Wind chimes are gay – 14/?; I sing to your hardship.

author: Azzy
title: Wind chimes are gay
warnings General: incest, violence, character death, some serious AU.
rating: N17 / m+
summary: Elured and Elurin escaped from Menegroth, only to go to a future unknown.
beta: goodbye_sun
AN: Sorry my lotr muse is dormant, so many fandoms so little time.
fandom: silm
pairring: Elured/Elurin, Elured/Elladan, Elurin/Elrond (maybe more will follow)

Hey! Skampletten sættes på dig, nidding!
Hey! Skamskændt, så skal du dømmes nidding !

Jeg sender dig argskab, jeg sender dig galskab,
Jeg sender dig pinsler, jeg rister runer tre.

Jeg rister bodruner, jeg rister bjærgeruner,
Jeg rejser nidstangen, jeg retter den mod dig,
Jeg kvæder nidvisen, jeg kvæder nag-visen,
Jeg kvæder din modgang, mens stangen knejser stolt.


(Its not a correct translation, but most of this is terms, customs and the like that I can’t translate, so I chose to translate so the meaning is the same.)

Hey! Curse on you, knave!
Hey! Plague-ridden, you will be judged!

I give you fury, I give you madness,
I give you torment, I grate runes three.

I grate runes of retribution, I grate runes of ruin.
I hoist the pole of disgrace, and I aim it at you.
I sing of shame, I sing of grudges.
I sing to your hardship, while the pole stands proud.

Chapter 14 – I sing to your hardship.

With Elrond dead, it was time to choose his successor. This left Rivendell in much turmoil, half the inhabitants seemed to think that Elladan had the right since he was eldest by minutes, in their eyes he always had been the heir. Others thought it should be Elrohir, since he would soon would marry and hopefully produce a heir, something the elves of Rivendell could come together over.

”I don’t know…” Elladan said listlessly, wrapping his arms around his own waist, watching some elves who argued in the courtyard from his bedroom window. He knew what the seemingly heated argument was about even if he didn’t listen in. ”I think they are right.” He didn’t turn around as Elured came to stand behind him and rested his chin on his shoulder, ”I think he would make a better ruler than I.”

”Don’t be silly,” Elured whispered, wrapping his arms around Elladan, holding him tight against his chest. ”It is your birthright, and no bickering elves can take that away from you.”

”My birthright by moments only,” Elladan said, unable to hide his irritation and sadness, not knowing if he should feel guilty for being annoyed that someone questioned what he thought was his, or guilty that he had just assumed that it was his to have.

”But your birthright none the less,” Elured said. ”I have known you since you were born, and I know that your father always thought it was you who was to be his successor,” he smiled sweetly, at their reflection in the mirror.

”But what about Elrohir?” Elladan asked, freeing himself from Elured’s embrace with an annoyed huff, ”He is intending to marry that lass, and I see no reason why he should not.”

Elured just sighed overbearingly, leaning casually against the windowsill, watching Elladan pace the room frustrated, ”So?”

”A child is sure to follow,” Elladan stated, his hands flailing madly in the air, ”And…”

”I get it, I get it…” Elured said with a mildly bored expression, ”They are a damn fairytale painting.” He shrugged, ”But it still doesn’t make him a better leader.”

Elladan stopped in his mad pacing and just stared at Elured with large eyes, he wanted to believe those words so badly. ”He is smarter than me,” he offered.

Elured actually laughed and finally left the windowsill and walked over to where Elladan stood in the middle of the floor, ”And you know how to peel a potato in one long string… who cares?” He kissed Elladan’s cheek softly, ”You have me, and I believe in you.” He tried to hold Elladan’s gaze with his own, ”Isn’t that enough?”

Tormented, Elladan smiled a little timidly, ”You really think I can rule Rivendell?”

”Of course I do,” Elured said sweetly. Inwardly he wished for the Valar to just strike him dead on the spot for lying like this, but he owed it to Elurin who had aced his part of the plan. He felt like he owed it to Elrond too somehow, and he even felt he owed it to Elladan. Even if he was sure that no matter how lovable and sweet Elladan was, he was not ruler material, but that’s what he had himself and Elurin for, right? They wanted the Vilya, and it was no good to them while it remained on Erestor’s finger. ”We could adopt a three headed goat and call it our love child. Don’t worry so much, my love,” he added with an amused little grin.

”What about Elrohir?” Elladan asked, not reacting on Elured’s lame attempt of a joke. ”I think he will be terribly upset,” Elladan drew a deep breath, ”I think he expects me to agree that he should continue where father left off.”

