After my own heart 17/?

AN: The swordfish & Grim sims are made by radiationpoison. Cain and Moon are just what you think they are, the Cain sim and the Moon sim just vamped up, the chick vampire is my selfsim xD I couldn’t resist. Something happened to Caleb’s face template while doing this part, so loads of the pictures has his back to the camera for obvious reasons. I never did find out why it happened, but Caleb was luckily pretty easy to recreate. This is the last part of ‘the scorned lover’. Next time we will be in Ravenscove for a little welcome home party.

The scorned lover – Part five

I am a boy child
With my wounds outside my shirt
Believe it or not;
Nothing is true unless its felt
I have never combed my heart
I have never washed my brain
My sex never slept
But have had many a daydream

-M. Strunge

Grim had asked Cutter to do the talking when the vampires arrived. So Cutter came and sat down casually on Grim’s seat. “The vampire is our prisoner, so your dealings will be with me, not my mistress.” Cutter said with a polite smile, all too aware that they all looked directly at him, thinking he had gone crazy. “So first of all I ask you, Tinkerbell, What would Grim’s and my contract cost?”

“What?” Tinkerbell gasped.

“What would..” Cutter started, but Tinkerbell cut him off. “I heard you fine, your contracts aren’t up for sale”

“But the law clearly states that..” Cutter said again.

“I don’t care” Tinkerbell said, staring at Cutter. And then she looked at Cain. “So, Cain is it?”

“Yes” Cain said with a business smile. “On behalf of my master, Aries. I have come here to bring home the stray sheep”

“Gemini is of the impression that you are going to kill him, is that true?” Cutter said. “I have to look out for my interest, surely you understand that, Mister Cain”

Cain laughed mirthlessly. “No I am not going to hurt him, my master would skin me alive if I was anything but polite Gemini”

Grim and Cutter both observed Cain, both seeing that little tick he had when he spoke the words, apparently he was telling the truth, but he didn’t like it. Cain obviously didn’t even want to be here, he was just sent as a diplomat, Grim wondered for a moment what he had done to try and snake his way around this task, because his uncomfortable energy rolled off him in waves.

“Who are they?” Tinkerbell asked, nodding towards the two vampires who stood and stared at them.

“That is Moon and Lady Azmodan, they are here as a.. uhm precaution” Cain admitted with a faint smile, “You don’t think I would walk in to a house full of hunters, alone, do you?” His smile grew, “I might be undead, but I am not stupid”

“Oh bodyguards” Swordfish mumbled.

“You could call them that” Cain admitted. “But, I came here to discuss the price for Gemini, not to make friends” He paused and looked directly at Cutter, “Name it”

Cutter looked up at Grim who stood behind Tinkerbell.

“I want Tinkerbell’s prize for the contracts first” Grim said, folding his arms over his chest. “Cutters and mine”

Tinkerbell laughed, and Swordfish looked down at his hands in his lap. “I told you, it’s not gonna happen, Grim”

“Then I am sorry mister Cain, you came here in vain” Grim said with a slight smile.

Cain grid his teeth, “That is not acceptable”

“Cutter” Tinkerbell said, looking directly at the android. “You can fix this situation with a single word you know”

“Don’t listen to her” Grim sneered behind them.

“I might be ready to sell Grim’s contract back to him, so the vampires get to take their friend home, and Grim get what he wants too” Tinkerbell said with a smile.

Swordfish and Cain stared at Cutter, waiting for him to speak. Cain just wanting to get Gemini and get out of there, and Swordfish wishing he had had the balls to do what Grim and Cutter did, he wanted nothing but to return to his tribe.

“Eh..” Cutter said. and for once he didn’t know what to do, his systems had calculated that the equation would be peaceful if he just let Grim go, but he was quite sure that Grim didn’t want to go without him, he had said so after all. And there were no program that could calculate emotions.

“No” Grim said, “Either its both of us, or none”

Tinkerbell ignored Grim, “Cutter, what will it be? Grim’s your friend right? Don’t you want what is best for him” She eyed Swordfish who instantly looked away from her. Not wanting to get caught in the middle of this.

