Sticky & Sweet 1/3

Author: azzy
Title: Sticky & Sweet
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: This is a little 3 chapter story, basically a PWP. So don’t expect a grand plot ‘grins’
WIP: 1/3
Fandom: FFVII / AC
Betaed by; goodbye_sun
Rating: M / N17
Disclaimer: Not mine, I just play around.
Summary: Reno is on a mission; get Cloud to follow him to Healin. But that might not be as easy as it sounds, and yet, maybe its easier than Reno thinks.
Warnings: smut, language, angst, violence, au, seme Cloud.
Pairings: Cloud/Reno

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Are you walking the dog, ’cause that dog isn’t new
Are you out of control, is that dog walking you?
Haven’t you had enough, now your time is up
Baby show me your hand


Part 1

Cloud could not have been more surprised even if he had seen a two headed komodo dragon on a skateboard. When he came out from the store with his arms full of bags of groceries, he saw a too well known redhead leaning casually against Fenir, apparently waiting for him. ”What the hell are you doing?” he growled, eyeing the other man angrily. The smirk that formed on the taller man’s lips as he saw him, just angered him even more.

”Waiting for your pretty face, isn’t that pretty obvious?” Reno said tossing his cigarette out in the middle of the road, letting the wind take it. He turned to Cloud, ”Strife Delivery, huh?” He giggled with a low rumble. ”Business bad these days? Or do you always fetch groceries for old ladies?” he asked, nodding at the bags in Clouds arms.

Cloud grimaced and just brushed past Reno, pushing him out of the way easily. ”I’m busy,” he muttered, securing the bags on his bike.

”Listen Cloud,” Reno sighed, placing a hand on Cloud’s shoulder. This would prove to be a really bad call, since the next thing Reno knew he was laying flat on his back in the middle of the road, Cloud kneeling on his chest, pressing a blade against his throat. ”Whoa, man,” he croaked.

”What do you want?” Cloud hissed, lessening the pressure of the blade against Reno’s neck, so speaking would be easier.

”A job,” Reno coughed, ”I came to give you a job proposition.”

”Really?” Cloud arched a perfect eyebrow. ”Whoever sent you is an idiot,” He got off Reno and sheathed his knife, returning to his bike to secure the bags of groceries.

Reno picked himself up from the asphalt, with much less grace. ”Cloud,” he said sweetly, brushing his suit from the dust of the road. ”Come on, there is no need to entertain an old grudge like that.” He tossed out his arms and smiled, ”Look, all is forgiven.”

”When I need your forgiveness, I will let you know,” Cloud growled, fastening the last strap.

Reno sighed and stuck his hands in his pockets. ”Why are you making this so hard on me? I came bearing presents, I mean, its kinda like shooting Santa’s elves or something.”

”It’s nothing like that,” Cloud said flatly, swinging his leg over the seat of Fenir, ”Besides Santa didn’t commit genocide for the fuck of it.”

Reno’s eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched, ”It was ‘not’ for the fuck of it,” he hissed. ”You got that all wrong, buddy.”

”Oh,” Cloud said. He revved the engine, and the sound was deafening. ”Tell it to someone who cares,” Cloud yelled over the noise of the motor, before he sped off, leaving Reno on the street.

”Dammit!” Reno kicked a little rock on the street as he strolled back to the curb. He stuck his hand down in his pocket and found himself another cigarette, and his cellphone. As he lit it, he speed dialled Rude. When the receiver was picked up in the other end, Reno let himself fall down on a bench outside the supermarket. ”He is kinda hard to talk to,” he said with a childish, whining tone.

”Did he fuck you up?” Rude’s deep voice asked on the other end. ”Do you need to come back?”

”No,” Reno rubbed his neck idly, ”I could totally take him out, if I had to.” Rude’s laughter roared though the phone, and Reno blushed in anger. ”Hey man! I could!”

”Sure, partner.” Rude’s amusement was not to be mistaken, not even through a receiver.

”Asshole,” Reno muttered. Leaning back on the bench he let out a deep sigh, ”So what now?”

”Tseng made it quite clear that you need to bring Cloud Strife to the Healin lodge, or not come back at all,” Rude said seriously.

”Yeah, he did, didn’t he?” Reno said with a bored expression, watching the smoke as it whirled with the wind. ”Do you think he’s really serious?”

”Since when have Tseng ever made jokes about something like that?” Rude stated.

”Yeah,” Reno repeated, closing his eyes from the spring sun, feeling the strange combination of ice cold wind and warm sun. ”I should go after him then,” he said flatly. ”You know, it would have been easier if you guys had given me some means of transportation, and I wouldn’t have to walk around Midgar, thin on my feet.”

”Sulk all you want,” Rude grinned, Reno could see the smile on Rude’s lips from the sound alone. ”Just get the job done.”

