After my own heart 4/?

Fourth part of this chapter, and since this was such a huge chapter I bit it off into two chapters, so we leave with a huge cliffie, be warned 😛 This part ‘the missing daughter’ will be of six parts. But the characters will return later. Also the Swordfish sim and the Grim sim belongs to radiationpoison, I am just perverting them. I can hardly make them more gay than they were tho, but I can always try. xD (Yes, Swordfish is my homage to UGH)  Greta is, if anyone wonder, the generic daughter of Zarah (Who is the same sim as Remember of MiM) and Alastor ( tribillio’s Squall sim) They make quite the pretty children apparently! – Cookies to the one that get the Torq reference.

The missing daughter – part 4

It’s so sad
These years that went
We were young for real
It is so sad, oh.
That time will never come back
Even if I turn back the hands on my clock
Only the night can fool me to believe
That there are no difference
But in my inner darkness
The pictures have lost their colour

– M. Strunge

Jeremiah was bored! running away had seemed adventurous and romantic, but now it had somewhat lost some of its charm. Laying in a dirty bed, in some house he had never dreamed would exist, and that quite frankly freaked him out. Was not his idea of fun times! He had had a dream about stealing a cool convertible and driving off to another city, or maybe even another country! But Greta had insisted that they needed to lay low for a while, and that this was the safest place they could be. Jeremiah didn’t feel safe, and he didn’t understand why they couldn’t lay low in Eclipse, or Tondrah, or any of the other major cities to the south. But here he was, still stuck in Torq, bored out of his skull. Maybe they should just forget about it, and he could go home, at least he would get some decent food. After being grounded for the next decade of course.

Greta rummaged through the cabinets for something to eat, she was fed up with Jerry whining like a little kid, he was bored, he was hungry, he was bored again. Like she could call and complaint that this halfway house didn’t have cable! Not that she had bothered telling him what this was. She had slipped in and changed a sign in the warding circle that would let Jeremiah enter,  after all they were there to ward off humans. And some of them like this one was there to ward off true evil as well, means that her dad could not enter, and neither could that atrocious Lord Bune! Greta smiled to herself. She was sure she had read the ward sign right, and made sure that the sign was back in place when Jerry had come inside and was upstairs. she had drawn it perfectly! They were safe here! This place was one big work of magic, and she wasn’t really sure what Jerry saw and didn’t see, but he had asked her if it was a old squat, she had just said yes for his piece of mind.

She failed at finding any suitable food, the milk was bad, like half a year old. and so she left the frost flakes she found on the table too, this properly meant she would have to do groceries, since Jerry couldn’t leave. She walked upstairs and opened the door to their room with a smile. “Sorry, there is nothing edible left”

“Damn” Jeremiah whined. “A man needs sustenance”

Greta shook her head,”Call me when you see one” she said acidly but smiled.

“Greta” Jeremiah said, looking very serious for a moment. “Maybe we should just blow the whole thing off, you know.. go home?”

“Never!” Greta hissed, she had not told him about Bune, how could she? Jeremiah was a normal kid, he would never ever understand. And how she wished that she was a normal kid too, she never asked for great pedigree or lords from hell. She just wanted to act like a normal teenager, and if running off, marrying Jeremiah, would make her father understand she was serious, then she would do it.

“Don’t be so pissy faced” Jeremiah said, standing from the bed, wrapping his arms around Greta. “I just want to get out of Torq really, can we leave soon, please?”

“Tomorrow” Greta whispered against his lips, “Then we will look at that ‘convertible’ idea you had, how does that sound?”

“Great” Jeremiah sighed happily. “so what are the plans for tonight?”

“Well..” Greta whispered, pulling from Jeremiah’s arms, “We are all alone here, so..”

Greta suddenly felt her skin crawl, not like when you had a fever and the hair stood on our arms, “Something is wrong” She whispered.

“With what?” Jeremiah asked, “Greta?”

“Its nothing” Greta mumbled, but her eyes flickered in the afternoon sun, something had happened, a change of energy in this place, it could only mean that someone had stepped on the seal downstairs. “I just thought I heard something”

“It’s properly just a cat or something” Jeremiah said, thinking that Greta looked spooked, and needed some reassurance.

“Its an old house, maybe its just the house?” he said with a little smile.

