All the kings horses and all the kings men.

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Author: azzy
warnings: squeamish, don’t read, seriously!
rating: M
WIP: 1/?
characters: Hunter & Sheppard.
AN: Whoho! first story post huh? ūüôā This is more like an introduction to the characters, and if you have any questions, either read the character bios, or ask. And with WIP I mean that I will be revisiting these characters and it is a longer story line.

*throws confetti*

// Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men,
Couldn’t put Humpty together again //

Here is a playlist for you, if you want a soundtrack.

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Walking up the stairs to his private chamber, Hunter was most of all just relieved to be back home. He had never thought that having somewhere to call your home, that did not float in the skies could grant such relief. As he climbed further he could hear chanting. Frowning he pulled off his hood and took the last steps in long strides.

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“What are you doing up here?” He asked harshly, staring at the blond man who was deep in prayer. “Sheppard!”

Confused Sheppard looked up, and smiled happily as he saw his master at the staircase. “Captain!” He said, “You’re back!” His lips smiled but his eyes scanned his master, trying to determine his mood, not sure if he should go and greet him, or seek cover.

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“Why are you up here?” Hunter asked once more, staring at the younger man, loving how a simple harsh word would have more effect than a whiplash.

“I was…” Sheppard eyed the offerings on the desk, “Praying for your safe return, captain.”

Hunter shook his head, “What have I told you?”

“That you don’t tolerate my foolishness under your roof, captain.” Sheppard answered, still not sure if it was safe for him to stand.

Hunter eyed the desk, that hated piece of furniture, decorated with food and flowers. It made even more a mockery out of him, than Sheppard would ever understand.

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“Come.” Hunter said with a little weak smile, gesturing to his feet, and Sheppard was not late, swiftly running to sit at his masters boots.

“Forgive me,” Sheppard said softly, “But you were three days late, captain.”

Hunter rose a brow. “You worried?”

“Yes captain.” Sheppard said, loud and clear.

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“Rise.” Hunter said, watching Sheppard as he got to his feet. “Don’t do it again, or you force me to discipline you.” He scratched his chin, “And you don’t want that.”

Sheppard looked down at the floorboards, with a tiny smile, not meant for Hunter to see, “No I do not want you do discipline me.” His master had to be in a good mood since he was letting him off with a mild warning like this. Not even as much as a slap or worse. “Thank you so much, captain. I will clean my mess up right away.” Sheppard turned to get the offerings, but Hunter grabbed his arm hard, holding him in place.

“It can wait.” Hunter said, stifling a yawn.

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If Hunter was tired, there was all the more reason to be extra careful around him, so he slipped effortlessly behind his master, running his hands up the thick fabric of Hunters cloak, he felt a sticky substance as he rested his hands on his masters shoulders. He knew this sticky substance well. “Are you hurt, captain?” Sheppard asked softly, firmly kneading the tense shoulders of his master.

Hunter closed his eyes under the blissful ministration. “No.” He just stated in a soft sigh.

“Then let me wash your clothes from blood.” Sheppard said, sliding his hands from his masters shoulders again.

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“You can retire for the night.” Hunter said, slowly opening his eyes.

Sheppard worried that something was seriously wrong with his master, “Allow me to draw you a bath first, captain.” He said with a merry voice, “M-maybe some food would do you good as well.” He knew it was risky, and that his master would most likely refuse both, but he honestly wanted to make Hunter feel at home and at ease, maybe he would fall asleep, and get some much needed hours of shut eye.

“Stop it.” Hunter mumbled, “Not even my mother fussed over me like this when I had the fever.”

“Your mother?” Sheppard asked softly, not remembering that Hunter had ever brought up his parents in all the long years he had been in Hunter’s servitude.

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“My mother.” Hunter whispered, “My mother” He said a little louder. “I killed her, murdered her in her own living room, that disease ridden little cunt.” He smiled to himself. “And I fucking loved every minute of her agony.” His voice trailed off into nothing, and he rose his head, smiling still. “My mother, she was something else. Now I think you could be right..” His smile reached his eyes in a very rare split second. “You can draw me a bath.”

