am sure that you will get your fill of it over the next four days”

Ferris nodded, “So what do i do? I mean.. ” He looked up at Ansel again with a little smile. “Do i just wait around here?”

Ansel nodded, “Yes my friend, your job is just to relax, i will be out most the weekend, but i will be home late at night, and Monday i have the day off, so we can go dine on a restaurant on the boardwalk if you’d like that, and we leave Tuesday morning”

This was just fucking brilliant, he could just lay about in the sun, get a tan, swim, eat and drink as he pleased all day, and when Ansel came home he would just pretend to sleep, and he would leave him alone. Ferris knew that he couldn’t keep pretending to be asleep, after all Ansel paid for it, but he had just been so thrilled about all of this, it was like a summer holiday he had never had as a kid. He wished he could write Early, write Tally, and most of all write Seth. but he couldn’t, that was one of the conditions, he could not phone or mail anyone who knew his real identity.

Ansel woke him, shaking him slightly. Confused, Ferris looked up at the sun, and straight up into Ansel’s face. “Ansel?” He mumbled.

“Hey there” Ansel said with a smile, “I have an hour before i have to be in the concert hall for rehearsal, so i thought i would check in on you”

“Oh” Ferris said, “I’m fine”

Ansel winked, and it was not until then, Ferris realised what Ansel meant. “Oh” He mumbled again. “I ‘do’ actually need to show you something up at the cabin” Ferris got to his feet with a tired and slow move, turning to go to the cabin.

Ansel grabbed his arm. “It’s a private beach” he said smugly.

“Yeah, i forgot that” Ferris said, shaking discretely free of Ansel’s grasp. pulling his shorts off with a quick move instead.

That evening Ansel was working, and Ferris decided to give the boardwalk a try, for even if the ocean was lovely, and the cabin had cable, then he needed to see some real people. Sitting down at an empty food stall, he waited patiently for the cook to finish what she was doing. “All alone there sweetie?” she asked with her back to him.

“Yeah” Ferris said with a sad smile.

The cook turned and looked at him, “A pretty young man like you, shouldn’t be eating alone”

Ferris shrugged.

“Listen, if you bring this to Leon” The cook held out a fire baton, “Then you get your meal for free” Ferris just nodded, and the cook pointed out over Ferris’ head to the beach, “Leon is down there, entertaining tourists with his fire show, he will need this stick too”

Ferris finished his food in a hurry, grabbed the stick, said goodbye than thanks to the cook, before storming down the stairs to the beach. Standing in the dark it took his eyes a little while to see, but then he saw him, a guy dressed in some ridiculous costume, swearing something awful at his record player. “Are you Leon?” Ferris yelled.

“Who’s asking?” Leon yelled back.

“You don’t know me, but the lady who makes those great honey covered chicken thingies, she sent me to give you this” Ferris said, holding out the fire baton.

“Awesome, dude” Leon cheered, taking his fire baton while flashing Ferris a big smile. “What’s your name stranger?” Ferris looked conflicted for a moment, and then Leon grinned, “What name do you answer to?” Ferris blushed slightly and smiled, “Pumpkin” he said.


All Sunday was spent on the beach, Ansel was absolutely radiant, and didn’t ask about why Ferris had been gone when he had gotten home, though Ferris was sure he was dying from curiosity. Truth is that Leon had introduced Ferris to some other friends, and they had ended up chilling at a giant bonfire at the beach all night, listening to heavy metal. Which had been so much more fun that staying by himself, surrounded by Bach, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

Ferris did not wake as Ansel got up in the middle of the night. Nor had he noticed that Ansel had packed his bags beforehand. But as he woke in the early morning alone, he was not alarmed at first, he had figured that Ansel was just out to get breakfast, not sure when the flight would take off. But after he had taken a bath and packed, Ansel had still not returned. Ferris had called the main house where the kitchen was, being told that Ansel had left early that morning.

Ferris had first dropped the phone receiver, and then after a moment picked it up from the floor and slammed it down in the phone, with so much force that the phone split. He had fucking left! Ferris felt as panic ran through his body like cold fire in his veins. what the hell was he supposed to do now?

He went to the main house, had some coffee and talked to the estate manager. Walking back to the beach house Ferris was slowly relaxing, atleast he could stay at the beach house, maybe that was what Ansel had planned? That he should stay there and that he could just come by now and then and have a little boyfriend, caught here, did he want him to beg? Ferris simply didn’t know what the meaning of this was, but he knew that facts were that Ansel had left this morning without him, leaving him here on this fucking island with no money, and no means to return to SimCity at all.

When he came back to the cabin he was met by two women who wore those stupid tourist trap costumes just as Leon. He waved at them, and then he felt the first drop of rain on his hand. Looking up he saw the sky was black. The women walked over to him smiling. “Monsoon season” one of the women said.

“Great” Ferris sneered.

“You have to get indoor, or better yet go away from the beach, go see friends or something” She said.

“I will do” Ferris said. Suddenly knowing why Ansel had left like he had, there was no flight away from here before monsoon season was over, he was absolutely not about to just sit here and wait for monsoon season to be over with his hands in his lap.



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