Angry Angel 11/?; Don’t need anything or anyone.

Title: Angry Angel
WIP: 11/?
Author: azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: this is the sequel to pretty hate machine, and this shit is bananas, because the plot i had to pretty hate machine could run for so much longer, and i decided to just go with it, this story will allso include violence and gore, murder and dismemberment. again id like to thank Ramirez & John Wayne Gacy, just for being. to the movie bodyparts for being an inspiration.And Poppy z Brite for writing ‘exquisite corpse’ and Ej for buying that book for me. I introduced a character named Raiden, i would never introduce a oc, unless he was crusial to the plot. now enjoy girls and germs..I promised smut, but i hve t admit my smut muse took a little weekend trip, and left only my ‘gay x-files’ muse.. sorry!
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII, Advent children.
Betaed by; erestorjunkie
Rating: R for violence & smex
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true.
Summary: In which Tseng makes a crack about Reno’s ass.
Warnings: AU! Angst.
Pairings: Reno/Cloud Reno/Tseng

For ursparcat

We’ll do it all
On our own

We don’t need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Snow patrol – chasing cars

Chapter 11 – Don’t need anything or anyone.

Stirring his coffee idly, Reno stared at the note he had written out for Tseng last week. They had searched for clues trying to get a break through in the missing-persons cases, and trying to locate who the hell Officer Olsen was. Apparently he was not officer Olsen, but who was he? And was he the key to this whole thing?

Reno had a creeping suspicion that whoever was doing this, he was targeting him somehow, but just who would do that? He had stepped on some toes in his time, but he couldn’t think of anyone who had the reason, not to mention means to do something like this to him. Reno sighed, now he was being egocentric, it was in fact not him they did anything to, it was Raiden and Cloud. He stared at the note again and sighed even deeper. This made no fucking sense! He had tried every code breaker the police had, and nothing came up, this was no known code. But Reno knew that Cloud would not have sent this unless he thought that Reno would figure it out eventually. He looked at the punctuation; it looked like a telegram, a word, and then full stop.

Reno downed the last of the luke warm coffee, he’d better call in Tseng, he knew more about code breaking than Reno did. And maybe he really did use these wrong? Reno grabbed his phone, flipped it open and started to send a text message to Tseng, his thumb flew over the buttons, but when he got to ‘get your ass over to archive’ he suddenly stopped. Blinking “Crap!!” he shouted and almost tossed the phone from him as were it alive and about to bite. Instead he pushed the ‘send’ button and got up from his chair to get a pen.

Reno looked at the phone’s buttons, and then at the note in front of him.


Looking at his phone he wrote down the other letters from the button, P-Q-R-S, and the D button had E and F too. He furrowed his brows and bit the eraser of the pen, trying to make the word stand out. Of course!! The P button had an R, the D button had an E, and M had both N and O. RENO. This could not be a coincidence! He had cracked Cloud’s code! It was not a code at all, it was just written without a cell phone wordbook.

Reno started to scribble down options for the next word. PAGDDM, after some tries and complete rubbish, the word suddenly exposed itself. RAIDEN. Why the fuck would Cloud txt him about his brother? This made no sense!

In this moment Tseng entered the room, And Reno smiled slyly, for once he had proven smarter than Tseng. And he couldn’t stop leering as he explained the system to Tseng, who was very pleasantly surprised. “This is the first lead to anything in days!” he said, looking over Reno’s shoulder.

“But why Reno and Raiden?”

“You don’t know that for sure” Tseng said dryly, “maybe you read what you want to read in the message”

Reno frowned and pushed the paper and pen over towards Tseng’s right hand that rested flat on the table, beside him. “You try, then.”
Tseng sighed and pulled out the chair next to Reno, “Alright” he said, starting off with writing down every letter combined on the cell phone buttons. A sly smile formed on his lips as he said, “Be a dear and fetch us some coffee.”

Reno wasn’t able to hide his annoyance, but pushed his chair back, and got up to go get the coffee. “I am not your goddamn secretary,” he mumbled.