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For a moment Sheppard was rooted to the spot. There was no doubt in his mind that Hunter was speaking the truth, he rarely lied, mostly just spoke in riddles as he did now. But he also knew his master well enough to know there was more to the story. “Please let me take your clothes for you captain.”

Hunter stared at Sheppard with emotionless eyes, “You are a dancer, not a housekeeper.” Hunter grabbed Sheppard’s wrist and turned his hand upside, gingerly touching the palm with his own rough calloused fingers, “We wouldn’t want anything to happen to your soft hands, now do we?”

Sheppard swallowed a lump of nervousness, this was one his his masters most hated tricks, trick questions. He could tell from the look in Hunters eyes, he had to get it right the first time if he didn’t want to find himself flying down the stairs, head first. “I only wanted to please you, captain.” He said softly with a little daring smile, “let me undress you, and leave the clothes for someone else to clean.”

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The bathroom had been one of the major reasons that Hunter had bought the house, while most people would use the public baths, Hunter was a terribly private person, oppose most of Mahatma.

Sometimes when he had slept, he would go out with Sheppard on his daily routine, and Sheppard would beam like a little sun, showing his master all the wonderful spots in Mahatma that he cherished himself.

But Hunter rarely slept, it had been over a month since he had last closed his eyes and the longer turns he took awake, the more unpredictable, cruel and hermit like he got. Sheppard knew that Hunter would pass out after roughly two months, but by then everyone including Sheppard was terrified of being in Hunter’s company.

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“Tell me the truth.” Hunter asked softly, and completely relaxed, eyes half open, soaking in the warm water.

“Yes Captain?” Sheppard who had been sitting on the edge of the bath rinsing out blood of his masters hair and scalp, slid into the water.

Hunter turned his head and gently caressed his slave. “Did you really worry about me?”

“I did, captain.” Sheppard answered. “I was afraid something had happened since you were delayed in your return.”

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Hunter frowned. “Do you love me Sheppard?” He asked casually.

“I love you, captain.” Sheppard whispered, kissing the wrist of the hand caressing him.

“So if I set you free today, you would stay by my side, as a free man?” Hunter asked, eyeing Sheppard closely.

“I would, captain.” Sheppard answered bluntly. Knowing his masters games. He moved up on his masters lap, wrapping his legs around Hunters waist. “It is Namma’s will that I am by your side, and there is nothing I want more than to feel you inside me, sharing your passion.” He whispered huskily. He kissed a trail up Hunter’s jaw, “Please my beloved master.”

Hunter closed his eyes, hating the way his body betrayed him. Sex was like food and sleep, things he would deny himself, not in religious penance, but in true self loathing, much more than anyone, even Sheppard would ever understand. His guard must have been down tonight, because a blissful ache hummed through his body, and so he allowed his slave to serve him.

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Even if Hunter just an hour ago had wanted to be left alone, he was in a much better mood now, and was happy to sit down and start a new game of chess. “Tell me of your day,” Hunter said, more a command than curiosity.

Sheppard looked at the fine crafted chess pieces. “I went to the market today.” He said with a smile, “There was a travelling group of artists, and I watched them till their show was over.”

“Why did you do that? You had chores.” Hunter asked, and this time he was honestly curious.

“Because..” Sheppard said with a little embarrassed smile, “They reminded me of the Harem dancers, the men would sometimes do acts like the one at the market today.” He placed his last chess piece, “It reminded me of home.”

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“Did you buy anything at the market?” Hunter asked, just as coldly as before.

“I bought a new perfume.” Sheppard said, “Lavender and rose, I think you will like it.” He watched closely as Hunter moved his first piece. “I was told by the salesman that it would fire up any man in my arms.”

Hunter smiled emotionless. “You don’t need those cheap synthetic pheromones to please me.” He briefly looked up at Sheppard that looked a little deflated by his rude comment. “And then?”

“Then I went to the airport to see if the Hornet might have docked, but it hadn’t.” Sheppard said, “But I was told that there would be a big parade tomorrow up by the botanical gardens,” He bit his lip like a little child, “Can I please go see it Captain?”

“No.” Hunter just stated.

