Baby, baby Bubblegum.

Author: Azzy
Title: Baby, baby bubblegum.
Rating: M /N17
Warnings: pointless smut.
Fandom: FF8
Pairring: Squall/Irvine.
Beta: goodbye_sun
Summary: Irvine wonders who Squall pines for.
AN: Here you have it, sorry man, this is as close to a pwp as i get i suppose. ^_^ Sorry for the Seiferless story, i will have to make up for that eventually won’t I? And the whole ‘label’ thing, i don’t really know if its a uniquely Danish thing, nor do i care.

Sweet like candy
Yeah I can be
Fake your beauty
Smiling sweetly
Yours completely
Baby, baby bubblegum
Tell me are we havin’ fun

-Bertine Zetlitz


Parties at the Balamb Garden Military Academy were never boring, and tonight was no exception. They had just returned from a successful mission, and the whole place was lit up like a motherfucking Christmas tree.

Irvine sat on a chair, watching the others dance and laugh, picking off the label of his beer, his mind elsewhere. Again and again he kept returning to the humiliating fact that he had admitted to Squall that he had frozen under pressure. What kind of marksman did that make him then? One with issues, which again, made him useless. Irvine sighed, he knew that Squall had given him the ‘you’re helping us’ pep talk, but he did that to them all didn’t he? Funny how such a rude guy could suddenly be so compassionate and understanding. Pep talk or no pep talk, Irvine was sure he could see it in Squall’s eyes, the pity and the disgust. There was no room for weakness in Squall’s world.

”Ehem, Irvine?” Zell grinned as he unceremoniously threw himself in a chair next to Irvine’s, ”Are you aware that’s a sign of sexual frustration?”

Irvine blinked confused, and grinned, ”What?”

”Picking the label.”

Irvine stopped instantly, and laughed merrily, ”Idiot!”

Zell laughed too, ”And here I was, giving you credit for being the master of subtlety.”

”Sorry to disappoint you there, mate,” Irvine said with a wry smile.

Zell took a large gulp of his beer and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, before he leaned in, resting his elbow on Irvine’s thigh. ”I can tell you worry,” Zell said with drunken friendliness.

”It’s nothing,” Irvine said, ruffling Zell’s hair.

Zell blinked, apparently not impressed. ”You are usually the first one dancing, man. And you’ve been milking the same beer for an hour.”

Irvine smiled sweetly, ”That’s just because they haven’t played a decent tune yet.” He said, ”Tell you what partner, you go talk to that chick in charge of the music, and try not to spit in her cleavage. And I will get another beer and come dance.”

”Sure thing,” Zell said perking up, apparently thinking he solved whatever it was weighing down on his friend.

Irvine made his way to the bar, waving at the bartender, he got a shot and a beer without saying what he wanted. Now that’s a damn good bartender, he thought to himself amused. Turning around to see how Zell was doing with the music, he couldn’t help but to grin at his friend who tried to look cool and charming, while having an alcohol percentage that was lethal to small animals and other people. Leaning back against the bar, he turned to get his shot, suddenly noticing who sat there next to him. ”You came!” he spurted out as he saw Squall sit against the bar, tapping the rhythm with his hand.

Squall nodded, but didn’t say anything. Normally this would never have phased Irvine, but tonight it did. ”What are you drinking?” he asked carefully.

Squall turned his shot glass upside down to signal it was empty. Irvine just waved at the bartender again who just brought him what he usually had. Irvine pushed it over in front of Squall, ”It’s on me.”

Squall turned his head and looked at Irvine, most unnerving, like he could see something Irvine was not sure he wanted him to see. Irvine smiled a little charming smile, and tipped his hat slightly, ”Bottoms up, Leonheart.”

To Irvine’s surprise Squall took the shots glass and toasted with him. He then returned to his previous pose, picking off the label of his beer, which made Irvine smile. Suddenly Zell waved and yelled from the other end of the room. ”Excuse me,” Irvine mumbled, taking his beer from the bar and walked straight across the room to Zell.


”Zell?” Irvine yelled out in the dark, ”Yo, Zell?!” he took off his hat and scratched his head, ”Where are you man?” he mumbled. The tell tale sound of dry heaving sounded in the empty courtyard. Irvine grinned and walked towards the noise.

He found Zell hanging half down into the fountain, he squatted next to him, petting his head gently. ”Are you okay?” he asked.

