Dreams made of glass 18/52

Title: Slave
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Early-Angel, Consuela, Crystal
Prompt: 44
Rating: M+ (i mean it!)
Type: Series
Summary: Crystal is in the hospital, Early goes to see her, and that does not really go as Early expected.
Warnings: Language, politics.
AN: When i say politics, i should say abortion, so if any of you are prolife, don’t bother. Personally i am prochoice, and that does not even cover it! I am from a country where abortions are actually done in a ward called day-surgery, and this is where you have your tonsils removed too. Abortion is legal and ‘normal’ as it should be! I am not saying that its okay to have a gazillion abortions, but what i AM saying is life quality before the ‘right’ to life, at least in a foetal state. Enough politics, i just thought i would warn you if this subject is too delicate or something. So yeah.. written for the cool chickas at simfic50.

Come crawling faster
Obey your Master
Your life burns faster
Obey your Master

Master of Puppets I’m pulling your strings
Twisting your mind, smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing
Just call my name, ’cause I’ll hear you scream


Pushing the door ajar, Early peeked into the room, seeing Crystal laying on the bed. “Hey babe” He said with a smile, softly closing the door behind him as he walked into the room. Crystal got up from the bed, but Early gestured for her to lay down again. “Are you okay?!” he asked lamely.

“I’m fine babe” She said smiling.

“I was told you had fainted at the club” He said, walking over to the window, looking out on the winter.

“Luckily not on stage” Crystal snickered, “Seriously Early, I’m fine”

“If you were fine, you wouldn’t be here” He said with a soft voice, his eyes following the snowflakes that landed and melted in the window.

“Early” She took a deep breath and sat up in the bed. “There is nothing wrong, really. Everything is as it should be”

Early finally looked over at his girlfriend in the bed, “You’re speaking in riddles” Hanging his head, Early sighed deeply. “Is it my fault? I know i should have been checked, but..”

“No, no. Not at all” Crystal said. “Come here”

Walking over to her as she got out of bed, he wrapped his arms around her. “I just can’t help it” He whispered with a little smile, “I’m just scared that something happens to you”

“something ‘did’ happen” Crystal smiled. “Early, the reason i fainted was lack of vitamins and whatever” she said, still smiling. “I have been feeling queasy and faint for some time, you know that”

“Yeah” Early said, nodding.

“I know why now.. its silly really, i should have told myself that” Crystal said softly, smiling at her boyfriend. “I’m pregnant”

Early lit up in a smile. “Oh that’s great babe, i was so afraid it was serious” he kissed her cheek.

“What do you mean?” Crystal said, her voice slightly off.

“I mean, getting rid of that is not really a biggie, you wont even have to stay for the hospital for more than two hours after” Early said caressing Crystal’s shoulder gently. “It’s not the end of the world, sweetie, its like having your tonsils removed, apart from the fact that you can only have your tonsils removed once”

Crystal just stared at Early first in disbelief, then she crossed her arms over her chest in anger. “I can’t believe you just said that” she hissed.

Early just blinked, he had never expected her to react like this. “huh? What’s wrong?” When Crystal didn’t answer he crooked her had and looked at her, “Look, you don’t have to be afraid of it, its nothing really. And if youd like me to, i would of course come with you and hold your hand” He smiled disarming.
“I’m not scared” Crystal muttered under her breath. “I don’t know… maybe i had just expected you to be, eh i don’t know.. like happy for us”

“Wh-what?” Early stammered, “You’re not making any sense babe”

Crystal didn’t look up at Early when she whispered. “I am keeping the baby”

Early sucked in his breath and looked out the window again, with a frown.

“Would you say something, man?” Crystal asked, scratching her arm nervously.

“What is there to say?” Early muttered, pouting. “You’ve made up your mind, haven’t you?”

“I have” Crystal said, nodding affirmatively.

“You’re getting yourself into a shitstorm, Crystal.” Early momentarily looked at his girlfriend, “Do you really think that you can just transform from nightclub dancer to mum of the year?”

“Why couldn’t I?” Crystal’s voice rose, her an anger flashed in her eyes. “Maybe its just time we grew up Early?”

Looking away from Crystal again Early closed his eyes, trying to tell himself it was a nightmare, nothing more. but when he heard Crystal’s worried voice asking if he was okay, he knew it was real. “So how long have you known about this?” He asked, in lack of other things to say.

“Just found out yesterday” Crystal said, “But i am three months along, if that is what you ask”

Early sighed again, “So what now? are you just gonna.. Gonna..”

“Get my shit together?” Crystal asked her tone arrogant and annoyed. “Yes i am, and i think the same should go for you”

Early shook his head sadly. “If you want this child” he said with a clinical tone, “It’s your decision, not mine” 

“What, what are you saying?” Crystal asked with dawning horror.

“What i am saying?” Early finally looked up at his girlfriend. “I am saying that if you want that kid, you can have it, its not like i have any word in it.. your body and all” He growled, “But i want no part of it”

Crystal’s eyes widened, never had she thought he would react like this, her sweet, caring Early.

“Crystal for fucks sake” Early groaned, “I don’t even know if its mine, do I?”

“It’s yours” Crystal spat, “Unlike you, i don’t make my money with my pants around my ankles”

“So you have a problem with how i earn my money, all of a sudden?” Early yelled, “Well, since you do not need to raise money to sustain your habit any longer, now that you are a ‘real’ woman and all that shit, i can kinda see why you’d feel the need to scorn it… you didn’t fucking diss it when you wanted to party, did you?”

