After my own heart 23/?

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AN: woot! colour me productive!

Sing a song of Sixpence – part six

To love you is all I want
To see you for what you really are
And know that we don’t end here.

To make love with you is all I want
See you as you really are
And know that we won’t end here.


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Fendrel leaned backwards, watching the dark sea. “Y’know, Edward told me to the funniest thing before I left, he told me to ease your misery, to go and push you down in the sand and fuck you senseless.” Fendrel laughed amused, “Why the hell would he say something like that?”

Jean-Baptiste just stared at the other shapeshifter, the young boy who was born after the clans had merged, and had earned himself a place at Edward’s right side, when his second shape turned out to be a magnificent silver coloured cougar. “I wouldn’t know.” he lied.

“I know I left when Kaya was just ready to try for another pup.” Fendrel shrugged, “It’s not like there won’t be another chance. Besides I’m not sure I’m as hot on the whole more kids idea as she is” he clucked, as were it some intern man joke, realising too late that it was lost on Jean-Baptiste.  

“Maybe he just care?” Jean-Baptiste said, knowing it was weak at best. “He knows that you miss your mate, and left just when.. yeah.. And he knows what that is like..” he felt his cheeks burn at the admission “It affects the male too right?”

“Shit, yeah! But not when she’s not around.” Fendrel said casually. “I just worry about her, that’s all.”

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Jean-Baptiste shrugged, “For what it’s worth, I hope we return home soon.” this place held too many memories, of when the pack was ruled by a curious scholar, and not by brute force. Happier times.

Fendrel turned and looked at Jean-Baptiste, “How come you never took a mate?”

Jean-Baptiste scratched his hair squirming a little. “I can’t. I’m not permitted. It’s not that I didn’t want to.”

Fendrel frowned, “Because of your bloodline?”

Jean-Baptiste nodded weakly. “If I sired a pup..” He took a deep breath, “it’s one of the signs of Ghenna.”

“Still.. That’s just cruel.” Fendrel huffed, he turned his head and stared at the black haired man, “So a sterile female, or..” He smiled disarming.

Jean-Baptiste laughed a little bitter laugh. “There is no mate to be found for someone like me.” he said, looking away from Fendrel. “I am content with friends, and the time I spend with Benji.”

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“Liar.” Fendrel chuckled. He turned and looked at Jean-Baptiste intensely, inhaling deeply, tasting the air. “You sure smell good.” He whispered, blinking confuses as to how his friend could smell like that, and why he hadn’t noticed earlier. “Real good, like on the peek of your cycle.” Fendrel crawled slowly closer on hand and knees, and a deep appreciative growl rumbled all the way from his stomach.

Which made Jean-Baptiste suck in his breath sharply. feeling his body react to the low key throaty noises that came from Fendrel as he advanced. Breathless Jean-Baptiste let his head fall back, offering his neck to Fendrel, whom just smiled predatory, and crawled close, reaching out to run a hand over Jean-Baptiste’s soft skin on his neck and chest.To both of their surprise Jean-Baptiste purred, arching into the electrifying touch, just wanting more of it. Fendrel leaned in and gently bit the smaller man’s neck, a playful little lovebite that didn’t leave a mark after his tiny sharp canines. Just as a signal of his intentions, body language that was given to them through genes.

“I’m not a bitch.” Jean-Baptiste whimpered as Fendrel licked his way up to his ear, leaving a warm trail. Torn between the last shreds of logic he had, and what his body wanted, lit up with sweet electricity.

“I know.” Fendrel mumbled, starting to unbutton Jean-Baptiste’s shirt with nimble fingers. “You’re my friend.”

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Jean-Baptiste didn’t need more convincing, and leaned in to engage in a feral kiss, drawing blood from his lip. his body sang with hormones, and all he wanted was to be freed of the tension that build. Suddenly Fendrel pulled back, panting. “What was that?”

“What?” Jean-Baptiste whispered back.

“I heard something.” Fendrel whispered breathing heavily still, “I’m sure I heard something.”

Jean-Baptiste took a deep shuddering breath, “Go investigate.” He stared down at his hands in his lap, shaking. “I need a moment.”

“I’m sorry.” Fendrel said with a little lopsided smile, getting to his feet, to run up the slope.

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“JEAN!” Fendrel suddenly yelled, “THERE, AT THE HOUSE! GET HIM!”

Jean-Baptiste got to his feet so fast he slipped in the sand and fell, getting up again, she sprinted towards the shadow Fendrel had made him aware of.