”Mm hmm… ju-just a mom-moment,” Zell slurred half asleep.

”Let’s get you to bed, sport,” Irvine laughed, standing up. Pulling Zell to his feet, his head lolling back and resting on Irvine’s shoulder. And with much trouble Irvine started to haul off Zell, aiming for the blond’s bedroom.

A dark shadow stood and watched them from afar, and when Irvine managed to push up the door, the shadow followed.

Finally, Irvine kicked up the door to Zell’s room, only to be met with a flying boot. ”Get out!” Zell’s room mate yelled. Irvine heard the distinct sound of a girl giggling. ”Sorry,” he mumbled, stepping backwards out in the hall, watching the door close with a slight click. ”What now huh?” he sighed, lifting Zell for a better grip. Damn he was heavy. ”Guess you’ll have to bunk with me then,” Irvine said with an annoyed hiss, hauling Zell in the direction of his own room. His own room mate was not one to have visitors at night, so he was pretty sure the same scenario wouldn’t occur there, but it did annoy him that he had looked forward to sleeping in a bed, his bed. All night! And now he would have to find somewhere else, or bunk up with Zell.

He eventually reached his own room, kicked the door up and stepped into the dark, tossing Zell on his bed. Pulling the blanket over his friend, he gently removed some of the hair that was stuck to Zell’s lips. ”You better not barf in my bed,” he whispered, ”Or it will be the last time I invite you in,” He smiled at the comatose boy on the bed.

Outside the corridor, Irvine stood for a moment not sure where he should go. Maybe he should just return to the party? At least he could get hammered and sleep it off wherever. As he started to walk down the poorly lit corridor, a voice suddenly startled him, ”Saving him for later?”

Irvine spun around, seeing Squall standing against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest, ”What?”

”Zell,” Squall stated.

Irvine frowned and started to walk back to where Squall stood, ”Are you implying that I would take advantage of Zell?”

”I’m not implying anything,” Squall said with a small smirk, ”I’m asking you.”

”I’m not a necrophiliac,” Irvine stated sourly, ”I like my bed partners to actually act alive, thank you very much.”

”Just asking.”

”Thank you for thinking so highly of me,” Irvine snarled, his eyes slits.

”Well, word around, is that you don’t really have a whole lot of selection criteria, so I was just looking out for Zell. Can you blame me for that?” Squall said in an annoyingly indifferent tone.

”Fuck this,” Irvine spat. ”It’s about the mission, isn’t it?”

”No, not really,” Squall said softly, ”But you could have warned me beforehand.”

”You know what? I thought it might change, okay? And that is what makes me human, and you… you… a bloody machine,” Irvine yelled angrily, annoyed with himself that he lost his temper this fast, but Squall just pushed all the right buttons. ”Are you even capable of showing any form of human emotion? Curious minds wanna know!”

Squall frowned deeply, and then turned on his heels and left the corridor, in the opposite direction than Irvine had been going.

”Yeah, you too!” Irvine yelled after Squall, before he too turned on his heels and headed down the corridor.


Irvine sat by the bar, running his finger around and around on the shot glass rim. His good mood just wouldn’t return, Squall had just pissed him off to the max, there he was admitting something that was very hard for him to admit, only to be met with indifference and lowly accusations. He sipped his beer. True, he had seen more than one person here in the Gardens in their birthday suit, but did that make him an unscrupulous slut? He didn’t think so. He might have flirted, even kissed quite a few here, but he had actually never bedded as many as Squall might think. He just couldn’t resist the rush of a flirt, that’s all. ”Pompous asshole,” he growled, downing his drink.

”The same as he’s having,” Irvine heard Squall say next to him, addressing the bartender. Squall turned his head and looked at Irvine, ”What is this?” he asked holding out the shot.

Irvine tried to smile casually, but it remained a tick in the corner of his mouth, ”Liquid fire, my friend.”

Squall actually chuckled, ”Whatever, it does taste good.”

”Indeed,” Irvine agreed, downing his own shot, not waiting for Squall.

”Look,” Squall started, while gesturing at the bartender, pointing at their shot glasses to have them filled again. ”I’m sorry I assumed you weren’t just being a friend, earlier.”

Irvine’s smile spread into a genuine one. ”No worries,” he said, holding out his beer to toast with Squall.

”You do know what that means right?” Squall teased, pointing towards Irvine’s peeled label.