“Don’t” Crystal held a hand up in front of her face, to stop Early from talking.

“Don’t what?” Early roared, “Wan’t me to tell you how many times i went out just for you, did you fucking think that the cocaine fairy was prancing down the curb outside?”

“No” Crystal whispered. “Early, stop it”

Early shook his head, “No Crystal, no more crocodile tears. If you want to be with me, then take my hand and we go and make a appointment for you and have that thing removed. If you want to keep it, then you’re on your own”

“Early” Crystal whimpered, “You’re scaring me”

“I’m sorry” Early said, but didn’t sound like me meant it at all. “You just piss me off, Crystal”

“Do-do you really think i got pregnant to piss you off?” Crystal cried, “I thought you and i meant more than this, i thought we had some thing special!”

Early sighed deeply, “you’re not being realistic, Crystal”

“Do you really think i am that incapable of taking care of myself?” Crystal wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. “I will be fine, and so will be baby”

“And just how much did you party these last three months?” Early asked. Taking Crystal’s hand he rubbed it lovingly. “You’d be doing the kid a favour, the odds are its a fucking freak, and you know it” When Crystal started to cry Early wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. “I didn’t say i didn’t love you. I do. And i didn’t say i never wanted kids. I do. Just not now, okay?”

The door opened and Consuela stepped in, clearly surprised to find her son there too. “Angel” She said with a smile.

“Mama?” Early was even more surprised than her. “What are you doing here?” Early let go of Crystal, looking from his mother to Crystal and back again, trying to make sense of this, to him unholy alliance.

“I called her” Crystal finally admitted with a barely audible voice.

“You did what?” Early tossed her arms up in the air whining. “Are you fucking out of your mind, woman?”

“I just…” Crystal tried, But Early turned his back to her, and looked at his mother. “And you, i’m sure you’re loving all this, dont you? Consuela.”

“Language.. Angel” Consuela warned.

“Fuck that!” Early spat.

“Angel..” Consuela said with an overbearing expression. “Crystal is an orphan, you know that” When Early nodded, Consuela continued. “So she called me, asking me to help her. And of course i want to help her” Early groaned like an animal in pain, kicking the bedpost. “I raised you better than this, Early-Angel. You do not leave your wife and unborn child to a future unknown”

“She’s not my wife, mama” Early huffed.

“Then we are in a hurry” Consuela stated. “I am sure papa and I can afford something decent, and if we talk with the priest..”

“Stop!” Early cried. “Just fucking stop right there! No weddings, no priests.. Just no! mama!”

“Are you telling me you abandon that poor girl like this?” Consuela sneered, “You took part in this, and i don’t think its too much to ask, that you live up to it”

Early sighed and looked away from his mothers angry glare. “I did, i told her i would come with her for the abortion.”

Consuela looked like she was going to faint for a moment, and then just gasped. “Are you mad, boy?”

“Look mama, i don’t know about Virgin Mary lala-land, but out here in the real world, abortions is pretty normal, and a perfect solution to something like this” He pointed at Crystal who stood behind him.

Consuela shook her head in disappointment. “You are a coward, Angel. You always were”

“Whatever!” Early huffed, “You know what? You have your fun mama. I suppose your brilliant plan was to let Crystal move in” He shook his head. “You don’t have a fucking clue what you’re dealing with here, but i do”

“Early!” Crystal cried, “Stop! Please just leave!”

Early ignored her, and just looked at his mother. “Let me tell you, Crystal is out of there before that kid is even a year old. leaving the kid with you.. but then again, i suppose that is what you really wish for isn’t it?”

“That was uncalled for, Angel” Consuela sneered. “I did offer her your old room, yes.”

Early rolled his eyes. “You’re fucking crazy mama”

“I am your mother, Early-Angel, and she is the mother of your child, i should think we deserve some respect” Consuela stated, staring coldly at her son.

Early returned her stare, but stayed silent for a while. Then he turned to Crystal, “Babe, please come with me” He said, holding out his hand.

“Please just leave, Early” Crystal cried burying her face in her hand.

“Oh i will” Early sneered, letting his arm fall to his side, as Crystal didn’t take his hand. “Don’t worry about it” Early raked the other hand through his hair as he sighed with a trembling noise. “You know where to find me” He stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a handful of notes, tossing them at Crystal, which just made her cry harder, looking at the money spread around the floor.

“You heard her, get out!” Consuela yelled. “Maybe God will forgive you eventually, but i wont, and that child sure wont either”

Early just looked at his mom, and then at Crystal, grabbing his jacket with a swift angry move, walking out the room without a word, slamming the door behind him.

Halfway out of the hospital, Early stopped trying to will his breathing back to normal. Thinking the scene that had happened over and over again, he came to no other conclusion than he was the one who was right, Crystal was being a romantic little idiot, and now some other living person would eventually pay the price for that. Could he really do this? walk out on Crystal and that baby she wanted so badly, without any remorse?

He shook his head, and tried to rid himself of these stupid thoughts. He just needed to forget this, he needed to forget Crystal and whatever it was she grew within. He wanted Oblivion, but Oblivion came with a price, and he had just served those money to his poor unfortunate unborn child. He decided to set out to find Ferris, he would help him out if he could, he always did.



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