After my own heart 14/?

AN: The sims I used for Grim & Swordfish belong to radiationpoison. And I would like to correct myself, I said that Cutter is a cyborg, which is of course rubbish, I meant an android, don’t know why I mixed it up, I must have been really tired. I can explain that Hunter contract thing now if needed, I had actually wanted to save it for later, but I can see that it might need to be explained. The special hunters, are the hunters that are supernatural beings themselves, they are mostly either prisoners of war, abandoned children cause their parents were killed by other hunters or really unfortunate people. They will sign a contract that gives the contract holder (in this case Tinkerbell) power over their very soul, should the contract be destroyed so will they, the contract is made by magic and is not that easy to destroy tho. Hunters will sell special hunters off on auction, much like the auctions held for work online, and being released from your contract is not being released, but offered up on the open market for some other hunter to buy the contract, and you. The contract holds different points which we will return to in later chapters, for now its just important to say that a part of the contract states that you cannot marry or be romantically involved with someone who might obstruct your missions, neither are you allowed to have babies. A special hunter can buy their contract off the holder if they can afford it, and that is the only way for them to ever be free. Human hunters are different, they will do it cause they want to, hunt supernatural beings I mean.  – Wow did that even make sense? it did in my head, ahahha.

all the regular warnings and all that jazz.. enjoy.

The scorned lover – Part 2

We are the beaten cherubs
With wings made of songs from the future
And a fag in the corner of the mouth.

We have skin of the most fragile dream
And hearts that shines brighter than any neon sign
We are hurt by daytime’s sharp noises
Bleeding pink snow

We are all a part of the Nightmachine.

-M. Strunge.

They had been working in silence for two hours, when Cutter finally spoke. “So are you going to tell me why you are so upset?”

Grim growled annoyed, hitting something metal in the motor with his wrench. “I told you, it’s pointless”

Cutter stopped the machine he was working for a moment, looking up at Grim. “You’re my friend” He stated, “Of course I worry when you seem unfocused”

Grim leaned in over the engine and sighed deeply. He was about to snap back something about the poetic justice that the only one who notices that he was feeling like shit was a machine, but he didn’t. He knew Cutter too well, and he know those words would be beyond cruel. “I just wonder about stuff, okay? its nothing serious” Grim smiled at the android. “I’m not about to ask Tinker to release me from my contract” He shrugged, “Besides I can’t afford it”

Cutter smiled, relaxing by his friends answer. His unnatural doll eyes looked directly up at Grim’s green ones. “Grim?” He asked, “You wouldn’t leave me here, would you?”

“Of course not” Grim answered squirming slightly. Knowing that if he ever had the money to buy his contract from Tinker, then he would properly buy Cutter’s and give it to him as a present, before his own. “But no one is talking about leaving here” He shrugged, “I guess I.. I don’t know..”

“Do you never wish you had a mate? Like Swordfish has” Cutter said softly.

Grim clenched his jaw and looked down into the rusty old engine again. “Why the hell would you ask me that?” Grim shook his head, “But no I don’t, women are nothing but trouble, I would rather be with friends then”

Cutter was about to call Grim on his lie, but just shook his head sadly. “But you just bought that woman last week”

Grim coughed, and blushed vaguely. “Well that’s different”

“How is that different?” Cutter asked, interested, studying Grim, like were he an insect under a magnifying glass.

“Because I pay for her to like me for an hour” Grim said, “It’s just a job for her” He leaned further in over the engine, “It’s all just pretend, my friend” When Cutter just kept staring, Grim sighed deeply again, “I pretend that I find her attractive, just as she pretends that she finds me interesting, cause I pay her to, all in all with the one purpose of getting my rocks off”

“Oh I get it” Cutter said, nodding. “So you pay her to willingly let you fuck her, right? she’d never let you do that if you didn’t pay her?”

“You got it” Grim said.

