Dreams made of glass 17/52

Title: Lovers
Genre: Romance/suspense/drama
Characters: Izzy, Seth, Terry
Prompt: 14
Rating: M+
Type: series
Summary: Seth has enough of Terrence and Izzy obviously not talking about what is bugging them.
Warnings: adult situations, naked pixels, language, insinuated sexual encounter.
AN: So this is written for you girls at simfic50. Btw, im sorry its such a sort chapter, but this was actually in the making when my computer rolled over and died. Since my hood export worked, then i should take pictures for the next chapter real soon.

Come on and lay with me
Come on and lie to me
Tell me you love me
Say I’m the only one

So lie to me
But do it with sincerity
Make me listen
Just for a minute
Make me think
There’s some truth in it

-Depeche Mode

On the second day of their trip, they stopped in another motel. Izzy noted that Seth was not his talkative self, actually he had seemed off since the night before. When they finally were seated for dinner, Seth was still just looking at the table, and not really answering anyone other than a sporadic guttural noise. “Okay Seth” Izzy sighed, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” Seth mumbled.

“Izzy’s right, you’ve been acting strange all day” Terrence shot in, “Look, if you wanna turn around, just say so”

“That’s not it” Seth said darkly.

“Then what is is?” Izzy said, frowning as something dawned on him. “Did you forget your medication?”

“No” Seth said, finally looking up at Izzy. “You guys” He stated “You guys have me feeling like i’m fucking twelve years old!”

“What do you mean?” Terrence asked, “Do you think we’re patronizing you or something, cause i can tell you if that is..”

“That’s not it!” Seth broke Terrence off mid sentence. “Do you have any idea how frustrating it is being caught in a small space with two people who hardly wants to sit next to each other, and talk about anything but the one thing they need to get out of their system?”

“Did we..” Izzy looked over at Terrence with a quick guarded gaze. “I didn’t know..”

“Yeah well, you guys need to talk about it, you have to have this thing, whatever it is, sorted out before we get to Murky Mile” Seth said, some anger had left his voice.

“I didn’t know that we had something to sort out” Izzy lied, he felt really uncomfortable that Seth had called him out this easy,

Seth laughed mirthlessly. “Look, I’m   really tired, and i am gonna go to bed now, and then you two talk this out” Seth stood up from the table. “Maybe tomorrow we can actually have a real conversation, the three of us” he said casually, shrugging as he left the dining hall, leaving Terrence and Izzy to stare at the emptiness in his wake.


Terrence and he had eaten their dinner, talked about the fasted way to Murky Mile, highway contra interstate, looking the map over and over. But none of them had spoken about anything important, only the most necessary. Now laying in his bed Izzy could kinda see what it was that had upset Seth so, Terrence and he was just walking around the hot pot, none of them dipping in. Izzy was sure that bringing up the past was a really bad idea, and it would ruin the whole tranquillity they had worked up. But maybe Seth was right, maybe they really did need to talk, Terrence and him.

In the end Izzy got off his bed and walked straight to Terrence’s room, he knocked before he opened the door, half amused to find Terrence brooding like he himself had done. “Terry” He said, leaning against the closed door with his back. “Maybe Seth is right” he smiled guarded. “Maybe we actually do need to talk, maybe too many things was left unsaid, and.. ”

“Yeah, maybe he’s right” Terrence muttered, smiling back at Izzy “I thought i dealt with all this just fine, but maybe i’m not”

“All this?” Izzy asked, walking slowly towards Terrence’s bed.

“The past, us” Terrence said looking away from Izzy.

“Us, huh?” Izzy sighed, “It’s not like there ever was any us

“If you say so” Terrence said, folding his hands on his stomach, holding his breath as Izzy gingerly sat down on the bed.

“I didn’t know you felt that way” Izzy whispered, still with his back to Terrence, biting back any bitter remark that lingered in his thoughts, they were supposed to talk it out, not sling accusations around. “I didn’t know you considered our friendship back then as us

“Don’t pretend you’re that stupid” Terrence growled annoyed, “You knew exactly how much i loved you” he admitted reluctantly with a deep sigh.