Suddenly another dark figure sprinted across the beach, Fendrel in hot pursuit. What vampires had gained in immortality, they had given up in physical strength, and it was not a problem for Fendrel to catch Caleb, slamming the small vampire against the sand hard. “Oh my lord is gonna love me now.” Fendrel laughed panting.

“I’m sure he will.” Caleb answered acidly, spitting sand. “Maybe you’ll even get a motherfucking medal.”

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Fendrel pulled Caleb to his feet and pulled him towards the house, smiling as he saw Jean-Baptiste had caught the other. “I’m sure you can have some of the deer now.” He said with a smile.

Jean-Baptiste smiled back. relieved that he had caught the intruder. but still shaken over his own sudden wanton display just moments ago. What the hell was that? Could Edward be right? did being a halfbreed confuse his hormones?

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“This suck.” Caleb whispered hoarsely. “And the blindfold stinks.”

“You better leave it on.” Cain said from the other end of the bench. “It’s a customs thing, and we don’t want to piss them more off than we already did.”

“Always the diplomat, huh?” Caleb sighed.

“Look,” Cain said nervously fiddling his sleeve, “For what its worth, I’m sorry my plan failed.”

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“It was a crap plan to begin with.” Caleb chuckled.

“But you..”

“I know.” Caleb said seriously, “My plan was worse.” He ran a hand through his hair lazy, “Look on the bright side, we’re still breathing, so there’s always a chance we’ll get out of here.”  

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“Always the optimist.” Cain groaned, “Nah strike that, always the opportunist, isn’t that right?”

“Don’t be so depressing, Cain.” Caleb said tiredly, “If there is one thing my life taught me, then it was to think on my feet, I’ll get us out of here, with the prize, you’ll see.”

“And here I was thinking you thought best on your hands and knees.” Cain stated dryly.

“That was completely uncalled for.” Caleb huffed offended.

Cain Just shook his head, and stared into the darkness of his blindfold.

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“You know, this would actually be kinda kinky if you weren’t such a bore.” Caleb snickered.

“You have got to be shitting me!” Cain exclaimed offended.

“Not at all.” Caleb said with a little smile that no one could see. “It just always turned me on to be blindfolded.”

“You’re mad. completely bonkers.” Cain said but couldn’t help but laugh a little.

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“Hey man, maybe I’m dead in an hour, and all I ask for is a blindfolded blowjob, who can blame me?”

“Presumptuous, aren’t we?” Cain said, “you my friend, aren’t getting as much as a handjob.” Cain laughed as he could hear Caleb pout and sigh, suddenly realising what it was Caleb tried to do. joking it all Cain’s fears, and properly his own as well, away. “I love you.”Cain suddenly whispered.

“And you won’t even give me a handjob? that’s cold shit.” Caleb muttered.

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The door opened and Jean-Baptiste stepped inside, looking at the two vampires, he had never met vampires before, so for the longest time he just stood there and stared at them. He licked his lips that still tasted of the blood he had been allowed to get from the deer. “Welcome.” He finally said with a voice clear and light as crystal. “I’m Jean.”

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Cain got up from his seat and carefully walked over to the other end of the room, bumping into the wall. “Can I remove my blindfold, please?” Cain asked.

“No! not yet I’m afraid.” Jean-Baptiste said. He had screwed up enough this last day to last him a month. He was not about to let them do anything before Edward told him it was alright.

“What do you want?” Caleb asked from his place on the bench.

“Your names.” Jean-Baptiste admitted, “I was sent to ask for your names.”

“We’re civilized beings, Jean. Tell your master we will talk if we get these vile things off, and get to sit at a table as guests instead of prisoners.”

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Jean-Baptiste was torn, he wanted nothing more than to speak with them, to find out what they were like. he wanted to know if it was perhaps his mothers blood that made him a freak in the clan. But he was afraid to anger Edward more than he already did. And for all Jean-Baptiste knew, they could be dangerous. “I will ask.” He said politely, “And return shortly.”

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He returned with Fendrel and removed the blindfolds, guiding them up into to the old living room of the house, from the cellar. Jean-Baptiste cleared his throat, “I am afraid we don’t have any sort of sustenance for you, but should you stay longer, this will of course be taken care of.”

Fendrel nodded in agreement.

“As I said, I am Jean, and this is Fendrel.” He pointed to Fendrel, “We are both close to Lord Edward, and you can talk to us without him present.”

