Angry Angel 2/?; And there are no flags to wave me home.

Title: Angry Angel
WIP: 2/?
Author: azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: this is the sequel to pretty hate machine, and this shit is bananas, because the plot i had to pretty hate machine could run for so much longer, and i decided to just go with it, this story will allso include violence and gore, murder and dismemberment. again id like to thank Ed Gein & John Wayne Gacy, just for being. to the movie bodyparts for being an inspiration.And Poppy z Brite for writing ‘exquisite corpse’ and Ej for buying that book for me. I introduced a character named Raiden, i would never introduce a oc, unless he was crusial to the plot. now enjoy girls and germs..
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII, Advent children.
Betaed by; erestorjunkie
Rating: R for violence
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true.
Summary: finally Reno is rescued from NowhereVille, but its not exsactly as he had expected it to be.
Warnings: AU! Angst.
Pairings: Reno/Cloud Reno/Tseng

I never thought that I would find myself
In bed amongst the stones
The columns are all men
Begging to crush me
No shapes sail on the dark deep lakes
And no flags wave me home
In the caves
All cats are grey

The cure – Faith.

2. And there are no flags to wave me home.

Raiden and Reno sat on the back stairs of their parent’s house, sharing a bottle, looking at the sky. Raiden took a swag of the bottle and pulled a face “Gods Reno what is this shit?” he winced.

Reno laughed and took the bottle with a bandaged hand. “Dunno, some gut-rot,” he too took a swag and leaned back against the stairs, nestling the bottle between his legs. “And who cares? As long as it works its magic.”

Raiden shook his head, tenderly taking his brothers hand, turning it looking at it. “He mangled you pretty good, huh?”

Reno pulled his hand back with a quick move, and frowned. “Yeah,” he mumbled, clearly annoyed.

“Look all I’m saying is that we should have a doctor look at it,” Raiden said looking at his brother, clearly displeased with Reno’s choice.

Reno shook his head and reached for the bottle again, how the hell should he tell him that he had been injected with mako and gods knew what? That he would heal fine in a few days. But he didn’t get a chance to answer, as Raiden shielded the strong rays of the setting sun from his eyes, with his hand, and whispered, “What the fuck is that?”

Reno looked up, not seeing anything at first because the sun got in his eyes. Furrowing his brows he scanned the horizon, and then he saw it! A helicopter! “It’s a helicopter,” he said unable to hide his excitement, he leaned forward almost tilting the bottle.

“Looks like it’s coming this way,” Raiden stated.

“Shinra,” Reno whispered, recognising the helicopter, “its a fucking Shinra chopper.”

“Shinra?” Raiden gasped, “What the hell would they want here?”

“I don’t know, Rai,” Reno said, but as the helicopter turned to land on the big concrete field behind Reno and Raiden’s parent’s house. “I guess we’re about to find out,” Reno said with a little smile as he recognized Tseng as he stepped out of the machine. Reno grabbed the bottle and stood up, walking over towards the helicopter, sporting a giant grin, much to Raiden’s surprise, who reluctantly followed.

Tseng looked up and down Reno before he frowned. “You look like shit, Reno,” he said, referring to the bandages, the open wrinkled shirt and his bare feet.

“In case you didn’t notice, mister. I was just chillin with my brother, didn’t know there was a dress code for that, man,” Reno said taking a swig more of the bottle, inwardly amused at Tseng’s obvious disgust.

The two men stood and watched each other for a while, until Reno suddenly took a step forward and to everyone’s surprise wrapped his arms around Tseng’s neck and planted a big wet slobbery kiss on the other man’s lips. Tseng didn’t quite know what to do, was he just goofing about as always? Or? There was no reason that he would kiss him, was there?, so he just gently pushed Reno away and saw his dumb grin. “Asshole,” Tseng muttered under his breath. “Now go get your stuff, we’re leaving.”

“What?” Reno said suddenly looking sober again.

“I have been sent to bring you back home,” Tseng said with his best superior voice. “The holiday is over Reno,” he said trying to keep a stiff upper lip, “Now go get some shoes on, and do button that shirt,” he said loosing his battle against a slight smile as Reno sprinted into the house like hell was breaking loose. Tseng looked at the dark-haired man who stood a little further away. “So you’re his brother?” he said, thankful that the helicopter had stopped its rotating blades, and was silent.

