Wind chimes are gay 12/?; Wir sind Kalte Sterne.

author: Azzy
title: Wind chimes are gay
warnings: incest, violence, character death, some serious AU.
rating: N17 / m+
summary: Elured and Elurin escaped from Menegroth, only to go to a future unknown.
beta: goodbye_sun
AN: And so it begins…
fandom: silm
Rating: N17/M+ (entire story)
pairring: Elured/Elurin, Elured/Elladan, Elurin/Elrond (maybe more will follow)
Warning: Angst, character death (not main character.)

Here you go j_dav as promised. ^_^

Nach uns nichts mehr
Wir sind Kalte Sterne
(Du kannst sehen wie wir funkeln)
Und nach uns kommt nichts mehr
(Kannst du sehen wie wir funkeln?)
Nie wieder
Kalte Sterne
Wir sind alle Monde dieser Welt
Alle Sterne dieser Welt
Aber nach uns kommt nichts mehr
Kalte Sterne

-Einstürzende Neubauten

Chapter 12 -Wir sind Kalte Sterne.

Elladan and Elrohir spent as much time as they could away from the Last Homely House, for different reasons, but none the less, both of them felt they lived in a mausoleum rather than at Elrond’s house. Elured would join them for most of the wild Orc hunts they would entertain themselves with. Elured had been reluctant at first, since he knew some of the Orcs they had come across, but in the end he found some sort of sadistic pleasure of seeing the disbelief in their eyes before he killed them. Funny how Orcs thought that Elves did nothing but eat lavish dinners and sing. They must never have been educated on the old days, and those who should have remembered, had forgotten.

Murder was in their blood.

Elured lay on his back staring up at the moon, he could hear Elladan and Elrohir sleep, admittedly they would have to be completely drained by now, they had been on the road for two high moons now, and it was time to return home soon. Closing his eyes, Elured smiled, he could get used to this, maybe Father had been wrong? Maybe Elurin was the assassin, and he the soldier. He didn’t have any moral qualms with killing anybody like this; face to face. It was the sneaking in the dark that had always left him feeling like a coward. Father had told them that one good assassin could end a war with one kill, instead of a bloodbath, which of course was a good thing. But still Elured liked the fifty-fifty chance thing better, like there was more honour in the victim being able to defend themselves.

He heard a rustle in the bushes, it was faint, and not enough to wake the twins. Elured sat up and looked over them and into the thicket, maybe it was just an animal? Then he caught a glimpse of something he for sure knew was not any deer or badger. He looked down at the sleeping Elves again before he, with a tight grip on his dagger, rose from his sleeping pelt and carefully walked towards the sound.

He could hear the sound move away from him, so he decided to follow, just not too far from the twins, he told himself. And when he thought he had gone deep enough into the woods, he stopped, listening for the sound again. The sound seemed to have stopped until he heard a deep voice say, ”Skittish Lord Ralak.”

Elured spun around to look at the origin of the voice, staring directly at a mangy looking skinny Uruk Hai. ”Mongh,” Elured sighed. ”I should have known. I should have recognized you on your stink alone.”

Mongh snarled, but sheathed his sword. ”I come with word from your Father.”

Elured rose a brow, ”Father? Why didn’t he just send word directly?”

Mongh shrugged, ”You got me there, my Lord.” Mongh’s lips turned into a smile, ”He ain’t too pleased with you, you know.” When Elured just looked at him without even as much as blinking, Mongh continued. ”The deal you struck for Elrond’s children.”

”I gathered that much,” Elured answered coldly. ”I had my reasons.”

”I’m sure you did,” Mongh chuckled, and quickly added, ”My Lord.”

”Your message, Mongh?” Elured said, tapping his foot impatiently.

”Lord Sauron says it is time,” Mongh said with a haughty grin.

”Oh,” Elured mouthed, ”Already?”

”We are at war, Lord Ralak. In case you did not notice at Elrond’s merry house of imbeciles,” Mongh sneered, crossing his arms.

”Imbeciles, what an extraordinarily long word for someone like you, Mongh,” Elured sneered back. ”I am amazed you can pronounce your own name, servant.” The last part he spat out like a curse.