Irvine laughed loudly, ”Said the kettle to the pot.”

Squall’s gaze swiftly went to his own bottle that had big parts of its label torn off. ”It was like that when I got it,” he mumbled with a smile.

”So, anyone in particular?” Irvine asked out of genuine interest.

Squall just grinned stupidly drunk, and brushed some hair out of his eyes with a gesture that was meant to distract the fact he was wearing a stupid grin, but just made him look all the more interesting, at least to Irvine.

”Come on,” Irvine cooed, ”You can tell me, who caught Squall Leonheart’s attention?” He leaned in and pushed Squall with his shoulder in a friendly gesture. Maybe Squall wasn’t made of stone, very intriguing discovery!

”No one,” Squall said a bit clipped.

”Aw, man.” Irvine mock pouted, ”If I buy you another drink, will you at least give me a hint?” He was so curious he couldn’t stand it, he really wanted to know who it was who had apparently breeched the great Chinese Wall that Squall called his ego.

”A hint, okay,” Squall said with another little smirk.

A moment later two fresh beers stood in front of them, and Irvine rested his head in his hand, elbow on the bar, ”So, spill it.”

Squall laughed nervously, ”Someone who struck me the moment I saw them.”

”That’s all?” Irvine muttered, ”Really? That’s not a lot to go on if I’m supposed to guess who the lucky one is.” He smiled, biting the nail on his little finger absent-minded, ”Can you tell me if its someone in this room then?”

Squall nodded, barely visible.

”Really?” Irvine dipped his index finger in his drink, stirring it for a little while, and then sucking on his own finger. ”Are you gonna tell them? Or are you just planning on sitting here?”

Squall stared transfixed on Irvine, or rather, on his finger between his lips as he tasted the shot with it again. Not that Irvine seemed to notice his stare. ”I don’t know, it depends I suppose,” Squall admitted.

”On what?” Irvine asked with a naughty gleam in his eyes, ”Maybe I can sort of, y’know, help you out.” He didn’t really want to help someone else claim the prize which he had been admiring in secret since he arrived, but he would rather do that, and keep this friendly tone.

”Drinks, and lots of them,” Squall admitted, surprised himself by being so frank.

”You got it, princess,” Irvine roared with laughter, as he leaned in over the bar and pulled the bartender down so he could yell in his ear, ”Keep my friend’s glass full, he needs it.” Irvine smiled against the bartenders cheek, ”Courage you know. Seriously, you would do the world a favour if you help him get laid.”

The bartender nodded as Irvine pulled away. He was just about to say something when Selphie suddenly pulled his arm. ”Come on, don’t let me dance by myself,” she yelled over the music.

Irvine nodded at the bartender to make sure they understood each other, and then he raised his shot in a toast with Squall, ”Excuse me a moment,” he said downing his drink and followed Selphie.

He tossed his jacket on his seat, and grabbed Selphie’s hand, swirling her around on the dance floor. Vaguely wondering if it was her that Squall had in mind.

Some time later, Irvine was still dancing, when he suddenly felt someone lift his hat off, he turned to see who it was, and to his surprise he saw Squall there, wearing his hat and a stupid smile, holding out a beer to him. Irvine shook his head amused and took the beer. Irvine turned around to face Selphie for a second, and when he turned around again, Squall had suddenly disappeared. Irvine looked around after him, he would be fairly recognizable since he was still wearing his hat. Selphie nodded towards the door to the outside, Irvine leaned in and yelled, ”I’ll be right back.”

Irvine stepped outside in the cool breeze and inhaled deeply. Looking around in the darkness, he suddenly saw a figure laying on the grass, and when he got closer he could tell it was Squall, Irvine’s cowboy had pulled down over his face, to get privacy. Irvine flopped down next to him, careful not to spill his beer. ”Thanks,” he said, ”For the beer I mean.”

”Don’t mention it,” Squall murmured from under the hat.

”So, I thought you was gonna make your move on your hearts desire,” Irvine chuckled, resting his elbow, watching Squall, ”Not nap in the grass.”

”Guess my courage failed me,” Squall admitted, ”I have never been good at these things.”

”Your courage?” Irvine asked, ”Wow, that will be a first.”

”No not really,” Squall said bitterly under the hat. ”I’m not like you, I can’t just toss sweet nonsense around, and charm everyone, maybe that is my curse.”

