Wind chimes are gay 4/?; Wake up dead.

author: azzy
title: Wind chimes are gay
warnings: incest, violence, character death, some serious AU.
rating: N17 / m+
summary: Elured and Elurin escaped from Menegroth, only to go to a future unknown.
beta: goodbye_sun
AN: Galadriel figure out who the mystery guests are.
fandom: silm
pairring: Elured/Elurin, Elured/Elladan, Elurin/Elrond (maybe more will follow)

Run and kill
Destroy the will
A hero that doesn’t exist
Smoking gun
Well I am the one
A bullet hole
In your fist

Hey, I’m breathing
Hey, I’m bleeding
Hey, I’m screaming
Scum of the earth
Come on

-Rob Zombie.

Part 4 – Wake up dead

”They are clearly twins,” Galadriel said, standing at the large glass doors of Elrond’s study, looking out over the courtyard. ”How many twins have you heard of through out Elven history?” she asked.

Elrond sighed, but before he could answer Galadriel said, ”There are you and Elros, my cousins Amras and Amrod.” She turned to him and continued, ”And then there were your mother’s elder brothers, Elured and Elurin, the twin sons of King Dior of Doriath.” Smiling at Elrond’s expression she added, ”They would be the same age as your chief advisor, and thus grown up speaking Quenya just as you and me. Think about that.”

Elrond frowned, ”My mother told me that they died in the forest.”

Galadriel nodded. ”That is indeed the popular belief,” she said. ”But, I know that Maedhros went to look for them.”

”He did?” Elrond looked surprised.

”Yes, and he was the one that said they had perished. He claimed that the trail he followed went dead, that there was no earthly proof of them sill having been alive, and thus he deducted that they had been eaten by wildlife.” Galadriel chuckled, ”You of all remember Maedhros. He was a strange soul, but what if he repented over what he had done, what if he found them, took them somewhere and never told a soul?”

Elrond nodded, ”He could have done that, yes.”

”It would explain why he was so adamant about raising you and Elros,” Galadriel said softly. ”Maybe he gave you what he could not give them?”

”Redeeming himself?” Elrond asked.

”Maybe?” Galadriel said. ”But think about it Elrond, those elves might be your uncles.”

Elrond had not thought about it like that, and nodded slowly, ”But what if they are not?”

”There is an easy way to find out,” Galadriel said. ”I knew Elured and Elurin when they were but babes, and I remember they both had a very special birthmark, almost the shape of a butterfly. One will have it between his shoulder blades and the other next to his navel, all you must do is look.”


That same night Elrond summoned Elured to his study. This made Elured nervous, he was not sure what to think, had they seen through his poor defense of memory loss? An elf had come to their room and left a blue tunic and some dark leggings along with some soft shoes. Elured braided his hair in a single long braid, and changed into the clothes. The fabric felt most strange against his skin. He had not worn soft materials like this since before Angbard had been destroyed. He fingered the embroidered sleeve, so, so beautiful. He remembered seeing Father in clothes like this when he chose to be seen in his real form. A smile formed on his lips, if Father could see him now, living amongst elves, dressed in pretty, soft clothes.

An elf came and gestured for Elured to follow, which he did, walking out from the healing house and over the courtyard, and through a massive door and into the Lord’s house. It was magnificent and utterly beautiful, and absolutely friendly. Yes, friendly was the word that came to Elured as he was guided up some stairs and down a long corridor to a huge door, which was apparently the door to Lord Elrond’s study. The elf slipped away, leaving Elured in front of the door alone. Since he could no nothing else, he knocked.

Elrond took a deep breath, telling himself he could manage to carry this out without being disappointed should these elves not be who Galadriel had suspected, or rather had hinted that she suspected. But that was just like Galadriel to not tell you straight out, leaving you to make your own conclusions to her words. ”Ralak,” Elrond said with a friendly smile as Elured entered his study.

”Lord Elrond, you summoned me?” Elured said, shuffling nervously with his hands, keeping his eyes on the floor. Elrond watched him and had to remind himself he was from another time. If he was indeed his mother’s brother, being summoned by your lord would have meant something entirely different.

”Look at me Ralak,” Elrond said, walking carefully towards the nervously twitching elf. Elured looked up and inhaled sharply, afraid of what would come next, his discomfort rolling off him in waves.

Elrond just smiled and took Elured’s hands, rubbing them gently. ”I just wanted to examine your wound, it was pretty serious after all, and I thought you could use a trip away from your room and come see where I stay.” Elured nodded, relaxing a little. ”Take off your tunic my friend, and stand over by the light,” Elrond said, gesturing towards his large desk that had a candelabra on the corner.

Elured did as he was told, and Elrond was just glad that this elf didn’t seem to know oregano from hemlock, because if he had, he would know that there was no way Elrond would be able to see anything of significance in this light, and that it was not a scar he was after at all. Quickly glancing at Elured’s back he looked between the shoulder blades but there was nothing there and Elrond felt his heart sink a little. Turning Elured gently he looked at his stomach, and there it was, a dark brown mark, slightly resembling a butterfly just below the navel. Elrond looked up at Elured with a big grin. ”Elurin? Elured?” He asked, not knowing which twin he was talking to.

