Angry Angel 6/?; This machine is obsolete.

Title: Angry Angel
WIP: 6/?
Author: azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: this is the sequel to pretty hate machine, and this shit is bananas, because the plot i had to pretty hate machine could run for so much longer, and i decided to just go with it, this story will allso include violence and gore, murder and dismemberment. again id like to thank Ramirez & John Wayne Gacy, just for being. to the movie bodyparts for being an inspiration.And Poppy z Brite for writing ‘exquisite corpse’ and Ej for buying that book for me. I introduced a character named Raiden, i would never introduce a oc, unless he was crusial to the plot. now enjoy girls and germs..
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII, Advent children.
Betaed by; erestorjunkie
Rating: R
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true.
Summary: In which Reno learns that Raiden is mental, Cloud is pissy faced, & Tseng is in denial.
Warnings: AU! Angst.
Pairings: Reno/Cloud Reno/Tseng

EXTRA NOTE: battywingstold me that Cloud’s birthday was in August and not November as i claimed, so i went to get my book, to make sure i was right, and guess what? i wasnt.. it said 8.11 – lol and since here in the DK you write day, month, year. then i just assumed it was november 8’th. when it is infact the eleventh of august. ‘sigh’ im sorry.. im blond, what can i say? thank you for the correction Battywings.

how could I
ever think
it’s funny how
everything you swore would never change
is different now

like you said
you and me
make it through
didn’t quite
fell apart
where the fuck were you?

Nine inch nails – Somewhat damaged.

Chapter 6 – This machine is obsolete

Reno was dying to see his brother even if he wasn’t exactly supposed to strain Raiden’s recovery, But in the end, Rude who had been the keeper of his brother that day, had given in to Reno’s useless prattle and flattery, giving his old partner access to Raiden’s apartment. Reno knew he had to be quick about it, before someone noticed he was gone. So he stepped inside in the half-light of Raiden’s apartment, he noticed it was smaller than his own, but then again, Raiden was in a wheelchair, what would he need a lot of space for? “Rai?” he called taking two steps into the living room, but he heard no answer “Rai?” he called again, and just when Reno thought that his brother might be asleep and therefore began to make his way to what he thought would be the bedroom, he heard a voice.

“Reno?” Raiden said calmly.

“Yeah,” Reno said, spinning around himself, and saw his brother standing in the doorway to the bathroom, “Wow man, I thought you’d still be in that wheelchair and all,” he looked his brother up and down with a smile. Yes, maybe this was alright, Raiden hadn’t turned into some vegetable or something like that, this looked and sounded just like Raiden used to.

“I got out of that torture device a week ago,” Raiden said smiling, before he walked over to Reno, brushing past his brother without as much as a clap on the shoulder and continued out into the kitchen. “Coffee?” he asked causally.

“Yeah, sounds great,” Reno said, turning around again, to follow his brother. That was odd, he thought to himself, Raiden would normally hug him, or at least punch his shoulder or some other rot, like brothers did, but he hadn’t. Reno pushed the thought away and seated himself in the little kitchen that was lit only by a candle. “Hey Rai, what’s with the undertaker decor?”

Raiden handed Reno a cup, and without wanting it, Reno stared at the hand that held the cup, but when Raiden cleared his throat Reno was shaken from his thoughts “Sorry, man” he mumbled and took the cup, looking up at his brother with a quick smile.

“Don’t worry about it,” ‘Raiden said, “I have been staring at them too, for hours on end.”

Reno took a sip of his coffee as Raiden sat down opposite him at the table, “You seem to be recuperating.”

“That’s a long word for a hit-man” Raiden snorted.

Reno frowned and looked up at his brother, what the hell was this about now? “I’m not a hit-man,” Reno said indignant.

“You follow orders from Mr. Shinra without any questions, don’t you?” Raiden said, lifting his cup to his lips, staring at Reno in the dim light.

“I am not paid to ask questions,” Reno said in childish defence. He had a distinct feeling where this conversation was going, and at this moment he wished he had never come to visit his brother.

“So what if I was not a 100% success?” Raiden whispered dangerously low. “What if I had no intention of being his little corporate ace?”

Reno looked at his brother mortified, “Raiden,” he said, not knowing what else to say.

“Would you shoot me down in cold blood brother?” Raiden said harshly, staring at his brother.

