King of my castle 1/4

author: azzy
title: King of my castle.
WIP: 1/4
summary: Haldir is summoned to Mirkwood to help Legolas regain his sanity, so he can fulfil his destiny as a member of the fellowship as Galadriel foresaw it. But what really ails the young prince of Mirkwood? And can it really be cured as Galadriel thinks?
beta: chaotic_binky
warnings: incest, character death, kink, angst, depressing themes, au.
pairrings: Surprise! yay!
Characters: Thranduil, Haldir, Legolas.
AN: So chaotic_binky and I challenged each other to write a light and a dark fic, cause i cant write fluffy stuff, and she have a hard time writing angsty stories. otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a challenge, would it? The first part here is supposed to be the dark half. But damned me and my twisted plotlines, it turned out WAY too long, so i split it off in two, This is part one of the two part dark fic. Before i forget, then i want to remind you that Legolas is in fact a grown elf, he’s just bonkers.

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty dumpty took a great fall
All the kings horses and all the kings men
Couldn’t put Humpty back together again.

King Thranduil

I had a most surprising vision when looking upon the mirror, it seems your son, Legolas, has a very important role to play, in the future of Middle-earth. I know this will come as a surprise and I am aware that your ill-fated son is very sick, but I assure you that I know what I saw. Please allow my personal guard, who stands before you as you read this, to attend to your son; he is a master of broken souls, and has mended more than one grieving heart here in his home in Lothlorien.

Galadriel Of Lothlorien.

Thranduil looked from the scroll to the regal elf standing in front of him. He would be the elf she mentioned. Thranduil sighed, feeling old and tired. Rolling the scroll back, he studied the silver-haired Lorien elf, ”Pray tell, what is your name; your Lady does not mention it”

”I am Haldir of Lorien, Your Majesty.” Haldir bowed slightly to the woodland king.

”Very well.” Thranduil slowly stood from his throne with a rustle of heavy silken fabrics. Placing the scroll at a sidetable, he picked up an apple and took a bite, munching on it for a long time, until he took yet another bite. The Lorien elf didn’t seem to move. Thranduil finished the entire apple without Haldir as much as moving a muscle. ‘Extraordinary’ Thranduil thought to himself; his soldiers could learn something from this one. ”You are a patient elf, Haldir of Lorien,” he drawled. ”You will need that trait when dealing with my son.”

Haldir turned his head and observed Thranduil in his ridiculously ornate robes. ”May I ask you what ails your son?”

Thranduil sighed deeply and furrowed his brows, ”I cannot explain it, you will have to see him for yourself.” He crossed the floor and gestured for the guards to open the door. ”Come along brave Haldir,” he said disappearing around the corner from the door, expecting Haldir to follow.

Haldir had not been told what was wrong with Legolas. All he had been told that Thranduil’s son was sick, and that he needed his help. Haldir had protested at first, not wanting to be sent from his home, but here he was. Thranduil took them through a slim door and down two sets of spiral staircases until he stopped in front of a large gilded door.

”Are you ready?” Thranduil asked softly, almost sadly. When Haldir nodded, Thranduil clutched the keys in his hand. ”You must be told something, for the sake of my son. He was not always like this. He was such a happy child, and whatever caused this condition, I do not know, neither do any of the healers. But I beg you to not hold anything he might say or do, when we enter, against him. He is… not well.”

When Haldir just nodded again, Thranduil opened the door. Haldir turned his head in disgust at the smell that came from the room. It reeked of wild animal. Blinking for a moment, to take in the room, he finally saw him. ”Had we known he would have a visitor we would have sedated him,” Thranduil whispered.

Legolas raised his head and looked at his father and the strange elf standing in the middle of his room. ”Papa,” Legolas cheered, trying to get to his father, but quickly found his restraints wouldn’t let him move more than a metre from the wall. He looked down at the offending cuffs, they had been padded with fur so they would not cause burn marks when he tried to get them off, as he did daily.

Haldir held his breath, looking at this wretched creature; he would hardly call it an elf anymore. The Heir of Mirkwood, the son of the proud Thranduil, was a feral animal covered in bruises and cuts, not to mention dirt. Haldir wondered if Legolas was blonde like his father, for at this moment he looked like he was dark haired.

