After my own heart 2/?

Second part of this chapter. (The Trey sim is by tribillio, and is originally Zell of FFVIII) –  I could see as i re-read the first part that this name thing gets confusing. So unless they are key characters, i will only state one name. And yeah, sorry for the poetry stuff, but this specific Danish poet really inspired me to write as a teen, and he inspired a lot of Caleb’s character too when i wrote him first. The reason i left out the poetry in the first chapter is because there was so much text to give you a crash course of the universe. Since these poems are in Danish i am trying my hardest to translate and have them make sense too. xD – In this chapter we get to know Caleb a little better! And Trey goes by the name of Snowball, Trey is is real name.

Warning: In general this story is a little closer to what i would normally write, so it is a but more risqué than MiM and DoG. But still i try to be informative without being dirty, its not a M+/N17 story folks! I would give it a R rating for almost graphic sex and foul language. i can’t explain it better.. sorry!

Part two – The missing daughter

And you call them angels
Their wings sharp as broken windows
In the city’s neon-blinking rivers of stone.
You are bleeding my boy, like a broken sun.

– M. Strunge

Walking home Caleb clutched the disks in his pocket. He had had a quick glimpse in the diary, not really able but to establish anything than it was written in some language he did not know. He would have to decipher it somehow, hoping that the disks, if they had any files on them of any importance, would not be written in the same language or code.

Hearing his phone as he walked up the stairs to his door, he rushed inside to pick up. “Starling, private de..”

“Starling” The voice in the other end said, dark and harsh.

He had heard that voice before, earlier tonight. “Lord Bune” He said, “What can i do for you?”

“Your memory does not fail you, Starling” Bune said, and to Caleb, the voice sounded disappointed that he had been recognized.

“It does not, my lord” Caleb said with a smile. thinking ‘got you fucker’ to himself.

“Starling” Bune said, repeating himself. “You were made by a master, am i right? You used to be a human boy before you met your creator”

“That is right, Sir. But i hardly see what it has to do with anything, i thought i already told you that..” Starling said with a tired voice.

“Do you remember being born into darkness?” Bune asked, his voice had taken on a vicious tone. “Do you recall your change?”

“I do, Sir” Caleb said politely, not liking where this conversation was going, he bit his lip, drawing blood with a fang.

“It is not pleasant is it?” Bune said, his smirk evident through the phone. “It hurts, don’t it?”

Caleb didn’t answer at first, he just drew a deep breath. Bune continued, “I am told that you can feel your death, can feel the life escaping you, while you feel as your skin is on fire”

“It was most horrifying, Sir. That much is true” He heard himself say. He recalled his rebirth quite well, everything had tasted and smelled of rot, while his skin felt like he was burned by a cold fire. Caleb remembered he had seriously feared for his sanity, and so had his master. He recalled his master and brother talk about that turning Caleb might have been a wrong decision, while others would wake to their new life within hours. Caleb had been bedridden for more than a month.

“Then know this! It will be but nothing, a skin scrape at mos, compared to what i will do to you if you do not find Greta alive and unharmed within this month” Bune said, his voice a low dangerous growl.

“But..” Caleb whispered. “I can’t promise you she is unharmed, or even alive”

“You better pray to whatever deity you bloodsuckers pray to, that she is” Bune barked. And then his voice fell to a seductive whisper. “Are you afraid of me little vampire?” Caleb nodded, but only a shuttered breath escaped him. “You should be” Bune stated before he hung up the phone and the line went dead.

Caleb stood and watched the phone for long moments. What the hell had that been? Had Bune just threatened him on his life? He had known it was a bad idea to get mingled in with demons from the beginning! But Lady Zarah had sounded so desperate, and Lord Amon had seemed so genuinely upset that he had not been able to turn them down. His train of thoughts was interrupted as someone rang his door.

Opening up, he had expected a lot of things, but they had not involved Trey. Maybe even Bune in a murderous mood, flailing a battleaxe or something. Anything but a dead drunk wood Nymph. “What the hell are you doing here?” Caleb sighed, pulling Trey inside by the collar of his shirt, slamming and locking the door behind them.

“I was out at a bar and..” Trey started

“I realise that” Caleb chuckled, “You are so damn drunk you can hardly stand”

“Well, I.. I just wanted to see you” Trey said with a little drunken smile, a failed attempt of being charming.

