After my own heart 13/?

AN: Swordfish & Grim are sims made by radiationpoison. Oh yeah and welcome to the next part, it does not quite carry the title I said it would, but it does not matter much does it?

The scorned lover – part one

Do you hear my call in the city
When many were lost?
Do you see my name in neon
When the living eat each other?

Then its about time to leave your space
-When the stars seem wrong.

The city is made of dust
And we can’t do anything
Than hope and dream
And love – sometimes.

-M. Strunge.

“Did you get that contract or not?” Tinkerbell asked, coming to stand behind Swordfish as he was roaming through his emails.

“No” Swordfish sighed. “But I think we have another interesting job, it does not pay as well as this werewolf hunt would have tho”

“What ‘does’ it pay?” Tinkerbell asked, her voice slightly annoyed.

“15.000” Swordfish said, flinching as he knew Tinkerbell would hit him over the head. He turned in his seat and looked up at the beautiful tanned woman, “It’s better than nothing, right?” he whined childish.

“He’s right Tinkerbell” Cutter said, deeply concentrated on fixing up the bench. With a sigh he straightened up and smiled “I repaired my left arm, but it wont last for long if I don’t get some new spare parts” He looked down at the panel of the bench, uneasy talking about himself like that, like a machine. “I need a new chip for the colour receptors” He whispered, “I see everything in black and white”

“And you shall have it” Swordfish said from his seat, watching Cutter ease a little again.

Grim stood at the fridge and looked down into his coffee, watching the brown liquid swirl, while listening to the others, inwardly cringing cause he knew it was his fault to begin with that Cutter had lost the use of his left arm, and that his vision chip had been damaged. He also knew that Cutter had been lucky, that the blast had not torn him completely apart.

“Why don’t you put in the bets when I tell you to?” Tinkerbell sneered, “Had you done that, we would not have lost that werewolf hunt”

Swordfish nodded slowly, looking up at his employer and lover. “I know, I am sorry” Truth was that he had gambled, he had demanded more money than he normally would have, cause he knew that they were seriously in lack of credits, and Cutter was not the only thing that needed some fixing up around here. “I promise I will be on my toes next” He smiled disarming.

Tinkerbell was not satisfied with that answer, but she still smiled, knowing it didn’t get better than that, the big jobs were taken for now, and they had gotten none of them.


“Swordfish?” Grim asked from the table where he was eating a doughnut “What is that 15.000 quid job about?”

“It’s a guy who sells some information in exchange for a break and enter” Swordfish answered grinning to himself, as he watched the flames eat away at the wood in the fireplace. “Don’t know why or how, I didn’t place a bet for that job, I just thought it looked interesting, even if the pay is bad”

“Then place the bid” Tinkerbell said, “15.000 is better than nothing”

Grim shook his head appalled, “Since when were we common hit men?”

Tinkerbell looked at the blond man, “Grim, for someone blessed with immortality, you sure are stupid”

Grim frowned, “It was not what I meant, there’s just something that sounds slightly off by that bet” He looked over his shoulder at Swordfish, “Did it say who placed it?”

“Nope, he logged on as Schadenfreude” Swordfish said, “But I can place a bet if you want me to”

“I think it sounds off” Grim said, looking straight at Tinkerbell, “What if its a trap? What if..”

“What if someone hunts the hunters?” Tinkerbell said sombre, Grim nodded. Tinkerbell looked from Grim to Swordfish, to Grim again. “We all go then”

Swordfish turned around at the fireplace, looking at Tinkerbell and Grim at the table. “Since when did you worry about such things as safety?” He said acidly.

Grim sighed and ignored Swordfish, “Look, I learned my lesson, okay?”

“I know you did” Tinkerbell stated flatly. She slowly turned her head and looked at Grim, “If you hadn’t I would have released you from your contract”

“Don’t you think you’re a little hard on Grim?” Tinkerbell said, sitting down in the bed with a satisfied sigh.

“Don’t you think you’re a little soft on his scrawny ass?” Swordfish shot back.

Tinkerbell rose a perfect eyebrow, ” ‘someone’ is grumpy huh?”

Swordfish reached out and pulled Tinkerbell down into bed with him. pinning her to the mattress, “I just don’t want to spend my night discussing him”

Cutter came and sat down next to Grim in the dark, “I’m sorry he’s still giving you shit about that accident” he said softly, “I know you didn’t mean for it to happen”

“Yeah” Grim murmured. “Is it really bad to have black and white vision?” he asked softly, turning his head and studied the cyborg next to him. it was eerie, he looked like a person, yet he didn’t, there was no warmth in his smile, no twinkle in his eyes. he looked like a life-size doll. what seemed so cruel was that this genderless doll was created with a human intelligence, knowing all to well that he will never be human, he will remain nothing short of a pocket calculator for the rest of his existence. Sometimes Grim thought it would have been more merciful to have left him in the flames of the explosion, instead of pulling him out, patching him together.

Cutter laid down in the sofa, pretending to rest, even if he needed none, he still liked to do it, maybe to remain somewhat human? after all what would a Cyborg dream of? Grim got up and went to the other sofa in front of the fire. “You seem distant” Cutter said softly, “What is wrong?”

“Nothing” Grim lied.

Cutter smiled motherly, “Liar”

“You wouldn’t understand” Grim finally whispered.

“I wouldn’t understand, huh? because I am a scrap heap? or because you won’t tell me?” Cutter hissed.

Grim blushed slightly, “It just disturbs me to listen to those two going at it” he turned to his back, staring up into the ceiling.

Cutter looked confused. “Because you want to copulate with them? you can just go, I won’t be upset”

Grim actually laughed out loud. “Gods no, Cutter, I don’t wanna join them”

Cutter twirled some hair around his finger. “I thought all males wished to procreate with the alpha female”

Grim still chuckled, “I’m not a fucking cat or whatever”

“Then why are you so unsettled about it?” Cutter asked childish.

“It just is” Grim mumbled, “as I said, you wouldn’t understand” he sighed, closing his eyes, but the sounds of those two in bed refused to let him relax. “That’s it!” He finally sneered, sitting up. “I can’t sleep here”

Cutter was just studying him. “Wanna go fix up the car?”

Grim nodded gratefully.

“Lets go” Cutter sat up in the sofa as well.

Grim thought it was amazing how tapped into human emotions Cutter were, because with all regards, some things he would just never understand, it took a sex drive, and a heart to understand those things, those issues that made someone like Grim a living creature, and Cutter nothing but an advanced robot.



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