Dreams made of glass 26/52

Title: Sloth
Genre: drama
Characters: Nando, Sebastian
Prompt: 92
Rating: PG
Type: series
Summary: Nans and Bastian has a brotherly talk.
Warnings: language, adult situations & conversation.
AN: Sorry for the long wait guys. I wanted to make aware that you can always find this story on either my personal sims journal dolly_riot, at the community murkymile or at its home simfic50, even if it is pulled/discontinued from forums. Anyways, written for all you guys who gave me fb for this story, y’all know I love you, and appreciate your comments, right? at least now you do!

Hello memory lover
You are mine
I gave everything
I need you
And someday
I’ll be with her
I’ll be with you
I will
I’m so dead
You’re the first star
You’re the one who sees it all
I know
I’m so tired
And sick


Nando had not seen Sebastian all week, admitted then he had avoided his brother the weeks after he moved out, just because he was not bothered with the fight, and most definitely not a fight in the middle of the gallery. Sebastian had never been one for choosing his arena’s with care. But now he was worried about his brother since no one had seen him, and for the first time he was glad he had not yet turned in his spare key for the house, since not alone did it offer him an excuse to enter, but it also allowed him to do so without trouble, unless Sebastian had changed the lock.

Testing the key, Nando found to his surprise that Sebastian had not changed the lock, did this mean that he really hoped that either he or Izzy would return, since as far as he knew, they were the only ones with keys to this house, besides Sebastian of course.

“Bastian?” Nando said in a near whisper, as he entered the house, “Bastian, are you here?”

“Nando?” Sebastian answered, rising slowly from the couch where he had been laying. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you” Nando said, stepping closer to the couch. “Everyone is worried, I am worried”

“Cute” Sebastian huffed, standing to look his younger brother straight in the eyes. “So I took a week off work” He shrugged, “No biggie”

“I don’t know when you took a week off work, last” Nando answered sharply.

“I never had a reason to” Sebastian said, shrugging again.

“And now you do?” Nando asked, “Cut the crap Bastian, what the hell is going on here?”

Sebastian laughed mirthlessly, “What is going on? You don’t even wanna start me on that one, brother.”

“Yes I do, actually” Nando spat back, “And there is no need to patronize me, Bastian.. Just don’t fucking patronize me”

“So what do you want to hear about first? my husband who betrayed me and split? or my fucking brother who betrayed me and split? Fucking liars the both of them” Sebastian growled, trying to walk about Nando, who pushed Sebastian back to keep him in conversation.

“Don’t give me that shit, I didn’t betray you, I just wanted my own life. And if you want the truth, then I was fucking sick and tired of you telling me what to do all of the time, having to run every love interest I might have, by you, so you can put them down, and make me quit them for one reason or another, and I was fucking tired of you giving me money, like you paid me allowance” Nando said, his voice ice cold.

“I never deliberately put your boyfriends down, they just happen to be scrubs, all of them, I can’t believe you don’t see that!” Sebastian argued, poking his own palm to make his point. “You’re my baby brother, Fernando. Of course I worry”

“Yeah, poor Sebastian, left with his stupid baby brother tagging along, when he should be living the sweet life from mama’s trust fond” Nando sneered, “You worried so much you sent me off to boarding school for three years, I felt your concern all the way there, you fucking bastard” He stomped the floor in childish anger.

“What the hell?” Sebastian looked baffled for a moment. “I sent you off to give you the best education money could buy, and you were no dumb kid, you had so much potential, so I wanted to give you that opportunity”  

“And instead I dressed up as a girl, and had crap jobs, I know” Nando huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I didn’t say that” Sebastian said dryly. “I am saying that you could have been anything you wanted to be, and yet you choose to be my assistant, and date ex-cons and truckers, that is what is bothering me”

“Oh” Nando breathed, suddenly looking at the floor, “I’m sorry, Bastian.. I didn’t really mean all that.. I am just.. I got..”