Caleb brushed past Trey and went for the sofa. Trey followed, looking a little like a beaten dog as he sat down next to the vampire. “I just got lonely, and wanted to see you, I thought you would appreciate companionship” A little dirty smirk tugged at Trey’s lips.

“Let me see if i got this right. You’re drunk and horny so you knock on my door?” Caleb was visibly amused, chuckling to himself.

“Something like that” Trey sulked, “Why do you have to make it sound so damn vulgar?”

“Because it ‘is’ vulgar my friend” Caleb grinned.

Trey grinned as well, pulling the smaller vampire to his lap. “You don’t have to thrash me for it, I just wanted to give you a little lovin”

Caleb smiled, but then looked dead serious. “Trey” He whispered, noting that the Nymph sucked in his breath as his name left Caleb’s lips. “Trey. How many friends have you lost to hunters?”

“Too many” Trey admitted, staring intensely into Caleb’s oddly coloured eyes.

“Then why would you risk making yourself a prime target, by walking all the way here while drunk? they could have picked you as easy as nothing” Caleb said, resting his forehead against Trey’s. “All for a snog Trey, that is just stupid”

“Who said i walked?” Trey said with a mischievous grin, pulling Caleb close, ending any argument the vampire might have with a kiss.

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“Mmmhmm Trey?” Caleb hummed. “We should go upstairs”

“What’s wrong with here?” Trey mumbled, lost in his current task, that made Caleb mewl like a cat in heat.

“Nothing, it’s just.. just..” Caleb panted, “Aren’t you freezing?”

“Nope” Trey whispered, biting Caleb’s shoulder playfully, “I have you to warm me”

Caleb accepted that as Trey touched him so his world was sent spinning. “Say my name” Trey whispered hoarsely, pressing close to the vampire “I want to hear you say my name”

Caleb let his head fall back in bliss, “Trey” he purred.

Trey moaned out loudly, pinning Caleb half against the wall in his drunken non sensitiveness. “Starling, why won’t you tell me your name?” He whispered passionately.

Caleb wrapped his legs around Trey impatiently. “Don’t start on that again, please” He panted. “Would you just..”

“Please” Trey whispered, holding his breath for a moment as they joined in the flesh. watching his lover through half lidded eyes, he asked once more. “You can tell me, i love you” He whispered hotly, watching this most exquisite creature as it opened its eyes, staring at him.

“No” Caleb said, his voice still laced with passion.


“I said no, Trey!”



Caleb pushed Trey away, the passion gone, left its place for anger. “Fuck Trey!” He hissed, wrapping his own arms around himself as to compensate for the sudden loss of bodily contact. “Why the fuck did you have to kill the mood?” He looked at Trey who looked sad and confused.

“I’m sorry” Trey mumbled.

“Whatever” Caleb huffed, “Get dressed and get the fuck out of my house!”

“But i just wanted to.. I mean” Trey sighed, looking at the floor where his clothes was tossed in a pile.

“Oh i know what you want, and you can’t have it” Caleb growled angrily, getting to his feet.

“And just what is it i want?” Trey spat back, standing up as well. his eyes still not meeting Caleb’s.

“My name” Caleb said, a little more relaxed, “My heart, my love. You knew this from the beginning, that it is not for you to have”

“Why is that such a unthinkable thing to you? sharing yourself on other levels than in the flesh?” Trey said, his voice bereft of all the drunken sweet nonsense it had held before.

“If you want to share my bed, then you will just have to call me Starling like everyone else” Caleb stated coldly. “It is not my fault you told me your name, i didn’t ask you to, I can call you Snowball like the others if you prefer that”

“I like it when you call me Trey” Trey admitted with a barely audible voice. “I told you my name because i really care for you, and i thought i would offer you some sort of proof of that” He finally looked up at Caleb who looked absolutely stunningly gorgeous in his anger. and with a sinking heart Trey realised that he would not receive any more soft touches and kisses this night.

“A moment ago you didn’t just care, you fucking loved me” Caleb snarled, “Don’t be an idiot, Trey”

“I think i might do” Trey admitted with a blush, “Love you that is”

“Well, don’t” Caleb hissed.

“Don’t tell me what i can and can’t feel” Trey shot back, mirroring Caleb’s stance, crossing his arms over his chest.

