Wind chimes are gay 2/?; A toast to those most sacrilegious of days.

author: azzy
title: Wind chimes are gay
warnings: incest, violence, character death, some serious AU.
rating: N17 / m+
summary: Elured and Elurin escaped from Menegroth, only to go to a future unknown.
beta: goodbye-sun
AN: I have to admit I love writing daddy Sauron. ^_^ Oh yeah, and the timeline went haywire, but then again, I have an au warning, right?
fandom: silm
pairring: Elured/Elurin, Elured/Elladan, Elurin/Elrond (maybe more will follow)

He was a predator,
creditor cold
Our blood was young
on the yellowing scroll
And all that glittered was not gold
But we wanted everything
And for it all lost our souls
We touched the stars
That now laugh from afar At we,
the damned The damned

Cradle of Filth.

Part 2 – A toast to those most sacrilegious of days.

Elurin and Elured soon forgot their home amongst the trees. If asked, they could not recall anything before their time at the stronghold of Morgoth. As children they had been taken care of by Orcs, who had proven themselves adept playmates for the two mischievous elflings that had kept finding themselves in trouble. After their many years here they seldom saw the Dark Lord himself, but they would spend time with his Lieutenant Sauron. They would light up in smiles as they saw his willowy figure entering the living rooms they shared. He was their mentor, they would look upon him in awe and call him Father.

Sauron was proud of his foster sons, they had proven themselves more adept than most of Morgoth’s army. Sauron knew there had been a reason that Morgoth had let him keep the elflings back then when the Uruks had arrived with them, and not just ordered them thrown for the Vargs to feed upon. Sauron was sure that his master saw the potential in these two as well. And as long as the world thought them perished, he could keep them here in safety from the scorn of their own race, for that was something Sauron knew all about. Elurin and Elured, who now answered to the names Ralak and Rong, had spent their begetting day, not knowing a such existed, and hence they had left childhood unknowingly.

When Sauron had suffered his humiliating defeat from the jaws of Huan, he had hidden for a long time before he finally returned to Angbard, his master and the twins. He had been more worn to look upon, worrying the twins, he would not speak of his cowardice, but they could tell that something had happened, something dark and slithering had woken within their father and sire.

They did not know of any elven songs to chase away his shadows even if they wanted to. They gave him the only thing they had, they gave him their ever lasting loyalty by oath. Happy to see their Father smile, it had been too long since they had seen this side of him, and they missed it terribly. When Morgoth was captured and cast into the void, Sauron fled, he cared not for glory or gold, not in that moment at least. He did not even consider his act cowardly.

He was frightened, he did not want to be cast into the void with his master, he did not want to have to answer to all he had done. But they had caught him as well, and he had thrown himself to his knees upon seeing Eönwë. Sauron had cast his warlord form, and let the Valar see him as he would present himself in his most beautiful shape, showing himself as the Maia he was.

He had begged and pleaded, promised that his remorse was true. But the Valar did not listen, they wanted to keep him at Valinor in golden shackles. When he realised that they would not release him, not cast him into oblivion, he fled again. Running back to the ruins of Angbard, hoping that some of his army, and his sons would be there still.


”Are you hungry?” Elurin said, poking his brother, Elured opened his eyes on half and looked dully at his twin. ”Like a wolf,” he said.

A long moment of silence passed, and finally Elured sighed deeply. ”We should leave here, brother. There is nothing left but ruins, even the Orcs had more sense than us, they all abandoned this place.” He grabbed Elurin’s hand and squeezed it hard. ”We will die here if we do not leave.”

”You don’t think Father will return?” Elurin said with a sad tone, drawing a circle in the rubble and dust on the floor with his finger.

”No,” Elured admitted. ”I think he is dead, and we are alive still, but not for long…”

”He’s alive!” Elurin spat hotly.

”Then you doomed us both,” Elured said, letting go of Elurin’s hand, resting back on the fallen pieces of wall behind him.

”I will go and see what I can find for firewood, will you see if there is anything edible left?” Elurin said softly, almost motherly.

”Forcing me to drink poison would be less cruel, my beloved brother. But of course I will,” Elured sneered. Getting to his feet, he drew his sword and started to walk down the corridor, ignoring his brothers childish complaints in the background. Elured hoped that he would not meet anyone on his trip down to what had once been a kitchen. The few creatures left were either sick, insane, dying, or all three at once. They did not care that Elured and Elurin were their masters protégées, they just saw food, or an enemy, Elured didn’t know. All he knew was they would attack, and he had to be careful. He and his brother had starved for so long his mind was getting slow and dull. One day he would not be able to defend himself, and then they would end as a feast for some other to survive.


Elurin returned with some wood, he had to walk further and further from the room where they had made camp in the ruins of the stronghold to find it, and the further he had to go, the more dangerous it became. Walking back to the camp he hummed to himself, trying to chase away the pitch black shadows in the corners, hoping that Elured would find something, anything really, he would consider stale bread a feast by now.

He could see it on his twin, the malnourishment, Elured who had shun like a star, his hair vivid and soft as silk, his skin pale and flawless with lush pink lips and deep green eyes that seemed to look right into your soul. He looked like a walking corpse, like the skin was forced around too large bones. His hair looked tangled and dirty, and his eyes, they were dull, tired imitations of what they used to be. Maybe Elured was right, maybe they really were dying, and maybe Father really was not coming back? Elurin shook his head to chase off his dark thoughts as he started to build a fireplace.

