After my own heart 21/?

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AN; some serious bad p0rn dialogue, and a M+ rated chapter. I stole some White Wolf stuff, and added some made up stuff, you know the drill.

Sing a song of Sixpence – part four.

Something pushed me tonight.
I fell in a darkness, cold and wet.
And wings cannot catch.

No, I don’t want to die.
I just want to be unborn.

– M. Strunge.

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Caleb had been pacing his room back and forth in anger for the longest time, his breath rapid, and his strides long. Balthazar, his childhoods saviour, the only one he ever felt he could depend on in this world of madness, had refused to see him. He had flat out refused! Caleb’s mind raced trying to find the reason to this sudden rejection. And most of all he was angry with himself over believing Hiram when he had said that Balthazar had missed him, Hiram knew too well what Balthazar meant to him.

When a key rustled in the door, Caleb stopped pacing, and sat down on the vanity table, hyperventilating with penned up frustration. “Cain!” He barked, but to his surprise it was not Cain who opened the door. “Moon.” He sighed, “What are you doing here?”

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Moon smiled motherly, if that mother was a cold-blooded reptile. “Cain has been relieved of his duty here, he was needed elsewhere.”

“Please.” Caleb rolled his eyes annoyed. Which only fuelled his anger even more, “Was his penalty done?” He asked casually.

“I’m afraid I cannot discuss this with you, my lord.” Moon said politely

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“Yeah, why would you?” Caleb sulked, “Question is; how the hell did you end up as my babysitter? You who were always the ambitious little bitch.”

“Takes one to know one, my lord.” Moon said softly.

Caleb didn’t even look up at Moon, but just muttered “How did it work out for you then? Kissing my brothers ass for so long that your taste buds must be worn off.”

“It would properly be better if we didn’t have to hide down here, like animals.” Moon stated dryly.

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“Why does Balthazar still live up there?” Caleb asked, “Surely you can answer me that. Since he won’t see me, so I can’t ask him.”

Moon shrugged, “That old gieser is batshit, I don’t know why he does any of the crazy things he does, but Lord Aries seems to just indulge him in his madness.”

“Why won’t he see me?” Caleb mumbled sadly.

“Can’t say.” Moon said with an indifferent tone, smiling at Caleb’s saddened expression.

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Caleb slid off the vanity and down unto the stone floor with an unceremonious thud as his knees hit the hard surface. “I want to see my brother.” He said, staring at the cracks in the floor.

“I am sorry my lord, I can’t just..”

Caleb turned his head, and stared at Moon who had knelled next to him “I want to see Lord Aries, NOW you fucking bastard!”

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Moon had closed the door from the outside and let Caleb inside. He walked with determined strides to where Hiram was laying. “Why won’t Balthazar see me?” He asked angrily, “What the fuck did you tell him? huh?” 

Hiram sighed deeply. “The truth?”

“Yes goddammit!” Caleb growled.

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Hiram sat up, and stood as Caleb sat. “The truth is that I told him you died years ago. Besides, I don’t think that any good would come of it. Dear Balthazar is over 100 years old, but for reasons I don’t know, he just goes on living.” He turned his head and glanced over his shoulder at Caleb. “He refuses to stay here.” He said, “I tried to force him, but when I found him in Masters bed, I just..” He turned his head again, “Let him stay there, he seemed content with being alone, with the ghost of Master.”

“So you do have a heart after all?” Caleb stated flatly.

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“Ofcourse I do.” Hiram sneered, “Besides, if Master is not dead, and should he return, Balthazar would be the first to know.”

Caleb paled, “You think he might be waiting for Master?”

“It’s either that, or someone is slipping him some vampiric blood to give him unnatural long life.” Hiram said, tossing his arms up in the air. “I simply don’t understand why he won’t die! its as simple as that.”

“Don’t you think you sound a little paranoid?” Caleb snickered.

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“Actually no.” Hiram said, sitting down next to Caleb, “For the last 10 to 15 years, he have done nothing but quote the holy scripture, looking for signs of the Ghenna.”

“You’re right, he’s mad.” Caleb said, shrugging.

“But what if he’s not? What if he sees signs that we do not?”

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“If you believe in the Ghenna, then you are more crazy than I gave you credit for.” Caleb said, looking worried at his brother.

“Oh really?” Hiram said, his voice dropped to a whisper, “Just stop me when you think I’m crazy, children shall kill their masters, kindred shall withdraw from the surface …”

“And brother shall kill brother.” Caleb added lamely.

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Hiram didn’t answer, he just nodded vaguely, looking tormented.

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“So I was right then, you really are sending me to my death?” Caleb said meekly. “Tell me brother, how is your karma feeling these days?”

“NO!” Hiram bellowed, “No! It’s not like that!”

“Really?” Caleb muttered. “Then what? I am your most trusted peon, and hence none but me can carry out this dangerous task?” he said in a sarcastic tone.

“No..” Hiram said with a low growl, “Thing is, that you dear brother, like a cat is gifted with what seems like nine lives, and if anyone can get away with this mission, then its you.” Hiram smiled, “I don’t know if anyone else who cheated death as many times as you.”

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Caleb took a deep breath, “Hiram, look me in my eyes, and tell me you are expecting me to return to you.”