”Yes, sir!” Reno pouted. And hung up on Rude’s obnoxious laughter. ”Fucking asshole,” He muttered to himself, ”He can laugh all he wants, he is sitting on his lard ass out there, while I am walking around here, freezing like hell.” Reno stood up with a sigh, and started walking in the direction where Cloud had driven. He had a pretty good idea where he had gone off to.


It was dark by the time he got there. Standing under street lamp he could see his breath in the crisp air. He looked to his left, and saw Cloud’s bike parked, so he was there. Good! He didn’t really care for walking more right now. He fingered his e-mag, this was a really fucking stupid plan, equivalent to barging into the city of Troy with nothing but a nail clipper and your undies. Hell, he could take some bruises, he had survived much worse. After all these guys was supposed to be the righteous ones, right? Besides what was the odds that the old Avalanche group would be gathered? Last he had heard, they were scattered all over.

He pulled off his neck tie and stuck it in his pocket before he started to walk towards the entrance to the new and improved Seventh Heaven. As he opened the door, he found the place packed. Well, it was Friday night, so it made sense. He scanned the room, but saw no familiar faces besides Tifa’s. He was making his way to the bar, when someone grabbed his arm. His training had taught him better, so he was not really surprised when he saw Cloud’s pissy face to his left. ”Ouch, you’re hurting me,” he whined, trying to pull his arm back.

”Get out,” Cloud said guiding Reno roughly towards the door.

”Wait!” Reno cried. ”I am a paying customer, besides I am not offending anyone, I just want a drink.”

”Right,” Cloud shook his head in underplayed amusement. ”You’re not welcome here, and tell your boss that I am not interested, and you can stop following me.”

”What the fuck makes you believe that I have a boss at all?” Reno snapped back.

”People like you always have,” Cloud said with a mildly amused expression.

Reno swung them around so he had his back against the door, one that opened the other way, making it harder for Cloud to kick him out. ”Shinra is no more, you know that, you saw it for yourself.”

”Too bad the rest of you lapdogs didn’t go with it,” Cloud muttered bitterly.

”Man that’s cold,” Reno pouted. ”Come on, let me stay, I’m not causing any trouble, I promise! And if I do, you can kick my ass, all you want.”

Cloud blinked looking bored and blank, but his eyes were the most intense and intelligent Reno had ever seen. He could tell from his gaze that he at least considered his request. ”No,” Cloud finally said, and pulled Reno off the door, opened it with his foot and pushed the taller man out on the stairs.

One would have thought that Reno’s training would have made him agile like a cat, but these four steps down got the better of him, and he tumbled backwards down them, landing on his ass in the dirt. ”That’s twice today Strife,” he hissed, but didn’t move, he just sat there on the ground outside the Seventh Heaven and looked at the closed front door. ”Fuck that,” he whined, raking a hand through his hair.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, he had to come up with something, he had to bring Cloud back to Rufus, or he would be in deep shit. Not that he weren’t already in it, but he would be further down. A cynical smile graced his lips, ”Think, Reno…” He whispered. ”What did you do when you were a teenager, and the girls wouldn’t give you the time of day?” Chuckling to himself, he mumbled, ”Giving Cloud a noogie is just out of the question.” He sat in thought for a moment, until he suddenly got an idea, ”Yes! Why the fuck didn’t I think of that before? I would steal some of their stuff!” Reno lifted his head and looked over at Fenir. ”Fucking brilliant!”

He got to his feet and snuck away from the windows that faced the street, keeping in the shadows. He looked at the giant bike, ‘You’re way too trusting, Strife’ he thought to himself as he noted that the bike was not even locked. Reno shivered, it was cold to the bone, and he was not really looking forward to the biting wind from a motorbike, but it beat being humiliated all the time, by a man 5 years his junior and a head shorter. Swinging his long leg over Fenir’s saddle he thought ‘here goes nothing’.

Luckily for Reno he had driven a machine this powerful before, so he cranked it effortlessly, hit the gas, and sped off with a roar. He didn’t turn around to see Cloud tumble out the door to see what was going on. He didn’t need to.


Fenir was not the only bike in Midgar, and before Reno knew of it, he could see Cloud in the side mirror. ‘Good’ he thought to himself, ‘come chase me Cloud’. He smiled to himself for being clever. They were going fast, too fast for Reno not to watch the road, but as he gloated in his own cleverness, he had glanced at Cloud in the side mirror and not on the road in front of him, so when the bike suddenly hit a large rock and was sent spinning, Reno had no one to blame but himself.

Eventually Fenir came to a grinding halt, pinning Reno between it and the cold ground. When Cloud turned off the other bike and came walking over to where he was stuck under the huge machine, Reno paled. He looked furious. ”Clever little Turk, aren’t you?” Cloud stated, his anger evident as a undertow in his voice. ”If Muhammad won’t go to the mountain, make the mountain go to Muhammad.”

