After my own heart 5/?

Okay! Part 5, which is actually the second half of part 4, confused much? Oh well, as some of the girls of the GoS chat know i spent frigging two days trying to find some ‘peasant/common’ clothes for teen boys, but i came up empty handed.. so i had to rewrite my plans for the next part a little, and not let the flashbacks go that far back. so I’m just gonna wing it *grins* – Grim & Swordfish are by radiationpoison. Also does anyone know why some accessories flash blue (my vampire teeth does that) and you gotta re-select them for them to work? like every time you boot the sim. This actually concludes the missing daughter part, so the next part will be called ‘Saving Boxer’

The missing daughter – Part 5

Sleep is my paradise and my hell
When i wake late in the afternoon
And feels the passing time as a pressure to the forehead
Will i never wear the sun again?

Who turned these dreams on?
And what turned them off?

– M. Strunge

“This is a fucking safe house!” Greta yelled, “And if my dad was so damn worried, why the hell didn’t he come for me himself?”

“I don’t know” Caleb answered honest, looking over at Jeremiah “Don’t you think its about time you send that boyfriend of yours home?” he said, looking back at Greta.

“Jeremiah is going nowhere!” Greta cried.

“So he’s gonna stay here after we leave? i don’t think so” Caleb chuckled amused. Actually he was glad that Greta was just a girl, if everything fails he would have to grab her and go, but he could see what Alastor had meant when he had said that Caleb had not wanted to see Lady Zarah angry, not if she was half the banshee that Greta was. Lady Zarah would have to be terrifying in her anger.

“I am not going anywhere either, get that through your head” Greta said more collected than before. “Jeremiah and I are staying here until tomorrow, not you or my dad can change that!”

“What about those hunters downstairs?” Caleb asked with a sneer, “Remember, you fucked over the spell”

Jeremiah looked mostly like he was about to faint, but both Caleb and Greta ignored him. “You’re bluffing” Greta said, but her voice sounded less angry, and more uncertain than before.

“Don’t tell me you can’t hear them” Caleb snarled, “And i tell you right now, we don’t stand a chance against it, we will have to sneak out past them while they are occupied with looting downstairs” 

“But..” Greta looked over her shoulder at Jeremiah, but then turned to Caleb again.

“What the fuck would hunters be doing here? its not like we advertised our precense” Greta said, shrugging.

“I don’t know Greta” Caleb sighed, “But i know that they are down there, and in a moment it looks really bleak for you and me”

“Can’t you like turn into mist or something?” Greta couldn’t resist a little smile.

Caleb shook his head, “You shouldn’t believe all you read” a slight smile crossed his lips as he added “I could eat crosses and garlic with holy water for breakfast too” Greta opened her mouth to speak but Caleb shook his head and sighed again, “And no, i can’t do that bat thing either” He joked it off, but in fact the reason that he never learned how to turn into mist or a bat, a wolf or a cat, was that his master had died when he was still learning, and he had never picked up on his schooling again, it was not for the lack of a tutor. As soon as Hiram had taken over the coven then he had hired the best of tutors for himself and Caleb. What Hiram had learned, Caleb didn’t know.  All Caleb had gotten was a weekly snog, not that he minded, since he was the one who had started it, it just seemed so much more fun than studying like thousand year old books.

“What about a gun?” Greta asked, “Don’t you have a gun or something?”

Caleb crossed his arms and shook his head, “Nope”

“A sword?”


“A dagger?”


“Acid in a flask?”


“A nail file?”

“Nope” Caleb frowned, “I just came to pick you up, not to kill you, i was not aware that i needed weaponry to pick up a girl”

“Fuck you” Greta sighed, but her anger was gone, and left only a worried expression.

“You goo upstairs, and i will wait down here” Swordfish said.

Grim turned and looked at Swordfish, “Fuck no” He shook his head, “I have no way of knowing what the hell is upstairs, could be anything form nothing to seven werewolves”

Swordfish shrugged, “Still, i am sure you can outrun those bastards”

“Are you crazy?” Grim turned to look directly at Swordfish, “You are not even mildly amusing, man”

“I don’t get paid to be funny” Swordfish said drily. “Now get your ass upstairs”

“Nuh-uh” Grim stated, folding his arms over his chest. “Not in a million fucking years”

“Tinkerbell gave me the mission, Grim. You are here to assist me, and so you ‘are’ going to do as i tell you” Swordfish snarled, stepping closer to the blond man in front of him.