Mongh just sneered in a low warning key.

”Tell my Father it is as good at done,” Elured said with a polite smile and mockingly bowed before the Uruk Hai, ”Commander Mongh.”

Mongh turned around watching Elured as he left the clearing, ”You are the weak link, Lord Ralak. And Lord Sauron knows it as well as I do. Don’t be surprised if the assassin finds himself assassinated in the dark of night.”

Elured turned around, staring directly at Mongh. ”Are you threatening me?”

Mongh shook his head as much as he could. ”No, not at all my Lord. I am merely stating the facts.”

”I see,” Elured said as he sucked in his breath. ”I will ask my Father if he shares your personal point of view when I speak to him in person next.”

Mongh growled again, before he turned and left the clearing, leaving Elured there alone in the moonlight.

Safely back at the Homely House, Elured searched for his brother and found him at the bank of the Bruinen with some other Elves. Most of all he wanted to run and wrap his arms around the wet form in the water, but instead he just went and sat down next to their discarded clothes, watching the Elves frolic in the river. One of the Elves pointed up at the bank at Elured, and Elurin turned his head, smiling brilliantly as he saw his brother. ”Brother!” he yelled, waving. ”Come join us!”

Elured shook his head, ”Nay, maybe another day,” he yelled back. Knowing he had been sleeping next to Elladan for two months straight without being able to as much as wrap his arms around him, going out in the cold water, naked with Elurin would only have one outcome, Elured standing in the middle of the water, waiting for his erection to die down.

The Elves slowly stopped their game, and came up on the bank. Elurin flopped unceremoniously down next to Elured, letting the sun dry his naked form. ”How was your patrol brother?” he asked casually.

”The enemy forces seems to be increasing in areas that was calm just weeks ago,” Elured said sombrely.

”Bad tidings indeed,” Elurin admitted, shielding the sun from his eyes with a hand, he looked up at his twin and smiled. ”What of the younglings, how are they?”

”They went to brief Glorfindel and Elrond as far as I know,” Elured said, slowly getting to his feet again, he looked down at Elurin. ”I need to wash and change clothes, I shall see you at dinner.”

Elurin just smiled and waved with his other hand.

Elured walked slowly back to the Last Homely House, deep in thought. Father wanted them to ruin this realm, hand it off to his reign. True he would most probably let them stay and rule it if they so pleased, and he didn’t need them anywhere else. But still, Elured found he was a little melancholy by the thought of destroying something this delightful.

He had just gotten up from the bath, drying himself off, when he heard his door open. ”Elladan?” he called from the bathroom.

”Not quite,” Elurin said with a foxy grin as he leaned against the door frame from the bedroom to the bathroom. ”Just the next best thing.”

”Don’t say that,” Elured sneered, annoyed.

Elurin leered, ”Someone, needs some stress relief.”

”I can stress relief myself, thank you very much,” Elured said flatly. When he just heard Elurin suck in his breath annoyed, Elured sighed. ”It was the deal, remember? Hands off till we reached the goal.”

Elurin nodded and walked away from the door to go sit at Elured’s bed. Elured followed, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. ”I miss you terribly, but it’s too dangerous right now.”

Elurin nodded again, ”I know,” he mumbled.

”I met Mongh,” Elured said casually.

”Mongh? What would he be doing in this area?” Elurin said obviously confused.

”He came with a message from Father,” Elured said, sitting down next to his twin. ”He told me that father said ‘it was time’, and we both know what that means.”

”We do,” Elurin admitted. He wrapped an arm around Elured’s shoulders. ”Are you ready then?”

Elured looked Elurin directly into his eyes. ”Till death,” he whispered.

”Till Death,” Elurin echoed.

”Even so…” Elurin started, ”It still feels, uhm wrong… to, eh. Ruin these good Elves lives.” He nodded to empathize his point ”right?” When Elurin just looked blankly at him Elured turned his gaze away, ”Maybe what Mongh said was right after all,” he mumbled.

”What did that rat say?” Elured suddenly said, aggravated that someone said something bad to his twin.

”He said that I was the weak link, and that I should sleep with my lights on,” Elured admitted.

