Angry Angel 8/?; Tomorrows another day.

Title: Angry Angel
WIP: 8/?
Author: Azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: this is the sequel to pretty hate machine, and this shit is bananas, because the plot i had to pretty hate machine could run for so much longer, and i decided to just go with it, this story will allso include violence and gore, murder and dismemberment. again id like to thank Ramirez & John Wayne Gacy, just for being. to the movie bodyparts for being an inspiration.And Poppy z Brite for writing ‘exquisite corpse’ and Ej for buying that book for me. I introduced a character named Raiden, i would never introduce a oc, unless he was crusial to the plot. now enjoy girls and germs..
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII, Advent children. Sorry for the long wait there!
Betaed by; erestorjunkie
Rating: R for violence
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true.
Summary: In which Reno falls from the sofa again, and Cid gets his ass kicked.
Warnings: AU! Angst.
Pairings: Reno/Cloud Reno/Tseng

Giant steps are what you take
Walking on the moon
I hope my legs don’t break
Walking on the moon
We could walk forever
Walking on the moon
We could be together
Walking on, walking on the moon

Some may say
I’m wishing my days away, no way
And if it’s the price I pay, some say
Tomorrows another day, you’ll stay
I may as well play

The Police – Walking on the moon.

Chapter 8 – Tomorrows another day.

“Hey y’all” Reno said, standing in the door looking at the birthday party, that suddenly came to a dead halt, Reno suddenly felt terribly aware of Cloud’s hand in his, and thought of letting go for a moment, but Cloud had apparently thought the same, because he let go of his hand with a little tick. Reno looked at Vincent who sat at the bar turning his drink in his metal claws, sporting a smirk, something that Reno didn’t even think that Vincent was capable of doing. And Reno couldn’t really do anything but look away.

“Reno!” Denzil cried, and Reno suddenly found himself surrounded by children. “Hey, kids” he said, ruffling their hair. Say something, do something, he thought to himself, whatever the hell it took to make them stop oggling! “So, had your fill of cake?” he asked the kids, they nodded and pulled him toward the bar. Only then did the party slowly start up again, Reno heard a guitar, and turned his head looking at Cid who played like he had never done anything else in his entire life. Why not? Reno thought to himself, as he suddenly found himself standing in front of the ghastly purple packet that Elena had wrapped.

“When am I gonna get my present”? Cloud said next to him, Reno looked over his shoulder and saw Cloud walk casually behind the counter, and lean on the wooden bar, between Reno and Vincent who were on the customers side of Tifa’s bar. Looking directly at Reno with those impossibly blue mako eyes, Reno thought he saw freckles specked across Cloud’s cheeks, but he wasn’t sure. “Open it,” he croaked, not able to take his eyes from Cloud as he grabbed the present, Marlene left Reno’s side, to go sit with Barrett who had returned for a few days, and then Denzil crawled up on the counter and looked longingly at the purple gift wrapping as Cloud carefully unfolded it.

As Cloud finally lifted the present up out of the box, Reno had half expected Elena to have wrapped a giant bow around it, but she had decided not to humiliate him more than she already had, with a little smile he noticed that even Vincent scooted closer to look at Cloud’s present. Cloud turned the clear bottle in his hands, studying the transparent green liquid inside, turning it around again, he looked at the green and yellow label with silver letters. “Absinthe,” Cloud whispered, looking from the label to Reno, a little sneaky smile tugged at his lips, and Reno could tell that Cloud remembered.

“Where the…” Vincent said with awe in his voice, looking from the bottle to Reno too. “Wow,” was all he said.

Reno smiled proudly, and nodded to Cloud. “Care to share?”

“Are you insane?” Cloud burst out. Vincent laughed, and Reno looked away from Cloud and down onto the dark wooden bar top, Cloud leaned in over the desk and whispered, “later.”

Reno couldn’t remember if he had heard anything sweeter in his life, that one word was a promise and a secret in one. And before he knew it he felt his cheeks burn, as his blush spread across his face. Vincent decided to come to Reno’s rescue and poked Cloud. “How bout a drink?” Cloud nodded and turned around and got Reno a glass, pouring some clear liquid in it, and then filling both his own and Vincent’s glasses too. “What should we drink to?” Vincent said seriously.

Cloud looked in thought holding his glass against his lips, “to..” but before he finished what he was about to say, Cid raised his glass from the other end of the bar, yelling ‘To sector seven!”

Reno was actually glad he stood with his back to the man, so he couldn’t see his surprised expression, he had expected a lot of things, but this! He didn’t even think twice, or hear Yuffie tell Cid to shut the fuck up, as he slammed his drink down into the desk, spilling half its content, his mouth was a fine bloodless line, his eyes was dark with anger as he turned around and looked at Cid who was seated at the far end.

Vincent grabbed Reno’s shoulder and said, “Don’t.”