Elured was clearly confused, knitting his eyebrows trying to figure out how this elf would know that. ”Elured,” He finally reluctantly mumbled.

”By the Valar!” Elrond cheered. He wanted nothing more than to embrace the skinny elf in front of him, but decided that Elured looked confused and frightened, and probably would suffer a heart attack if he hugged him. Instead he handed Elured his tunic back and went to the bar and poured them both a glass of liquor. Elured took the drink with a relieved smile, it didn’t look like they were being shown the gates just yet at least. ”Elured,” Elrond said, as were he tasting the name, ”Your sister.”

Elured nodded, ”Baby sister,” he said, ”Elwing, she dead.” It had always saddened him, and many were the times that he wished that her nanny would have gone with them, so that the nice red haired elf could have met her too, maybe then she might still live.

Elrond shook his head, ”Elwing, yes,” he said, taking a sip of his drink, ”She lived.” He tried to catch Elured’s elusive gaze with his own, ”She’s my mother.”

Now it was Elured’s turn to look absolutely gob smacked. ”Your mother? Elwing?” Blinking rapidly as to digest the information, Elured just whispered, ”Baby Elwing, your mother?”

”Yes,” Elrond laughed softly, ”She survived Elured, you needed not worry.”

To Elrond’s surprise Elured narrowed his eyes and looked directly at him, green intelligent gems. ”Her husband?” he asked.

”Oh,” Elrond said with a relived smile, ”He was a righteous and brave elf from Lindon.”

Elured nodded, apparently that was what he needed to know, still feeling a little protective over his baby sister even after so many years, and the fact that he had believed her dead before she could take her first step. ”Sister’s son,” He said tilting his head, looking at Elrond, ”Elurin shall be happy.”


The next day Galadriel came for Elured and took him for his daily walk in the garden. Elured had followed eagerly, happy to get out of the healing house. ”Do you remember me?” Galadriel asked.

”Maybe,” Elured said, glad that more and more words from his childhood language had slowly returned to him over the past days as he was forced to use his forgotten mothers tongue.

Galadriel smiled mysteriously as she had a habit of doing. ”I remember you wee Elured, you are not wee anymore, you have grown into a beautiful elf.” She sat down at a stone bench and Elured followed suit. ”You look like your father,” she said, ”And he again took after his mother, the most beautiful of all elves to walk Arda, if I can say so.”

Elured blushed a little under the kind words from the prettiest elven lady he had ever seen. ”Celeborn,” He suddenly said, staring at Galadriel, as did he remember who she was.

”Yes, that is right,” Galadriel said, ”I fell in love with my husband in your house, you ‘do’ remember me, don’t you?”

Elured nodded.

”I am sorry Elured, but I have to ask you, what you remember from your escape, many will find it strange, unbelievable, that you two should suddenly surface after this many years. You were believed to have perished.”

”They all died,” he said. ”And then,” he smiled at the memory, staring off into the garden, ”The fiery elf on the white steed,” he chuckled.

”Maedhros,” Galadriel whispered, ”I should have known he would have found you.”

”Yes,” Elured said, recalling the name she mentioned. ”Took us to a village, told us to be good.” A small boyish grin crept over his lips.

”A human village?” Galadriel asked.

”Yes,” Elured nodded.

”You stayed with humans for all this time?” She was clearly surprised to learn of this.

”No,” Elured answered truthfully. He turned his head and looked at her, how he wish he could tell her the truth, make her understand. But he knew she wouldn’t, and so he he said, ”As the land crumbled, we hid in the mountains, Brother and I.”

Galadriel looked like someone had slapped her, ”Why on earth didn’t you come forth? Surely you knew that you would be greeted like long lost family members.”

”No, we thought… we thought… I know not what we thought.” Elured finally whispered, ”That we did not belong there anymore perhaps.”

”Nonsense,” Galadriel huffed. Making Elured look up at her in alarm. ”Of course you belong here.”

”We do?” Elured said softly.

Galadriel nodded, ”You are family, both by kin and by blood.”

Elured took a deep breath, smelling the magnolia in the air, and the moist droplets caused by the waterfall further back. Yes he could belong here, it made sense, seemed like it was meant to be. ”I worry,” he finally said, ”Why does he not wake?”

Galadriel just looked at Elured with sorrow filled eyes. Shaking her head slightly, ”I do not know, friend.”

”Maybe he does not want to?” Elured whispered, frowning worried.

”Master Elured! Master Elured!” An elf cried, running towards them, stopping in front of Elured and Galadriel. ”Forgive me my lord, and lady. But your brother has awoken, and is asking for you master Elured.”

”He woke?” Elured gasped, getting to his feet instantly, he did not care to recall any elven etiquette, and just sprinted towards the healing house.


Pushing elves aside as he entered the healing house, he crawled up on the bed, burying his frightened brother in a warm embrace. Whispering in his ear in the black speech, ”We are safe, they rescued us, fret not. I am here, and they mean us no harm.”

Elurin closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of having Elured close. ”But we are the enemy,” he said softly.

”Hush brother, we cannot speak the tongue of Angbard here, it is forbidden. They will respond to our childhood tongue tho,” Elured whispered. ”Just rejoice brother, for we were rescued once more, the Valar must truly love us.”



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