Dreams made of glass 19/52

Title: Enemies
Genre: drama
Characters: Seth, Ethan, Joshua, Isabel, Adrian, Izzy, Terrence.
Prompt: 07
Rating: G
Type: series
Summary: Seth finally meets Isabel.
Warnings: language
AN:  Hey i only got ONE promt left, and then i finished the 50 *throws confetti*  This is sorta a double chapter, since i had too many images, and decided to split it over in two, so the next chapter will be the other half of this ‘visit at Isabels’ part.

My shadow’s
Shedding skin and
I’ve been picking
Scabs again.
I’m down
Digging through
My old muscles
Looking for a clue.

I’ve been crawling on my belly
Clearing out what could’ve been.
I’ve been wallowing in my own confused
And insecure delusions

– Tool

Finally in Murky Mile, they had discussed how to do this best, Terrence had argued that they should find Isabel first, because they first and foremost was here for Seth. He himself would check in to the hotel in town and wait for them. He figured that if he dragged along, then odds were that Isabel would not see them at all. Izzy agreed and to Seth’s growing annoyance ruffled Terrence’s hair and told him to get a haircut while they were in town. Terrence took off in the car, leaving Seth and Izzy on Isabel’s front lawn.

Izzy looked up at the house “I never thought i would see this place again” he said shaking his head. “This used to be Isabel’s mom’s house”

“Yeah, i’m sorry, i didn’t know she had moved” Seth said, thinking of how angry the new tenants of Seth’s childhood home had been when they came in search of Isabel.

Izzy leaned in and whispered. “They are home, i just saw the curtain move”

Seth looked over at the front door, which to his surprise opened. He recognized his mother instantly, looked mostly like time had stood still here in Murky Mile. Instantly he grabbed Izzy’s hand, needing to feel that he was not alone.

Isabel walked down the stairs from the porch to the front yard. “Israel, Seth” She said with a slight smile. “What a surprise”

“Isabel, good to see you” Izzy said, squeezing Seth’s hand, who most of all just looked like he was about to bolt out.

“What are you doing here in Murky Mile?” Isabel asked, looking at the two men in front of her suspiciously.

“We came to visit you, mama” Seth suddenly mumbled, slowly raising his head, looking at his mother.

“I told you over the phone” Isabel stated, “You are not welcome here, so i ask you again. Why are you here?”

“I..I..” Seth mumbled, “You’re right, it was a stupid idea” He turned to walk away, but Izzy held on to him. “He came all the way up here to see you, and this is how you greet your son?”

Isabel crossed her arms over her chest. “I suppose i could offer you guys coffee”

“Thank you” Izzy said before Seth could answer. “We would love that”

“You have to realise that i remarried, and have a son that does not know anything about all of this, so please respect my private life, and leave the past out here” Isabel said.

Walking around the house from the back yard, a man came and stood behind Isabel, “Who are these people, darling?” He asked, looking Seth and Izzy over.

Isabel sighed, “This is Seth, my eldest son” She said pointing at Seth, “And this is Israel, his father”

“Oh” the man said, stepping forward and held out his hand to Seth, “I am Ethan, Isabel’s husband” He said.

Seth took his hand and shook it, “I’m Seth” he said with a little smile. Ethan shook Izzy’s hand too, “Good to finally meet you, i heard about you”

“Something good i hope” Izzy said with a polite smile.

Ethan didn’t answer he just smiled. “Adrian is here with his wife too” He said, avoiding Izzy’s question. “I’m sure he will be really happy you’re here Seth”

“Adrian married?” Seth asked, and then grinned. “crazy”

“He married a girl from Crooked Creek” Isabel said, “She is nine months pregnant”

“A congratulation is in order then” Izzy said, trying to lessen the tension in the air.

“Thank you Izzy” Isabel said flatly.

“Isabel, we did not come all the way here to stir trouble, so just chill” Izzy sighed. “We’re not here to impose either, so if you’d rather that we just left, we will”

“It’s fine” Isabel said, looking at Izzy with a frown.

“If its fine, then would you act like it, please” Izzy said, looking over at Seth he raked a hand through his hair and returned to Isabel. “I am not crazy about this either okay? so could we just be fucking civil for the next hour?”

“What is there to be civil about?” Isabel stated angrily. “Did you really think i would forgive you what you did that easy?”

“Isabel, Israel is right” Ethan said, “Just let Seth say hello to his brothers, and let the past lie for a moment”

Isabel sighed and looked intensively at Seth. “On one condition” she said, “Do don’t talk trash about Simon, and you introduce yourself as a cousin to Joshua”

Seth nodded slowly. “Who’s Joshua?” he asked.

“My youngest son” Isabel said, “He don’t know you exist, and don’t have to, lord knows it took us ages to rid ourselves of your legacy, Seth. And Josh don’t have to suffer under your crime”

“My Crime?” Seth asked, looking confused. “But i didn’t do anything, mama”

“Don’t” Isabel barked, holding her hand up in front of Seth’s face to silence him. “you caused enough sorrow, son. I don’t need your lies too”

“But..” Seth looked over at Izzy who shook his head. “Okay, mama” Seth whispered.

Seth followed Ethan into the house, leaving Izzy and Isabel out in the front yard. “You shouldn’t have come” She hissed.

