After my own heart 20/?

AN: Sorry this is pretty short, kinda intermezzo’ish, I promise the next chapter will be longer, but I need to re-shoot some of the pictures due to stupidity from my side.

Sing a song of Sixpence – Part 3

I miss someone I care for
But I can’t remember
Who it is.
Only outside me, is the world.
And I am outside the world.
With a black hole inside
that sucks everything in, and holds me together in one.

-M. Strunge

Caleb heard the sound of someone typing and peaked inside the room seeing Cain sitting at a computer, mumbling to himself. “Cain?” he said softly, slowly walking over to the other vampire to peek at the computer.

“Gems” Cain sighed. “What do you want now?”

“What?” Caleb asked looking confused at Cain.

Cain scratched his nose clearly annoyed, “Forgive me” He said in a flat tone, “Whatever service does my lord want?”

“Quit it Cain.. you don’t need to..” Caleb said shaking his head.

Cain still didn’t look up at Caleb. “Does. my. lord. need. my services?” He repeated tiredly, slowly, annoyed.

“No.. no I don’t” Caleb finally sighed, “I just.. eh..  saw you from the hall and wondered what you were doing”

“I am checking the market” Cain said softly, clearly feeling uncomfortable.

“The market? You’re placing bids or what?” Caleb gasped.

“Please Gem, I can’t really tell you” Cain whined. “I’m just doing what I was asked to”

“So you’re the one who found me? not Aries?” Caleb whispered, fisting his hands, feeling oddly disturbed by it all.

“I was” Cain admitted with a slight nod, “Did you really think that the prince had the time to sit here and keep an eye out for every damn transaction”

“No, not really.. but..” Caleb’s voice dropped to a whisper, “I just thought that.. he maybe.. I don’t know..”

“I saw the auction” Cain said with a gentle smile, “Made a bet and then went and told Aries what I had found” He took a deep breath, “He ordered me to bring you home, any means necessary, and so I made a second bet, out betting everyone else and left to bring you home” Cain briefly looked away from the monitor and up at Caleb who looked completely dumbstruck. “Would you rather that I had left you alone?”

“I..” Caleb whispered, his voice stuck. “I just thought.. you.. you placed that bet, he didn’t even know!”

“Exactly, and they say that pretty people are stupid” Cain spat acidly.

“So the first bet..” Caleb mumbled.

“Was my own, yes” Cain smiled a cruel little smile, “You’re catching on there Gems baby”

“But why?” Caleb managed to croak.

Cain laughed mirthlessly, “You thought he looked for you, didn’t you?” a bitter smile crossed Cain’s lips. “He didn’t, I did.. As to why, yeah.. Maybe it was because I hated you, maybe it was because I loved you, maybe it was because I had nothing better to do, or maybe I just wanted you to come home and finish what you begun”

“Cain.. why would you even..”

Cain looked up at Caleb for a short moment. “You know why.”

Caleb sighed and raked a hand through his hair in frustration. “Thank you” he finally said, “Thank you Cain”

“Don’t mention it” Cain said, his bitter smile still in place.

“I..” Caleb was completely shaken to his core, he had misjudged this whole situation, it was not as he had thought at all, Hiram had lied when he had told him he had wanted him home to do a mission for him. His instincts had been true, Hiram had just sent him to his death, well aware he had done so. He had properly not been able to see his way out of declining Cain when he had said that he had found him on the market. Hiram had done all this to save face… he.. “Oh lord!” Caleb moaned, when the puzzle suddenly seemed to fit again, he had been tricked, played by the prince of deception, and he had fallen for it like an idiot. “I..”

And then much to Cain’s surprise, Caleb suddenly sprinted out of his room.



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