“You could’ve fooled me with that ass,” Tseng mumbled to himself with a dirty grin, but Reno had left the room and didn’t hear the comment. Which maybe was a good thing, since Tseng actually thought it was in pretty bad taste; after all they were searching for Cloud.

When Reno returned Tseng looked puzzled. “I can’t make out the middle word yet,” he said and pointed to the paper, that now said;


“So you gotta agree with me that the first part said Reno and Raiden” Reno smirked, placing the steaming hot coffee in front of Tseng.

Tseng looked up at Reno and smiled cryptic, “Yes,” he said softly.

“Awesome!” Reno grinned and sat down next to Tseng again. “Wonder what he meant tho, he knows that Raiden is gone. How can Raiden and I hurry?”

“There is a full stop,” Tseng said, returning to trying to figure out the middle word. “Maybe its not Reno and Raiden, but more Reno! Raiden!, as in Raiden is with him, or he knows where he is.”


“Maybe we can run it through the computer, and it can spit out all possibilities for the middle word.” Tseng said, already grabbing his cup and getting to his feet.

Reno just nodded and followed Tseng’s example and went with him to their office.


An hour and about ten cups of coffee later, the computer had finally come to an end of the possible combinations for the word. Most was pure rubbish, and some directly funny. But one word stood out.


“Who the shit is Constantine?” Reno mumbled.

“I have no clue, wonder if he is the kidnapper or another victim we haven’t heard about yet,” Tseng said, writing down the full sentence.


Tseng sighed and leaned back in his chair, looking intently at Reno. “First of all, this person or persons seems to have targeted you, can you not think of some individual who might want revenge on you?”

“You’ve gotta be shitting me,” Reno growled, lighting a cigarette, “Did you somehow forget my job description?”

Tseng nodded slowly. “I see your point, but still this has to be someone resourceful, he, she or them, has to have inside information from Shinra.”

“Yeah,” Reno breathed heavily. “Well doesn’t that just narrow it down.” he added in a spiteful tone.

“Aren’t you just a ray of sunshine?” Tseng said flatly. “Reno, go home and sleep, and I will look into this Constantine issue.”

Reno shook his head “I can’t sleep anyway,” he got to his feet and walked towards the door. “Call me if you figure out something.”

“Where are you going?” Tseng asked in a worried tone.

“There’s someone I gotta meet,” Reno said with a big smile. “I got an idea, don’t worry” Reno winked and blew Tseng a kiss as he walked out the door.


Tifa’s tavern was empty tonight, he could have told himself that really, it was a stupid Thursday night, and just who had the time to have a hangover tomorrow? Tifa was there though, she didn’t frown as she saw him. She looked more worried than anything. “Don’t worry,” Reno said, “I haven’t heard anything, but I need to ask you something.”

“Ok, I guess,” Tifa said, putting down the glass she was wiping off with a towel. “I don’t know what I know that could be of any use though.”

“Do you know someone called Constantine?”

Tifa shook her head. “Nope, its not like people give me their names as they buy a beer.”

Reno sat down on a barstool, and looked directly at Tifa. “It’s pretty important.”

“I told you I don’t know, what more do you want?”

“Honestly?” Reno said with a stupid grin

“It was a rhetorical question,” Tifa said dryly.

Reno’s smile disappeared and he rested his chin in his hands, looking sweetly at Tifa, “I need to get a hold of Valentine.”

“I can call him,” Tifa said, not offering Reno more than that.

“Please do,” Reno said “and give me a beer while you’re at it.”

“You can buy one, if you behave,” Tifa said

“I’ll behave,” Reno promised, lighting another cigarette.

Tifa nodded and reached for her cell phone under the desk, pressing a number on speed dial, and waited, resting the phone between her cheek and shoulder, getting a beer for Reno. “Vincent,” she said, apparently not reaching him, but his voice message machine. “Reno is here, he wants to get a hold of you, and he says it’s important. I have his number here at the tavern.” She hung up, and looked at Reno. “There, that will be 2 gil, and your phone number.”