Irvine put down his beer in the grass and lifted the hat off Squall’s face, tossing it behind him. ”Of course you can, its just a question of faking it. Letting everyone else think you know exactly what you’re doing, the more in doubt, the more self assured you have to behave.”

Squall smiled slightly, ”Thank you for helping me out, buying all those drinks I mean. That was really nice of you.”

”Don’t mention it,” Irvine shrugged, ”What are friends for?”

Squall was surprised at himself as he heard himself say, ”At least I stole his hat.”

Irvine arched a brow, but had too much class to ask for Squall to repeat himself. ”You did, did you?” he whispered with a smirk. Never in a million years had he seen that one coming, and right now he was too drunk to care if he came off as an idiot.

”Yeah,” Squall mused, staring off into the starlit sky. ”Funny you know, that I should see something in that smart ass.”

The very dense smart ass, Irvine thought to himself as he smiled widely, scooting a little closer to Squall. ”Funny how that smart ass has watched you, from afar, so sure he would, at best, be ignored if he ever tried,” he whispered close to Squall’s ear.

Squall turned his head for the first time and looked directly at Irvine, ”What?”

Irvine let a smug smile grace his features, in an attempt to turn the direction of the conversation elsewhere, he lifted his bottle for a toast, ”To tonight, may it last forever.”

Squall smiled and lifted his bottle too, not drinking it, but tossing it over his head and out on the grass. ”Can I ask you something personal?” he asked sweetly.

”Sure,” Irvine said, tossing his empty bottle too.

”How long have you known?” Squall asked, ”That you… ehm…” His voice fell to a whisper, ”Fancied b-boys, like that, I mean.”

Irvine pursed his lips, tapping them with a finger, silently amused that Squall had such a hard time saying something like that. In the end he took pity on his friend, and seductively whispered, ”Same time as I discovered I fancied girls, like that.”

”Oh,” Squall chuckled a little nervously. Which amused Irvine to no end, to watch the stone-boy letting his guard down like that.

”What about you?” Irvine asked.

”Honestly?” Squall asked wide eyed, Irvine nodded affirmatively. ”When I saw you,” Squall admitted with burning cheeks.

”Went straight in your pants huh?” Irvine giggled, gently brushing some of Squall’s hair from his forehead.

Squall looked mostly like he had sucked a lemon, but then a slight smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. ”Suppose so,” he whispered.

Irvine could have told him he actually looked flaming gay, and that he wasn’t the least surprised, but that would just have made Squall clam up, and he didn’t really want that now that he finally had shown him a little of what actually went on inside the stoic Squall. Instead he leant in nose to nose. He could feel Squall’s breath on his lips, and for the first time he wondered, like really wondered what it would be like, and the thought alone made Irvine shiver slightly. ”Then come and get it,” he whispered, knowing that Squall would never let down a dare like that. And then he pushed away from Squall, getting on his drunken feet, sprinting across the lawn.

Squall sat up mildly confused, he had thought he was about to get a kiss, and then the idiot just went off.

From the other end of the lawn, Irvine bend over, resting his hands on his thighs, gesturing with a finger for Squall to come over. ”Come get it then, Hero-boy,” he laughed out of breath.

”Really? Now?” Squall grinned getting to his feet.

Irvine answered with pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it on the ground. Squall’s smile wouldn’t leave his lips as he tossed his jacket and shirt too, inwardly thanking Irvine for all those drinks, ’cause without them he would never have done this to begin with, he would just have sat around pining for him.

Irvine was fast, but Squall was faster, laughing like kids they chased each other around the courtyard. And after many near misses, Squall finally caught Irvine, sending him to the ground. A second after, he found himself pinned down on the dirt path between lawns, Irvine laughing down at him. ”Your prize,” he panted, lowering himself down, finally letting their lips meet, sending fire through them both. Squall wrapped his arms around Irvine’s back, deepening the kiss, ’till it was a frenzied duel of tongues and will.

Irvine was the one who finally broke off the kiss, and with a wordless, panting laugh he looked down at Squall who looked equally in disarray. ”Not here,” he finally whispered. When Squall looked confused, Irvine dipped down and licked Squall’s lower lip, ”We could be expelled.”

With a swift move, Squall rolled them over, so Irvine suddenly found himself with his back against the ground, Squall sitting heavily on his confined, painful erection.

”Irvine,” Squall said husky, studying the other boy ”I have something to show you.”