“Of course not,” Reno said a little too quickly. “You’re my brother, man.”

“Even if your precious Rufus Shinra told you to?” Raiden said coldly, and the longer it took Reno to answer the tenser the atmosphere got in the little kitchen.

“I.. I..” Reno said, before he rubbed his temples with his fingers in soothing circles “Why are we even discussing this, come on Rai, get off it.”

“I see,” Raiden said thoughtful, taking a sip of his coffee.

“No, you don’t,” Reno spat, pushing back his chair to stand. “I don’t have to listen to this shit,” he mumbled, finally regretting he ever snuck in here, it was clear that Raiden weren’t thinking straight, and Reno didn’t know if he could deal with that yet.

“Yes, you do,” Raiden growled grabbing Reno’s arm as he tried to get up from the chair, pushing him down into the seat again. “This would never have happened if you had not come home to begin with,” he said calmly, coldly.

“What?” Reno said, shrugging himself free of Raiden’s hold. “So you’re blaming your stupidity on me now?”

Raiden closed his eyes and smiled “I guess I am” he whispered.

“Hey, Rai,” Reno said surprisingly softly, “It’s ok, you can blame me if you need to.”

Raiden shook his head and opened his eyes and looked at his brother, “I am really trying man, I am.. “

“I know you are,” Reno said with a little smile.

“Would you do me a favour?” Raiden said softly.

“Sure, anything,” Reno said, knowing that he was way in over his head. He shouldn’t even be here; Rufus would have his ass on a silver platter if he knew.

“I need a gun.”

“A gun?” Reno asked surprised, quickly withdrawing his hand, he didn’t want to ask, because he didn’t want to know what his brother would want a gun for.

“Yes,” Raiden said, “just in case.”

“Just in case?” Reno heard himself ask with a tiny voice, now he’d done it, he had asked, and he most of all wanted to cover his ears, or rewind his day or something, because he was sure he didn’t want to hear the explanation.

“Of my surgery not being a hundred percent success,” Raiden whispered, “I thought I would spare you the trouble,” Raiden raised his hand, and Reno could do nothing but to look at the moving hand, Raiden imitated a gun with his fingers and pressed his fingertips against his temple.

Reno didn’t know what to say, but he couldn’t claim that he wouldn’t have reasoned the same way, had he been in Raiden’s shoes. So he nodded not trusting his voice enough to actually make a comment.


Reno went back to his own apartment, and just stood there against the large picture window, watching the rain for what seemed like hours, when his phone suddenly bleeped. He flipped it open and saw a little window blinking saying ‘notice’ he furrowed his brows, he apparently set his phone to remember something for him, but what good was that if he had forgotten what it was he was supposed to remember? He pressed ‘ok’ but the txt screen was empty, “what the hell?” he mumbled to himself, alright so this had to be something he thought he would remember. He flipped the phone shut and rested against the window again, he looked at his wristwatch, the date said November seventh. It didn’t ring a bell at all, why would he need a reminder about the seventh of November; he bit his lip trying to remember.


What was so damn special about that? He thought harder to remember what the hell he could have been doing last November, it was cold, it was wet, it was.. uhm.. “Oh God” he mumbled, “Its not November seventh, its November eighth.” He rubbed his face with his hand, he remembered coding this notice into his phone now, to remind him a day early, so he wouldn’t forget to pick up a present. “Cloud,” he whispered to himself. “You fucking idiot, its Cloud’s birthday.”

Reno closed his eyes as he remembered the last time he had celebrated Cloud’s birthday, and a little smile slipped over his lips. That had been fun, they had been out drinking, and later they had tried to have sex in an alley half across a dumpster with a lid, what they didn’t know was that this dumpster had wheels, and it had suddenly began to roll with Reno stuck halfway on top of it, leaving Cloud in the Alley. Reno clucked at the memory, that had been fucking fun, he remembered he never thought he would stop laughing after he finally fell from the dumpster in the street with his pants down, scaring this young couple, he had properly made some smart ass remark like ‘don’t try this at home y’guys’.