”Legolas,” Thranduil said, a gentle smile on his face, as he walked over to his son and embraced him awkwardly because of the chains that held Legolas to the wall behind him. ”Son, I have a visitor to see you.”

Legolas’ smile widened as he looked up at his father happily, ”Did he come to play?”

Thranduil didn’t know what to say, and just looked at Haldir, who reluctantly walked forward to where the king and his son stood. ”Yes, I came to play with you, Legolas,” he said with a slight smile.

Legolas looked from Haldir’s friendly face to his father, ”Can he stay? Please papa?”

”Of course, son,” Thranduil said, a laugh on his lips, seeing his son’s pure joy from the prospect of a playmate. ”But is is late, and it is time for you to close your eyes and sleep.” He stroked his son’s head, refusing to remove his hand from the matted hair. ”In your bed this time, Legolas”

Legolas nodded and held out his hands obediently to his father, who then in turn unlocked the cuffs, before he gently but firmly guided Legolas to his bed, a large golden piece of furniture. Haldir figured it would have had to have been built in the room, there was no way that someone could have carried it down those narrow stairs.

Legolas sat on the bed and held out his hands again, while Thranduil fastened him to a different set of cuffs chained to the bed frame. ”Will you tell me a story papa?” he asked sweetly.

Thranduil smiled wearily as he closed the last cuff shut. ”Of course, my son, what would you like to hear?”

”Oh, oh, Something about Skittles,” Legolas chirped, sounding excited and not the least tired.

”Very well, Skittles it is,” Thranduil said, taking Legolas’ hand puppet, a purple and pink cat with a huge grin on its face, holding a little magic wand. Legolas smiled happily, like a small child. Haldir could tell that his eyes were the clearest blue, the same colour as the sky on a frost clear day. His features seemed softer than Thranduil’s; he must take after his mother, Haldir thought and came to the conclusion that Legolas must have been a very pretty elf once.

”And this was how Skittles met TumTum and they were best friends from that day on,” Thranduil whispered, ending his story. He smiled at Legolas, who looked dazed and sleepy. He kissed his son’s forehead and stood up from the bed with much labour. ”Let’s leave, he needs his rest.”

Haldir followed Thranduil out of the golden room in the back of the cellar, and out into the dim hallway. ”Can I ask why he is chained?” he asked.

”Of course,” Thranduil said, walking down the gloomy corridor, towards the spiral stairs. ”What you have seen is Legolas when he behaves; when he is wicked, he.. he..” Thranduil stopped dead halt, and turned to Haldir. ”You have to understand that he was a trained killer before this, and sometimes that… He killed several servants, and that is why he is not allowed to walk freely any more. The laws of our realm,” Thranduil said, starting to walk up the stairs slowly, Haldir following close by, ”States that he should be executed, or banned from his home for his evil deeds. But he is my son, Haldir of Lorien, and I cannot do that, so instead I keep him there in the cellar, like a dirty secret.”

Haldir sighed, not sure what to reply. There was no words of consolation he could offer the woodland king. ”Is he an only child?” Haldir asked.

”Yes,” Thranduil replied. ”His mother died from a spider’s poison before we knew how to defend ourselves better.”

”Oh,” Haldir whispered.

”Now,” Thranduil said with a strained smile. ”I am sure you must be hungry and tired. A room has been assigned to you, and I would be grateful if you would join me for dinner. I can go over the details about my son with you, if you are not too weary.”

”I would like that very much,” Haldir said, bowing slightly to Thranduil.

Thranduil snapped his fingers calling a servant, ”Show Master Haldir to his rooms.”


It had been wonderful none-the-less to get out of his travel garments, and into something more comfortable. Haldir tried to gather his thoughts about correcting his outfit before joining King Thranduil for supper, but his mind kept returning to Legolas in the cellar. In his opinion, it was a fate worse than death to be held in shackles in the dark; the sky was painted on the ceiling of the room, and the only wood there was his bed. He could not blame the servants being frightened of the feral elf, he too would have declined if he had not faced things much more frightening than Legolas. Haldir was full of questions, and to his surprise was very optimistic about it all.