”Bet you do,” Irvine grinned out of breath, before he reversed their position again, amazed how easy Squall let him roll back on top. ”Beat you to your room?” Irvine whispered sweetly, planting a gentle kiss on Squall’s lips, and then getting off Squall so fast that he tripped in the gravel, but got up again and sprinted off towards the dorms. Squall caught on, and quickly followed pursuit. Other students on their way to bed saw them racing through the long corridors, but just shook their heads, and Irvine and Squall didn’t give a toss what anyone thought, such is the wonder of alcohol.

Irvine gave it all he had, but still he was beaten by Squall, who basically busted in his own door down from the speed he had on when he slammed into the door. Laughing breathlessly, they both stepped into the dark room. Irvine, pulled Squall against him, and pinned him against the door, which was pushed it shut with their bodies. ”So,” he whispered, licking a wet trail up Squall’s neck, hearing him suck in his breath at the gentle, sensual touch. Biting Squall’s earlobe teasingly, he added, ”What was it you wanted to show me?”

Squall grabbed Irvine’s shoulders, turning him around so he had his back to Squall. They took some steps forward like that before he guided them around to face a full length mirror. ”This,” Squall said softly. Reaching up with one hand and undid the string that held Irvine’s ponytail, freeing the long silky hair. Irvine turned his head to look at Squall directly, but only found his head turned back to look into the mirror. ”You,” Squall whispered close to Irvine’s ear.

Irvine bit his lip, watching Squall’s hands as they slowly moved down over his chest, until they rested on Irvine’s belt. Irvine smiled wickedly at his mirror image, which he could tell Squall watched intensely. And then he ran his hands down Squalls arms reaching his hands, and found his belt buckle. Nimble fingers undid it in seconds, sending his pants to the floor with a clank as the belt buckle hit the ground. Squall sucked in his breath, watching Irvine in the mirror, apparently the long haired boy didn’t care for briefs. For a moment Squall froze, not knowing what to do. In his mind this had played out differently, not better, ’cause this was perfect, but his reaction had been more, uhm, self assured. And right now, as he watched Irvine run a long fingered hand up over his own stomach, apparently taking great pleasure in knowing that Squall watched, left Squall so hot and bothered, that he was ready to shoot his load in his pants.

When Irvine took his hands and moved them down towards his proud erection shook Squall out of his state of mind. Like when he touched himself, Squall closed his hand around Irvine, rewarded with a little pleasurable mewl from Irvine, Squall started slowly to flex his wrist, pumping Irvine’s cock. He was a little surprised to find that it felt almost like his own, and judging from Irvine’s reaction, he didn’t mind one bit. Squall looked up in the mirror, seeing Irvine with his eyes closed in bliss, his mouth slightly open, breathing shallow.

”S-stop.” Irvine moaned, he didn’t plan on finishing like this. Squall stopped, and Irvine used the moment to turn in his arms, standing face to face. He undid Squall’s belts with a little difficulty and a giggle. But eventually they fell, and he could open the pants, to get his prize. One hand wrapped around Squall’s larger erection, he hooked the other arm around Squall’s neck, pulling him down for a deep, desperate kiss. He pushed Squall backwards towards the single cot in his room. ”My turn. To show. You something.” Irvine panted brokenly against Squalls lips. He pushed Squall backwards onto the cot, and with a forceful pull, he removed Squalls pants and boots off, and then his own. Much better. Much, much better! He crawled up top of Squall who was leaning against the wall, completely transfixed by Irvine in the dark.

Placing a knee on each side of Squalls legs, he kissed the other boy again, this time slower, less frantic, ending the kiss, he kissed his way down over Squalls jaw, neck and chest, in a straight line down towards Squall’s erection, which twitched as a wide eyed Squall realised what Irvine had in mind. ”You don’t have to…” Squall whispered, but his body language told a different story, as he arched into Irvine’s kisses.

Irvine looked up at Squall and smiled one of his little mischievous smiles, ”But I want to,” he stated, and then returned to his task, kissing his way down.

Squall had had every intention of watching Irvine, but as Irvine licked his way up his erection, Squall’s eyes closed, just feeling as he was engulfed in a moist soft cave, and that wicked tongue, swirling, dancing, caressing all the right spots. He forced himself to open his eyes, seeing Irvine at his feet, the soft hair fallen down, obscured his view of what went on. But the knowledge of that it was in fact Irvine who was there, Irvine’s mouth, hands and skin that touched him, was enough for Squall close his eyes again, trying his hardest not to thrust upwards into the welcoming warmth.