“I want what is best for him” Cutter reluctantly mumbled. “But he will be even more alone without me”

“Oh come on Cutter” Tinkerbell laughed merrily, “Grim is a likeable guy, he will quickly make new friends”

“Shut up Cutter!” Grim hissed from the back. “Don’t answer her”

“Alright!” Tinkerbell suddenly yelled, “Enough of this! I humoured you this far!” She leaned in over the table. “I own Grim and Cutters contracts, ergo their spoil is ultimately mine, and I want one million credits for your little bloodsucker friend”

“O-one million?” Cain stuttered.

“Yes” Tinkerbell said without blinking. “I will even throw you demon boy here in the deal” he pointed back at Grim, who paled.

“No, no” Cain said, shaking his head, “My orders were only to fetch Gemini”

“Tinkerbell, don’t be stupid, lets just finish the deal peacefully” Swordfish said nervously.

Cain looked over at Swordfish who apparently had had the same thought as he, no one in their right mind carried a million credits, and he did not have that kind of money on him, he was not sure that Aries would let him spend that amount, even if it was on Gemini. Cain’s orders were to return with Gemini, or not return at all, any means necessary. Had it not been for that android he wouldn’t have hesitated to take on all of them.

Tinkerbell sighed, “Alright, 500 kilo” She smiled sweetly, “That’s half my initial price”

“Deal” Cain said relieved. “Now take me to him”

“Gems” Cain said with fake affection in his voice. “Good to see you again”

“Cain” Caleb mumbled, crossing his arms, looking down into the ground, avoiding to look at the other vampire. “You always were a fucking terrible liar”

“Come off it, I’m here to take you home where you belong” Cain said with a self-assured smile. 

“Why didn’t he come himself, if it’s that important. Caleb hissed.

“Who Aries?” Cain asked.

“Yes” Caleb said, a smile crept over his lips, “You’re being punished, aren’t you?”

Cain smiled friendly, reaching in through the bars. “Why would you even say something like that?

“Because he is my brother, I know how his mind works” Caleb said darkly, “And so I know you are being punished for something”

“Well, you’re wrong.” Cain said a little miffed.

“Like hell I am” Cain grinned. “He knows how much you hate me, and he’s forcing you to be my bodyguard all the way home”

“I don’t hate you” Cain said, his perfect salesman smile back in place.

“Really?” Caleb laughed.  “I would fucking hate me, if I were you”

“But you’re not” Cain argued. “And I don’t”

“And I already told you that you’re a fucking bad liar” Caleb grinned amused. “He told you to come back with me, or not come back at all, am I right?”

Cain lowered his gaze and nodded. “He did” He whispered, “There, you have me. Does that make you happy?”

“No it doesn’t” Caleb said softly.

“He is my master, Gems. If he asks me to do something, I will obey, no matter how unpleasant it might be” Cain said seriously with a low voice.

“He’s my master as well, in some warped way” Caleb said, “You know that”

Cain chuckled drily. “No you play by a different set of rules than me, if I did what you have done, I would kissed the sunrise many times over”

“I left as a prince and returns a slave, there is no reason to think that he will be merciful, I wouldn’t be if I were him” Caleb said in all seriousness. “You see, not even I can break his heart without being punished”

“I am sure that he won’t kill you” Cain said.

“Maybe not, but he will make my life miserable for all eternity” Caleb said sadly. “Will you still come visit me when you’re lonely? Even if I am not the prince of Ravenscove?” His lips twisted up in a sardonic smile.

“” Cain mumbled, and then shook his head, “No. I still have my scars from the last time.”

“What if I promised you no tricks up my sleeve?” Caleb said with a tiny voice.

“I would say you were lying” Cain said softly, “Once I wanted to believe you, but you are always plotting, twisting the events to your benefit”  Cain shook his head sadly “You play by no rules or codec of honour, you are…”

Caleb looked up at Cain with a little sad smile, stepping close to the bars, whispering. “Cain, don’t you think I am beautiful anymore?”

Cain sucked in his breath, hearing his name whispered from those soft lips. Fighting an inner struggle, he didn’t want to give Gemini too much ammunition, but still he just seemed to sad and lost. Cain knew it would most likely just be some momentary game he played, to get Cain to either treat him well, or maybe even look the other way while he escaped. And that would not happen! Cain had sworn to bring him back, and that was what he would do.  “You are very beautiful to behold, Gemini. But your soul is as black as the abyss.”