“Yeah” Greta said with a little smile. But she couldn’t really shake the feeling, there was definitely someone here!

“Greta” Jeremiah said with a seductive drawl, “We’re all alone, remember?”

Greta turned around and looked at her boyfriend and smiled, “I remember” she snickered. The strangle tingle eventually went away, Greta figured it would have to have been a cat or a dog or something that had disturbed the seal. Whatever it had been had gone away.

Only it had not been a dog! Greta did not know that when she changed the seal, she lacked the magical power and knowledge to draw the sign back, the circle looked perfectly right, but the magic was broken. Much to the two shadows outside the house’s fortune.

“So?” Grim asked, “What did you find out?”

“The seal is broken” Swordfish said, “You can enter”

Grim shook his head, “I can’t believe she is really that stupid” he stated.

“Unlike who, you?” Swordfish spat back, he still haven’t forgiven Grim for the explosion that had caused their third party, Cutter, such severe damage that he was now forced to rest until fixed.

“Don’t bring that shit up now, man” Grim sneered. “We’re here on a mission, we’re getting paid for it, and we will see it through, okay?”

“Spoken by a true FUCKING IDIOT!” Swordfish hissed.

“If you would rather do this alone, be my guest!” Grim spat back, making sure not to raise his voice and alert the people inside the house.

Swordfish sighed, and then shook his head. “You’re still an idiot, tho”

“Chill with the accusations, okay? we need to get this done, no more and no less, so get with the program and stop whining like a girl!” Grim said, his voice low and dangerous.

“Someone’s here” Swordfish suddenly said.

“What?” Grim gasped, “There was only supposed to be those two”

“Hide!” Swordfish pushed Grim around the corner, away from prying eyes.

This was the last place on Caleb’s list. and he hoped Greta was here, cause if she weren’t he was back to square one, actually further back than that! The only thing with this place was that it used to be a fay halfway house, and thus not allowing anything evil to enter, not like the neutral halfway houses, or the ones that warded off the good and righteous. He just hoped that he would not be electrocuted when he stepped inside, those warding spells could be most painful.

He would have wanted for Trey to be here, to go first and check out if this was indeed still a fay house, but he had gotten in a huge fight with Trey yesterday. Trey had tossed the extra keys in his face and stomped off. Maybe he really should stop seeing Trey all together? they seemed to fight more than they had fun, and it had been about fun, right?

Love always complicated things, and every fibre in Caleb told him to just let Trey go before he hurt him bad. apparently this was no longer fun and games to the wood nymph. But then again, maybe Trey had done this by himself last night, Caleb had never seen him that upset, and wasn’t sure that he would ever return. as much as he hated to admit it, it did make him a little sad, he had really liked that bugger.

Taking a deep breath he opened the door, expecting pain, but nothing happened. blinking surprised, he stepped inside the house. Something was off here! he looked on the kitchen desk, seeing old food, so someone was here. but was it Greta?

He walked upstairs seeing a blond girl who had had seen many a photo of, storm out of a room. “Greta?” He said with a smile.

“Who the fuck are you?” Greta asked.

“I’m Starling” he said politely, ignoring the girl’s insult. “Your parents hired me to retrieve you, and I am afraid your little adventure is over now”

“Like hell it is!” Greta spat.

“I am not going back there! I am not going to marry that old idiot, you run tell them that Starling” Greta snarled.

“What? marry who?” Jeremiah asked, but no one answered him.

“As much as I understand you don’t want to marry your fiancée, then my job is to bring you back, not to have an interest in why you left” Caleb said calmly.

“Wait! Fiancée?” Jeremiah gasped.

“Never in a million fucking years!” Greta yelled, “Jeremiah and I are getting a car and riding the fuck out of this damn city”

“No you are not, Greta” Caleb said, but was interrupted as the door squeaked downstairs. “You meddled with the warding spell to let in that boy, didn’t you?” he pointed at Greta.

“So? I drew it back perfectly once he was in” Greta said.

“No you didn’t you ruined the magic and the seal no longer works!” Caleb yelled. “You stupid, stupid girl! instead of hiding, you put all of us in great danger!”

“Da-danger?” Jeremiah whispered. looking at Starling.

“Yes danger, boy!” Caleb stated, staring at Greta.



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