Wind chimes are gay 3/?; Slow talk, fast thoughts.

author: azzy
title: Wind chimes are gay
warnings: incest, violence, character death, some serious AU.
rating: N17 / m+
summary: Elured and Elurin escaped from Menegroth, only to go to a future unknown.
beta: goodbye_sun
AN: Arrival at Rivendell, and language limits for all.
fandom: silm
pairring: Elured/Elurin, Elured/Elladan, Elurin/Elrond (maybe more will follow)

Fear in my subconscious
Terror invades my speech
Faith in my own words
No one knows the nameless

Running in the wrong direction
Crossing with blind eyes
I’m closer to myself
Sanity can’t invade


Part 3 – Slow talk, fast thoughts.

The elf cleaning off the large gash in Elurin’s back said, ”Should we call Lord Elrond?”

”He is grieving, we should leave him alone,” the other elf replied, wringing a blood covered cloth in a bowl of water.

”Aren’t we all?” the elf attending Elurin huffed.

The other elf took the cloth and wiped off Elured’s forehead, ”It worries me that these two do not wake, they have been in an healing sleep for much too long, we need to get some sustenance in them somehow.” He gave his colleague a sharp look, ”And for that I need Lord Elrond.”

”You need Lord Elrond for what?” Elrond said, pushing back the flap to the tent with a fast and annoyed gesture.

”Lord Elrond,” both elves said, bowing to their lord.

Elrond looked at the two strange elves, ”They are dying,” he stated. Shrugging he added, ”It is not in our place to force feed them, if they should not wish to be counted amongst the living.” He looked at the two unconscious elves on their bedrolls and raised a perfect eyebrow. ”Mirror images,” he mumbled. ”Do any of you know if they said anything at any point? Or were they already unconscious when they were brought here?”

”They have not spoken to our knowledge, my Lord,” one of the elves said.

”Move their bedrolls together, and place their hands on top of each other,” Elrond said.

”What? Why?” The healers asked in unison.

”Just do it,” Elrond said flatly. If they are what I think they are, then maybe…” He looked from the sleeping forms to the healers, ”Just do as I say.”


As the elves destined for Rivendell set out from the encampment, the strange twin elves had still not woken. Even so, Elrond decided to bring them along, if for nothing else than to settle his curiosity. Now that he had watched them for so long, he wanted to know who they were, and why they had been wearing the enemy’s uniform. No elves had been corrupted to the point of joining Sauron’s ranks, none that were not also corrupted in the flesh. These two were not corrupted, actually they were very pretty, even by elven standards.

And so Elurin and Elured journeyed to Rivendell, not knowing of their fathers death, and of each others life.


It was a beautiful spring day when Elured opened his eyes, and to his surprise looked directly out a window at a robin outside on a branch. Blinking, he couldn’t make sense of it at all, he heard soft murmured voices and muffled laughter. He sat up in the bed, wincing as his side still hurt. He heard someone yell out, and suddenly a number of elves came to his bedside. Elured looked up at them, his eyes wide, not knowing what to expect. ”Where am I?” he asked.

The elves looked even more confused as they hushed him. Elured wasn’t aware that he spoke the black speech, which is not allowed in any elven realm.

Elured looked around, brushing hair out of his face, and then he saw him, Elurin, laying in his bed too. He had not even noticed! A voice in the back of his head told him that the reason he had not noticed was because he was there, had be been missing he would have felt it right away.

He was given a tray with soup, milk and bread, but the sight alone made him nauseous, since he had not eaten for so long. The blond elf who had brought it, looked at him and nodded, gesturing for him to eat it. And finally Elured, not knowing what else to do, started eating.

He had not finished his meal by the time Elrond came to his bedside. Elured didn’t know who this elf was, but he could tell from the reaction of the other elves that he was someone important. The elf spoke, but Elured didn’t understand it, and just shook his head sadly.

Elrond sat and watched the elf in the bed, at least he seemed to be eating, which was always a good sign. It had been really long since he had seen an elf this thin, and really they had both been famished to behold when they had first been brought into his care. ”Who are you?” He asked, but the elf just shook his head. He had been told that the elf had woken and spoken the black speech, this had worried Elrond greatly! Maybe he really had made a mistake letting these two elves in, maybe they were meant to have perished at the battlefield, that was now the dead marshes, maybe they should have been preserved in the swamp like the others?

Elured watched the elf in the chair with great frustration. Thinking hard, he thought that these were elves, even if he didn’t understand what they said. And so he took a deep breath and tried to recall his elven. ”Thank, save you my brother,” he said in broken elvish, wincing, knowing he had not spoken Quenya since he was but a babe.