King Thranduil pushed his plate away, sighing contentedly. ”So you wanted to hear about Legolas? It is only fair, if you are to help him out of his minds maze.”

”Your Majesty,” Haldir said, leaning in over the table. ”Did your son hear the calling of the sea, prior to this?”

”Truthfully, I do not know. Legolas went from an extrovert, merry child, to a sullen young elf, and then he became a strangely bitter adult elf. In the years leading up to this he did not speak much, even if we all tried to talk to him. Other elves tried to befriend him, some even tried to woo him, but he would reply to none,” Thranduil said, reaching for his crystal glass and sipping the liquid in it. ”So I am afraid I cannot answer you as to what might have caused this.”

”You said he killed some elves?” Haldir asked.

”Yes, most unfortunate. It was before his room down there, the cage as the servants call it. He took out four of his own servants, one he stabbed with a pair of scissors, another he strangled with his bare hands, and the last two, he.. eh.. he mangled so bad I do not know what killed them. Every single one of those poor elves was someone’s brother, sister, husband, wife, child or parent”

Haldir nodded. ”So the shackles are for us? Not for him?”

”Both,” Thranduil admitted with a whisper. ”He sometimes had fits when he was alone, and he would…” The King blushed slightly. ”Strip down and do some rather obscene actions, causing every one discomfort, and that was not the worst. He would growl like an animal and use anywhere as his toilet, it was most undignified, and so I decided it was best for all to keep him like that.”

”So he thinks he is some sort of beast?” Haldir asked curiously, reaching for his own glass.

”Maybe,” Thranduil replied. ”So when you visit him, always lock the door after you, and make sure you do not unlock his cuffs, not unless you are quick in guiding him to the next, you wouldn’t want him running off.” Thranduil poured more wine in his glass, offered some to Haldir, who held out his half empty glass. ”Never allow sharp objects near him, so please, please dress carefully. He will use anything as a weapon if he is in that mood.” Haldir nodded, noting the kings words. ”And never,” Thranduil said, ”Never, ever, touch Skittles, his other toys are fine, but he is rather protective about his cat.” The king laughed softly. ”Listen to me, I sound about as insane as him.”

”I will remember never to touch his doll,” Haldir said, sipping the sweet liquid in his glass.

”He won’t allow just about anyone to touch him either, so beware of that on the first time,” Thranduil said. ”And none have been able to get him near a bucket of water for years, it is not for the lack of trying.”

”I believe you,” Haldir whispered, looking the king straight in his intelligent green eyes. ”I believe that you did everything you could, but I think you might be fighting an unfair battle for your son’s sanity.”


Haldir stood and stared at the big golden door, it seemed absurd that it would even be here, in the middle of what must have been a dungeon once. He supposed that all the other prisoners must have been moved somewhere else when the King’s son moved down here. He jangled the keys in his hand before he gingerly opened the door and peaked inside. ”Legolas?” he called. He knew he was in there in the dim light, but he didn’t know where, and when the other elf sat up straight in the bed, Haldir was still startled. ”Oh there you are,” Haldir said, trying for a casual smile, but it came out more like a nervous tick.

”It is almost noon, and you are still in bed?” he asked teasingly, slowly sitting down by Legolas’ feet in the bed.

”Did you come to play?” Legolas asked, observing Haldir closely.

”I did,” Haldir replied, ”My name is Haldir.”

Legolas crooked his head and looked at the Galadrim. ”You are pretty,” he said. ”Like the princess from my papa’s fairytale”

”Thank you,” Haldir said. ”Would you like for me to take you over to your toys?”

Legolas nodded and held out his hands, just as he had done to Thranduil. Haldir felt bile rise in his throat as he took out his key to unlock the restraints. This poor creature was supposed to sing under the sky, not be transported from one prison to another. Remembering Thranduil’s words, he was very cautions about touching Legolas. ”I am going to take your hand, Legolas. I am just going to take you to your toys, so do not worry.” He placed his hand gently on top of Legolas’ who silently allowed the touch. Haldir noticed that the younger elf flinched as he closed his hand around his. He could feel the texture of his hand, it was a warrior’s hand, slim because of his genetic inheritance. But the palm of his hand was calloused, hardened by many a bow and sword hilt.