“Eh, Grim? Why don’t you find a real mate? someone you don’t have to pay?” Cutter asked in childish innocence.

“I wouldn’t know how to, and besides then my contract forbids it” Grim stated with a tired voice.

“So that is what’s wrong” Cutter said, turning on the machine again, returning to his work on the old car. “You’re lonely” He yelled to drown out the noise.

“What?” Grim yelled over the noise.

Cutter turned off the machine again, “You’re lonely, you want someone who’s not pretending” Cutter nodded to himself, “I understand now”

“I’m not lonely” Grim laughed softly. knowing that Cutter would hear the lie. Truth was that the empty feeling inside, could not be cured by hookers or binging, even killing didn’t work. He had a void in his chest, a void nothing would fill, at least nothing he knew of.

Cutter shrugged, “Too bad I am a battle model, and not a house model”

Grim frowned, and returned to the engine. “Yeah, what a shame” He mumbled under his breath.

“Had I been a house model” Cutter said honestly, “I would have loved you” He ran a finger along the hard metal of the dusting machine, “But I was made for killing, not for entertaining”

“How can you even say that?” Grim gasped.

Cutter looked up at his friend, “House models are made with the ability to love and cherish, Lolita models are able to lust and desire, but I was created with blades under my skin and only the knowledge of war and death”

Grim put down his wrench for a moment, “You are one of the most caring, sensible people I know” Grim cleared his throat, “But besides, you’re a guy.. and well, two guys can’t really uhm.. yeah, mate for real.”

Cutter’s eyebrows met in the middle, when he looked at Grim in confusion. “Why not?”

Grim wet his lips trying to find the words to explain this to Cutter, who by all means was a very intelligent, but all he knew, he knew on a information level only, like reading a book on something abstract like love, understanding the psychology and mechanisms, but never being able to feel it. It had to mess with anybody’s head. “Cause men don’t have an vagina or uterus you idiot, you know that”

“But the sexual experience is not just for the single purpose of procreating. It also releases dopamine in your brain, the body’s reward system, released when you experiences something really pleasant, like sex, good food or happy feelings” Cutter stated a-matter-of-factly, before he fluttered his eyelashes demurely, “You don’t need a specific gender for either of these”

Grim groaned, “Alright” picking up his wrench again. “You better not say all that to the others, or anyone for that matter” When Cutter looked clueless again, Grim turned to his friend, with an overbearing smile. “Men likes women, who likes men, its that simple, even your circuits must be able to make that equation”

“Yes, but…” Cutter started. but stopped mid sentence. “What makes you think i am a man to begin with?”

Grim rolled his eyes annoyed. “Cause you have a penis, you idiot.”

“So having a penis, is what makes me male? Interesting” Cutter said in his usual observing kind of way, as were he reading information off a book.

“Yes! your dick is what makes you a guy, jeesh Cutter, sometimes its hard to imagine you as a super smart, super advanced weapon.” He sighed and looked over at his friend for a short second. “You have to shut the fuck up with all that touchy feely stuff though, or the others will think you’re a homo, okay?” Grim sneered, turning annoyed to pick up his tools once more.

“If its important to you, then I promise” Cutter said with a sweet smile. He walked around Grim, placing his hand on his friend’s tense shoulder. “Why are you so defensive? why would you care what they think of me?” Cutter squeezed the muscle under his hand gently. “They’d just think I was talking crazy, after all I am not programmed to think these thoughts, am I now?”

“I just do” Grim sneered. “could you fetch me a beer or something? something other than stand around asking fucking stupid questions?”

“Sure” Cutter said, removing his hand from Grim’s shoulder, “What kind of beer do you want?”

“The cold kind” Grim said annoyed.

Cutter left the garage and went upstairs to get a beer. Grim tossed his wrench down into the car engine in frustration. “Fuck” he hissed kicking the car to make his point. How he wished that Cutter would stop worrying, and return to his own stupid self.