Irvine listened to Squall’s moans, keeping one hand on Squall to hold his pelvis down, reaching down with his other to touch himself, desperately pumping himself in a frantic pace, he wanted it to last, he really did, but he was not about to tell Squall that he would have to locate something to use for lube right now. Since Squall had said he never had another boy for a lover, he reckoned that he wouldn’t have any around, unless he had had some girl who’d let him fuck her up the ass, but having seen the girls that Squall would normally be attracted to, he didn’t really think so. He figured it best not to bring the issue up, and just give them both a good time in some other way. Squall’s thighs spasmed, his moans had grown more free, and louder. Irvine took a deep breath and took almost all of Squall’s length in his mouth, and the moan he received for that, was what he needed to push himself over, jerking as he orgasmed, moaning with Squall still in his mouth, he was rewarded with a pitiful broken moan from Squall as he came hard, thrusting into Irvine’s mouth, not being able to restrain himself any more.

Squall opened his eyes panting hard. Looking down at Irvine who had fallen backwards on the floor and lay panting with a smile on his face. ”Wow,” Squall grinned.

”You’re very welcome,” Irvine said, still smiling. Squinting up at Squall, who held out a hand to him, inviting him up into the cot.


Irvine had awoken by dawn, watching Squall sleeping, snoring softly oblivious to the world around him. Funny how he looked like a kid when he relaxed in his face. Irvine leaned in and kissed Squall’s forehead before sliding out of the bed, silently picking up his stuff on the floor, tiptoeing out of the room only wearing his pants, and his boots in his hand. He didn’t want to be around when Squall woke and realised what he had done in his massive binge last night, it would just… hurt. This way was just easier.

He sprinted through the corridors, reaching his own door, opening it, his foul mood turned to mirth as he saw Zell sit on his bed, hiding his face in his hands. ”Irvine,” he groaned without looking, ”Please tell me I didn’t barf on some girl.”

”Not unless she was swimming in the fountain,” Irvine laughed, tossing his boots.

Zell looked up at Irvine, and then smiled, ”Where have you been?”

”I fell asleep outside,” Irvine lied, not sure Squall would appreciate it if he told the biggest blabbermouth of them all about their little shepherds hour. ”I still need to find the rest of my clothes,” he said with a shrug.

Zell looked up at Irvine, ”Liar.” When Irvine just blinked, Zell continued, ”You reek of old sex sweat.”

Irvine coughed trying to hide how uncomfortable that made him, ”Who would have thought?” he said a little too merry.

”Who was the lucky one?” Zell asked slowly standing to his feet with a groan, steadying himself against the windowsill.

Irvine wanted to feed Zell a casual lie, but he just couldn’t, ”Just leave it.”

Zell looked surprised, but just smiled, ”Sure, whatever.”


Irvine had spent the day in a strange state of being equally thrilled and scared of the prospect of running into Squall. He had been too chicken shit to show at dinner in the canteen, and had spent all day in his room, his room mate had left to be with his friends, and Zell had returned to his own room as well, to kick out his room mates new friend. Irvine looked out the window, it was dark, he was a little disappointed that Squall had not come to knock on his door, but had the roles been reversed, had he knocked Squalls? Probably not.

Three loud raps on his door, and for a moment Irvine’s breath was caught in his throat, but relaxed as he realised that it was just Zell, holding a towel and a shampoo, ”Come in,” he said.

Irvine got off the bed, and gathered his own towel and shampoo, and some clean clothes. Zell was right after all, he needed a bath, he was a little surprised to find that he was reluctant to wash off Squall, after all, it was not like he had ever given the other boy much thought before. Sure he had thought about it, Squall was fucking hot, but just always assumed that he was into girls regardless, and here he was, trying to will himself into not falling head first.

Once in the locker room, both Zell and Irvine each went to the showers. ”So are you gonna tell me who it is you’ve been sulking over all day?” Zell asked, turning the knobs, trying to get the water to stay the right temperature.

”No, not really. And I haven’t been sulking,” Irvine growled, stepping in under his own shower head, resting his forehead on the wall, letting the warm water wash down over his back.

”Wow, must be bad then, since you won’t tell me,” Zell grinned, scrubbing his face with his hands.

”What do you mean, bad?” Irvine mumbled.