“If it were true, you have a funny way of showing it” Caleb said, his voice cold as ice, pinning Trey down with his glare. “Every time you have a itch in your pants, you knock on my door, treating me like a fucking common whore, and then you expect me to believe those cheap words of adoration?”

“It’s not ‘like’ that, and you know it Starling!” Trey argued, stepping closer to the vampire. “I just.. just thought you wanted it like that, after all that is the impression you have given me”

“Of course it is” Caleb said, sounding tired, rubbing his temples. “I like you Trey, you are kind, hot, and goddamn great sex, but i don’t love you. That is just the way it is”

“So its just sex, huh?” Trey said, turning his back to Caleb. “I seem to remember you was worried about me, when i came here”

Caleb groaned, “Of course i worry, i would not want you to get in trouble for my sake, and besides that, i never said we weren’t friends”

“Fuckbuddies” Trey said drily.

“Yeah” Caleb said, bending over to pick up his pants from the floor.

“I will win you over some day” Trey said smiling confidently to himself, “The fat lady haven’t sung yet”

“Gods!” Caleb winched, controlling himself from not kicking Trey in the ass. “Have you heard nothing i said?” shaking his head, he quickly slipped back into his pants. grabbing his shirt, he brushed past Trey who still stood naked on the floor. “Now you absolutely fuckable, handsome bastard, get the fuck out of my house” he singsong as he walked past the unused dining table and towards the stairs.

Not listening for a slamming door, thinking that Trey might not have been that upset, Caleb started to look through the books in his study to see if he could perhaps find a book that would help him to decipher Greta’s diary, he would save the disks for later. Soft steps on the stairs, and with a slight smile he saw Trey stand in the doorway to the office. “At least i am a absolutely fuckable, handsome bastard” he said with a tiny smile.

“That you are” Caleb said with a pleasantly surprised smile.

“So if we’re friends, then.. Would you tell me what the problem is?” Trey said with a sneaky grin, waking inside the study.

“Why should anything trouble me?” Caleb asked, genuinely surprised that Trey could tell.

“You frown when you worry” Trey said softly.

“Alright, I need to translate something, and i have no fucking clue where to begin, i can’t even tell what language, if any, its written in” Caleb sighed.

“Let me see” Trey said. Caleb pointed at Greta’s diary on the table. Trey picked it up and looked over the first page. “This, this is elvish”

“It is?” Caleb said surprised. “It sure as hell don’t look as any elvish i have ever seen”

“It’s not elvish from the island, this is the bastardised version from here, new-elvish if you wish” Trey said.

“I would have recognized that” Caleb stated a little annoyed that Trey would find him that stupid.

Trey grinned, “Its mirrored”

Caleb groaned, “Of course, it had to be so simple that i couldn’t see it”

“Don’t worry about it, i wont tell” Trey said with a smile. “Don’t suppose you’re offering a sleepover?”

“Raincheck, Trey” Caleb muttered, pulling his elvish dictionary book from the shelf. “I really have a lot of work to get done, and dawn is, eh, close”

“Two hours” Trey stated. “But its okay, can i get a kiss before i leave then?”

Caleb turned and looked at Trey with a sad smile. “Don’t be a stranger” he whispered. kissing Trey gently.

“Is that what i get? a prude kiss?” Trey asked with a grin.

“Yup! it’ll teach you to behave” Caleb said, turning his back to Trey again, not failing to hear the deep sigh from the Nymph as he left.

As dawn was too close for comfort, Caleb settled into his bathtub for long hours until he could once more open the door to the hall. He had always suffered from irrational fear of coffins, maybe he didn’t like being reminded that he was in fact dead, or maybe he just suffered from claustrophobia, he didn’t really know, all he knew was that he would never again sleep in a coffin. but making his bathroom sun-proof had been pretty difficult and he had spent more than one day in the corner because some of the boards and fabric he had used to block out the sun had fallen down due to poor carpentry. Actually he would have to find some other solution to this some day. But tonight it didn’t matter, turning on the electrical light he opened his dictionary and Greta’s diary, flashing the pages with a little pocket mirror. Hopefully he would a whole lot wiser on this girl before dusk.



OUTTAKES: I decided not to use this scene, but i still thought these pictures were great.




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