“Don’t worry about it, I am an idiot too” Bastian said with a little smile. “I just assumed you were triumphing over my misery, instead of believing you were truly worried”

“I am worried” Nando said, returning Sebastian’s smile. “Izzy was my family too, and I know how hard it is for me to understand that he is gone, that I can’t even imagine how draining it must be for you”

Sebastian nodded, “Yeah” He whispered, “We would have been together twenty-one years this week” his smile lessened, and he nodded as to prove his point, “It doesn’t really matter, I guess I just needed a time-out or something”

“Of course you did” Nando said caressing his brothers cheek gently. “I miss him too, and I don’t even think I could deal with it, if it were me in your shoes”

“Honestly? Then the hardest part is not being bitter” Sebastian said, smiling a little again. “I just need to deal with it, right? Maybe he is right, maybe I am a controlling bastard, maybe I do try and smother everyone around me, and manipulate them into thinking as I do”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself” Nando said, “He was angry when he said that, I’m sure he didn’t mean that, maybe you just underestimated his feelings towards Seth, I am quite sure this is all about his son, and not what you think”

“Maybe you’re right” Sebastian said. “Maybe its just a test”

Nando frowned, “Don’t talk crazy, man”

“You know, maybe he is testing my involvement” Sebastian said.

“Why the fuck would he wanna do that? You’ve been together for twenty years” Nando chuckled, “Nah, I don’t think you should fool yourself, thinking he will jump out from the curtains yelling ‘surprise’, but I also don’t think he meant to hurt you”

“Maybe you’re right” Sebastian whispered, “Maybe it was just it, and I shouldn’t try and understand”

“Bastian?” Nando said, his smile widened, “You should come by my place next weekend” He turned and looked at his brother. “I have some friends over for dinner, and later some clubbing, but you know.. maybe you could do with the night out, and some laughs”

Sebastian nodded slowly, not just refusing his brothers idea. “So what friends are that? Gabi and Julie?”

“Amongst others” Nando admitted. “Come on Bastian, you need to get out, you need to feel a little alive, and maybe some dancing would actually do you good”

“What are you hiding? I know you Nando, I can read you like a fucking book, what aren’t you telling me?” Bastian laughed.

“Okay” Nando admitted with a sigh, “One of the guys there had a crush on you for like ever, and I thought that… maybe.. you know”

Sebastian shook his head, “No way, man”

“So you’re telling me you don’t need to get laid?” Nando burst out laughing, “you’ve got yo be shitting me”

Sebastian blushed and laughed too, “Okay so maybe a little”

“But that’s perfect, so does he” Nando laughed, clapping his hand in his eagerness. “Look Bastian, he don’t know I told you this, he don’t even know you’re coming along, so just relax, no harm done if you don’t like him”

“Who is it?” Sebastian asked, finally admitting his curiosity might have been piqued just a little.

“Travis” Nando said, “Remember him?”

“Travis?” Sebastian laughed. “Oh my God”

“Come on, he’s pretty neat” Nando smirked, “Don’t tell me you couldn’t go on a date with him”

“Maybe, I, I.. I don’t know Nando” Sebastian stuttered, “I mean, I don’t think that..”

“Hey man, its just a dinner party, relax, no one is talking about marriage” Nando grinned, pointing at Sebastian “You need to chill, brother”

Sebastian smiled, “Yeah you’re right”

Pulling his brother in for a hug, Nando held him tight for long. “I love you, you know that right?”

“I do, even if you’re a brat” Sebastian whispered back.

“I do my best” Nando chuckled. stepping back as the hug ended. “See you next Friday then? I am assuming you’re gonna take next week off too”

“Nah, I am actually going crazy here, so I will come in next week, for sure. Can’t have you all worrying” Sebastian smiled.

Laying in his bed that evening, he wondered if it was wrong to accept Nando’s dinner invitation. ‘its just dinner at your brothers’ he told himself, ‘yeah dinner and a shag’ he grinned. The bed felt painfully big, and the thought of Travis in the nude felt wrong, a little exiting, but still wrong. But Izzy had left, right? there was no need for him to sit here and bash himself, drowning himself in memories, right? It was alright to feel a little alive without feeling like he was cheating, right?

After being in a relationship for this long he wasn’t even sure he could break out of habit, he had just been so used to Izzy, they bickered yeah, but seldom fought. Maybe he should have gotten the wake up call when Izzy had cheated the first time, but he had believed that they could just fight a little, and then move on after some weeks of angry sex. Apparently not.

Yeah, living was okay, he was allowed to feel alive too.



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