Dreams made of Glass 25/52

Title: Years
Genre: drama
Characters: Seth, Isabel, Izzy, Ethan & Adrian.
Prompt: 80
Rating: TG.
Type: series
Summary: Seth & Izzy says some very different goodbyes to the household.
Warnings: language, adult situations.
AN: Sorry i had to write something else, and so this was delayed some. And i even bring you a short and rather boring chapter.

I don’t need no arms around me
I don’t need no drugs to calm me
I have seen the writing on the wall
Don’t think I need anything at all
No, don’t think I’ll need anything at all
All in all it was all just bricks in the wall
All in all you were all just bricks in the wall

-Pink Floyd.

The air was crisp and the sky was clear. Walking outside Seth had to admit to himself that this particular feeling only existed here, the weather combined with the different scents in the air, it reminded him of being a kid. It was a strange bitter-sweet feeling.

“Hey Ade, need help with that?” He said merrily, walking over to where Adrian tried to fix up some car.

“No” Adrian just said.

“Come on, there’s tons of work to be done on that heap of junk” Seth said, smiling friendly.

“What would someone like you know about cars?” Adrian mumbled. Seth just stared at him, not sure how to react. “I thought you guys like sat about and played chess, doped up on medication”

Seth looked down on the ground. “She told you, huh?”

“She did” Adrian said, not looking at Seth he just stated “I thought you were dead, i thought my brother died, and all this time you were just getting three meals a day for free, all because you claimed you suddenly saw shit”

“I didn’t” Seth started, but faltered. “I heard stuff” he said with a small voice, “I okay now, you know”

“As long as you stay on your meds?” Adrian asked, still focused on the car engine, but with less malice in his voice.

“Yeah” Seth nodded.

“Your buddy Florian from school, remember him?” Adrian said, looking up at his brother for a moment. Seth nodded again, and Adrian returned to the engine, “He bought up Martha’s, runs it with his wife”


“Yeah, that’s her name” Adrian said with a nod. “Eh, Seth.. I wouldn’t go there if i were you”

“What? why not?” Seth asked, getting down on his knees to polish off old rust and paint.

Adrian looked up from the engine and down at his brother, “He was the police’s crown witness in the case, didn’t you know that?”

Seth paled, “No” He whispered, his words drowned out by the noise of metal against metal. “I wasn’t allowed to my own trial, i wasn’t even told when it was, i just got a message from the doctor once there was a ruling”

“Well, he said you brought a crowbar to the cabin” Adrian said, “And that you guys had been doing some drugs” He paused standing with his wrench in his hand. “Is that true?”

“What?” Seth gasped, frowning as he looked at his brother, “No, man!”

“So Seth told me you two would leave here today” Isabel said, sitting down in the sofa next to Izzy with her morning coffee.

“Yeah” Izzy said, “I wanted i visit my mother before we have to return home” he smiled a little timid smile, “I am sure she knows i am in town by now”

Isabel nodded, “I noticed your ring” She said, “It’s pretty” taking a sip of her coffee she added “Looks expensive too”

“I’m sure it was” Izzy added, staring at his ring. “Sebastian always bought such stupid, expensive trinkets” A little smile swept over his lips. “I really don’t know why the hell i am still wearing it”

“Because you turned into a romantic fool on your old days?” Isabel asked with a little laugh.

Izzy sighed deeply, “Look Isabel, it was really great of you and Ethan to let us stay, just figured i’d tell you, cause i don’t want to leave here on a bad note, lord knows i did that before, and that really didn’t work…”

“If this is your way of asking me for forgiveness, then Israel, i am sorry, but i can’t forgive you what you did” Isabel said, frowning, “But i will admit that i am glad that you and Seth returned”

Izzy sat up straight in the sofa, “You’re wrong Isabel” He said, “I don’t need your forgiveness, i have Seth’s and that is all that matters to me”

Isabel suddenly turned to him looking him straight into his eyes, “So you think i did the wrong thing, by keeping you from him?”

“Yes i do” Izzy huffed, “Very wrong”

“I thought that if i kept you away, then maybe he would not grow up to be as you” Isabel said, “And i was right, even if he grew up to become something way, way worse”

“Don’t tell me you think he did it” Izzy said, horrorfied, “He is your son, would you have a little faith in him?”

“Some days prior to the murders, Simon wanted to send him away. Maybe he somehow sensed the danger, i don’t know” Isabel said, tonelessly and flat.  “He just wanted to help him, just wanted the best for Seth”

“Send him where, to do what?” Izzy asked. “Look, i won’t argue with you that he is a troubled boy, and would properly have been so no matter what, but still.. Did you take him to the doctors? or did you take him to a damn priest?”

“Simon and I consulted our priest, and he agreed with us that Seth showed signs of being possessed by evil” Isabel said without blinking, “Simon wanted to send him off to somewhere where he could get rid of it, and hopefully be cured of his terrible condition too”

Izzy blinked rapidly, trying to make sense of Isabel, “So you wanted to send him to some fucking nuns to be cured and exorcised? You didn’t even try and look after a damn shrink in the yellow pages first?”  Shaking his head “Really, that ‘is’ a bit over the top, Isabel, actually its fucking batshit insane, are you even listening to yourself?”

“Oh i am, and i know what went on here in that time” Isabel stated.