Yeah, that had been fun…

Reno wondered if Cloud would want him to show up this year, the prospect that Cloud might not want him there made him a little sad actually, he thought for a moment about calling Tseng, but he had messed their friendship up pretty good, and Rude, he wouldn’t want to hear about Cloud at all. Reno had busied himself with so many other things that he had managed to push Cloud out of his mind pretty efficiently, but now he found himself missing him like he couldn’t remember he had ever done before. Reno slowly took out his phone from his pocket and pressed the speed dial for Cloud, he had halfway hoped that he would pick up, but he didn’t, and it clicked over on voicemail. “Hey,” Reno croaked “I just wanted to.. yeah I don’t know, I.. uhm.. Guess I will see you at some point, and yeah Happy birthday tomorrow and all, bye.” He hung up and looked at his phone as if it were a traitor, why the fuck had he just called Cloud? “Shit,” Reno growled to himself, and pushed off the window, turning to leave his apartment.


He was actually not the least surprised when he found himself looking at store windows, it was not like he had planned to get Cloud a present, but his own guilt kept eating at him, he had left, he had, had.. With Tseng, and all he had thought about was Cloud, it was a pretty rough admission for Reno to make, that maybe he had done something that could never be undone, but at something inside him had decided that he had to stop being such a jerk, and just admit what he really wanted, and then fight for it. As he walked down the street with different shop windows, his mind worked overtime, so what was it he wanted? Being with Cloud meant that he had a conflict between his love life and his work, and maybe that had been what he had run from to begin with, he had not run from Cloud, he had run from Shinra inc. But how would he ever get Cloud to believe that? That was if Cloud even wanted to speak with him, “Can’t know, if you don’t try.” he told himself, as he stopped dead in his tracks, Seeing Tifa on the other side of the street with a grocery bag in her arms. For a moment he wondered about waving at her, but he knew that their fragile truce had been broken in the second he had forsaken Cloud, and now he was just a henchman for Shinra again. So he just looked at her as he rested up against a wall, casually lighting a cigarette, looking at scene on the other side of the road carefully.

He saw her go into a second shop, and when she came out she was not alone, it had been so long since Reno had seen him, but he recognized Cloud on the spot, he took Tifa’s bag, and she ran off again, leaving Cloud alone on the curb. Reno debated with himself if he should cross the street or not, but instead he flipped open his phone, and with a stupid grin called Cloud up. He listened to the beeps indicating that the phone was ringing, and watched Cloud who put down the grocery bag on the pavement, to dig out his phone. Interesting, Reno thought to himself, he had not even thought that Cloud would bother seeing who called. He watched Cloud closely as he stood with the phone in his hand; it looked like he debated with himself whether or not to pick up.

But in the end it seemed like his curiosity won out, and Reno suddenly heard the receiver click and a soft rustle in the phone “Yeah,” Cloud said. “What do you want?”

“Hey,” Reno said, suddenly wondering if this was such a damn great idea, but he was at least thankful that Cloud had picked up, this had to mean that he at least wanted to speak with him. Then a car honked its horn, and it was giving a faint echo in the phones. Cloud’s head snapped up and scanned his surroundings, and Reno knew that it was only a matter of time before he would spot him anyway. “Here’s to looking at you kid,” he said with a stupid grin and stepped out from the shadows and onto the curb waving at Cloud with a little embarrassed blush.

“You.. You..” Cloud growled and slammed his phone shut, cutting off the conversation.

“Wait.. Cloud, wait.” Reno yelled urgently down into the phone, but he heard only the buzz from a dead line. “Shit!” he hissed and pocketed his phone and crossed the street, now he had no other option than to actually face Cloud. “Hey come on, that was a little fun, wasn’t it?”

“I don’t like being snuck up on, and especially not by Shinra,” Cloud retorted, with a miffed pout, crossing his arms over his chest, looking Reno straight in the eyes with a coldness that had Reno take a step back, and lose his casual grin a little.

“I didn’t sneak up on you, man. I have better things to do y’know,” Reno said annoyed, feeling as Cloud’s anger seeped into him too somehow. “I just happened to be out here, and I saw you on the other side, and I thought that I would see if I could get that pretty little smile out.”

“Real fucking cute, Reno,” Cloud growled, but his eyes were not as cold as before, not that Reno would classify them as warm, just not as homicidal.

“I actually thought it was,” Reno spat back, his slight smile back.

Cloud didn’t answer and the silence between them grew tense after a few minutes, “So uhm..” Reno finally said, raking a hand through his hair, “could we like meet up or something, because well.. This is not really the time and place, or anything.”