Hearing footsteps as he was trying to blow the embers into a flame, he reckoned it was Elured returning, and didn’t turn around. ”Any luck?” he asked with his back to whoever entered the camp.


Elurin almost fell forward into the beginning fire when he heard those words. He spun around, landing on his behind, just staring at the tall willowy Maia, half obscured by shadows.”Are you real, or am I dreaming again?”

Sauron smiled, and walked further into the room. ”I’m quite real Rong,” he said, holding out a hand to Elurin.

”Oh, Father!” Elurin exclaimed happily, taking Sauron’s hand, embracing his father. ”We were beginning to think you had perished.”

Sauron held out Elurin by an arms length. ”You look…” he said, looking worried. Elured came back from his kitchen adventure with some salted fish and stale bread. But upon seeing his father in the light of the fire, he dropped everything on the floor, food and sword. The sword made a loud clang when it hit the stone floor, making Elurin and Sauron turn around.

”Look Ralak!” Elurin laughed while crying. ”I told you he was alive!”

”Father!” Elured mumbled, stepping over the food, and literally letting himself fall into the arms of Sauron and Elurin.

It just felt like a giant burden was lifted off his shoulders, they would be alright now. Everything would be sorted out, and they would be safe again. They lay resting, half sleeping on each side of Sauron, clinging to their father as if they were afraid he was a figment of their imagination, they listened in silence to Sauron’s tale of what had transpired. And in the end Sauron sighed, ”I cannot stay here, they will find me, and defying the Valar, is not something to take lightly, see what fate it brought upon our master, Melkor.”

Elured yawned, ”Where will we go?” he asked.

”You are free my sons, I cannot ask this of you,” Sauron said, sounding oddly saddened. ”I will not hold any contempt if you should choose to renounce…”

”No Father,” Elurin cut Sauron off, ”We made an oath, and we intend on keeping it, right Ralak?”

”Yes,” Elured said.

”And so, we will follow you where ever you should go,” Elurin said, nuzzling closer to his father.

Sauron smiled to himself. ”You may not spring from my loins, but you are truly my sons.” He squeezed their shoulders with his hands. ”Sleep now, and tomorrow we shall leave here.”


Years later Elurin and Elured found themselves standing on the slope of Mount Doom, looking out over the vast army of Elves and men. ”Don’t be afraid brother,” Elured whispered to his twin.

”I’m not,” Elurin whispered back.

But Elured could see in his brothers eyes that he was terrified. ”Father is confident in our skills and bravery, then so am I,” Elurin added.

‘Liar’ Elured wanted to laugh for some insane reason.

”Put on your helmet brother.” Elured nodded towards the first line of Orcs who had started to run towards the elven ranks, ”It begins.”

Elurin dutifully put on his metal helmet, obscuring his face. And watched as Elured did the same. ”Remember father’s orders, locate and slay the kings of both the human and elven realms, that will discourage them greatly, and then hopefully victory shall be ours.” Elurin nodded, and turned to walk down the slope and join the battle underneath them.

”Elurin?” Elured called. Elurin turned and watched his brother.

”Yes?” he said, baffled to hear that name, a name he had not heard since he was a wee one. ”Be safe,” Elured said, his helmet obscuring his nervous smile.

Both elves looked out over the battlefield, they had suffered a numbing defeat, and their enemy had chased them here to the very heart of their father’s realm. This was their last chance, to win now, they had to be swift and deadly, or they would loose the war. Elurin had been lucky and had killed off the woodland king, who in his folly, had charged with only a handful of men. Sauron had been most pleased, but there was still so many of them, and Elurin was not sure they could really carry out what their father had entrusted them to.

”You too Elured,” Elurin said, and then again turned to engage in the battle, and carry out their fathers bidding.


When he first woke, he wasn’t sure what had happened, his vision blurred and he felt like a horse had kicked him in his chest. A vague noise which he only now realised was himself, softly groaning. Elured turned his head, and stared right into the face of Fuinur, his eyes blank and dead. Elured closed his eyes in pain, Elurin would be greatly saddened by this, he had seemed to get along with the Black Numenorian so well, Elured actually suspected they might be lovers, but he was not sure. Elurin! Where was he? Now his brain suddenly lifted some of the fog that had been surrounding it, confusing him. He tried to get up, but found that a sharp pain would erupt from his flank and leg. He turned around on his stomach, crawling towards mount Doom.

The last he remembered, he had succeeded, he had actually managed to deal the deathblow to the first-born’s king, but he had also inflicted this critical wound upon him. It was okay, Elured told himself, if he died now, he would still have made his father and brother proud. He heard someone yell behind him, but he did not understand what they said. It sounded elvish, but no kind of elvish he knew. Elured paled, they had found him here amongst the piles of the dead and dying, and would now spear him like a hog, he tried to roll over to his back so he would at least be able to see the impending death. But instead of steel, he saw two elves smeared in grime and blood like himself, talking with each other, smiling friendly but tired and worn at him. Their voices though alien, did carry a friendly tone. No one was more surprised than Elured as they lifted him from the ground, and carried him away from Fuinur’s dead staring eyes, and towards the elven encampments outside the gates.

”No, no… I have to find Elurin,” Elured slurred.

The two elves carrying him just looked worried at each other clearly not understanding what he said.

”Elurin,” Elured groaned, on the brink of passing out, ”I have to find him, let me go.” He struggled weakly, but the two elves just shook their heads, thinking he was shell shocked. Elured gave in to the swirling darkness long before they reached the black gates.



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