“Really? Cause Seth said you were doped of prescription pills and alcohol” Izzy grinned coldly.

“I might have been under the weather some, but my faith was weak” She paused and smiled, “I know now it was that demon testing me, testing us all”

Izzy stared wide eyed on the woman he once knew, wondering if insanity ran in the family.

“Maybe it was wrong to punish Seth so, maybe the demon was to blame for his constant wickedness, and his unnatural urges, the priest said he would cure him but unfortunately we never really got that far, Simon was shot the day after”

“cure him from what exactly Isabel?” Izzy heard himself ask, even if he could tell the answer in her eyes.

“That thing he had for Terry & Lis’ boy” Isabel said with a straight face.

Izzy sighed deeply, “Isabel..”

“I know you think i am wrong” Isabel said, turning in the sofa to look directly at Izzy “If you had a chance to be cured, would you? or would you want that life for your son too?” She shook her head, “Wouldn’t you want him to marry and have children?”

“No” Izzy breathed, staring at Isabel in disbelief, “I am happy the way i am, and so is Seth, besides… Isabel, please, its not a fucking disease”

“Does he look happy to you?” Isabel said with a slightly smile.

thoughtfully Izzy shook his head, “He’s miserable, but not for the reasons that you think”

“Since you have such great insight, Israel, then you tell me, why you would want to exposure your son to all those dangers, all the pitfalls that the Lord cast upon those who indulge themselves in this perversion, this devilry” Isabel said, looking very serious,expecting an answer.

“He can think for himself Isabel” Izzy said, his tone getting annoyed, “I’m really sorry for you if you think its a curse, its not”

“Of course you would say that” Isabel said, “You are so deceived by your own depravity that you cannot see clearly, i pity you Israel”

“You have got to be shitting me Isabel” Izzy said, looking completely dumbfound. “Why can’t you just be happy that your son is a alive and well, all things considered”

“He needs to go see the priest Izzy” Isabel said, “Please take him”

Izzy raised a brow, “Would you believe me if i said i would?” 

“As much as i wanted to save my son, i think the time has passed where i could help him, he’s your responsibility now, and you should do the right thing Izzy, for Seth’s sake” Isabel said.

“I am” Izzy huffed, “I am taking him to see Kane’s grave, and then we’re gonna piss off from this horrible place, and never fucking return”

“Language, language” Ethan said, sitting down in the sofa too, turning on the telly.

“Sorry” Izzy said, smiling apologizing.

Seth sat in silence and kept taking old paint off the car, did he have a crowbar? he might have, he didn’t really remember. He remembered having something in his hand, and it had not been a flash light, or had it? how he wished that he remembered that night better.

“Seth?” Adrian suddenly asked.

“Yeah?” Seth answered, briefly looking up at his brother.

“Is it true what they say? That you had a love affair with Lis & Terry’s kid?” He finally asked, taking courage for this question the entire time Seth and Izzy had been with them, but never found the moment.

“Yes” Seth answered with a little smile.

“Oh” Adrian mouthed. “I thought it was bollocks”

“I loved him, very, very much” Seth said, nodding to emphasise his words.

“So was it a lovers quarrel that just went wrong?” Adrian asked a little timidly. “Cause thats what they say”

Seth turned off the buffer for a moment and looked up at Adrian, “Gone wrong? what do you mean? I was just there to pick him up, we were supposed to drive Florian home, and then drive on till, yeah till there were no more gas, and we would be far away from here”

“The story goes that you found him in that cabin with some other bloke and bashed his skull in with that crowbar” Adrian said, laying down his wrench too for a moment.

“And who was that supposed to be?” Seth asked, puzzled, “Who would that unknown lover had been? and if i had caught him, wouldn’t i have beaten up the unknown bloke instead?”

Adrian shrugged and picked up the wrench again, “Maybe you just thought you saw someone”

Seth closed his eyes, seeing some very unwelcome images of Kane crawling on the floor in his own blood, crying tears of fear and desperation. “No” Seth said flatly, “I was not on any drugs, i never did drugs, and you know that”

“I don’t know anything” Adrian said, “i just remember my dad having to punish you all the time for not respecting him, or his word” With a deep sigh he turned the wrench, “Why didn’t you just listen?”

“I wasn’t trying to piss Simon off, you know” Seth said, putting down the buffer on the ground. “I just wanted to live my life, the way i chose to”

“Meaning what?” Adrian asked, seemingly not registering or caring that Seth had stopped working on the car.

“Loving who i wanted to” Seth said.

Adrian shrugged again, “I kinda see that” he said, “But you’ve moved on now, right?” He turned his head under the hood of the car, and looked at Seth.

“Yeah” Seth mumbled, “I moved on”

“See?” Adrian said with a smile, returning meddling with the car. “Everything happens for a reason”

Seth was absolutely floored, just looking at his brother for a moment before he turned around, walking to the house. “Take care Ade, and i hope for your child that you never repeat your dad’s mistakes” At the foot of the stairs to the patio, Seth turned around, “And Ade? I left my number and address with mama, you know where i am, come by if you’re ever in the neighbourhood”

Adrian stopped working on the car for a moment, and looked at his brother. “Be safe, Seth” He said with a soft smile.

“You too, Ade, you too” Seth said, sticking his hands in his pockets, and walked up the stairs, ready to tell Izzy that they should leave, it was time to move.



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