Cloud raised an eyebrow, and drummed his fingers on his arm impatiently. “Talk about what, as far as I am concerned we have nothing to talk about.”

“Ouch,” Reno howled, and grabbed his shirt over his heart, “that hurt man.”

“I don’t have time for your bullshit, Reno” Cloud said flatly, clearly not affected by Reno’s performance, and then he picked up the grocery bag and turned to leave.

Reno quickly grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back, actually he was a little glad that Cloud let himself be pulled back. He looked the blond directly in the eye, so close their noses almost touched. “I am trying to apologize,” Reno whispered, knowing he had Cloud exactly where he wanted him, at least for now. “I fucked you over, and you didn’t deserved that”

“You did,” Cloud breathed out, his eyelids fluttered and Reno knew that only willpower to not loose this little staring contest kept his eyes form not closing completely.

“Would you want to hear my apology at all?” Reno whispered.

“No,” Cloud whispered back, but Reno couldn’t help but to notice that Cloud’s breathing was quick and shallow.

“Alright,” Reno said, feeling himself panic slightly, he had to make Cloud understand that he was serious here. “Then would you want to meet somewhere?”

“No,” Cloud said ever so softly.

“Why not?” Reno blurted out, frowning. “Give me a chance man.”

“No,” Cloud just said again. “You can let go of me now, Reno,”

“No fucking way!” Reno said with an angry hiss. “Why wont you listen to me Cloud? I already told you I was sorry, man.” He paused and rested his forehead against Cloud’s. “Please?”

“Because it just doesn’t work that way, Reno” Cloud finally answered, and Reno could feel that he relaxed somewhat again. “Too little, too late.”

“Give me one chance,” Reno whispered, listening to his own pathetic begging, this had somehow not been a part of his plan, in his own fantasy he would have strolled across the street and picked up Cloud who would just had let himself be whisked off his feet and carried off to the nearest motel. But Cloud apparently had another plan. “Just one, Cloud.” he whispered, to stress his point.

“Give me one good reason to do that, Reno,” Cloud said, the cold was back into his voice and the little moment was over. Reno knew he would have to tread very carefully now, and give the correct answer. Most of all, it reminded him of when he was a kid, and Raiden would never give him the password for the secret tree-house, and he would be stuck there for hours on end guessing.

“Because you care just a little bit?” Reno whispered. When he felt Cloud step back to get free of Reno’s grasp, he just started to babble “Because you’re curious? Because you need a free beer?” Cloud pulled completely free, Reno had worked himself into a corner, trying to figure out what to say, “Because, because I love you, and I need you to listen to me,” he finally cried.

As soon as it was said, Reno could have sworn that even the wind died down, and everything went silent. Damn, he has said the wrong thing. He had blown it.

Cloud looked a little confused, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, and then a elderly lady tapped him on the shoulder, and leaned in rasping in Cloud’s ear “Good for you, he seems like a nice guy.”

Had the situation not been so absurd to begin with, Reno would have laughed, but he didn’t, he put a hand up to his mouth to hide his grin, but then he made the mistake of looking at Cloud who sported his own little amused smirk “Thank you, ma’am,” he said with a voice that shook with bottled up laughter, and as the lady gave them a thumbs up, they looked at each other and both howled with laughter.

It felt good, it felt liberating, and it felt like a chance.

As their laughter subsided, and Reno wiped his amused tears away with the palm of his hands. And looked up at Cloud the perfect little pout was replaced by a smug smile. “Maybe, just maybe I will hear what you have to say, just because you’re such an all around nice guy/”

“And hung like a circus pony,” Reno said still amused.

“Smartass,” Cloud said and shook his head amused.

“What about some time this week?” Reno said, “When you’re less busy.”

“I can’t tomorrow,” Cloud said, and his mouth stopped smiling “But call me, and we can uhm.. Talk”

“Sure,” Reno said, and quickly stepped forward and wrapped his arms around a very surprised Cloud. “Thank you,” Reno whispered. For a second he was about to tell Cloud the truth about why he was even here, and that he was well aware that it was Cloud’s birthday tomorrow, but he figured that he would stick through with his plan, to find the perfect gift, and prove to Cloud that he was not really as big a fuck up as he thought.



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