The disenchanted disappear.

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So since i seem to hit a wall nomatter what i write, i decided to do a little project of my own, to make a mixed tape. With that i mean i am writing an undisclosed number of stories (For now i was thinking along 12), in different fandoms, all inspired by a tune. Just to get my mojo working again. ^^ Anyone wanna play along, then it would be awesome. I have half the first story/drabble done (you know my drabbles isn’t under 2 pages) Maybe i will do some original too, i don’t know. Guess i will have to see what strikes my fancy, and what the tune i chose can inspire me to.

Track 1 – Last stand. (l4d2)
Track 2 – Sunshine. (Assassins Creed)
Track 3 – I have kept no hope for myself. (Silmarillion)
Track 4 – With this love. (Forgotten Realms)

!For WordPress archive site thingie; just click the MIXED TAPE category, and you’ll get all the stories.


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