“Yeah,” Raiden said with a little sulk. “I guess he’s leaving huh?”

Tseng nodded “yes.”

Raiden nodded as if he understood, but Tseng could tell from the man’s body language that he wasn’t pleased.

Reno came out from the house again, this time carrying all his clothes from Shinra and his cell phone and e-mag neatly placed on top of the file. “Ready,” he said, but then he suddenly remembered something and turned to Raiden. “Come,” he said with a nod towards the chopper that slowly started up again. “I told you I wouldn’t leave you again, didn’t I?” Reno yelled, trying to drown out the roaring noise from the now ready chopper.

Raiden nodded, and with a little sly smile he ran to the chopper as Tseng and Reno got in.

“You don’t mind do you?” Reno said to Tseng. But Tseng just rolled his eyes and got up and seated himself next to the pilot, signalling the end of their conversation.


As the chopper landed on the newly built Shinra tower, Reno, Raiden and Tseng got out. “I would have preferred that you had had time to change and bathe before I sent you to see Rufus, but he insisted to see you the second you landed.” Tseng explained as they left the roof and descended a metal staircase to the top floor of the building.

Reno nodded and turned to the silent Raiden. “Stay here with Tseng, I will be back in a jiffy,” he smiled, but Raiden could tell a real smile from a fake, and just nodded and mumbled an affirmative.

Reno went into Rufus’ new office, and Raiden stood there with Tseng, looking absolutely lost. “Come,” Tseng said, “I’m sure you can get some coffee off one of the employees.”


Reno took a deep breath, slipping on a mask of indifference as he put down the pile of clothes with his gear on top, on the secretary’s desk. “The boss asked for me,” he said smiling sweetly to the lady at the desk.

She looked up and a smile spread on her face as well.“ Reno,” she chuckled. “You can just go in,” and then she leaned on over the desk, motioning for Reno to bend down too, “He is in a really crappy mood though, so behave,” she whispered.

“Will do,” Reno whispered back, as he stood up and walked towards the big double doors into Rufus’ office. He knocked and waited before he decided to just turn the handle and go inside. “Boss?” He halfway whispered as he stepped inside the giant office.

Rufus was not behind his desk, and no answer came, so Reno stepped further into the office, closing the door gently behind him. “Boss?” he said again, this time louder.

“Reno,” a voice soft as silk said, and Reno spun around, only to see Rufus stand in the slide door opening to a vast balcony. “Good to see you,” he said, and then he too looked Reno up and down. “Rough holiday?” he said with a little sarcastic smile.

“Funny, sir.” Reno said with a half sigh, shifting his weight form his heels to his toes, waiting for the thrashing he would surely get.

“Reno,” Rufus said with a serious tone waking toward the waiting turk. “You have the right to a private life,” he mused, stopping inches from Reno, looking him straight into his eyes, and Reno fought to keep eye contact. “I don’t care for your preferences at all, be it favourite dish or brothel,” he waited to see if Reno had something to say, but Reno wisely kept his mouth shut. “But I do care for the Shinra corporation,” he crooked his head and waited.

“Yes, sir,” Reno said.

“I can’t have my most trusted employees suddenly acting up because of a fling” he spat. “Honestly Reno, I had thought you were more professional than that,” Reno suppressed the answer he had and just looked down at the floor, knowing that Rufus was right. “So, I decided to give you a second chance, because lets face it Reno, you are a valuable asset to this firm.”

“Thank you, sir,” Reno said flatly.

“So,” Rufus said finally walking away from Reno and to his desk. “I made sure you would have one of the apartments here in the tower, where I live as well.”

Reno could have groaned, so this was Rufus’ plan, to keep him close so he could monitor his daily comings and goings.

“That is most generous of you, sir.” Reno managed to say with conviction.

“Are you still seeing mister Strife?” Rufus said noting the little skittish jump that Reno made due to the question.

“Honestly I don’t know,” Reno said without turning his head and looking at Rufus.

“I see,” Rufus said with a cold voice as he opened a drawer and picked a plastic card out, he walked over to Reno and held it out to him. “Your key,” he said.

