The Fëanorian cure.

Author: Azzy
title: the fëanorian cure
warnings: smut, pwp.
ratings: n17/m+
beta: century_eyes
summary: Maedhros knows how to cure a hangover.
AN: Made for Chaotic_Binky’s slash awards.

”I don’t feel so well” Echtelion groaned, burying his head in the pillow.

Maedhros, laying on his back with his arm flung over his face, laughed softly. ”That will teach you to drink my father’s best mead.”

”It’s not fair.” Echtelion whined, ”You made me.”

”Did not.”

”Did too.”

”Did not.”

”Did too.”

”I didn’t make you drink anything, I simply suggested that my father’s mead was potent, and that Maglor knew, like, a million dirty songs when drunk.” Maedhros chuckled. ”And he did, didn’t he?”

”True.” Echtelion mumbled, ”The one about the sailor in a skirt was great,” whining as he chuckled, which made his head hurt.

”My favorite is the dance that comes with it.” Maedhros said with an amused smile.

”There was a dance? I don’t remember seeing that,” Echtelion said, muffled in the pillow.

Maedhros pushed his bedfellow hard with the arm he wasn’t using to block out the rays of the sun. ”You two danced it all night.”

”Liar.” Echtelion giggled, it was just too stupid. ”Eru! Someone kill me. Put me out of this misery,” he groaned.

”You know… ” Maedhros started, ”I know the perfect cure for hangovers.”

”Don’t make me drink more of that vile stuff that tastes like soapwater,” Echtelion said, finally looking up from the depths of his pillow and at his lover, blinking at the harsh midday sun coming through the window.

”That was because it was soapwater.” Maedhros laughed merrily. His entire frame shaking from laughing. ”You are just so damn gullible sometimes, Echtelion.”

”You bastard!” Echtelion hit Maedhros on his shoulder, hard.

”Ouch.” Maedhros laughed, rubbing his abused shoulder. ”It was Curufin’s idea.”

”Sure it was, you idiot!” Echtelion pouted, pinching Maedhros’ side hard.

”I yield, I yield, just don’t hurt me more!” Maedhros laughed, working himself into a regular laughter fit, as amused tears rolled over his cheeks.

Echtelion pinched Maedhros again, grinning as the taller elf squirmed. ”You owe me for that one!”

Maedhros grabbed his lover and pulled him down, chest to chest, staring straight into those beautiful blue eyes, ”I can pay you back, and cure your hangover in one,” he whispered with a sneaky smile.

”I bet you can,” Echtelion whispered back, letting Maedhros flip him over to his back, looking up at the red haired elf that hovered over him with a wide smile, a little too wide and knowing for Echtelion. He knew that expression.

Maedhros’ fingers travelled lightly up Echtelion’s thigh, and to Maedhros’ delight made his lover spread his legs wide. Deliberately he avoided Echtelion’s awakening erection, and instead went up the thigh again.

”Don’t tease,” Echtelion whispered, pouting ever so slightly.

”Oh, I have just begun, my sweet,” said Maedhros. ”Trust me, I’m a doctor.” He laughed.

Echtelion just rolled his eyes, which earned him a slap on his left inner thigh.

Maedhros crawled backwards, and levelling his head with Echtelion’s now proud erection, he blew air on the head, hearing his lover purr slightly.

Echtelion had expected Maedhros to take him in his mouth, but when he instead felt his cheeks behind forced apart, and a soft kiss close to his rectum, he was pleasantly surprised.

Circling a finger over Echtelion’s entrance, Maedhros smiled at the slight tremor he felt in Echtelion’s legs. Grabbing his lover’s hip, he pulled Echtelion closer.

He had not expected a soft wet sensation, as Maedhros spread him again, and licked around his rectum, before forcing his tongue inside, slicking the tight muscle with saliva. A finger slowly joined the tongue, oh Eru this was… was fantastic.

As Echtelion squirmed, pushing down on Maedhros’ tongue, the red haired elf licked his way up Echtelion’s sacks and erection, sucking playfully on the head for a moment.

”Maitimo,” Echtelion whimpered, “quit teasing me.”

Maedhros grinned wide, leaning in over Echtelion, kissing his lover, letting him taste himself on his lips, as he rubbed his erection against the other’s. Reaching down between them, he tried to position himself so he could slide inside Echtelion.

Echtelion caught on, and raised his hips, lacing his long legs over Maedhros’ shoulders. His moan as Maedhros pushed inside was muffled in their frantic kiss.

Lifting his lover off the mattress for a better angle, Maedhros leaned back, watching Echtelion as he lay there breathless in his bed. ”Do you have a headache still?” he panted.

”No.” Echtelion moaned, arching his back to push down on Maedhros.

”See? Told you,” Maedhros laughed breathlessly. ”The doctor fixes it.” Putting emphasis on the last word as he dealt Echtelion a rough thrust, smiling as the younger elf closed his eyes, gasping softly. He did it again, and this time he was rewarded with a deep moan.

For the longest time Maedhros’ strokes were slow and maddening. Echtelion could feel Maedhros’ fingers slip as sweat formed on their skin. Echtelion reached down and took himself in hand, trying to time it with Maedhros’ thrusts. ”More,” he purred.

Maedhros didn’t answer, he just put more force behind his thrusts, until he had pushed Echtelion up against the headboard in the bed. ”Echt…” Maedhros grunted.

Echtelion felt Maedhros spasm slightly, his thrusts irregular, and his hands lost their grip as he soundlessly orgasmed, filling Echtelion. He could hear Maedhros pant as he came down from his high, which meant he was watching, so, so, close… Pumping relentlessly on his own erection, Echtelion squeezed his eyes tight as he came over his own hand.

Maedhros fell boneless to the side. ”Eru… I might add that I paid off the soapwater prank.”

”Yes.” Echtelion laughed, still catching his breath. ”But if Curufin really masterminded it, I should collect a boon from him as well.”

”Don’t you dare.” Maedhros said, swatting Echtelion’s knee. ”I might have to punish you for saying something like that.”

”Could we wait twenty minutes?” Echtelion said, wiping his hand off in the linen.

”Whatever for? Didn’t I cure your hangover, in the Fëanorian style?” Maedhros asked, lazily propping himself up on his elbows, looking at Echtelion.

”That you did,” Echtelion admitted. ”But have you ever heard of regeneration time, you monster?”

”Oh, that.” Maedhros chuckled.

”Maybe some food?” Echtelion asked, sitting up in the bed, scratching his nose idly.

”Kinky,” was Maedhros’ only reply.

Echtelion rolled his eyes again. ”Get your mind out of the gutter.”

”That’s quite hard when you sit there looking pretty, all covered in our mess.” Maedhros said with a smile. ”Besides, I think it’s about time you cured my hangover.”

”Really? This sort of cure doesn’t work equally for both?” Echtelion laughed.

”Nope.” Maedhros, smiling as he looked at Echtelion in the sun, idly stroking himself shamelessly, knowing that Echtelion would never be able to resist that.

-The end-


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