Haldir congratulated himself when he had managed to guide Legolas to the other side of the room without any incidents. Like all the other times Legolas had taken that walk, he sat down cross legged with the toys and held out his hands again to be fastened to the wall there. It was against Haldir’s very nature to cuff him again, but he did, because Thranduil told him to. Once Legolas had his cuffs on, he smiled at the Galadhrim. Just happy to be with his toys.


Haldir had arrived in the spring, and now both summer and autumn was spent, and winter had come to Mirkwood. Haldir had managed to get a good and close relationship with the rather skittish young elf; he would allow him to take his hand, even touch his chin. Once Haldir had even been allowed to fetch Skittles for Legolas when he had forgotten him in the bed.

Today Haldir had a plan. No one dared to bathe Legolas, one of his victims was a maid who had tried to get him to wash his face and change his clothes. But Haldir had not seen the shadow of one of Legolas’ ‘fits, as Thranduil would call them, in all the time he had been here, and he was sure that all that grime had to itch, plus he wanted to show Legolas, in the mirror, that he was just as pretty as he kept saying that Haldir was.

Haldir entered with a sing song, ‘Hello there, precious.” As he opened the door, carrying Legolas’ lunch, which was the same as his breakfast and supper, always the same green soup.” I brought you your soup.”

”Haldir!” Legolas cheered, waving Skittles over his head.

Haldir sat next to Legolas, handing him the bowl of soup. The only one who had dared feeding him, for a long time, was Thranduil, and now Haldir. The bowl was made of wood, he was not allowed a spoon, so he just slurped it down, drinking directly from the bowl.

”Legolas,” Haldir said softly. ”Today I want to do something different.”

Legolas’ eyes snapped open, looking up at Haldir over the brim of the bowl with mistrust and excitement mingled in one.

”I brought you some new clothes,” he said, holding out a bundle of fabric, pink, purple and gold.” I thought you would find them pretty, you like those colours, right?”

Legolas nodded, and gingerly reached out to touch the bundle with his fingertips. ”Soft,” he stated.

”Yes, Legolas. Soft and clean,” Haldir agreed.

”Now you need to do something for me, and then I will give you these clothes,” Haldir said, biting his lip as he saw Legolas’ eyes narrow suspiciously. ”You have to take a bath.”

Legolas shook his head. ”Nu-uh.”

”Come now, Legolas, do you really want these pretty clothes to be ruined, all because you won’t bathe?” Haldir said, noting that Legolas was running his fingers over the soft fabric, over and over, like he was petting a rabbit or something.

”No…” Legolas mumbled reluctantly.

”I promise you nothing bad will happen. It is actually pretty wonderful to take a nice, warm bath,” Haldir said with a smile. He stood up, and in that move he pulled the bundle of clothes out from under Legolas’ hand. He noted how disappointed the younger elf seemed to be. ”Stand up please,” he asked, holding out his hand.

Legolas got to his feet, rising to eye level with Haldir. He nervously eyed the door in the side of the room. Haldir knew this was the door to the bath that had been installed for Legolas’ purpose, even though it was never used. Legolas had, in the past, flat out refused to go there, and would use a bucket or the floor for his other needs.

”Nothing bad, remember that, Legolas,” Haldir said. ”Now, listen. I will unlock these cuffs, and you will remain still, okay?”

Legolas nodded. Standing like a statue, waiting as Haldir unlocked him and took his hand. Legolas wordlessly let Haldir take him to the bath room door. Haldir could feel Legolas tighten his grip as he opened the door, ”It’s alright. Look, nothing but a bathtub.”

Legolas looked carefully, nervously, over Haldir’s shoulder to see it was indeed just a huge wooden bathtub. ”He’s not here?” he whispered close to Haldir’s ear. It was nothing but a breath of air, so Haldir could have misheard it, he was sure he didn’t though.

”No one is here besides Anilie, you remember her, right?”

Anilie smiled at Legolas as she poured another bucket full of hot water into the tub. ”Now there Legolas, a perfect bath.”