”If he is that clever, he can go rule somewhere else, can’t he?” Elured growled, instantly regretting his harsh words as he was hurt in Elladan’s eyes. ”Forgive me, I know you love your twin, and I love him too, but I don’t think you should take his feelings into consideration right now… This is important Elladan! When was the last time you have done something egocentric? Something where you just took what you wanted with no regards to anyone?”

Elladan relaxed again and looked thoughtful, ”I don’t know,” his careful, slow answer came.


Elladan nodded.

”All I am wanting you to do, is to ask yourself if you really want to be the ruler of Rivendell, and I think that deep down you do. Am I right?” Elured whispered, running his fingers idly through Elladan’s long, silken, dark hair.

”I… I do,” Elladan admitted shamefully, looking away from Elured.

Elured lifted Elladan’s head up to level their gaze, ”Then take it! You are not stealing it from Elrohir, it was never his. You are only claiming what is yours to begin with.”

Elladan smiled. ”You are right,” he said softly, ”As always.”

”I know,” Elured grinned and kissed Elladan’s lips tenderly. ”You are lucky to have someone like me,” he chuckled against the youth’s soft lips.

”I am,” Elladan said in all seriousness.

Oh Valar, strike me dead.


Elurin knocked his brothers door, only to hear a frustrated muffled ‘enter’. ”Brother,” Elurin sang merrily as he entered, ”How are you on this blessed day?”

”Wishing I had given a toss about hair styles at some point in my life,” Elured growled with his lips tightly clamped down over several hairpins as he tried to get his unruly hair into the correct design.

”You were always an idiot,” Elurin laughed, ”Let me.” He held out his hand in front of his brothers mouth and waited for him to spit the hairpins out. Sighing he looked at the messed haystack of hair, ”Dear Eru, you really were not kidding.”

Elured rolled his eyes, ”Just fix it.”

”But of course my Lord,” Elurin said with a little smirk, undoing his brothers hair-massacre with nimble fingers. ”I am proud of you, you know,” he whispered.

”Me? Why?” Elured asked, looking at his brother in the reflection of the mirror. Gods he was handsome in the deep blue tunic he wore, pearls embroidered along the seems, it seemed to bring out the contrast of his creamy pale, perfect skin, and his raven black hair.

”You talked him into it,” Elurin whispered, ”I wasn’t sure you could, the odds seemed to be against this working out. I mean everyone expected Elladan to hand over Rivendell to Elrohir. Yet you managed to talk him into the coronation, good one my love.”

Elured smiled wearily at his twin in the mirror. He wanted to tell him how terrible he felt, how horrible it was to lie to Elladan all the time, knowing that the youth trusted him. But he knew that Elurin would hear nothing off it. ”I have my ways of persuasion,” he just said with a sly smile.

”Oh, don’t I know it,” Elurin snickered, fastening a hairpin making Elured wince at the tightening on his scalp. ”Oh stop it you big baby, and sit still.”

”What now?” Elured whispered, not sure he wanted the answer.

”Who knows?” Elurin said in mock innocence. ”My best guess is that Elrohir leaves, and you and I will be instated as young Lord Elladan’s advisor’s and bedmates.” He winked again, ”Do you think he would oppose to one more in your bed?”

Elured actually blushed slightly, ”No not really, but I am not sure he can handle it.” He tried to turn his head to look at his twin, only to be slapped over the neck to sit still. ”You don’t want to break the poor Elf, do you?”

”Eru, no,” Elurin laughed good hearted. ”I just miss you,” he said his voice strangely raw and honest for a short moment, before he switched back to his playful tone again, ”Besides, I would like to see what it is that enthrals you so my dear brother.”

”You want to copy his tricks, that is what you want you scoundrel,” Elured laughed.

”Maybe,” Elurin whispered with a seductive edge to it, ”Would you… uhm suggest it to him?”

”Suggest you, you mean?” Elured asked bluntly.

”Suggest us, as a package,” Elurin said sweetly.

”He would know then. About us,” Elured whispered knitting his eyebrows worried.

”Don’t you trust him?” Elurin asked, ”I thought you trusted him with your life.”

”I do,” Elured said, surprised that he was telling the truth for once.

”Then why should you worry that he knows the truth, I am sure that if he is valiant at heart as you say, he won’t betray us,” Elurin stated with a little shrug. ”Tada! There! You look like a newborn star my love.”

Finally Elured could turn his head and look up at his brother. ”I will get him to accept you too,” he vowed, ”If I love you, I see no reason why he should not.”

”There you go,” Elurin grinned, ”You are wicked brother, truly evil. You have that poor young soul jumping to your every whim, some day you must tell me the secret.”