Reno knew he shouldn’t, but a little voice in the back of his mind whispered, what the hell had he been thinking in the first place, and coming in here? He should have declined Cloud’s offer, no matter how flattering it had felt, and no matter how handsome he had looked in the streetlight. “Cute,” he growled as he shrugged himself free of Vincent’s hand, walking toward Cid at the other end, “Real fucking cute, Cid!” as his hand rested on his e-mag he did consider his chances in a room full of what used to be Avalanche, but right now he just didn’t give a shit.

Cid smirked and looked up at Reno, “I thought so, yeah,” he said clearly amused, as he stroke a cord on the guitar.

Reno stood and looked at him for a long moment calculating the pros and cons of painting the walls with the fucker. No one in the room seemed to breathe, and besides Cid’s terrible guitar playing not a sound was to be heard in the room. “I guess that makes you a real funny guy?” Reno said softly, while grabbing tighter around the handle of his e-mag.

“I guess it does,” Cid chuckled.

Reno’s blue eyes turned ice cold as he looked Cid up and down, he was about to ask Cid why the hell he had said that, but he knew, he knew that no matter what he would never ever be a part of this, the war might be over, but this grudge ran deeper. Maybe he had entertained himself with the thought of old differences being solved in the light of the feelings he had towards Cloud, but as he looked into Cid’s eyes, equally cold as his own, he knew that it was complete bullshit. He was the enemy here, he was not welcome, and never would be. “I’m not fucking amused,” Reno hissed, feeling his anger flare inside him as a bright white flame. “Asshole.” he finished.

Cid raised a brow, “What’s that again?”

“Hey, Reno,” Cloud said soft and stern as he laid a hand on Reno’s shoulder, “Come on, lets go outside for a while,” Reno let Cloud turn him around and he took two steps towards the door to the street, when he suddenly, with the grace of a ballet dancer, turned and in one leap swung out his e-mag and dealt Cid three lightening quick blows across his face, splashing blood on Reno’s white shirt and onto his face, and he would have given Cid one more had it not been for the strong arms that grabbed him and twirled him across the floor towards the door. Loosing his grace a little he stumbled backwards out the door and almost stepped over his own feet on the way down the short stairs to the street outside. Damn that liquor, he shouldn’t drink and fight.

Cloud came out the door moments later, little droplets of Cid’s blood across his face and some had stuck in his hair. “What the hell did you do that for?” Cloud raged, pushing Reno backwards out on the street, his good mood clearly gone, and Reno thought to himself that the ‘later’ had probably passed.

“He pissed me off,” Reno said calmly as Cloud pushed him further and further backwards, away from the tavern, until he hit a brick wall at the far side of the street, Cloud pinning him against it, looking furious. Reno knew this was when he should defend himself, find some argument that would justify that he had probably just sent Cid Highwind to the hospital, but he couldn’t, there just wasn’t anything to say. He had come here to see Cloud, he had come to show his ex-lover that he could behave and that he was sorry he was an asshole, and he would have done about anything to have Cloud give him a second chance. “Look, for what it’s worth, I’m sorry,” he said, closing his eyes as he rested his head back against the wall with a sigh. “I didn’t come here to fuck up your birthday party.”

“Tell that to Marlene and Denzil,” Cloud growled.

Reno sighed again, he hadn’t thought about the kids at all. When Cloud grabbed him by the collar of his jacket, Reno flinched, thinking that Cloud would hit him, but when he instead of a fist, felt soft lips against his in a hard kiss, he was too surprised to do anything about it. And as Cloud let go of him again, Reno opened his eyes and looked at Cloud in front of him, “I thought,” he croaked “You were pissed off.”

“I am,” Cloud said softly studying Reno in the half light of the street lamps.

“Then what’s with the kiss?” Reno said a little more evenly, absentmindedly straightening his jacket.

“Maybe,” Cloud said crossing his arms, looking straight at Reno “Maybe I just don’t know how to be without.”

“Without?” Reno echoed, feeling slightly stupid now that the anger had faded.

“My right arm,” Cloud said icily. “What do you think I mean?”

A slight smile spread on Reno’s lips. “You are such a fucking head case, Cloud.” He chuckled.

“Said the kettle to the pot,” Cloud answered, still just studying Reno with his arms crossed over his chest.

Reno nodded in agreement, and raked a hand through his hair, “I’m not gonna apologize for fucking your bud up tho,” when Cloud didn’t say anything Reno took a small step towards him, and tilted his head, looking at the blond intensely. “So… did you really?” he asked, annoyed that he heard his own voice sounding so fake.

Now it was Cloud’s turn to laugh, “Cid?”

Reno didn’t say anything, but just awaited an answer, that Cloud was laughing was at least a good sign.

Cloud’s laughter died down and he returned to look seriously at Reno “No, I didn’t,” he said, laughter still evident under his voice.

