Seifer/Squall ficlet (present given to me)

I got this fabulous ff8 fic from bohemianscribe as a present.. I think its totally kick ass, she have not written man smut before, and I keep telling her she’s a natural, and i mean it.. please leave her some fb here on the comments, i think she deserves it! (and damn i lack a ff8 icon, and apparently i had to make one.. lol just for the occation)

AN April 13’th 11; I chose to upload this, because this chick deletes her blogs faster than you can keep up, so it would be lost if i didn’t keep it. And even if she’s a speshul snowflake, doesn’t mean that i wasn’t happy for my present, because we DID use to chill online.

Author: bohemianscribe
Warning: R
Pairring: Seifer/Squall
AN: For azzy (because i liketh the mansmut)


Seifer leaned against the doorframe and watched as the doctor addressed Squall. When she was done, she slid past Seifer with a look of anger.
“You should be more careful next time.” she admonished. He gave her a lopsided grin, waited until she had vanished down the hall before examining the other man carefully.
“How’s the face?” he drawled, stepping further into the room.
“Fuck off Seifer.” Squall kept his head turned.
“Don’t tell me you’re going to cry now.”
The sound of the click in the silent room forced Squall’s head up. “What the fuck are you doing?” he growled, wary now that Seifer had closed the distance between them.
“Finishing what I started.” the hem of his cloak snapped sharply against his legs as he stood gazing down at Squall’s head, fingers uncurling impatiently. Squall was given little time to contemplate as the other man’s hands closed around his throat in an iron grip.
“Won’t this look bad on your record?” Squall gasped, determined not to let the older man see how hard it was to breathe. Black spots appeared and filled his vision.He clenched his fists and punched upwards, knocking the arm away. Seifer hissed and sucked in a breath.
“You’ve got guts Leonheart. I’ll give you that much.” Before he could react, Seifer’s hands covered his face, fingers teased at the freshly healed scar. He grimaced in pain and tried to push against the man’s strength.
“We both know what this is all about, don’t we.” Seifer’s hand retracted and he pointed to his own scar, healed and ugly, it was vivid against the pale skin. “Now we’re both marked.” he leaned down, pushed his face into Squall’s vision and smirked.
Squall swallowed at the nearness of the other man, inhaled deeply the scent that always preceded Seifer’s presence. He licked dry lips and lowered his eyes.
“I don’t fucking know what you’re talking about.” he mumbled. He heard the rustle of cloth as Seifer knelt in front of him.
“You’re so transparent.” Seifer’s hand reached out and gripped his chin tightly, forcing his lips to part. “But I know better.” Seifer’s mouth hovered inches from him, his breath curled out and caressed his face. The kiss, when it came, was unexpected, rough and demanding. Squall marvelled at the warmth, the softness that forced his mouth wider. The touch of Seifer’s tongue sent shockwaves up his body, an emotion he was helpless to cover. The groan came unbidden to lips that basked in the other man’s hunger answering the animal desire that lingered at the edges of restraint.
“Trepe …” Squall began when they parted for breath.
“Don’t worry. No one can get in, not until I’m done with you.” Seifer’s voice whispered against his ear, one hand forced him back onto the bed, exposed the flesh of his throat.

There was little talk, Seifer’s graceful fingers trailed a hot path down his chest, over the bulge that hardened and cried for release. He moaned against the man’s lips, feeling the touch of fingers at his jeans. The man was skilled and fast, divesting them both of clothing within a short time.
Naked and exposed, they explored each other, sucking, biting, groaning against the sheer pleasure such a forbidden act brought them.
“I want you to say it.” Seifer rasped, his own desire barely under control.
“Fuck you Seifer.” his words were laced with longing, his body gave lie to the demand.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Seifer’s fingers wedged themselves deep inside of him, eliciting a cry of rage mingled with lust.
“…….whatever.” the word ripped from his lips, ragged and heavy as Seifer took him in one swift stroke. He gasped, bucked half heartedly against him in mock resistance, felt Seifer’s fingers tighten reflexively around his wrists, trapped and flaccid on the bedding.

There was a moment of utter ecstasy and pain, rolled languidly into an explosion that started at the pit of his belly and travelled in a rapid downwards motion. He felt Seifer stiffen against him, heard the man’s grunt of satisfaction.

They lay there, spent and exhausted. He felt Seifer move away from him, heard the sound of clothes being pulled on quickly. The footsteps paused.
“Now, I’m done.” Seifer’s voice was cruel, arrogant and full of the self assured attitude that made his teeth clamp together in anger. He heard the sound of the door open and close, the soft thud, almost final in its message.


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