Reno took the keycard and looked up at Rufus. “Thank you, sir,” he said again.

“Tseng will show you to the floor,” Rufus said, “and I want to see you here again tomorrow, preferably groomed.”

“Yes, sir,” Reno said “But what about…” he started.

“Your belongings have already been brought there,” Rufus said, dismissing Reno with a wave of his hand.

“Alright,” Reno said as he turned to the door. “See you tomorrow, boss,” he mumbled as he left. The door slammed shut behind him, and he silently picked up his clothes from the secretary’s desk.

“That bad huh?” she said looking sad.

“Close man,” Reno said and hurried out of the office, only to run into Tseng and Raiden waiting outside. “So, I take it you are my guide,” he said flatly to Tseng.

“Come,” Tseng said and began to walk to the elevator, Reno and Raiden followed silently. They drove down to the 8’th floor, and got out, Tseng walked down the corridor and then finally stood still in front of a door with a little white sign that said ‘Reno – General Affairs Investigation Department’ Reno shook his head and ran the keycard through the slot left of the door. And the door slid up with a muffled ‘swoosh’.

They all stepped inside; Raiden stopped dead halt and gasped “holy crap!” looking around in the big apartment. Reno went straight to the window and looked out, “wonder what a view like this would cost ya” he mused.

Tseng looked a little uncomfortable, and turned to Raiden who was still baffled. “Would you go and make us some coffee?” Raiden nodded in a daze and went off to find the kitchen. Tseng walked over to Reno by the window, “So?” he asked.

“I’m on a leash,” Reno growled, resting his forehead against the cool glass. “Being kept here like some wayward pet.”

“I kinda knew you wouldn’t like that,” Tseng said. “That’s why I didn’t tell you before.”

“So, do you know what’s in store for me tomorrow?” Reno said running a long finger over the glass he rested his forehead on.

“No, but I suspect that he will send you on some stupid mission,” Tseng said in all honesty.

Reno chuckled hollowly. “Yeah, rescuing cats out of trees or something, fetching him coffee.”

“Just step carefully Reno, okay?” Tseng said as he laid a hand on Reno’s shoulder.

“I wont fuck up again,” Reno said with a whisper.

“Good,” Tseng said, and removed his hand, and walking towards the door.

Just as Tseng walked out the door, Raiden came back with coffee. He put the tray down on a table and sat down, pouring himself a cup. “This is pretty fancy y’know.”

“Yeah,” Reno said turning away from the window and came over to his brother and sat down. “It’s pretty neat, I guess.”

“So you really work for Rufus Shinra?” Raiden said with a tiny voice, like he was embarrassed. “I would never have thought my bad mannered little brother would have such an important job.”

“Well, I do,” Reno said, taking a sip of his coffee. “What about you? You left your job back there.”

Raiden sighed and nodded. “Well, I am sure there’s a need for police officers here in Midgar as well.”

“Yeah, you are right,” Reno mumbled in reply.

Raiden reached over the table and pulled a cardboard box across the surface and looked down in it, it was full of new paper clips and pictures. “Who’s that?” he said picking up a picture of Cloud and Reno sitting in Tifa’s tavern.

“That is Cloud,” Reno said, taking the picture from his brother, smiling at he looked at the goofy look they both had, remembering that afternoon just fine.

“So.. is he?” Raiden asked with a wavering voice.

“Yeah,” Reno sighed and tossed the picture back in the box. He would worry about Cloud later, for now he needed to get Raiden off his hands, he didn’t need his brother to fuck everything up for him. “Tomorrow after I speak with the boss, you and I are going to find you a job,” he said, downing his coffee. Raiden nodded and yawned.

Reno stood up and looked around the flat. “Now where the hell is the bed?” he mumbled, and started to explore the place, and then he found the bedroom, it had a king size bed with a large window behind it, overlooking Midgar. Reno flopped down on the soft mattress and curled up, for a second he wished that anyone was laying beside him, just so he wouldn’t feel so little and lonely, even Raiden would do. He would have to turn on his cell phone tomorrow and listen to the messages, not that he wanted to, he half-way knew what they would be, but he had meant it when he had told Tseng he wouldn’t fuck this up, no matter what it took, and what sacrifices he would have to bring.



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