“So you just said that shit, to mess with my head?” Reno said, he didn’t know if he should be relieved, or pissed that Cloud had played him that easily.

“Guess I did,” Cloud said with a wink.

And for once Reno didn’t know how to answer, and he just shook his head amused. “Shiiit, Cloud” he mumbled with a smile. Slowly looking up to meet Cloud’s eyes, Reno’s smile faltered and he looked down again, looking intensely at his hands, fidgeting, feeling like a school boy caught smoking on school grounds. “Maybe,” he started with a tiny voice, “just maybe, I don’t know how to be without either.” He didn’t have to look up to feel Cloud’s slight smirk.

“Is that a fact?” Cloud said softly, reaching for Reno’s hands.

“I don’t know man,” Reno whined. “Maybe it is.” Looking at their hands, he finally looked up at Cloud again, staring at the slight alcohol provoked blush on Clouds cheeks. “Yeah,” he drawled, “it’s a fact.”

“Wanna come back inside with me?” Cloud said with a little smile and nodded towards Tifa’s Tavern.

“I don’t think that is smart,” Reno grinned “I think I kinda killed the party.”

Cloud squeezed Reno’s hands. “Then you won’t get any Absinthe.”

“You run a hard bargain there, Strife,” Reno said, letting go of Cloud’s hands and wrapping his right arm around the blond’s waist, pulling him close. “But I think you should go back inside and enjoy your birthday.”

Cloud couldn’t hide his disappointment, but nodded. “Maybe you’re right.”

“Or, you could come with me,” Reno whispered, gingerly kissing Cloud’s lips, something he had thought he would never do again, just hours ago.

“But,” Cloud whispered as their kiss ended, “The others, they..”

“Screw them.” Reno whispered back.

Reluctantly, Cloud nodded “Yeah, screw them.”


When Reno woke in the pale morning light, He reached to pull the covers over his head, but instead of his cover, he grabbed something with a cold metal plate, having a slight dejavú Reno fell off the edge of the sofa and unto the floor with an ungraceful thump. “Damn,” he whined as he turned his head looking up at the sofa, a smile spread over his face, realising that it had been Cloud’s shoulder he had touched. Leaning his head against the edge of the sofa seat Reno groaned, maybe they shouldn’t have had those last five or six drinks.

Reno heard his phone ring, but he didn’t react, mostly because he thought he would vomit if he moved his head too quickly. But the annoying tune from his phone had Cloud stirring on the sofa.

Slinging an arm over his eyes to shield out the light, Cloud whispered “Reno? What’s the time?”

“Don’t know,” Reno whispered back. “Coffee?”

Cloud groaned what sounded mostly like yes, and Reno slowly got to his knees to stand. But he stopped halfway and rested his head on Cloud’s stomach. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this,” he whispered.

“I know,” Cloud whispered back, running his other hand through Reno’s hair. “Don’t suppose you’re up to making up for it now?”

Reno chuckled, “Not really, no,” he ran his hand over Cloud’s belt, hooking a finger in the loop. “Tempting offer tho” he grinned.

Cloud started to laugh, making Reno’s head shake on his stomach. “Are you ever gonna make that coffee?”

Reno pulled up Cloud’s shirt a little and kissed the little space of skin there, “Sure” he mumbled and finally moved to stand, stumbling out into the kitchen, Reno’s still alcohol clouded mind couldn’t ignore the fact that Cloud was actually laying on his sofa, and there was no denying just how happy that made him, not that he had any intention of telling anyone. Turning on the radio Reno hummed along to a popular tune as he started to make the coffee.

Cloud had moved off the sofa, and had slowly made his way to the kitchen, sliding down on a stool; he just looked at the red haired man who had his back to him, reaching for some cups. When Reno turned around and noticed that Cloud was watching he smiled a little embarrassed. “You sing like shit, man,” Cloud grinned.

“Must be why I am not a part of the Shinra company band,” Reno grinned and put down a cup in front of Cloud. Just then Reno’s phone rang again, and this time he picked it up and looked at the caller id, “It’s Tseng,” He said.

Cloud just looked at him, not understanding why the hell he felt the need to tell him who was calling.

With a slight sigh Reno flipped the phone open and tried to sound perky and awake as he said “Yes?”

“Why didn’t you pick up before?” Tseng said in the other end.

“I was asleep,” Reno said, walking across the kitchen to fetch the coffee pot, and pour Cloud and him some from it.

“You really need to get an alarm clock,” Tseng said in a clipped tone.

“Why would I? I have you don’t I?” Reno snapped, regretting his tone the second it left his lips.

“Get your persona down to the police station, I will expect you here in fifteen minutes” Tseng growled and hung up.

“Tseng?” Reno said into the receiver “Sir?” He looked at Cloud “crap!” he mouthed.



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