The next day they left to meet the person who had left the bit they had joined in on. As the only betters they had gotten the job for now. And as Tinkerbell had promised they all went along, just in case it was a trap. The strange nervousness that Grim had would not go away, and it was not the prospect of a break and enter, cause he lived for that shit, busting down those fuckers doors catching them in their jammies, shooting them down on the spot. Something was just way off, and he couldn’t explain it.

Both Swordfish and Grim had been surprised when they saw what was waiting for them, a young water nymph, clutching a piece of paper. They had expected a lot of things, but not that. Sometimes when hunters bought their contract, they’d sell their list of addresses of known halfway houses, or personal addresses of creatures they stalked.  A water nymph? weren’t they like these docile, good forest creatures?

“So” Swordfish said, standing right in front of Trey, looking at him. “Schadenfreude?”

Trey swallowed hard as he nodded, he had not seen a darkelf in real life, but he remembered the stories told to him as a kid, they were evil, twisted, even eating their own younglings if they were deemed weak or diseased. “I know of a place that holds more information on supernatural creatures than you’d ever want”

“Interesting” Swordfish agreed. “What makes you think, its the kind of information I want?”

“I have the address in my hand” Trey said, his voice still trembled slightly, not sure this was the best idea he ever had. “He is a supernatural private detective, and has all his costumers information on his computer, different aliases, addresses, phone numbers, safehouses, the works”

The sky clouded over till the sun was totally obscured. “Cutter, Grim” Tinkerbell said hushed behind their backs. “When he leaves, kill him”

“Affirmative” Cutter said without as much as blinking.

Answering Grim before he asked, “Someone like that is bound to bring in a nice bounty, he is a very rare specimen. It’s has to be way more than what he’s offering.”

“It is as good as done” Grim confirmed without taking his eyes off Swordfish and the nymph.

“Can I ask why you’re willing to sell me this information?” Swordfish asked.

“Isn’t two dead supernatural beings and 15.000 enough?” Trey asked slightly desperate, “It’s all I have”

Swordfish smiled motherly, “It’s fine, if I didn’t like the terms, I wouldn’t have placed a bid, agreeing to your terms. What I AM asking is why.”

“Because I want those inhabitants in that house dead” Trey said with a harsh tone.

“Wow, you must want them dead badly, since you’re willing to sell out so many of your kind” Swordfish said slightly amused.



Trey’s expression hardened, “I do, I want them dead, and I don’t care who I take down with them” He said with a near whisper, “I cant rest before I know they are no more”

Swordfish grinned. “Hell has no room for the lover scored, huh?”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?, like you can judge me? you make a living of killing your own in case you didn’t notice” Trey shot back.

Swordfish frowned and stepped closer to Trey, “The difference is that I am a prisoner of war, held by a contract to my soul, you on the other hand is nothing but a traitor, and a killer”

“Yet you cherish your own life more than those you take, otherwise you would welcome the afterlife and what that might bring someone like you” Trey stated.

“Do you want the service we offer or not?” Swordfish sneered.


“I do, I want them both dead, the vampire and his filthy little lover… And make sure they are dead” Trey said, trying to sound confident under Swordfish’ scrutinizing glare.

“I promise” Swordfish smiled demonic, “The address please” He held out his hand, and Trey placed the piece of paper he had been clutching in his hand, in Swordfish’s outstretched palm.  “It was a pleasure doing business with you, uhm..”

“Snowball” Trey said, “Likewise Mister Swordfish, likewise”

“I wonder why he hates those two so much” Cutter whispered, so only Grim would hear.

Grim shrugged, “My guess is that he loved one of them, maybe he still do”

“Is that love, Grim?” Cutter whispered appalled at Trey’s hard verdict.

Grim smiled sadly, “Yes my friend” Grim whispered back. “Now you see why I prefer pretend”

“But..” Cutter mumbled confused.