When he was so close he could touch Grim on his shoulder, the blond spun around and looked directly on him. Grim backed up, frowning, like a cornered cat. “I am not afraid of you, and i have just about had it with your accusations”

“This mission might be yours” Grim continued, narrowing his eyes, staring at the dark elf in front of him. “But you know better than to let any personal shit obstruct a hunt” Swordfish just stared at him, and he continued. “So if you have anything to fucking say to me, then say it now, or save it till we are back with the others and this mission is over”

Swordfish’s lips narrowed to a fine line. “You. Upstairs. Now”

“Are you fucking listening to me at all?” Grim suddenly roared.

“No” Swordfish just said flatly.

Grim took a deep breath, “Cutter is my friend too, you know” he said, calmer than before, but the coldness with which the words was delivered had not faded.

“Yet you had no trouble in sending him in somewhere that almost cost his existence, how is that different from what i am doing now?” Swordfish said acidly.


“Exactly” Swordfish stated, “Now get your ass upstairs”

“Greta” Caleb sighed, listening to the girls arguing, watching the boy behind her grow paler. “We need to go, now!”

“Chill” Greta huffed.

“Chill? Do you have any idea what hunters do?” Caleb asked with his best overbearing schoolteacher voice. “They do exactly what you think they do, they hunt. They hunt people like you and me, okay? And honestly Greta, i am not sure your dad is going to pay me if either of us turn up dead”

After a long moment of silence Greta hung her hand and nodded, “Look Starling, you have a plan right?”

A smirk formed on Caleb’s lips as he heard fear in her voice, he wanted her afraid, she should be afraid. “Actually, no” he stated with a shrug.

Suddenly the boy named Jeremiah found his voice, “What, what the fuck is going on?” he squeaked.

Caleb smiled sadistic, “Let me tell you boy” He said with a seductive whisper. “Your girlfriend is not your average girl, she is just as real as i am, and we are what nightmares are made of” Seeing the horrorfied boy Caleb laughed softly “Aren’t you glad you came along on Greta’s little outing?”

“Stop it Starling” Greta said, her tone more broken than anything. “You don’t have to scare him, lets just get out of here”

“Thank you!” Caleb sighed happily, “Now we have to sneak past them downstairs, i saw a back-door, but there is still only one set of stairs down, so you better keep your heads down and be real still”

“What if..” Greta started, but Caleb cut her off. “we wont, and if so, we just have to make a run for it, none of us are a match for a hunter”

Greta nodded softly, and so did Jeremiah as Caleb looked over at him.

“I’m sorry..” Greta whispered.

“You can be sorry all you want when we are out of here” Caleb said, grabbing Greta’s wrist, gently dragging the girl along. Honestly then he couldn’t give less about the boy, but he would prefer to get all of them out of there. Should they fail, it was better they caught the boy then Greta or himself.

“Just because i fucked up once, don’t give you the right to act like my damn superior, Swordfish!” Grim hissed, pushing Swordfish out of his personal space.

“Maybe it doesn’t, but screwing the bosslady, does. so tough tits Grim, you are going up there, and if i have to discuss this with you much longer, i will fucking toss you there myself” Swordfish growled, slamming his fist down into the kitchendesk.

Grim sighed as he realised that Swordfish was right. “Okay” He finally said with a barely audible voice, “But if i snuff it, i will haunt your ass”

Right before Grim turned around the corner from the kitchen to the stairs, Caleb made a run for it, dragging Greta along with him into the windowless room with the coffin, clearly once made for vampires. Why a vampire room would exist in a fairy house he didn’t know, and he didn’t have time to ponder over it either. he just kicked up the back door and hauled Greta out into the cool night air.

“wait.. wait” She whined. “Jere…”

“Hush!” Caleb hissed, “He will be fine, its not him they are out to get, now lets get you home” And even if Greta struggled, Caleb tightened his grip and dragged the struggling girl with him down the street towards her home.

“A boy” Grim stated with disappointment. “dammit” He walked up the stairs with his gun out, but found nothing but an empty upstairs. “There is nothing here” He yelled down to Swordfish who had secured the boy.

Swordfish looked at the boy, “Maybe he can be useful none the less” he said.

“For what man?” Grim asked, “The target got away, and we caught ourselves a mortal, i really can’t see how that is a good thing”

“I didn’t say it was good” Swordfish said deviously, “What i am saying is that; maybe its not totally useless to us”

Grim just sighed “Whatever”

“come on boy, lets go talk to Tinkerbell” Swordfish whispered before he pushed Jeremiah out the door.



Outtakes: I originally had planned a ‘Caleb’s fear of coffins’ scene, but scrapped it, decided to do that theme some other time. But i liked the pictures, so i thought i would show you anyway.





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