After my own heart 15/?

AN: Okay, I bring you serious amounts of badly photoshopped blood, and corny phrases! – Why photoshopped blood? Cause the in game red piss pools looks stupid imho, and even if drawn blood looks silly too, I think it looks less silly. I had to get down with the animation boxes and mods this time, so much I almost didn’t do this chapter like this, cause it takes WAY too long to get things right, especially in a little house that is hard to take pictures in to begin with. Oh yeah I did think of doing some Boxer flashback snaps, but I didn’t.. I still have the ‘alive’ boxer sim, and so I will just have to put him to good use at some point, I am sure I can work out something so you can see him, regardless. The Grim & Swordfish sim is created by radiationpoison.

And again, sorry for the horrible photoshop stuff, oh well, i guess it works.


The scorned lover – Part three

I crush the clocks with my thoughts,
I live only with the speed of life.

-M. Strunge.

“Caleb?” Boxer said softly. “I have a confession to make”

Caleb stood on the other side, resting his forehead against the wooden door, listening. How he wished that Boxer had come in here with him like he had done at other times. it seemed less time when he was there, less time to sit and think things to death. “Yeah?”

“I spent my entire adult life thinking of a ways to die” Boxer said with a faint smile. “And when I succeeded, I was brought back to another go in the wheel, spending every wake hour, trying to find a way to end my own misery”

“I know” Caleb said softly on the other side of the door.

“Funny thing is, I don’t want to die no more” Boxer said with a grim expression. “You gave me what I needed, no one has ever showed me love and affection, like you. I know you don’t love me, but I love you… I’m sorry, but I do” Boxer took a deep breath and leaned heavily on his knees. “Maybe I should leave, just so I don’t complicate things”

“Eden.. I..” Caleb mumbled.

“It’s strange really, I hardly recall being alive, I know that he was beautiful, Eden that is. But the locals said he was a stormcrow, a bad omen. And so he spent his entire childhood and youth alone. Wonder what I did to be shunned like that, I don’t know. And when my father returned me to my miserable life, I was made to believe I was nothing without my father and master. But I know now that I am not a stormcrow, and I am not nothing. I am something, I am Boxer. Right?”

“You are” Caleb said, his voice soft and emotional.

“You taught me all that in so little time. You didn’t think you could mend me, remember?” Boxer asked.

“No I didn’t think I could help you” Caleb answered. “But you helped me too you know, you made me remember my history, you awoke something inside me, something I had long forgotten, maybe it was empathy, or maybe it was compassion.”  He took a deep breath, “I wish you had come with me in here”

“Not today” Boxer said, “I.. Uhm, just want to make sure everything is alright.”

“Tomorrow?” Caleb asked.

“You betcha. And I will bring the blankets and all” Boxer laughed.

Suddenly they were both startled by a loud crash, Boxer stood up and carefully eyed the stairs while listening. “What was that?” Caleb asked a little confused.

“I think the door was kicked in” Boxer said.

“Seriously?” Caleb asked trying to sound causal, when in fact his heart was beating so fast he wondered if someone could hear it too.

“Yes” Boxer stepped closer to the stairs and looked down into the living room lit by sunlight. “Two people”

“You can climb out the bedroom window, it has that plant outside, so you can make it down without jumping” Caleb insisted.

“No” Boxer whispered after a moment, “I am not leaving you here” He tenderly placed his hand on the door to the bathroom which had Caleb on the other side, who was at his wits end. “You gave me the will to live, remember?”

“Don’t just throw it away like that then” Caleb sneered, he was frightened, but would never admit to it, but if it was really hunters in his house, then he was dead, but Boxer needent be.

“If I give it to save you, then it’s alright” Boxer said calmly, smiling at himself.

“No! its not alright, you can’t do anything if its really hunters, they will just kill us both then” Caleb argued, but Boxer didn’t hear him, he had already started to descend the stairs. “Eden! come back here! Eden!” Caleb called hushed, but had no reply.