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Sheppard nodded and concentrated on the chess pieces again. In the end he let his hand fall to his lap without moving a piece. “Captain?” He asked sadly, looking anywhere than on his master. “The child? Is she?..”

“What child?” Hunter asked blinking, yawning again.

Slowly lifting his gaze to meet Hunter’s, “You went on that mission to find a special child for that man, right? The one with the fat man with the eye patch.”

“Have you been eavesdropping?” Hunter asked calm and pointedly in the same time.

“Yes captain.” Sheppard admitted with a weak blush. “But.. The girl?”

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“She’s fine.” Hunter said looking directly at Sheppard. “She is still aboard the Hornet.” His voice faltered for a moment, “I made sure she’s safe.”

Sheppard looked at his master, seeing a shadow of pain as is crept across Hunter’s fair features. He had seen it so many times. Funny how someone who would throw himself into Genocide for the fuck of it, and the thrill of killing, would look so lost at the same time. Maybe Hunter did have an Achilles heel, the shadows that made him wake up screaming. “I’m glad to hear that.” Sheppard said with a loving smile.

“Don’t be.” Hunter said in a moments seriousness, “I should let those animals have their ways with her, and then kill her, she would be better off.”

Sheppard just stared at his master. Not understanding why Hunter would have agreed to the mission if he thought that rape and death by a handful of pirates was more lenient than what he was about to do.

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A small sadistic smile tugged in Hunters lips. “Tomorrow when you get up. you will go and collect the girl child from the Hornet, take her to the market, take her to see the parade, I don’t care. But if you loose her, I will sell you off as a eunuch, is that understood?”

Sheppard nodded, his lips a fine line of disapproval.

“At noon, you meet me back here, and I will take the girl child from there.” Hunter said, moving a chess piece without even looking down at the board.

“May I ask what will become of her?” Sheppard asked.

“You may.” Hunter said, “But if I tell you, you will wish you didn’t know, when you look into her big hopeful blue eyes tomorrow.”

Sheppard sighed, his master was right, after all the years together, his master knew him better than he cared to admit. He never wanted to know why he did what he did, he just did as he was told, and asked the Gods for forgiveness afterwards.

Hunter smiled knowingly. “Her price is too dear for him to sacrifice her, so relax.”

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Sheppard let out a breath he had been holding, that was at least some sort of good news.

“And then you can spend the afternoon as you please.” Hunter said, smiling a little as he saw his slave lit up in a grin. “I won’t be back till after dark.”

“Thank you so much, Captain!” Sheppard said squirming in his chair. Maybe he would be able to make it to the temple in time for the festival, he had not even dared ask Hunter if he could go, His master had nothing but scorn for the Gods, but Sheppard felt he owed them his life, and devotion.

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“Fuck!” Hunter cringed and rubbed his temples. “ow.”

“Headache?” Sheppard asked, forgetting the chess game, leaning forward to catch a glimpse of his masters gaze to see the amount of pain he was in. “Want me to fetch you something for it?”

Hunter nodded a little.

“Maybe some water and food would..” Sheppard said carefully.

“fine! just get me something for this damn pain!” Hunter growled. “And if you give me another sleeping draught, I will snap your neck, understood?”

“Yes.” Sheppard got up from the chair and sprinted downstairs towards the kitchen, holding on to his towel, because even he had some dignity.

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When he came back up the room was almost dark, and he couldn’t see Hunter. “Captain?” He called, “I am sorry it took so long, but I had to wake the cook.” He looked around, still not seeing anything. “Captain?”

A smile on his lips as he saw where his master was.

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Hunter slept like a child, looking so innocent. Sheppard stood and stared at the sleeping man, wondering what he was dreaming, Hunter was completely relaxed now. But he knew that would soon change, he would start to mumble in his dream, and in the end wake in a scream that would wake everyone in the house. He refused to tell what his dream was about. Sheppard wished he could do something, anything, to keep those night terrors from his master, but he had failed every single attempt.

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But for now he would sleep, and Sheppard would carry his food downstairs again, hoping that he would want to eat something in the morning instead. He also had to wake the house help to make her clean the robe, and get something to eat himself.

Tonight he wouldn’t get any rest, tonight he would stay in his masters chambers, making sure he would be there when he woke.



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