Haldir gently pushed Legolas out into the bathroom, which like his bedroom was colourfully tiled, so they would never suspect they were deep underground. ”Hands,” Haldir said, and Legolas held out his hands, awaiting the set of cuffs linked to the bathroom ceiling just above the tub. For the first time, Haldir noticed that the chains were not bolted into the ceiling, there was an rigging mechanism which would allow anyone to adjust the chains. Haldir arched an eyebrow. ”Most odd,” he mumbled, but abandoned that thought, and locked Legolas’ shackles. Haldir smiled at Anilie as she handed him the scissor that they had had to smuggle down to the room. ”Remember I am not going to hurt you. I will just get rid of these mangy clothes.”

Legolas looked at the shining scissors, completely transfixed. His face twisted in horror as Haldir knelt before him and brought the scissors to the middle of his old tunic. ”No” he whispered.

”Don’t worry, Legolas, it will only be a little while. I will be careful,” Haldir said, thinking he was soothing the elf, so sure that he could talk Legolas into anything by now. But when Legolas did react, he was fast as a viper, snatching the scissors out of Haldir’s unexpecting fingers, knocking the Galadhrim over. Legolas lunged for the maid Anilie, and had he not been shackled, he would have killed her in one move. Haldir got to his feet, and without thinking, he pushed Legolas backwards. The shards of the scissors, which had been aimed at Anilie’s throat, went in his shoulder. Legolas fell backwards into the water, kicking and screaming. Haldir pulled the scissors out from his shoulder with a grimace of pain, and then held Legolas down in the water, keeping him from attacking poor Anilie again. Legolas fought with all his might to get up, water splashed out over everything in their struggle. ”No, no, no, no,” he screamed, and this was when Haldir noticed that Legolas’ eyes were not filled with bloodlust, or anger, but raw fear.

Haldir used all his weight to hold Legolas in the water, and after some time, the struggle lessened somewhat in force. ”Hush, there really is nothing to be afraid of,” Haldir said, trying desperately to soothe the struggling elf.

”The monster, the monster. By Eru, no,” Legolas cried in a blood chilling tone, as if was he fearing for his life by the hands of Morgoth himself.

”Anilie is not a monster, Legolas, please look again,” Haldir whispered in the younger elf’s ear.

”Don’t let him hurt me,” Legolas wept, now just shaking, but he had stopped struggling.

”I won’t,” Haldir whispered, wrapping his arms around the wet, shaking elf.

Haldir turned and looked at Anilie who looked absolutely in shock. ”I am not harmed,” she said, her voice odd and methodical, as were she still trying to comprehend what just happened.

”Take the scissors and go upstairs. I will take care of this. I will be fine,” Haldir said, tightening his grip on Legolas who still trembled. Anilie picked up the bloody scissors and hurried out of the bathroom, leaving Haldir alone, soaked, bleeding and with a very frightened elf in his arms. ”There now, can we take that bath now?” Haldir chuckled.

Legolas slipped out of Haldir’s arms, and just looked at him. ”You scared him off?” he asked with large, wide eyes, full of admiration.

”I did,” Haldir said. ”Look,” he gestured out over the soap soaked bathroom. ”No monsters here.”

Legolas looked around in the bathroom, and slumped backwards in the tub with relief. ”I want Skittles,” he stated. Haldir looked at Legolas, not sure if he should leave him in the tub like this, but on the other hand, he knew Skittles was on the floor in the toy corner. ”I will fetch him, wait a moment,” he finally said, standing up. As he did, a blood splatter landed on Legolas’ hand. Legolas turned his head, staring at it, and then up at Haldir. ”You are hurt,” he whispered. ”Did the monster hurt you?” he asked sweetly.

Haldir opened his mouth, and closed it again without saying anything. When he finally reacted he said, ”Skittles,” and left the bathroom to fetch the stupid hand puppet. He found it quickly, and as he picked it up, he stared at the stupid grin on the cat’s face. ”He does not know,” he whispered. ”He does not recall what just happened.” Haldir turned the puppet in his hands. ”Why did he think Anilie was a monster? What did she do to trigger that reaction?” he whispered, still talking to the cat. He shook his head and left the room, and went back into the bathroom to Legolas, who still sat in the bathtub. ”Here, I am sure Skittles needs a bath as well.” He handed him the puppet cat, who just leered at them both with its painted moronic grin.