Boxer came downstairs and turned around the corner, staring directly at two strangers. “Excuse me?” He said politely. “What are you doing here?”

“We came to see the two who reside here, Boxer and Starling” Swordfish said.

“I see, and who are you, might I ask?” Boxer said.

“I am Swordfish, and this is Tinkerbell” He gestured towards the woman. “Are you Boxer by any chance?”

“I am” Boxer said firmly. “Starling is not available at the moment I am afraid”

“Oh its fine, I’m sure he will make himself at disposal for us later” Tinkerbell said with a smile.

“No, no, no, no” Caleb ranted, “What are you doing?” He paced the bathroom frustrated, only to come to a standstill at the door again. Never had he felt this trapped inside his own home. How he wished that he had listened to Boxer earlier, seems like his sixth sense had been right. Something ‘was’ up, but was Trey the mastermind behind it? Caleb had a hard time believing that it had anything to do with each other, Trey were deadly afraid of hunters, he had seen their handywork too many times.

“But fortunately, we have you right here” Tinkerbell said, smiling eerily. “And our business here involves you too as we said before”

“So, what is your..” Boxer started to say, but Tinkerbell cut him off.

“We’re here to kill you both, Mr. Boxer”

“It’s nothing personal or nothing” Swordfish shrugged, “We’re just doing our job you know”

Boxer blinked rapidly as to understand what they were saying, trying to think fast. “B-but why?” he finally stuttered.

“Technically you’re already dead, so its not like its a big loss” Tinkerbell spat.

Boxer looked from Tinkerbell to Swordfish, back to Tinkerbell. “But we haven’t done anything wrong”

“Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t” Swordfish said with a small sigh. “It doesn’t really matter, we accepted a contract specifically mentioning the death of you two, so sorry kiddo”

“Shut up” Tinkerbell looked at Swordfish, her lips a fine line of disapproval. “Like he need to know that”

“Like you care? he’s dead in ten minutes anyway” Swordfish said coldly, “Anyone deserves to know why they are about to be shot”

“S-so can’t you just say you killed us, and let us leave, I swear we will hide far away, so no one will ever know” Boxer mumbled, hoping to God he was getting through to these people, it just seemed a little too poetic justice, that just when he decided that he had something to live for, he would be killed.

“Suppose we could” Swordfish said looking over at Tinkerbell.

“But we wont” Tinkerbell said annoyed.

“But what is important is the computer, not this wretched thing” He pointed at Boxer. “The only thing keeping him on his two feet is magic”

“You can have the computer, you can have the whole office, I swear” Boxer said softly.

“I know, and I will” Tinkerbell said, crossing her arms over her chest. “But we made a contract, and I intend on keeping it”

“Please don’t” Boxer whined, knowing the argument was stillborn.

“Sword” Tinkerbell said, never taking her eyes off Boxer, “Get out the shotgun”

Swordfish sighed, but reached to his side where a sawed off shotgun was strapped to his leg. “Yes Ma’am” he mumbled, aiming the shotgun at Boxer.

“Wait, wait..WAIT!” Boxer cried, feeling tears of desperation pooling in his eyes. “But he loves me back, don’t you see? he loves me like I love him, so you can’t shoot me now, cause I need to..”

“Sword” Tinkerbell growled, “Shoot him already”

And he did, Swordfish fired, creating a deep crater in the middle of Boxers chest, but not knocking him off his feet. Boxer ran fingers over the big gap in his chest, looking at the red blood on his fingertips. “But I can’t die now” he whispered to himself. Swordfish fired again, hitting Boxer in the abdomen.

Caught upstairs, Caleb heard Boxer’s scream right before the shotgun went off, and went off again. “Dear God, No!” he gasped. “This can’t be happening!”

Boxer staggered towards the door, his vision blurred, and the ancient magic failing him, he felt his knees give in, and he almost fell. in the distance he heard the woman yell “Again!” not sure what it meant before he heard the noise of the shotgun, and a white flaring pain spread in his left side. His mind knew he was falling apart, he could see his hands red from his own blood, and he could taste it in his mouth.