Reno’s face retorted in pain as Cloud placed a foot on Fenir’s side, adding to its weight. His training prevented him from screaming or pleading, but he was just about to toss it in, and just break down, begging Cloud to remove Fenir from his bruised body.

”Too bad your plan backfired, Reno,” Cloud spat, finally removing his foot, grabbing a firm hold of Fenir and with much labour pulled it away from Reno.

Reno ground his teeth not to scream as the machine was pulled off. He felt his right leg throb, in a numb weird way, he hardly dared to look, and when he did he wished he hadn’t. His right leg was completely mangled. A bloody mess. His breath hissed as he inhaled sharply, he slowly looked up at Cloud who stood next to Fenir, looking down at him. The desert night sky gave the blond man a strange purple, bluish aura. The cold blue eyes just studied him like an insect on a pin, making Reno feel awfully self conscious, and aware of his weak state. ”Cloud,” he whispered, it wasn’t quite a plea, but close. Too close for comfort Reno thought.

”The other Bike is right down there,” Cloud said, swinging his leg over Fenir, ”Have fun.”

Reno’s eyes widened, was this the kid who had tried to save the world? The same passionate kid who had wanted so badly to be a hero? Had he really turned into this cold man who was looking down at him. Reno swallowed loudly. And when Cloud started Fenir with a loud roar, and drove off, slowly at first, then he pushed the gas and sped off. ”CLOUD!” Reno heard his own voice scream.

Resting his head against the sand, Reno took a deep breath, He should call Rude. Make him come and fly him home. He searched his pockets, but did not find his phone. He had had to have lost it either here in the crash, or when he tumbled from the stairs of the Seventh Heaven. ”Oh fuck,” Reno whined, ”Fuck, fuck, fuck.”


Reno had passed out somewhere between the crash site and where the other bike was tossed on the ground. Cloud crossed his arms and looked at the man on the ground. He had apparently tried to crawl the distance. Kneeling he gently pushed Reno over to his back, he was awfully pale. ”Reno?” He gently slapped the Turk’s cheek, ”Reno?” He noted that Reno’s skin was ice cold, searching for some time, he finally found a pulse, and to his surprise it was steady and strong. ”Why didn’t you just piss off when I told you to?” Cloud asked the unconscious man.

Leaving Reno, Cloud went back to Fenir and recovered a woollen blanket. It looked like they were going to have to camp out here. There was a two hour drive back to Midgar, and he would have to hold him up while driving, maybe tomorrow Reno would have the strength to actually sit up himself, after all he would heal pretty fast if he had a Mako injection. Cloud knew he had some Mako in the compartment of the bike, but did he really want to waste it on Reno? Cloud stood with the blanket in his arms and watched Reno on the ground. Remembering how this man had destroyed the lives of so many, the president had snapped his fingers, and Reno had dropped the plate. Why should he pity him? Why should he go out of his way to help this soulless drone? Cloud frowned, he went back to Fenir, but faltered. Because he is in need of help, Cloud told himself. And instead if tossing the blanket back, Cloud picked up a Mako ball and went back to Reno.


Reno had woken some time in the early hours of the morning, at first he was just confused, but then he realised he was not cold, he was warm and comfortable. Something heavy lay against him, and on his hip. Turning his head he sucked in his breath when he noticed that the heavy heat against his back was Cloud. The weight on his hip was Cloud’s arm loosely resting. Then he noticed his leg didn’t hurt, not in the splintered bone against torn nerve endings kinda way, it itched like a closing wound. Sitting up with a startle, Reno pulled the blanket from his leg and looked at what had been a bloody mess just yesterday. It was closing, the wound was pink and fresh, but it was still healing. He turned around, looking directly down into Cloud’s intelligent Mako blue eyes. ”What… When… Did you…” The words tripped over each other, completing Reno’s confusion. ”You left,” he finally whispered.

Cloud stretched lazy and yawned, ”I came back, isn’t that pretty obvious?” What could have been an attempt of a smirk tugged at Cloud’s lips. ”I couldn’t leave someone like that, not even the likes of you.”

”Thank you,” Reno whispered, looking away from Cloud who lay sprawled on the ground casually, looking up at him.

”So what was your proposition?” Cloud asked, his eyes twinkled with mirth.

”Huh?” Reno frowned confused. ”Oh.. the job, you mean?” He could have laughed if the situation had not been so bizarre to begin with. ”I don’t actually know,” Reno admitted. ”Tseng asked me to bring you to Healin.”

”He did, huh?” Cloud scratched his chin, ”He didn’t trust you enough to tell you?”

”Bah!” Reno huffed, inching back into a laying position.

”Okay,” Cloud said with a dark tone, ”I will go with you to Healin.”



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