drabble meme.

snatched from wolfalice

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these then post them.

1. Bolt Thrower – The Killchain
“Cloud! make it go faster!” Reno yelled trying to drown out the wind, Cloud nodded, turning the gas handle even more, The landscape seemed to fly by, mountains, hills, plants and rocks. “This is a fucking kick ass bike, man” Reno yelled, but Cloud didn’t hear him this time, he was completely concentrated on the road, he loved pushing Fenir to its max, it felt like flying. He could feel Reno’s arms wrapped tightly around his waist, clinging on. with a sadistic smile he turned the gas handle once more, kicking Fenir into overdrive, the little jump that the bike made when excessing speed, made Reno fasten his grip. “Beats your chopper any day” Cloud mumbled to himself. Re

2. Marilyn Manson – Fight song
Reno leapt down the stairs, almost tripping on his way. He had to hurry! he had every intention of making it out of here before they could call him back, he had gotten the day off, and he intended to make the best of it, When he opened the door to the street, his cell rang. Reno wondered if he should ignore it, he started walking fast, making as much distance between himself and the shin-ra tower before picking the phone up from his pocket. “Tseng?” he said to himself. with a shake of his head he set the phone on silent, and started running “Fuck me if you’re gonna..

3. L.O.C – Pop det du har
Looking around the corner Rude frowned, where the fuck was Reno, his phone beeped, and with a sigh he took the phone out, “Fucking Tseng. dammmit” he sighed, answering “Boss” He said with a low voice “He got away, and now i don’t know where Reno is either” Rude blushed slightly as Tseng talked in the other end of the phone “Yes, boss Ofcourse we are on mission, no sir i am not drinking” A stupid smile spread on Rude’s lips when he saw Reno coming ack with two drinks, “Yo” Reno said grinning, Rude hushed him and pointed on the phone mouthing “Tseng” – “oh” Reno breathed, nodding. placing the drink on the table. sitting down on the other side of the table with his own drink. grinning to himself, reno started to toss little balls of the napkin in Rude’s face while ion the the phone, Rude tried to ignore it, but in the end he had to yell “What the fuck

4. The Exploited – Germs
“Cloud would you just relax?” Tifa said slapping her old friend on the back, “try and relax for once, okay?” Seeing Cloud’s frown deepen, she rolled her eyes, “Come on man, have fun, you know? fun?” Cloud shook his head and looked angrily at Tifa. “I’m leaving” He said, turning his back to Tifa. “Come on Cloud!” Tifa yelled after him, “I thought you wanted to meet new people”

5. Linkin Park – breaking the habit
Tossing his shoulderpads and placing his sword gently against the wall, Cloud tossed himself on the bed, staring off into the ceiling. why had he even bothered to check into a hotel, he could just as well have stayed outside in the pouring rain. “Cloud?” Vincent called gently while opening the door, “Are you okay?” Cloud looked up at his friend but didn’t answer, he just turned his head and stared off into the air again, this time at the window, the rain was like a solid curtain outside, fitting his mood. “I will leave you alone then” Vincent said, and begun to close the door. “No wait!” Cloud whispered, Vincent stopped, and opened the door. “Would, could you.. just stay?” Cloud murmured. “Anything for you my friend” Vincent said sombrely, closing the door and walking over to the bed, sitting down staring off into the

6. The specials – Much too young
“what do you mean you’re not coming?” Reno whined in the phone, Looking over at Rude he rolled his eyes, turning his back to his partner trying to keep his phonecall private, “Hey, baby what is amatter?” Reno’s eyes widened when Cloud answered, “You’re what? Stuck with those rugrats? that bites man!” Turing around again, he looked at rude, holding the reciever with his hand he whispered “He’s playing daddy, he aint coming” Rude just nodded, apparently not really giving a shit. Reno sighed “Alright Cloud, but you are the one missing out.” Reno hung up and shurgged, “Rude lets go” He said. Rude grinned, he didn’t really want Cloud tagging along, so that spikey decided to play daddy of the year tonight suited Rude just fine. “You’re the pilot, man.. tell me where we’re going?” Reno shrugged again, “Home i suppose” Now it was Reno’s turn to gasp, “What? you can’t be serious, man. Just because that lover boy of yours is a no show, you’re gonna blast out night out?” Reno laughed, “Dude… i got you there.. Cloud is here in fifteen minutes, and then we’re going” Rude gritted his teeth, “You’re an asshole, you know that right?” Reno smirked “Yup”

7. Eminem – Ass like that
Tseng sat in his chair watching, there was nothing else he could do. he was worried that if he blinked the scene unfolding infront of him would turn out to be a dream, or Reno would put his clothes back on and leave. How he had ended up in this chair to begin with was kinda a long story, a vger, it had been a vager. and Tseng had won. As the winner he could ask whatever he wanted of Reno, at first he had just asked for Reno to shut up for a week, but the othrs thought it was lame, and seeing Reno’s stupid smirk pissed Tseng off so much that he had decided to play dirty, raising the stakes. “Give me a lapdance” he had said, Reno had lost his smirk, and the others had laughed. but then reno had gotten the best of him anyway, “Naked or clothed?” he had aked, that damn punk. Tseng had decided on clothed, anything else would sound perverted, especially when the other turks had been there. sitting down in that chair he had wished that Reno had been naked, but when he had started to strip on his won accord, Tseng hadnt objected,

8. Cranberries – twenty-one
“Happy birthday Vincent!” Cloud and Tifa said in unison. Vincent looked at his friends, they were all there, barret, yuffi, the kids, cid and red x. “I can’t believe you remembered” Vincent said with a voice full of emotion, had they any idea when he had last celebrated his birthday? the last to make him a cake was Lucretia, a sad smile graces his face. He had been so young, and his birthday had meant something, he had been so glad she had remembered it, and now, after years of indifference these guys remembered, “we even bought you presents” Yuffi said with a cocky grin.

9. L.O.C – Bare en pige
Reno looked down his glass, filled to the brim, turning his head as he felt a hand on his thigh, smiling fake looking at the man next to him, what was his name? Reno didn’t remember, nor did he really care. but his smile had a silent promise. Reno stretched resting against the man, his head on his shoulder. The strange man’s hand travelled down his side, stopping by his belt, oh yes they had the same idea how this night should end. Reno turned, looking directly up at the man “lets go” He whispered with a grin. The man nodded standing up, showing the way out of the pub, out into the dark alley, “This way” he says, Reno follows with staggering drunk steps. hoping it wouldn’t be too far, hoping he woul

10. Einstürzende Neubauten – Blume
Looking Reno up and down Rufus smiled to himself “You wore it” He said, reaching out to run his hand over the smooth fabric, “You look perfect” Rufus said with low voice, “Spin around for me” he said, his voice commanding, but with an undertow if desire. Reno spun around swirling. “Gods, you are fuckable” Rufus said huskily, Reno said nothing he just looked at his boss with a silent challge in the blue eyes, “but first a drink” Rufus said, as to take up Reno’s challenge, “Come on, have a drink with me” Rufus said looking Reno over again, pushing him gently down into a chair, Rufus quickly moved to sit on Reno’s lap. holding a drink. Bending down he spilled most of the drink out over Reno, who sucked in his breath sharply when the ice cubes and cold liqiuid came in contact with his skin, “That corset fits

^_^ Now you know why i never do drabbels.


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