I’m breathing so I guess I’m still alive.

Title: I’m breathing so i guess i’m still alive.
Rating: M
Type: drabble
Characters: Vincent, Cloud.
AN: i wrote this ages ago, but RL kinda stopped me dead halt, and honestly then i wrote this the night i had to send Nik off, so for some reason i just cant add more to this, it just has a bad chi or something. But i really liked what ever little i had done. So i decided to put it up, this is supposed to go in the same universe as ‘looking to turn this piss into wine

For: bohemianscribe/ysbal

I’m breathing so I guess I’m still alive

Cloud followed Vincent close behind all the way back to the ruin. None of them had spoken since Vincent had pulled Cloud from the pond. suddenly Vincent cleared his throat. “Are you hungry?” he asked.

Cloud shook his head, water droplets splashed on his bare shoulders. Vincent sighed but kept walking slowly towards their destination. “I saw you earlier, you did not eat anything” He stopped right infront of the door to the ruin. “When did you last eat, Cloud?” Vincent crossed his arms and looked directly at Cloud, silently demanding an answer.

Cloud pushed his wet bangs out of his face and looked up at Vincent with a frown, “I will eat when i get hungry” he stated. pushing past Vincent and inside the ruin. The tall figure in the door turned around and pursued Cloud. “Cloud, look at me” he said with a stern voice. Cloud stopped, but only to pick up his shoulder pads, still clad in gore. “Cloud!” Vincent said, more insisting this time. “Look at me” And finally Cloud let the shoulder pads fall again, turning to face Vincent.

“Answer me truthfully, Do you have a death-wish, kid?” Vincent asked, looking more mellow, almost worried.

Looking defiantly up at the taller man, Clouds eyes were ablaze with fury. “Let it go Vincent” Cloud rasped, turning once more to pick up his shoulder pads, when Vincent grabbed his arm, pulling him back, violently. “I said, do you have a death-wish, Cloud?” he growled.

“Let go of me” Cloud sneered.

“Tell me, whatever happened to the cheeky kid? Cloud Strife, Jack of all trades?” Vincent asked surprisingly soft.

“Nothing happened” Cloud mumbled, effortlessly trying to free himself from Vincent’s grasp. “alright” Cloud suddenly yelled. “Maybe its age, maybe its the endless fight, i dont know” His voice dropped, “I’m tired Vincent, i am so tired. I just want to sleep and never wake up”

Vincent shook Cloud like a rag doll “Those people out there need you, they need you to be strong, they need you to lead them into combat” Vincent stopped shaking the blond, “And so do I” Poking Cloud in the ribs with his iron hand, to make his point, Vincent huffed “You are so skinny that i can count your bones. we need you fit, not dead”

“Quit messing around!” Cloud scowled, finally pulling free from Vincent’s grasp. For a moment the two men just looked at each other, Cloud offended and angry, Vincent calculating. The next thing Cloud knew was that he was on his back across a torn down stone wall. the bricks bruising his skin on his back, grinding against his spine. He looked up at Vincent’s red eyes, and the ex-turk’s smug smile. He tried to speak but couldn’t since Vincent had an arm across his throat, blocking his air, and his weak struggling only hurt his back more. “Veh.. graah, pl..” Cloud managed to croak.

“Cloud” Vincent whispered sardonically. “You are weak”

Cloud winched, he couldn’t move a muscle, and he had to admit however reluctantly that Vincent had him pinned down.

Slowly Vincent lessened the pressure on Cloud’s throat, and the young man under him gasped the new-found recourse in rapidly. Cloud glared up at Vincent with fury blazing in his mako green eyes. “Y-you made” he gasped again for air, “Made your p-point”

“But you still wont listen” Vincent said softly, almost sadly. “You have to understand that we all need you strong, you can’t pine after some long lost lover, or your home town, you childhood or whatever it is that is draining you like that, you have to snap out of it Cloud!”

Cloud frowned, “And that comes from you” he spat. instantly regretting his words as the pressure came back on his throat. Vincent looked angry, Cloud couldn’t remember he had ever seen Vincent really angry.



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