He looked up at Swordfish, and for a second their eyes met. Boxer smiled spitting blood. “He loved me” and then Tinkerbell aimed at the ghoul and fired, hitting him dead centre in the forehead, sending Boxer directly to the floor.

“Stop hurting him” Caleb cried, and without any thought to its consequences he banged the door in frustration, fear and anger. “Oh Jesus, please! this can’t be real.”

Tinkerbell and Swordfish looked at Boxer on the floor. he still moved his arms weakly, trying to crawl. Tinkerbell sighed. “You go find that other one, I will finish this” She looked at Swordfish who stared down at the dying ghoul. “And NEVER question me like that again”

“I’m sorry” Swordfish mumbled, stepping over Boxer’s feet to make his way upstairs.

He looked around upstairs and found it deserted, except the door to the bathroom that was locked. Kicking the old wooden door hard, splintered the door frame. He stared directly at two large scared green eyes in a pale face. “You’re Starling I presume” Swordfish said.

Caleb opened his mouth to say something, when they heard another shot downstairs. “Is he..”

“Very much so” Swordfish said, stepping inside closing the door, watching the vampire relax somewhat as the daylight was shut out again.

“Why did you have to hurt him? what had he done to you?” Caleb snarled.

“It’s my job, I have a contract on you both, that’s just how it is. And I don’t really have a choice” Swordfish said, shrugging again.

“Who put out that contract? Can you at least tell me who wants me dead?” Caleb whispered.

“Suppose so” Swordfish said, his voice dropped to a whisper. “All I know is that his name is Snowball, and he paid good money for your heads”

“He did this?” Caleb felt ridiculously close to a hysterical laughter. “He would actually kill us both?” He shook his head in disgust. “So what’s your end of the deal then?”

“Your computer and 15.000” Swordfish walked past Caleb and over to the window at the other end of the room. Turning for a moment he added, “And two less leaches in the world”

“Let me see Boxer” Caleb said, surprising himself. “He might still be alive, and I can… I have all kinds of… Please”

Swordfish shook his head. “Your little ghoul friend is dead, and he should stay dead this time”

“But maybe he’s not..” Caleb looked up at Swordfish and folded his hands, “Please, I beg you to let me see him before you do whatever you had in mind”

Swordfish shook his head “Boss lady said no, and besides you’d burn alive going there”

“You’d not even have to waste a bullet, smart, right?” Caleb said softly.

“No can do” Swordfish stated flatly, pulling the curtain and the boards from the wall with a loud crash. Allowing the sun to fill most of the room, Swordfish himself standing in the only corner that provided some shadow.

Caleb looked down at his sleeve that started to smoke, the heat rapidly becoming burning hot. “Why are you doing this?” He whimpered.

“I’m not even wasting a bullet, smart right?” Swordfish said coldly, “I let mother nature take care of my little pest problem”

“Please don’t”  Caleb sniffed, trying to turn away from the sun’s deadly rays.

Swordfish stood and looked at Caleb as his entire body was illuminated by the sun, light and smoke was coming from the pale skin and the black robe. Blisters formed and broke, leaving soars that would bleed. it was quite fascinating really, he had never seen a vampire die in the sun. “Did you really never tell that poor guy that you loved him?” Swordfish asked casually.

“No” Caleb cried softly, as he tried to shield his face from the sun.

“Did you? Love him I mean” Swordfish asked, leaning up against the wall in the far end of the room.

“Yes” Caleb sobbed quietly. “Yes I did”



Having a hard time breathing, Caleb started weeping openly, something he had not done for years. Funny how he had been afraid that Hiram should come for him, seeing only that danger, and never expecting his death to be brought on by someone who had seemed like the most gentle, docile creature he had ever met.

“Does it hurt as much as it looks like?” Swordfish asked with a smile.

Caleb just sobbed, spitting blood by now. paralysed by pain.