Hiram looked up in Caleb’s eyes, “I am expecting you to return to me.”

“Liar.” Caleb said with a smile, “You expect the lycans to do your dirty work, and not even know it.”

“Look who’s paranoid now.” Hiram scowled.

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Cain had not even realised someone was in his room before he felt the bed shift by the weight by another, at first he feigned sleep trying to figure out if he could reach for his gun before the intruder went for his neck. But when he instead of cold steel, felt soft lips kiss his inner thigh, he opened his eyes on half, and stared straight into Gemini’s pale eyes. “Shhh” Gemini hushed with a finger across those soft lips. Cain wanted to say no, he really did, he wanted desperately to hate Gemini for what he did, the pain, humiliation and heartache he caused. But his body betrayed him, like it always had. 

Cain couldn’t help but smile as he noticed that Gemini had found the black, laced, satin nightshirt, that he had loved so much. Gemini breath was hot against his groin, and his grown erection trapped behind fabric. And whatever objections he had had, died on his lips. “I’m so lonely, Chaim.” Gemini whispered innocently, his tongue trailing a wet line up to Cain’s bellybutton. Cain sucked in his breath, as nimble fingers pulled off his shorts. “No, Gems.” He whispered hoarsely, opening his eyes, looking at Gemini who looked like a predator in silk. But Gemini just hushed him again.

“Come with me.”

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“Very well then,” Caleb said as he stood again, “I will return with your price. I have two conditions, though.”

Hiram got to his feet quickly, yelling. “Conditions? you my dearest brother, are in no place to make demands.”

“Yet I am.” Caleb said with an arrogant shrug. “Do you want your trinket or not?”

“He’s a child, not a thing.” Hiram growled.

“Same thing.” Caleb said coldly, “So will you hear me out?”

“Give me one reason why I should waste more time on this issue, I am your master, and you ‘will’ obey me.” Hiram spat, sounding like be was bordering to hysteria.

“Why am I not impressed?” Caleb’s voice dropped to a near whisper with a dangerous edge. “You know me Hiram, I can twist this so it hits you in your face before you know it, who says I am not going to sell my information to the lycans?”

“Are you threatening me Caleb?” Hiram hissed, narrowing his eyes.


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“Our mother that mangy whore, should have strangled you in our umbilical cord.” Hiram spat.

“I agree.” Caleb said calmly, “It would have saved us all a shitload of trouble.”

“Name it.” Hiram hissed through clenched teeth, staring at his brothers back, trying to figure out what was going through Caleb’s head.

“If I return with your beast-boy, I am free to leave Ravenscove.” Caleb said, still refusing to look at his brother.

“I can’t do that,” Hiram said calmly, only his expression betraying him.

“Yes you can.” Caleb stated. “If you agree to this, my lord, I give you my word that I won’t return without the boy.” The words ‘my lord’ was whispered so sweetly that it was a mockery of all lovers in the world.

“Your word, my beloved brother, is worth absolutely nothing to me.” Hiram said with an annoyed tone.

“Never the less, its all you have.” Caleb said slight amused.  “Now, my second term..”

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“Who are you to just barge in here and start sprouting out ultimatums and demands? I have had others killed for less.” Hiram said with his most obnoxiously arrogant tone.

“I am your blood, your concubine, your bane, and your scapegoat in one.” Caleb said with a slight amused laugh, “And I have nothing left to lose.” When no answer came from behind him, Caleb rose a perfect brow, “As I was saying, my second term is, Cain comes with me, and the same deal goes for him as we return.” Caleb took a deep breath for dramatic effect, “He suffered long enough for my crimes.”

“Quite the Samaritan you turned out to be upon your return.” Hiram said acidly.

“Yeah, it’s a crazy world innit?” Caleb said, mirroring his brothers sarcasm. “Never the less, those are my terms.”

“What makes you think Cain even wants to go with you?”

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Caleb finally turned around and faced his brother with a sardonic smile, “Don’t underestimate me brother dear.”

Hiram clenched his jaw annoyed. He knew Caleb was right. Don’t try and trick the trickster. “You got it.” He growled, “You are gone before the next sunrise, both you and your little lapdog.”

“Yes, my lord” Caleb said, the victorious smile still lingered on his lips, “For you, anything.”

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Pinning Gemini down, having the advantage of lustful carelessness, he had the little black haired siren where he wanted him, exactly where he wanted him. “On two conditions.” Cain panted. He felt Gemini jerk under him, and tightened his grip to state that he had the upper hand in more than one way. “I never return to Ravenscove.” Cain growled possessively, thrusting hard two times to drive in his point, smiling as he heard a low key moan from Gemini under him. “And tell me your name, I want your real name.” Gemini didn’t answer, and so Cain grabbed a hold of Gemini’s braid, pulling his head to the side forcefully, baring his neck. Cain licked the thin skin there, feeling the rapid pulse of the other hammer away under there, gently sucking the jugular, he heard Gemini whimper, “No.”

“Your name.” Cain whispered seductively. grinding up against Gemini in slow, lazy, deep thrusts.

“Ca.. Oh fuck, Ca..leb.”  Caleb moaned.

“Caleb, I would follow you to the end of the world.” Cain whispered, feeling high on the sensation of Caleb who trembled against him. “But you.. you already knew that.. didn’t you?”



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