Wind chimes are gay 9/?; I know a deeper beauty shines beyond the veil.

author: Azzy
title: Wind chimes are gay
warnings: incest, violence, character death, some serious AU.
rating: N17 / m+
summary: Elured and Elurin escaped from Menegroth, only to go to a future unknown.
beta: goodbye_sun
AN: Eurin is playing games with his brother.
fandom: silm
Rating: N17/M+ (entire story)
pairring: Elured/Elurin, Elured/Elladan, Elurin/Elrond (maybe more will follow)

I would risk all this
For one minute of bliss
With her body and it’s gift
My filthy little secret

Forever sworn to keep it
My filthy little secret

-Cradle of Filth.

Chapter 9 – I know a deeper beauty shines beyond the veil.

Rivendell had spent seven days in mourning, as it was custom, and now Elrond and his children would begin their terrible task of taking Celebrian back to her mother and father, to rest there for all times in the soil of Lorien.

Elured and Elurin stood and watched the party as they left, Elured couldn’t help but to feel heavy hearted, but also happy, for on his brother’s finger sat the ring of power. Elrond had entrusted Rivendell to them, and along with it, Vilya to shield off all evil. When Elured snuck his hand into his brothers, squeezing it gently, he could feel that a part of his brother was saddened for these elves as well, but they could not loose their perspective, which was to please Father.

Elrond had also left behind his advisor, Erestor, with the twins in case some emergency should arise while he was gone. Glorfindel had not been happy, leaving his beloved with the snake eyed twins, but he had not the heart to tell Elrond that his judgement was poor in this moment.


Elured sat at Elrond’s desk, trying to make sense of the instructions left behind, he didn’t even glance at Elurin walking in with dinner on a tray. ”Did I miss dinner?” he just mumbled.

”You did,” Elurin stated, making Elured look up from the paperwork as he locked the door with a metallic clang. ”It suits you, you know,” he said with a smile.

Elured shook his head amused, ”I am not the clever one, you know that. I am just trying to do what Elrond asked of us. What good is Rivendell to Father if its a run down realm?”

”True,” Elurin said, walking over to the desk, putting the tray down. Seating himself on the desk, he pushed a pile of paper down on the floor. ”What words did you speak with the young heir of Rivendell?”

”Come again?” Elured asked, looking up at his brother, who had that sneaky expression on his face again, and he just knew that his twin was up to no good.

”I saw you earlier,” Elurin said, ”You were whispering in the courtyard.”

”He asked me where I had gone off to,” Elured said, not able to look at his brother, he kept his eyes downcast. ”Why I had not rushed to Elrohir’s aid.”

”Did you tell him?” Elured asked innocently.

”No,” Elured said, squirming slightly in the chair, finally looking up at his brother, he paled, ”Don’t you dare to ever tell him.”

”Why would I humiliate you like that?” Elurin said, his innocent face still in place. ”So, brother, what did ‘you’ tell him?”

”Does it matter?” Elured asked, his voice a whisper.

Tapping a finger on his lower lip, Elurin smiled. ”Did you tell him you let a band of Orcs molest you while you screamed his name over and over?” A little amused chuckle escaped the elf, ”That’s love for you.”

”Stop,” Elured groaned, ”I did not scream his name.” Elured got up from the chair and walked to the large window, overlooking a vast garden. ”I did not scream.”

Elurin watched his brother leaned against the window. ”Liar,” he just stated. ”Who’s name did you scream?” his voice had taken on itself a vicious tone.

”I told you, I did not…” Elured faltered, and then raked a hand through his hair, ”Yours,” he admitted with a defeated tone. ”Was that what you came here to know?” He turned in the window looking at Elurin still seated on the desk. ”I screamed your name, over and over, crying in my shame, and cursing myself for my mistake,” he said, with a clinical, cold tone.

”I love you,” Elurin said, much softer than before, ”By Eru how I love you.” Elurin jumped off the desk and went over to his distraught brother in the windowsill.

”Are you afraid that I might love Elladan?” Elured asked, leaning heavily against his twin.