“Come on Swordfish, we’re leaving” Tinkerbell called from the hall, “Cutter can come back and carry the computer when they are done with their mission”

“Yes, I’m on my way” Swordfish stepped over Caleb who was now huddled on the floor, curled up like in his mothers womb, in a weak attempt to cover himself from the sun.

Later Cutter and Grim came to the house, letting themselves in. Looking around Cutter saw the body of Boxer in the corner. his eyes followed the bloody trail all the way to the corner of the living room. “Poor bastard” Cutter mumbled.

“You say something?” Grim called.

Cutter shook his head, “No, no.. I was just thinking out loud”  He took a step closer to Boxer, “One, two, three, four,”

Grim went into the kitchen, squealing in delight, “They had a coffee machine, can we bring that too? please?”

“Sure, sure” Cutter called back, not taking his eyes of what was left of Boxer.

Grim came out from the kitchen again, finding Cutter staring at the body still. “What the hell are you standing around there for? Never seen a dead guy before`” He laughed at his own joke.

“I was just wondering” Cutter whispered. “What made him crawl this far? He took five shots from a shotgun, two of them  to the head, and one of those fatal” He pointed at Boxer in the pool of blood on the cold floor. “See how that came from behind? there is both an exit and entry wound in the back of his head”

“Yeah, guess that and the wall put an end to his crawling adventure” Grim chuckled.

Cutter turned and looked at Grim intensely. “Do you think he aimed for the door? he only missed it by a meter. Do you really think that he was still trying to get away, even if he must have known he was dying?”

“Maybe” Grim said, looking at Boxer, “Survival instinct I guess” he shrugged.

Cutter looked from Grim and down on the body on the floor again. “Or maybe he was just not ready to die?”

“Cutter dammit, would you stop with the gay talk? He was a goddamn zombie, man! he was already dead when Swordfish shot him” Grim sighed, “Come on, lets go find that computer”

Cutter nodded, following Grim upstairs.

Cutter went for the study, and Grim went and looked in the other rooms, entering the bathroom, “This is where the other should be, Swordfish said he had left the body here, but I can’t see it” He yelled.

“Maybe he crawled too?” Cutter yelled back.

“Yeah” Grim mumbled to himself, “Where the hell are you?” he said to the room, looking down into the bathtub, and that was when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye, a figure in the only dark corner. He squatted down next to the body, watching it. “Found him!” He yelled to Cutter.

Grim almost shit himself when one of the fingers spasmed on what he thought was a dead man. Gingerly he reached out and placed two fingers on the bloodied neck, checking for a pulse. His eyes widened as he felt a weak pulse under his fingers. “HEY Cutter! come in here! He’s alive!”

Cutter tossed something with a loud crash, and came to the the bathroom. “What happened to him?” He whispered.

“The sun” Grim stated.

“Oh, a kindred, fascinating. They are pretty rare to catch” Cutter said,  looking at the blood smeared walls, “He stumbled around quite a bit, huh?”

“Actually its because Kindred are normally guarded by some kick ass motherfuckers, armed to the teeth, not a stupid ghoul” Grim removed his fingers from Caleb’s neck. “And wouldn’t you stumble around if you felt like you were on fire? I sure as hell would”

Cutter unzipped his robe sleeve and a long sharp blade came out from under the skin, the size of his underarm. “Want me to finish him?”

Grim turned and looked up at Cutter, “Suppose its the right thing to do, to put him out of his misery” Cutter stepped closer, when Grim stopped him holding out his arm. “What if we brought him back? Kindred regenerate, right?”

“Yes” Cutter said, the blades slid in under his skin once more, and he let his sleeve fall down over his arm. “But why bring him back?”

“Kindred are pretty rare, and something seems off here, maybe someone is looking for this one?” Grim stated.

“So you want to put out a bet on him?” Cutter asked.

“Why not?” Grim said with a smile, “Might be enough money to buy both yours and mine contract off Tinkerbell”



Bwahahah… seriously, this snapshot makes me giggle. Swordfish just look like he’s thinking *you don’t get out much, do you?*


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