Reno burst out laughing, “Somehow I would never have imagined you asking for my number”

“Don’t think I don’t know people who’d pay good money for it,” she said in a low, threatening tone.

“Relax man,” Reno mumbled, all humour gone from his voice. He grabbed the pen Tifa held out to him, and scribbled down his number.


He had emptied that beer fast enough to end up in a record book, and as he was on his way back through the streets of Midgar in his crappy car, his cell phone ran. He could tell from the display it was Tseng. “Yup” he said in a frisky tone, as he picked up.

“Meet me back at my house, I have something you gotta see.”

“I already have one myself” Reno laughed. As he could almost hear Tseng clam up.

“Get your mind out of the gutter, would you?” Tseng sneered. “I downloaded something from the Shinra computer system, that you have to see, I think I know who Constantine is.”

“Really?” Reno said, sounding really excited. “So is he the guy we’re looking for?”

“Don’t know,” Tseng said. “Just get here.”

“Chill, man.. I am on my way,” Reno said and hung up, changing his driving direction, heading for Tseng’s house.

Pulling up outside Tseng’s house, he got an unwelcome flash of the last time he had been here. He shook his head and reminded himself that he had been confused and alone. This was nothing like that.

Tseng had seen him, and opened the door, welcoming him inside with a gesture of his hand. “I suggest you get yourself a drink first,” he said, closing the door behind Reno.

“I don’t need an invitation to rid your house of alcohol,” Reno grinned, walking straight to the kitchen, “So what did you find out?”

“Constantine,” Tseng said in a sombre voice. “He was a Shinra soldier”

Reno reached for the gin, and stopped for a second to think about what Tseng had said. “Like Nimrod, I take it?”

“Yes,” Tseng said. “Except that Nimrod is dead, but you knew that.”

“I did,” Reno said, “just as I know you have run out of lemon.”

“Screw the lemon, you need this drink straight up anyway,” Tseng said, stepping in front of Reno. “Nimrod was not revived, but put in a cryo tank, for later use, like a liver in formaldehyde.” Reno nodded, and sipped his drink, but did not interrupt Tseng. “Some time ago, Shinra scientists pulled Nimrod out, as they had found their use for him.”

“What would you wanna use that psycho for?”

“Spare parts.”

Reno paled, and downed his drink, “you mean…?”

“Yes, Raiden received Nimrods arm’s and some internal organs, and some skin grafts,” Tseng said. Pointing to the gin, urging Reno to grab another. “Except Raiden had a friend in surgery, so to speak. Your brother was not the only one to receive spare parts from Nimrod, Constantine, the unfortunate soldier who had been in a accident with a motor bike, received according to the Shinra top secret medical archives, Nimrods legs, some other organs and some skin too.”

“So they used all of Nimrod?” Reno said, resting against Tseng’s kitchen table. The glass a little unsteady in his hand, even if Reno wouldn’t admit to himself this unnerved him, greatly!. Tseng nodded, and Reno added “like puzzle pieces, Nimrod, became two.”

“Exactly” Tseng said. Finally pouring a drink for him self too. “You have to consider the possibility that you brother was somehow poisoned by this transplant. Maybe he was never kidnapped, Reno. Maybe he did this to himself.”

“Get real, Tseng!” Reno snorted, “Do you honestly want me to believe that Nimrod’s soul lives in his freaking organs?”

“Well he did say something along those lines himself, didn’t he?” Tseng said, taking a sip of his drink.

Reno nodded reluctantly.

“The question is now, why Cloud would send you a text message with both their names in it?”

Reno shook his head to get all these freaky thoughts out of his head. “This is just too far out Tseng, I refuse to believe that Nimrod’s limbs should have any form of intelligence.”

“But what if?” Tseng said in an almost whisper. “They disappeared from the facility the same day, only minutes apart, two people who had never met, but yet they left at the same time.”

“We need to get into Constantine’s apartment,” Reno said firmly.

“Yes,” Tseng said with a nod. “But if his place looks like Raiden’s, will you give my thesis a thought?”

“I promise” Reno said honestly.



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