Caleb was silent for a moment, why would Cain say anything else? he had know a different side of him, a ruthless killer machine, breaking for no one. “Cain? tell me, truthfully. Did he really miss me? or is it just something you say?”

“He missed you terribly” Cain said honestly. “He miss you just as much as he both love you, and curse you”

Caleb nodded thoughtful. “I’m ready, take this thing off me” He said, referring to the mussel, “And lets go home”

The door opened and Moon, Cain, Cutter and Grim stepped inside. Caleb lit up in a smile seeing the demon. He had wanted to say goodbye to him, but wasn’t sure he would have had the time. “End of the road, huh?” Grim said, smiling.

“For now, yes” Caleb said, “So did it work? did you get your contract?”

Grim shook his head, “No, I’m sorry. I guess she will put it up on the market now, releasing me from her care”

I’m sorry to hear that” Caleb said.

Grim hung his head for a moment, “Don’t be, I gambled and lost”

“Yeah I know the feeling” Caleb mumbled. “Maybe next time you will succeed”

“Maybe” Grim said, “Or maybe she will sell me off to a renovation team”

“I don’t think a renovation team could afford a demon, my friend” Caleb said, trying to be encouraging.

Grim ignored Caleb,  “Now lets get this off you”  Grim said, picking up a key from his pocket, and reached up to unlock the mussel, “You ain’t gonna bite me now, are you?”

“Bite you?” Caleb smiled sweetly, “No”

The key turned, and the lock opened, letting the mussel fall to the floor with a loud metallic clanging sound. And before Grim knew what hit him, he had his arms full of vampire, kissing him softly on his lips.


The kiss lasted for so long that the bystanders started to get uncomfortable, feeling like peeping toms, watching as Grim’s hands wandered down to cup Caleb’s ass, hearing the little moans that escaped their locked lips. 

When Caleb finally let go Grim was oddly calm and felt hot all over. “I am not like you” He whispered.

“Of course not” Caleb whispered back with a little sly smile.

“I don’t lust for other men” Grim said softly, never looking away from Caleb’s eyes.

“I know.. You are that guy who wants a wife, 2.2 children and a white picket fence” Caleb replied with a smile.

“Kiss me again, and I will kill you” Grim stated, still holding on to Caleb in a tight embrace.

“Is that a dare?” Caleb grinned.

Grim pulled Caleb in for a hug, holding on tight to the vampire he whispered. “Be safe, okay?”

“I will, otherwise I can’t take you up on your dare the next time we meet” Caleb whispered back.

“I hate vampires” Grim whispered tenderly.

“And they hate you” Caleb whispered back, biting Grim’s ear gently.

They both let go, and Caleb looked up at Cain, “Are you ready princess?” Cain asked acidly.

“Yes” Caleb said with a nod, following Cain out the door, flanked by the two other vampires.

“Grim?” Cutter asked, wondering why his friend would just sit there for hours looking straight out the window. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, Cutter. Stop asking” Grim hissed. “Just leave me alone”

“..But” Cutter said, “Want to go fix up the car with me?”

“No” Grim answered.

“No?” Cutter was baffled. “But fixing up the car always clams your nerves, it helps you relax, right?”

“Not today” Grim said with a little sigh. “We can fix the car up tomorrow, okay?”

“Is it because of the kindred, Gemini?” Cutter asked softly.

“Why would you say that?” Grim whispered.

“I read your biorhythm, and..” Cutter said with a meek voice, “It was off the scales, I have never seen anything like it”

“Keep the fuck out of my biorhythm then” Grim sneered.

“Don’t be mad, I am programmed to be tapped into everyone of the team’s vitals” Cutter said with a slight whine.

Grim sighed. “Just leave me the hell alone Cutter”

“Grim?” Cutter asked again. “Are you worried if he will be alright?”

“Yes, actually I am” Grim answered with a sigh. “And didn’t I just tell you to leave me the fuck alone?”

“So..” Cutter paused, choosing his words carefully. “Are we going after them?”

“Cutter…” Grim said with a slightly warning tone.

Cutter sighed, but resigned.

“See you in the morning” Grim said, leaving the table, walking towards the sofa he slept on.

“But..” Cutter sat down on the chair that had held Grim until moments ago, staring off into nothing, as would he see what his friend had seen. He could tell that Grim was upset, and there were nothing he could do. If he had been a real living person he might had been able to make a difference.



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