”Legolas,” Haldir said. ”You can’t bathe in your clothes. Do you want to remove them yourself, or do you wish for my help?” he asked, trying to keep the other elf’s now elusive gaze.

”Me,” Legolas replied with a tiny voice. Standing slowly, the murky bathwater cascading off his body, he took a hold of his sleeve and pulled hard. The fabric ripped, due to it being worn and threadbare. Haldir couldn’t help but to look, and with a slight smile he noticed that it was not hard to imagine Legolas as a warrior, even after years of wasting away in this cage. Haldir shook his head to rid himself of the strangely erotic sight in front of him. When Legolas removed his old worn pants, Haldir was not sure if he had held his breath or not. He had to remind himself that Legolas was a child inside his mind, and did not mean for this. His mind might be that of a child, but his body was that of an adult. Legolas seemed to have noticed Haldir acting strangely. ”Is anything wrong, Haldir?” Legolas asked sweetly.

”No, not at all” Haldir said, trying to not look at Legolas’ naked form as he stood chained in the middle of the bathtub. Who was the fiend that suddenly had given him this erotic train of thoughts to begin with, he wondered. ”You have to sit down in the water to get clean.” Haldir smiled.

Legolas promptly sat down in the water, starting to groom Skittles. ”I am going wash your hair, so don’t be startled,” Haldir said, taking his little three legged stool behind the back of the tub. He smiled to himself as he rubbed the soap between his hands, fluffing the foam. Then he applied it to the young elf’s tangled, disgusting mane. He could already see Thranduil’s happy face when he saw his son clean and groomed for the first time in years. Slowly, Haldir managed to wash out the grime from Legolas’ hair, seeing its true hue, like Thranduil’s, like liquid gold.

Haldir had been so preoccupied with rinsing Legolas’ hair, uncovering the beauty under the filth, that he had not noticed Skittles floating in the water, abandoned by the hand that had held it earlier. The chains jingled slightly in a steady rhythm. Legolas moaned softly. ”Legolas, what are..?” Haldir leaned in over the younger elf’s shoulder, to see what was the problem. Legolas leaned his head back on Haldir’s shoulder, his eyes closed in bliss. ”…You doing?” Haldir’s voice was a whisper, as he saw Legolas’ hand under the water, between his legs, pleasuring himself slowly. Haldir stared at Legolas’ hand pumping, listening to him moan softly right next to his ear. He felt dirty and perverted, but still he could not stop watching. Becoming closer to his own undoing, Legolas let his legs fall wide open, and to Haldir’s surprise the young elf reached down with his other hand too, and pushed a finger up and inside himself. ”Lego..” Haldir whispered, in a half attempt to tell the youngster to stop, but the protest died on his lips. He was mesmerised by the sound and sight of Legolas bringing himself to orgasm in the water.

”Mmmm that felt nice,” Legolas suddenly said, his normal cheerful voice back. Haldir jumped backwards, almost tripping over the stool, being caught in his peep show. Legolas turned in his seat looking puzzled at Haldir, ”What’s wrong?”

Haldir fought with his heartbeat and voice for a while. ”Nothing…” He cleared his throat. ”Yes, yes, actually something, ‘is’ wrong, Legolas,” he said, noting that Legolas didn’t seem to suffer any embarrassment or guilt over what he had just done. ”What you just did,” Haldir said softly, sitting back onto his stool, eye level with Legolas again. ”You cannot do that in front of others.” He cleared his throat, ”It belongs in private.”

Legolas blinked. ”But it feels nice,” he said, clearly puzzled.

Haldir groaned in frustration, not really ready to have that talk with anyone, even less a childlike grown elf. ”Yes, it does feel nice, but you cannot do that in front of others… it… it’s wicked, do you understand now?”

Legolas nodded. ”Are you going to punish me?” he asked with a tiny voice.

”Lords, no!” Haldir gasped, feeling ridiculously close to laughter. ”Just don’t do that again, in front of anyone.”

Legolas nodded obediently. ”Skittles says he won’t do it either,” he said with a playful little smile.



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