”I am,” Elurin whispered back, ”Of all the elves there, I wanted him dead the most, and you sacrificed yourself for his survival.”

”Elurin,” Elured whispered, wrapping his arms around his brother, ”I lust for him, but I do not love him.”

”I do not believe you,” Elurin whispered.

”What can I do to convince you that my heart hold only you,” Elured whispered.

”Kill him,” Elurin whispered.


”See?” Elurin whispered sadly.

Elured entwined his fingers with Elurin’s, caressing the Vilya. ”Should we try and contact Father?” he asked with a whisper.

Holding hands, the twins used all their will power to summon the attention of the Dark Lord. Finally they felt him fluttering in the corner of their minds. /Father/ they both thought in unison.

/Sons/ he answered.

/We bring you a gift/ Elurin thought. /We bring you Rivendell and the Vilya/.

/You are good sons/ Sauron said, /but it is not yet time, there is something more important you must do/.

/Anything, Father, anything/ Elured thought eagerly.

/My ring, the one ring, whom will enslave the rest, it has stirred, I can feel it/ Sauron said, he sounded oddly sad /Sons, I have no body, I am but spirit, should I have my ring brought to me, I should have a body once more/.

/Oh father/ both twins sighed in their minds, sad that they could not embrace their Father as they wanted to.

/In fifteen years, on the night of Yavieba, you shall advise Elrond, Rong. You shall tell him that he needs a alliance between men, elves and other inbred races of middle earth, let him call them here, the valiant and brave. Let them on their mission, trust in me, it will all be done according to my will. You will advise that the one who bears the ring, the halfling, my Nazgul’s have seen sensed him, he must carry this ring. And once he is isolated from the rest, unless his friends turn on him that is, he will be captured, and Middle earth shall be ours/.

/But Rivendell/ Elured thought.

/It is a kingly gift my sons, you have done well/ Sauron sent, his sons could feel the smile and pride in his tone.

/I miss you Father!/ Elured spurted out, his distress almost visible in his brainwaves.

/I miss you as well son/ Sauron thought back, /You should hold your life more dear, and not be ready to waste it for those who are already bound to fail/.

/Yes Sire/ Elured sent, dropping his head once more, he had hoped his Father had not heard of his foolish, shameful deed.

/What will you have us do now, Father?/ Elurin asked, squeezing his brothers hand to show support.

/Kill the balrong slayer, for he will discover you soon, he sees more than you think. Rule your new realm, and rule it well sons, I shall be with you/ Sauron sent, his words flat and emotionless.

/Yes Father/ They both sent, /farewell, till we see you once more/.

/Be careful my sons, and farewell till I can once more walk the earth/ Sauron sent, and then the link faded till it died completely, leaving the two elves alone in the room.

Elured let go of his brothers hand, ”He is mad, Elurin,” he whispered, ”Father has lost his mind.”

”What makes you say that?” Elurin said, frowning.

”Kill Glorfindel?” Elured turned to Elurin, and shook his shoulders roughly, shaking his brother like a rag doll. ”We cannot do that, how would you suppose we got away with that?”

Elurin raised a brow, ”We will figure something out, brother. Do not despair.”

Elured flopped down into a plush chair behind him, ”I cannot see why I should not.”

Elurin kneeled in front of his brother, spreading Elured’s legs, and moved between then, resting his head on his brothers abdomen with a loud peaceful sigh. ”Have I not always solved our problems?”

”You have,” Elured admitted, entangling his fingers in his brothers hair, feeling as his twins presence this close calmed him. ”But both Elrond and Glorfindel? They will start to suspect something.”

”Of course they won’t,” Elured whispered, sneaking a hand inside Elured’s robe, ”Not if its planned decently.” Caressing the soft skin he encountered, he heard his brother hiss. ”Are you still hurting from the Orcs?” he asked sweetly.

”Only my pride,” Elured answered. ”I must admit that the thought of… of… makes me a little uneasy.”