“I know” Izzy said softly. “Seth asked me to, and.. Whatever Isabel, i am not going to discuss the past with you, not now”

“Eventually it will catch up with you” Isabel warned, turning to walk up the stairs to the front door.

“What makes you think, it haven’t already?” Izzy spat. “Look Isabel.. you hate me, fine. And i am not too fond of you either. But would you just keep your bitterness to yourself? i am not your fucking friend, mother or inbred neighbour, and i don’t give a shit”

“You always were a fucking asshole, Izzy” Isabel sneered, slamming the door in Izzy’s face.

Opening the door, Izzy walked inside. looking around he couldn’t help but to smile, it was like walking into a flippin time warp. Nothing had changed since Isabel’s parents had lived here. a part of him was really amazed that people would actually live like this and be content. It had to be worse than death! Smiling at Seth who sat in the sofa with another young man, that Izzy could only guess had to be Simon’s son Adrian. Knowing the house, he turned left to the dining room. Seeing Isabel sit there, he smiled. “Wow, this place looks just the same”

Isabel nodded. “My old house was a rental, and besides someone burned it down, along with everything i owned, so when my mama died, i took over this place, and i didn’t have any furniture, so these just have to do”

“What about Ethan?” Izzy asked, seating himself opposite Isabel, “He have to earn some money right? so couldn’t you just buy some new stuff?”

Isabel nodded “Suppose we could, but we are saving up money for something else”

“Isabel told me you married” Seth said smiling, “Congratulations, man”

Adrian smiled, “thank you” He said, “What about you?”

Seth shook his head “Nah i guess i never met the right person”

“Don’t worry” Adrian touched Seth’s shoulder in a friendly manner. “I’m sure the right girl will suddenly show up”

Seth nodded and smiled “Perhaps you’re right”

Suddenly a kid the same age as Seth remembered Adrian. flopped unceremoniously down into the sofa. “I hate Mrs Ohlesen” He pouted.

Seth smiled, he remembered that teacher just fine, and she had always been a bitch, but he said nothing. “Don’t say that” Adrian said. “Didn’t you do your homework?”

Josh squirmed in his seat, “Maybe i didn’t” he mumbled.

“There you have it” Adrian grinned, “She is just trying to learn you stuff, she’s not out to get you”

Josh looked up at Seth and frowned, “Who are you?” He asked straight out.

Seth smiled, “My name is Seth, i am your mothers second cousin from Veronaville, my father and i just stopped by to say hello to our favourite cousin”

Josh seemed to buy it, and smiled widely. Adrian looked a little confused, but stayed silent, thinking Seth would have a reason to lie like that. “So Josh, run along and do your homework”

“Yes, sir” Josh growled, but got up from the sofa and walked towards the stairs.

“Why did you lie?” Adrian asked, when John was out of hearing range.

Seth sighed, “It’s just for the best” He said, not sure if Adrian would be on his side in this if he asked him. They were brothers, but it was not like they had ever been tight, Simon had seen to that.

“I was told you were dead” Adrian suddenly said. turning his head he looked at Seth with large questioning eyes. “Where did you go? you just disappeared, and mama wouldn’t tell me where you were”

“I was.. eh.. Hospitalized” Seth mumbled. “Lets just leave it at that, okay?”

Adrian looked thoughtful, as he remembered something. “Im just glad you are okay, Seth” He said, smiling lovingly at his brother.

Izzy and Isabel had been seated in the kitchen, in complete silence for the better side of twenty minutes. Then Ethan came and sat next to his wife. “Eh, Israel, would you like something, like coffee? tea?”

Izzy smiled, “No thank you. I’m fine”

“I saw your mother at the grocery store yesterday, if i had known you had been on your way here, i would have told her” Isabel said over politely. “You are going to visit Martha aren’t you?”

Izzy nodded “I guess so, eventually.. i mean, before we leave”

Izzy took a deep breath “Terry is here too” Seeing the sheer shock on Isabel’s face he added “He is at the hotel, he figured he wouldn’t be welcome here”

“You’re damn right he ain’t” Isabel gasped.

“He would like to meet you tho” Izzy admitted with a little smile.

“Whatever for?” Isabel asked. “I have nothing to say to him, he didn’t do anything but to make my life miserable, why did they even let him out if prison?”

“He did his time, i suppose, i don’t know” Izzy admitted. “But i would ask you to consider if you wanted to see him, he really needs to talk to you”

“I don’t need to talk to him, at all, forever!” Isabel huffed.

“Are we talking about that guy who shot Simon?” Ethan asked. Izzy nodded. “I think Israel is right, darling” Ethan said, turning to his wife. “You need closure on this, just as much as this Terry apparently does” He took her hand and smiled, “Maybe your nightmares would end?”

Izzy looked down into the table. He had never even thought about the trauma Terry had put Isabel and Adrian through, shooting Simon with a shotgun on close range, in the middle of the living room. “Isabel” He whispered. looking up he looked straight into Isabel’s worried blue eyes. “I didn’t really think before i asked.. I’m sorry”

Isabel shook her head. “bring him by tomorrow, then Adrian has gone home, he does not need to ever see him again. And i will tell Terry what needs to be told”



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