”You already know,” Elured wiggled his eyebrow suggestively before he got up. ”But let us behave now, it is time to go watch him take his rightful place in history.”

”Indeed, brother,” Elurin agreed with a nod, ”Lets.”


The coronation was a huge drama, both Elrohir and Erestor had been enraged when Elladan had not only accepted the Lordship of Rivendell, but had also installed Elured and Elurin as his personal advisor’s.

It was out of sheer respect of Elrond that Erestor let Elladan receive the Vilya at all, and Elrohir walked out of the ceremony before it was over.


Elured pulled Elladan along, both of them giggling like Elflings. ”Come,” he ushered, ”I have something to show you, something really important.”

Elladan let himself be dragged along, stumbling over his feet due to a little too much wine.

Elured pulled Elladan into his rooms where he knew that Elurin would be waiting. Hoping that their plan would work, he pushed Elladan inside in the darkness and bolted the door shut.

Elladan stopped in his tracks, and stared at Elurin who was laying naked in the bed, like some debauched present. He looked back at Elured confused, ”Eh…”

”For you,” Elured said with a husky whisper. Reaching out to effortlessly push Elladan’s robe down over his shoulders, ”My lord.”

”But, I don’t want him,” Elladan whined childishly, ”I want you.”

Elured smiled happily, while his heart contracted painfully, and his very soul screamed out in horror over his false tongue, ”Like two drops of water, my love. And fret not,” he let his gaze run over Elladan’s naked form as the robe fell to the ground, ”You shall have us both.”

”You both?” Elladan’s eyes widened, swaying slightly dulled by alcohol.

”Yes,” Elured whispered, kissing the baffled new lord of Rivendell eagerly, deciding to wait with all explanation till later.

Elurin got up from the bed and wrapped his arms around Elladan from behind, kissing the exposed shoulder. ”Relax and enjoy my Lord,” he whispered suggestively, licking his way up Elladan’s neck, stopping only to curl his wicked tongue around Elladan’s earlobe.

Elladan closed his eyes, he could feel his blood boil, and he felt terribly light headed, not quite sure how he got here, but he decided that he didn’t really care. It was time for him to take what he wanted, just as Elured had said. He gasped softly as a second pair of warm hands settled on his skin, finding himself stuck between the brothers.

Elured stared intensely at Elurin who let go of Elladan, only to take his hand and drag the two other elves over towards the bed.

Elladan stared at the twins short of breath, he wanted to feel every bit the Lord, but this just made him feel like a inadequate young elf. ”I don’t think…” he mumbled in a moments insecurity, ”I think I had too much to drink..”

Elured smiled and laid down next to Elurin, ”Shh…” he hushed, patting the bed between them, ”Come.”

Gingerly Elladan laid down between them, not sure what to do, he suppressed a giggle as he thought that he didn’t have enough hands to touch them both, and an insane mental image of himself growing extra arms, made him smile.

”Close your eyes,” Elured whispered, smiling as Elladan obeyed.

Elurin moved lower and gently took Elladan’s growing erection in his hand, experimentally licking up the hardening shaft, soon he was joined by Elured, who ran the tip of his tongue over the opposite side.

Elladan whimpered feeling two suckling mouths, and two teasing tongues on his flesh.

Elurin looked directly into Elured’s eyes, never stopping his ministrations to Elladan’s erection, it felt like some odd, naughty kiss, even if their lips weren’t touching.

Elured smiled and stopped, moving back a little, never taking his eyes off Elurin as he brought two fingers to his own lips, sucking it as he had sucked Elladan for a moment ago. Leaning down he kissed Elladan’s inner thigh carefully pushing his fingers inside the tight hole, idly searching for his lover’s prostate. He could hear Elladan moan loudly as his finger flickered a little swollen nob.

”Please…” was all Elladan managed to say, swirling too fast towards a weightless state of bliss.

Elurin stopped too, and moved back so Elured could pull Elladan up on his lap. He marvelled at his brothers serene expression as he effortlessly pushed inside. Elurin turned around and captured Elladan’s lips in a frantic kiss, Elladan was clawing him on his back, like a drowning man needing something to hang onto.


Elladan tried to open his eyes, but he was absolutely fatigued, pumped dry. Instead he held out his arms and sighed blissfully as both Elured and Elurin snuggled up to him on each side. ”I’m sorry,” He slurred half a sleep, ”I will do better tomorrow.”

”Is that a promise?” Elurin whispered hotly in Elladan’s ear.

”Mmhmm,” Elladan confirmed.

”I love you,” Elured whispered, kissing Elladan’s shoulder.



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