”I mean someone gross,” Zell grinned. ”Usually you don’t mind telling me who your latest conquest is. Or maybe…” Zell turned his head and looked at Irvine, ”It’s someone you actually like. Is that what’s wrong?”

”Maybe,” Irvine reluctantly admitted. Pouring shampoo in his hands.

”Oh,” Zell laughed, scrubbing his scalp, the soap foaming. ”Boy or girl?”

”Does it matter?” Irvine asked, starting to rub the soap into his own hair.

”Come on man, its shower confessions here, you can just as well tell me and get it out of your system. I’ll find out eventually,” Zell said.

”Boy,” Irvine stated, scrubbing his scalp.

”I see,” Zell said, thinking hard on all the boys he was aware would be a potential love interest for his friend. Craning his neck as he was rinsing out his shampoo, ”Who was it man?”

Irvine really wanted to tell him, but at the same time, he didn’t want anyone to know. He stepped back in under the water to rinse his hair, ”You can’t tell anyone.”

”Of course not.”

Irvine took a deep breath, ”We didn’t even ‘do it’, I just sucked him off.” Zell didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to, ”Squall, it was Squall. And it seemed like the perfect thing, and now I am just worried that I complicated everything.”

Zell’s eyes widened in shock, ”You sucked off Squall?” First he giggled, and then he punched Irvine hard on the shoulder, ”What the fuck were you thinking?”

”Ouch,” Irvine whined, rubbing his shoulder. ”You don’t want to know what I was thinking. Believe me,” he mumbled angrily.

”But I would,” Squall said, stepping into the group bath, a towel wrapped around his waist.

Irvine paled to ghostly white, and Zell blushed, ”Uhm, excuse me gentlemen,” he mumbled grabbing his shampoo bottle and fled the bathroom.

”So, what were you thinking, Irvine?” Squall said with a strained, angry tone.

”Honestly?” Irvine admitted, fighting the urge to cover up under Squall’s gaze, ”I didn’t want to ask you for lube. I didn’t think that you… ehm, I mean… since you said that you… you know, didn’t normally dig b-boys.”

”You could just have asked,” Squall stated sourly. Stepping in under the shower that Zell just left, ”That doesn’t explain where you went this morning though.”

”I’m sorry,” Irvine said, turning off his shower. ”I wasn’t sure that you would appreciate me still being there.”

Squall turned under the water and stared at Irvine, ”Whatever gave you that idea?”

Irvine shrugged, ”I just figured you were drunk off your face and… ” He smiled a little lopsided smile, ”Maybe I was just trying to keep myself from being too disappointed.”

Squall smiled, ”I actually woke up and wanted to ask you out on a real date, you know… I wanted to do this right. But then you were gone.”

Irvine just stared at Squall his smile widened, ”A real date? As in a ‘real’ date out on town and all?”

Squall nodded.

Irvine leaned up against the bathroom wall. ”I would love that,” he said softly. Smiling as Squall reached out and pulled him in under the warm rivulets of water. ”Are you sure?” he whispered, spitting water.

”Never been more sure,” Squall stated.


Irvine found himself under the water, his chest pressed against the cold water pipe, Squall leaning heavily against him, ”Are you sure?” Squall whispered in Irvine’s ear.

Irvine closed his eyes to prevent water from getting in, ”Yes,” lifting his right leg, holding it. Squall spread Irvine’s buttocks further, running a finger gingerly across Irvine’s entrance. ‘just like a girl’ he told himself, pressing his index finger past the guardian muscle. Irvine hissed. ”Are you okay?” Squall asked worried.

”Yes,” Irvine answered strained.

Squall pushed his finger all the way in, rotating it in circles, feeling the muscle that clamped down around his finger relax. He added a second finger, hearing Irvine groan, he couldn’t really make out if it was pleasurable or not. Rotating his fingers inside Irvine, he leaned in and kissed the long haired boys shoulder, nibbling his way to Irvine’s ear, ”Let me know if you want me to stop.”

Irvine nodded vaguely, listening to Squall’s heavy breathing in his ear, feeling his erection press against his butt cheek. And just then Squall’s fingers brushed the spot that Irvine had waited for. ”Again,” he whispered, more relaxed, ”Right there.”

Squall complied, running his fingertip against the tiny dent, again, and again, listening to Irvine’s breathing speed up, what had sounded like discomfort before, was turned into little gasps and muffled moans, and when he finally felt Irvine press back against him, he removed his fingers, grabbing his own cock, to guide it.