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Caleb and Cain looked up at Jean-Baptiste with his soft, meek voice. Caleb thought he sounded terribly subdued for some reason, and then there was something off with this guy, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. “I am Asha.” Caleb said, “And this is Neven.” Cain opened his mouth to speak, but Caleb kicked him under the table, to stay silent. “We are not from around here, and we are very sorry if we intruded on something, we were looking for shelter from the upcoming dawn. Nothing more.”

Jean-Baptiste and Fendrel looked at each other, not sure if they should buy that story.

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“You are lucky we didn’t kill you.” Jean-Baptiste said still with his unbearably soft voice.  “Kindred has not trespassed on our territory for more than one hundred and twenty years. Thus was the arrangement between Lord Anittas and Lord Titus.”

Caleb fought the urge to roll his eyes, but making a mental note of his sire’s name which no one had ever told him, funny how he would learn that from the oddly hermaphrodite like person infront of him, and he realised that was what was off with Jean, he couldn’t quite tell if he was really male or female. given he had the body of a man, so he had to be predominantly male, but still, he had the voice and the body language of a woman.

“If you were looking for your brethren in Ravenscove Hotel, you are sorely lost.” Jean-Baptiste said.

“It’s two days walk east.” Fendrel cut in, “If they are smart little vampires they can make it.”

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“Again, we apologize for intruding on your hunting grounds, but our mishap was due to ignorance, not malice. We must have not watched the stars closely enough.” Cain said.

“Why were you trying to get to Ravenscove Hotel? I thought you guys stuck to their coven like a shitstain on a new shirt.” Fendrel asked with a cruel little smile.

Cain had to think fast, and with a demure blush he reached for Caleb’s hand, and looked lovingly at the other vampire. “My mate and I was on our way to visit the council, and had to travel through here, thinking we could seek shelter at the coven here before we travelled on.”

Caleb fought to keep his pokerface, and in the end, smiled lovingly back at Cain, he would have his ass for this later, springing something like that. “It’s true, we wanted to obtain permission, for the two of us to become three.” Gods he was gonna choke the life out of Cain!

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Jean-Baptiste looked at Fendrel, “I say we send them back in the basement and return to Lord Edward with what we learned.”

Fendrel nodded. “You stay, I will be right back.” He got up and gestured for Caleb and Cain to follow.

Halfway out of the room, Caleb asked sweetly, “Could we perhaps keep one of the blindfolds?” and smiled.

Fendrel laughed merrily and nodded, “Sure thing, Asha.”

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When Fendrel came back up, Jean-Baptiste still sat on his chair. Fendrel sat down and looked at the other man for a moment. Jean-Baptiste’s voice was nothing but a whisper as he broke the silence. “I am sorry for that out on the beach. I should have left.”

You’re sorry?” Fendrel asked surprised. “If there is anyone that has anything to apologize for, its me.”

“I wasn’t trying to seduce you, I.. I don’t know what that was.” Jean-Baptiste admitted.

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“I can tell you what it is, but not why.” Fendrel said worried. “You are in heat, I can smell it in the air. I can still taste it in my mouth from licking your skin.”


“I don’t know why either. But I am your friend Jean, and if I can help you, I will.” He smiled sweetly.

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“I don’t need pity,” Jean-Baptiste mumbled. “I just don’t understand why it has never happened before. Why now? Why at the age of seventy?” He took a deep breath, not able to look up at Fendrel. “I wish my father was alive, he would know.”

“He would?” Fendrel asked softly.

“If he didn’t he would not have stopped for nothing until he found out.” Jean-Baptiste smiled weary, “I was his pet project like that.”

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Fendrel placed a warm hand on Jean-Baptiste’s thigh. “Maybe I can take a look in your fathers old books when we return?”

Jean-Baptiste sat completely still, not answering until he whispered, “Please don’t touch me.” Fendrel just stared at the other man, not removing his hand, rather he squeezed it lightly. “I don’t want to embarrass you like that again.” Jean-Baptiste said barely audible.

“You didn’t embarrass me.” Fendrel said softly.

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“I am not the object of your desire, I know that. It’s just chemistry fooling you.” Jean-Baptiste said, finally gathering his courage and looked up at Fendrel.

“Do you really want me to remove my hand?” Fendrel asked.

Jean-Baptiste stared at Fendrel with disbelief, but saw no deception in the eyes of the other. “No.”



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