“No i didn’t” Izzy said, turning in his seat, looking at Terrence who still looked at some far away point in the wall. “I knew you were fond of me, sure. But you loved Lis, not me. Don’t lie to me”

“That’s not true” Terrence admitted with a whisper. “I was caught, and you refused to see that. You chose to believe that i didn’t love you”

“Maybe i did” Izzy said lowering his gaze, “Maybe i really did chose to believe you were just having fun”

Izzy leaned in over Terrence and smiled. “I’m sorry” he said softly. “I’m sorry for everything, i never meant to hurt you, i was being selfish, and for that i am truly sorry, Terry”

Terrence smiled back, “You were just as cornered as me, it was just not supposed to be. And i am sorry for refusing to understanding that” 

Izzy snickered. “We’re a couple of old idiots, aren’t we?”

Terrence nodded. “You know..” Then he chuckled and shook his head. “Nah, its nothing”

“No, what?” Izzy inquired. poking Terrence hard in the ribs.

“You were my first love” Terrence admitted with a weak blush, “So i suppose you always harbour some sort of romantic ideal about that person, and yeah.. I’m sorry”

Izzy smiled lovingly, “You know what Terry, i’m really glad you told me that” He said looking directly at Terrence, “But you know that you were mine, i know i told you back then. I remember how nervous i was, i remember my hands were shaking under the table” He grinned to himself at the memory.

“You gave me quite the scare that, i remember that” Terry admitted with a melancholy smile. “So.. eh.. I loved you, and you loved me, many stupid things were said and done between us on that account because we never actually told each other” He took a deep breath, “It was good times, and we i suppose we should cherish the time we had, both as friend and lovers. End of discussion, i suppose”

Izzy nodded and withdrew to the side of the bed again, “Since this is admission time, i will admit that i thought you were hot as hell when i saw you at Seth’s flat, suppose that Bastian know me too well, suppose you’re right, that something will always linger, and maybe that is not a bad thing. It’s like remembering the smell of summer rain in the Hyacinth patch on the town square” Izzy smiled, “I should go”

“Why?” Terrence asked, sitting up in the bed.

“Because i am making a complete idiot out of myself, and because i have to go before i do something truly stupid” He turned to look at Terry who looked a little flustered.

“Don’t go” Terrence whispered, looking away from Izzy, knowing exactly what it was he was saying.

Wrapping an arm around Terrence, Izzy pulled the other man into a loose embrace. “Just because we want to, doesn’t make it right”

“It is really dumb, i agree” Terrence mumbled as he rested his head on Izzy’s shoulder, inhaling the scent he had always remembered. “it would not be the only secret we kept”

“That’s true” Izzy whispered. “Still, what about Nando? he thinks you are pretty terrific” he smiled, tightening his grip on Terry’s shoulder, pulling him closer.

“I think he’s pretty amazing, and i have every intention of asking him out again when we return” Terrence looked up at Izzy, “It’s not like we’re dating on a regular, so i suppose its worse for you”

“Nando is my friend, Terry” Izzy whispered, resting his head back against the wall with a sigh. “What the hell is wrong with me? I can’t think of one single good reason why i shouldn’t kiss you” He raised his left hand and looked at his engagement ring, “Not even this”  He turned his head looking at Terrence, “Our secret huh? and just for how long did you plan on keeping it?”

“I won’t screw up more stuff in your life Izzy” Terrence whispered, gently pulling Izzy up against him.

Izzy laughed, “You’ll always do that, just for being you”

“Was that an invitation Mr. singer?” Terrence smiled.

“Suppose it is” Izzy whispered. “And don’t let me regret it”




Waking in the morning light, Izzy stretched and snuggled up against the body next to him. “You stayed” He heard a voice say, Opening his eyes he looked directly into Terrence’s neck. “I did” Izzy purred, running a hand over Terrence’s side. “You improved quite a lot since last” He snickered.

“likewise, likewise” Terrence grinned, turning to his back, “We really should get up before Seth comes looking for us, i am not sure this is exactly what he meant by sorting shit out”  Terrence slid out from the covers. Sitting on the edge of the bed he hung his head, “Did we sort it out then?”

“No” Izzy answered with a grin, scooting over to Terrence’s side of the bed, grabbing him before he could get to his clothes. “We have till we return to SimCity, to sort shit out” he whispered, kissing Terrence passionately.

Terrence frowned, “I’m not sure i can do that” He bit his lip and shook his head nervously “what if…”

Izzy smiled knowingly, “Don’t worry so much Terry, i promise i will deliver you safe and sound in Nando’s arms when we return home, and then i promise we will never speak of this again. But is that really a reason to not..”

“Yes!” Terrence mumbled, “I don’t want to fall in love with you all over again”



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