”Careful,” Irvine whispered, and Squall nodded, pushing against the narrow ring, breaching it, and then he heard Irvine let out another distraught whimper.

”Does it hurt? Do you want me to stop?” Squall whispered.

”No,” Irvine said through clenched teeth. He reached down between his own legs, and started to slowly pump his flaccid cock, hoping that it would help in the lack of lube. Jesus fucking Christ it hurt, people might think he had had tons of lovers to give it to him, but that as far from the truth, Squall was the second ever. For a moment Irvine wondered if it had been such a good idea to do this after all. He could feel tears pool in his eyes, and no matter how much he tried to excite himself, it didn’t work, it just hurt too much.

”This is not working is it?” Squall asked slightly disappointed. ”Is it something I’m doing wrong? Tell me what to do.”

”No, no,” Irvine whimpered, ”Forget what I said, just push, and don’t stop till its all the way in.”

Squall, ran his hands down over Irvine’s sides, caressing the the wet skin, before he took a hold of Irvine’s hips and inwardly counted to three before he rammed himself up the other boy with as much force as he could muster. Squall winced, as the tight canal gripped him impossibly close, but it was nothing compared to Irvine’s chilling scream of pain, which startled Squall, nearly giving him a heart attack. Standing still, not moving at all, Squall moved Irvine’s wet hair, kissing his neck tenderly. ”Talk to me,” he whispered concerned.

”Oh shit,” Irvine panted. And a moment later, he relaxed some, inhaling deeply, ”Move Squall.”

Squall wanted to object, but instead he just started to thrust shallow, finding that it didn’t feel as impossibly tight now, and slowly he heard Irvine’s whimpers become more needy, less agonized. Resting his head against Irvine’s shoulder, he gently thrust in and out, feeling a high over the act in itself, he was amazed at the power trip it was to hear Irvine’s needy mewls, knowing that he was the one that brought him that pleasure. He was shaken from his thoughts as Irvine moaned, ”Deeper, harder… Fuck me, I’m not made of glass you know.”

”I can’t like this,” Squall panted, referring to the position. Irvine instantly let his leg drop to the ground, and pushed backwards, leaning over, pushing Squall back too. Now Squall was outside the water, that was instead falling on Irvine’s head and back. Irvine held on to the pipe with his hands, resting his head on his bent arm. Squall ran a hand down over Irvine’s back, looking down at where his cock disappeared inside the other boy, amazed. But he did as he was told, grabbing Irvine’s hips again, thrusting with all he had, he closed his eyes in bliss, funny how it had felt so tight at first, and now it accommodated him just fine.

Irvine clawed the water pipe, slipping with his wet hands. Squall thrust forcefully, inching Irvine closer to the wall until his shoulder was against it again.

Acting on instinct, like he had with girls, Squall let go with one hand, and reached down between Irvine’s legs, stroking the other boys rock hard erection, timing it to his own thrusts. ”Oh Gods!” Irvine moaned loudly, his voice echoing off the walls, as he loudly orgasmed in Squall’s hand. The suction that the inner muscle provided as Irvine orgasmed, took Squall completely aback, and seconds after his world too, went supernova.


At breakfast the next day, Zell came and sat down next to his friends as always, Selphie and Irvine were sitting talking over their coffee. ”Never took you for a screamer,” Zell laughed hushed as he reached for the sugar for his own coffee.

Irvine blushed crimson. Very un-Irvine like.

Selphie blinked and then chuckled, ”Was that you?”

”Y’all heard that?” he whispered softly, but couldn’t help but to smile as an idiot.

”How could we not?” Zell said shaking his head amused.

Squall joined them with his own breakfast, ”What’s so funny?” he asked.

”Wow, it speaks!” Zell grinned, only earning himself a huff from Squall.

Squall looked up at the giant clock in the canteen, ”I have to go,” he said, downing his coffee, wincing from the heat. ”Later?” he turned and spoke directly to Irvine.

”Yeah, later,” Irvine said, both confused and amazed as Squall leaned in and kissed him full on the lips, before he left.

Selphie looked from Irvine to Zell, and back to Irvine. ”Squall?” she finally managed to ask, keeping down an insane giggle fit.

”Yeah,” Irvine admitted. ”Guess it was me who had caught the eye of Leonheart all along, huh?”



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