Elrond frowned, Quenya? That was absolutely Quenya. He had not heard that sting of language in a long, long time. ”Is that your brother?” He asked, nodding at Elurin, stating the obvious.

Elured nodded, he actually understood some of what the elf said. Well, he had understood ‘your’ and ‘brother’ and just assumed that he had asked if Elurin was his brother. Elured put down his spoon while looking at Elrond. ”I am Ralak,” he said. ”This brother Rong.” He pointed at Elurin.

”I am Lord Elrond.” Elrond said with a smile, ”Nice to meet you Ralak.”

”Lord Elrond?” Elured repeated as to make sure he had gotten it right.

Elrond nodded, ”You are in Rivendell”

”Rivendell” Elured repeated, tasting the name. He turned to Elurin took his hand and kissed it, laughing softly, ”Did you hear that? We are with Lord Elrond in Rivendell! You can wake now brother, we are safe.”

”Ralak,” Elrond said, ”I must inform you that you should not speak that tongue here.” When Elured looked confused he tried again, ”The Orc language is forbidden.”

”Oh,” Elured murmured, hanging his head embarrassed. ”Forgive Lord Elrond,” he whispered, ”We not know.”

”All is forgiven, friend,” Elrond said with a motherly smile. ”Now rest, and tomorrow you can get out of your bed if you wish it.”

Elured pushed back into the bed with a thankful smile. Resting against his twin, listening to Elurin’s breath, he drifted off to sleep once more.


Elrond sat in his study, watching his chief advisor Erestor. ”’Tis most strange, Erestor,” Elrond mused, tapping his lower lip with a finger. ”He speaks fluently black speech, yet they are clearly not orcish, uruk-hai, vampiric or any other abomination of life that was spawned from Melkor.”

”It is most strange, I agree my lord,” Erestor answered, pouring his afternoon tea in a little cup. ”But you did say he spoke Quenya, right?”

”Very badly, yes,” Elrond admitted. ”And no Sindarin, or Common.”

”Indeed a mystery.” Erestor blew the smoke that came from the hot tea in his cup, looking at Elrond. ”Have you tested if he can write? He could be better at that than speaking.”

”You might have a point there, Erestor,” Elrond said with a smile.


Elrond had been delighted when Lady Galadriel had arrived, not because of her, but because she had brought her beautiful daughter Celebrian, whom Elrond harboured some very warm feelings towards, and he suspected they might be returned.

Galadriel had been told of the mystery elves, and desired much to see them for herself. And so Elrond brought her to the bedside of Elured. Both elves stared at each other, Elured and Galadriel, feeling some faint flutter of recognition. ”Ralak,” Galadriel said with a sweet smile. ”I am Lady Galadriel.”

Elured searched his brain for a correct answer to give to such a noble lady. ”Beautiful Galadriel,” He just said, blushing slightly when he realised his slip.

”Why thank you,” Galadriel laughed softly. ”Tell me Ralak, what do you remember from the war? Do you have any recollection of why you and your brother were there?”

Elured might not have remembered how to express himself in Quenya any more, but he was not as stupid as they might think due to his poor vocabulary. He was not going to tell them anything. They were surrounded by the enemy, hospitable enemies, but enemies none the less. If he had told them that he killed their king, then they would no longer serve him soup and let him have visits by noble lords and ladies, and he liked his bed better than a dungeon, so he just smiled and nodded sadly. ”No,” he whispered.

Galadriel smiled too and nodded. ”What is your brothers name?” She asked.

”Rong,” Elured said, and then turned his attention to Elrond. ”Why he not woken?” He asked, worried.

”I don’t know Ralak,” Elrond said, walking over to Elurin’s side of the bed. ”He should wake soon, You should talk to him, whisper in that foul language if you must. Let him know you are here, lend him your strength so he can heal.” When Elured just looked at him, clearly not understanding all he said. Elrond smiled lovingly at Elured and then at Elurin. ”I had a twin too, I know.”

Elured’s eyes widened, ‘that’ he understood. ”Your twin?” he asked.

”Dead,” Elrond said with a sorrow filled voice.

”Sorrow for loss,” Elured said, looking up at Elrond with a compassionate expression.

”Thank you Ralak,” Elrond said, looking over at Galadriel who looked thoughtful.

”If you wish to sit in the sun, I can arrange for someone to take you to the atrium,” Elrond said.

”Please,” Elured said, turning to look out the window with a longing gaze. That made Galadriel snicker. ”Let out your prisoner Elrond,” She said in Sindarin to Elrond, not wanting to upset Ralak, if he didn’t really understand she was jesting.

Elrond nodded. ”I will have someone take you as I take my leave from here,” he said to Elured, leaving their two mystery guests with Galadriel right after.



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