Elured paled, ”Why that little…”

”Tell me,” Elured asked with almost childish innocence. ”Is he right?”

”No,” Elurin gasped, ”By the Valar! That atrocious lump of putrid flesh is out of his mind! You know he will say anything to rattle you, right?”

”I suppose so,” Elured replied lamely.

Elurin lifted his brothers head with soft hands, kissing him tenderly on the lips. ”I trust you with my life, and so does Father.”

Elured sighed blissfully from the soft kiss, even if he didn’t really believe Elurin’s words, once he would have, but not anymore. Before he had something else to protect, Elrond’s children.

Weeks later Elrond fell ill by a mysterious sickness that none of his healers could seem to find the reason, for it seemed like Elrond was fading like those violated in their soul. Yet he had seemed to get better and had even begun to laugh again since his wife’s passing. So it just seemed unlikely. Elurin sat at his master’s side day and night, holding Elrond’s clammy hands. And it was just like that Glorfindel found him as he came to check in on his Lord’s sickbed. ”Elurin?” He asked softly, ”You should get some rest.” He squatted down next to Elrond’s bedside, resting his arm on Elurin’s thigh. ”I can cover for you.”

Elurin looked at Glorfindel, his eyes red and puffy from crying. ”No thank you my Lord. I would rather stay.”

Glorfindel smiled but the smile never reached his eyes, he still didn’t trust these Elves, but he knew better than to question them once more. ”Very well, my Lord, I shall be back in some hours, and check in on you.”

Elurin nodded weakly, ‘check in or check up?’ he thought. ”Lord Glorfindel?” Elurin asked, his back to the fair haired elf. ”Have the healers any clue, what is eating our Lord?”

”No.” Glorfindel said softly.

”Will you keep me posted?” Elurin asked innocently, ”If you learn of something new?”

Glorfindel nodded, as he reached for the door handle, ”I will.”

”Thank you.” Elurin said, hoping that the healers was not trained in spotting the poison he had used, maybe he should consider asking Elured take out a healer or two, just to eliminate the competition, it was not like they had much to loose, and everything was riding on Elrond passing without any suspicion pointing to them. ”Glorfindel?” he whispered. ”Do you think it was wrong of me to think I could chase off his grief, with love?”

Glorfindel turned around and came to squat besides Elurin, ”No,” he said softly, and to his own surprise, took a hold of Elurin’s hand. ”You made him smile again.”

Elurin smiled wearily, ”I like to think that I mean something to him, even if it just a little.”

”I am sure you do,” Glorfindel said with a smile.


”Are you trained in the art of healing Glorfindel?” Erestor fumed, ”No, you are not, then do not question me.”

”I am not questioning your abilities as a healer, but your personal attachment.” Glorfindel said harshly, crossing his arms over his chest.

”His symptoms do not match those of any Elf fading, they are more like those of an mortal who’s inner organs set out.” Erestor stated, ”The healers here, those incompetent idiots, forgot to take into consideration that Lord Elrond is half mortal, and therefore they did not bother to look for any symptoms related to this which ails any mortal man.”

”Why won’t you just accept the facts Erestor?” Glorfindel growled, ”You want to pin this on Elurin and Elured?”

”How can you be so naïve?” Erestor sighed, realising he was getting nowhere. ”Have you forgotten what happened to my poor horse?”

”Of course not!” Glorfindel said calmly. ”And I agree it was an outrage. But it is not the same as to say either of them is behind Elrond’s demise.”

”Think with your head for once, my love,” Erestor hissed aggravated, as he walked over to his window, overlooking the courtyard, and the healing house.

”Elurin has not left Elrond’s side for days, how can you spot his grief like this?” Glorfindel asked.

”Has it ever struck your chicken brain that he might just want to make sure no one gets too close to his victim?” Erestor said, staring down at the healing house.

”Has anyone ever told you, you are an bitter old bastard?” Glorfindel sighed. ”Leave it be, and deal with your own fears instead of tossing out wild accusations.”

”If you say so,” Erestor mumbled to himself, never taking the eyes of the windows of the healing house, which held Elrond.



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