”You can pretend I am the heir of Rivendell” Elurin whispered, planting a sweet kiss on the skin he uncovered. ”With my wild grey eyes and lush lips.”

”Don’t,” Elured whimpered as Elurin pushed his robe even further apart.

”You are right my love, I should not be so possessive,” Elurin admitted, resting his chin on Elured’s stomach, looking up at his brother. ”I have taken a number of lovers over the ages, and you have not, I should not be this jealous, and let you enjoy your youngling.”

”Elurin…” Elured whispered, wanting to swap his hands away, but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

”It’s true.” Elurin continued, ”I have been most selfish,” he smiled sweetly, ”Having left your side for years, only to return, knowing you would be there when I grew tired of my new lover.” He took a deep breath, ”Forgive me.”

”You’re being silly,” Elured whispered, ”You need not worry about it,” he smiled.

”Will you return to me when you tire of the half-elf?” Elurin asked, his voice innocent, but his hands tugging at Elured’s waistband.

Raising himself slightly, just enough for Elurin to pull his pants off from under him. ”Must you speak of others now?” Elured whispered, feeling as his skin was graced with a cold breeze, which made him close his eyes in subtle pleasure.

Finally licking his way up his brothers erection, drawing a sweet sigh from Elured as he did so, Elurin’s smile widened. ”I love you, Brother.”

”I love you too,” Elured whispered. ”Brother,” his voice was thick of need as his brother nestled his face next to his aching erection. His hand fisted in Elurin’s hair, trying to draw attention to his apparent need.

”Close your eyes,” Elurin whispered, watching as his brother obediently closed his eyes. Elured slicked a finger with his own saliva, watching his brother sitting on a chair with his legs wantonly wide open, just waiting for him. It made his heart swell with love for his twin to see him trust him like this. He would indeed not harm Elured’s half-elf, he would let him have him, eventually he would never say no to his brother, and his brother never said no to him. Leaning in again, kissing the base of Elured’s erection, while his finger idly circled his brother’s opening.

”Do you feel that?” Elurin whispered hoarsely.

”Yes,” Elured whispered back, his breath fast and irregular, clearly excited.

”Grab the edge of the chair, and hold your hands there, if you let go, I will stop,” Elurin said, licking up Elured’s member, hearing his brother suck in his breath sharply, but none the less he let go of Elurin’s hair, and grabbed the edge of the chair instead. ”Say my name,” Elurin demanded.

”Elurin,” Elured whimpered, trying to push down on the teasing digit.

Elurin smiled, ”I want you to pretend that I am Elladan,” he whispered, when Elured stirred in protest, he hushed him sharply, ”I will stop.”

”Okay,” Elured whispered, and stayed still, his stomach knotted with desire, this just felt so dirty and wrong, and so delicious.

”So say my name,” Elurin whispered, finally pushing his slick finger inside his brother.

”Elladan,” Elured moaned, spreading his legs wider, a warm mouth engulfed his erection, it felt so good he almost forgot to breathe. Behind his closed eyelids he could almost imagine that the hair across his legs was raven black, but a dark, warm hue of brown. And when the finger inside him found its destination, Elured’s legs started to shiver, trying to maintain this position. ”Elladan, oh Eru, Elladan,” He moaned, ”More.”

His plead was simple, but Elurin knew what his brother wanted, and added another dry finger, which he knew would have to sting, Elured didn’t seem to care too much. Moving his mouth and fingers, working them the way he knew would have his brother a mess in just moments, he couldn’t help but to think to himself /He really does want you, little Elladan/ And as that thought ended, he felt his brother jerk under his touch, just seconds before he tasted the salty liquid that erupted from his lovers erection as Elured orgasmed. Pulling away from his brother, Elurin looked up at his brother, ”You can open your eyes now,” he said amused.

Breathlessly Elured opened his eyes, looking down at Elurin. ”Thank you,” he whispered, ”I didn’t think of them once.”

Elurin was about to protest, but then realised that Elured thought that Elurin had entertained his daydreams to chase away any thought of his night of sacrifice. ”You’re welcome,” Elurin said with a smile.



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