I once knew a boy 3/20

Title:I once knew a boy.
Author: Azzy
Fandom: Angel sanctuary
character: Kira-Lucifer
progress: 3/20
Prompt: 10c – 009 – wish
wordcount: 258
Summary: So Kira writes letters to Setsuna, letters no one will ever read.

I feel like dancing, I want to dance, drink and fornicate. You have no idea how long it has been since I felt like doing that. I wonder if I just trapped myself in the whole stoic, serious act of being Lucifer.

I wish I could take your hand and waltz you through my halls, show you their splendour. But I can’t, not just because you are no longer breathing, but because the part of you that is Setsuna would absolutely hate it. You defended me hotly against Adam Kadamon when he told you I was an evil spirit caught in the blood stone. The Nanatsusaya. That’s what you think I am, a murderer stuck in a cursed stone.

Wonder what you would have done, had the holy hermit told you what I really am?

You will hate me when you realise the truth, and you soon will. I am not sure I want you to know, I am not sure I want you to look at me with loathing written across your face. I made a promise to the real Kira, and Kira made a promise to you. I will fight by your side for as long as I can keep Kira’s body going, I promise!

Goddamit I feel like a drink, loud music and you by my side. Guess that is one of those things we should have done when we had the chance. That moment has passed, I know that for a fact. You and I will never dance anywhere to any tune.


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