“Love brings forth the best in every one, just as it brings your deepest darkest fear out in the light” Grim said still looking at Trey who stood in the middle of nothing, clearly arguing with Swordfish how the payment should go down. “Love had caused angels to kill their children, and demons to save their enemies lives” 

“That means that I love you then” Cutter suddenly said, earning himself a kick over the shin from Grim.

“I told you to quit that nonsense, didn’t I?” Grim sneered in a whisper.

“But” Cutter said, looking straight out into the horizon, “I went into that room, knowing it was dangerous, my sensors had already picked up on that bomb, but I went anyway, cause you told me to” Cutter smiled a little strained. “I would not have done that for anyone else”

“Cutter.. stop” Grim growled. “You don’t love me, you’re confusing love and trust, my friend” Grim smiled a little more relaxed. “It just means that you’re my friend, and that you trust me, like I trust you, okay?”

Cutter sighed, “You’re right, I am very confused now”

They were cut off by Tinkerbell whispering to Grim. “You’re up. We will go check out the address, and if it checks out, we will let you know and you can quit babysitting him, but when he leaves, you will follow him, wait till its dark and do as I told you. Bring his head, and preferably some identification.”

Tinkerbell and Swordfish left, leaving Trey alone with Grim and Cutter. Grim walked over to the nymph, he nodded towards the ruins behind them. “Do you know what this place once was?”

“No” Trey said. “And i don’t care”

“They used this place for witch Sabbaths, black magic and demon summoning, you name it” Grim smiled smoothly while crossing his arms over his chest. “Sacrifices too”

Trey frowned, “That’s horrible”

“Thank my buddy over there, the walking encyclopaedia, for that piece of useless information” Grim smiled amused, “He got tons of stories about this place, and it seems like we will be stuck here babysitting you for a little while”

“You don’t get out much, do you?” Trey added drily.

Grim laughed softly. “Hey man, I actually kinda like you, if we ignore the fact that you’re taking butt hurt to a whole new level”

Trey frowned, “You don’t know shit, you’re just a slave like the other special hunters. You might hate me for my choice, but at least I am free to make it, unlike you”

As Grim grid his teeth and fisted his hands, Cutter stepped forth and with his strangely androgynous calm voice said. “There is no need for this, we are all here for business, you need us to do your dirty work, and we want the prize. it is as simple as that, so bottle your testosterone sirs”

Grim nodded, and even Trey seemed to see the logic in Cutters words.  Trey looked at the ground, and then up at Cutter, studying his face. “Holy shit, you’re one of those new breed androids, aren’t you?”

Grim took a step towards Trey, but Cutter stopped him with a soft smile and a little gesture from his hand. “I am a CAT006v2” Cutter said, “Lovingly called the harbinger, but my friends call me Cutter for obvious reasons”

Trey whistled acknowledging, stepping one step backwards and away from Cutter. Not wanting to stand to close to the deadliest thing on the planet.

Boxer had paced back and forth in front of Caleb’s house for most of the night, he had been out hunting when the rumour had finally reached him. and he had hurried home. And when Caleb finally returned it was very close to dawn. Boxer threw himself around Caleb’s neck, holding the vampire tight. “Why did you stay out that long? its almost dawn” Boxer mumbled against Caleb’s shoulder.

“Uhm, it just took a little longer than I thought” Caleb said, amused by the welcome. “Missed me?”

“I heard something today when I was out by the city dump.” Boxer said, finally letting go of Caleb, “A friend of mine told me he had seen Snowball with some hunters by the old summoners ruins”

“So?” Caleb asked confused, trying to keep eye contact with Boxer who was obviously spooked, and skittle.

“I got a really bad feeling about it, okay?” Boxer whispered, “Don’t laugh at me, I mean it. Don’t go to the bathroom today, hide somewhere else”

Caleb shook his head, “Even if I were to believe you, then I have no time for finding somewhere else, I have… uhm” He looked over at the horizon, “Less than five minutes”

Nodding defeated by time. Boxer followed Caleb inside.



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