Angry Angel 13/?; My sacred heart’s on no-one’s side.

Title: Angry Angel
WIP: 13/?
Author: azzy
Email: az.ombie[at]
AN: this is the sequel to pretty hate machine, and this shit is bananas. wow it was about time i quit that long ass AN, huh? I changed my writing style some for this chapter, i missed Cloud, what can i say?
Betaed by; goodbye_sun of the awesome editing.
Rating: R for violence & smex
Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine, sad but true.
Summary: In which we get some answers and Cloud appears again.
Warnings: AU! Angst.
Pairings: Reno/Cloud Reno/Tseng

For aeneus.

I could go home to my love
And live the life I’ve always wanted
Or I could go on running off
Into the night, lonely and haunted
And the strange thing is
I don’t know which I prefer
As I sit here and watch the sun set .

And I don’t know where to go
No, I don’t know where to go.

Tina Dicow – Sacre Coeur

Chapter 13 – My sacred heart’s on no-one’s side.

Reno stretched in the early morning light, smiling to himself as his body ached and buzzed all the right places. He turned his head and looked at the mess of black hair on the pillow next to him. Tseng had stayed all night, and from the sound of his breathing, was still sleeping soundly. Reno’s head reeled, he didn’t know what to think or feel, this was wrong, he knew it. But it didn’t really feel wrong, he was not sad that the hair next to him was black, and not blonde. Reno looked over Tseng’s shoulder and out the window. Why wasn’t he feeling guilty? Guilt should be eating at him like a motherfucker, but still he felt nothing but sated. He stretched again like a big cat who found a ray of sun, and yawned. They really should get going, he would just have to reflect on this later. ”Tseng” he whispered, blowing air at the back of Tseng’s ear.

Tseng stirred, but didn’t wake. ”Tseng” Reno whispered again, ”You’re gonna be late”. Tseng opened his eyes and stretched lazily too, ”No I’m not” he mumbled.

Reno stayed completely still, not sure if Tseng would freak out and run out the door when he realized where he was. Tseng rolled over to his back, turning his head looking at Reno with a careful smile. ”What’s the time?” he said sleepily, rubbing his eyes and yawning too.

”Seven in the morning” Reno said, looking intensely at Tseng, trying to measure the other man’s every movement. But when Tseng didn’t make any move to get out of bed Reno grinned silently, reaching out, placing his hand on the other man’s chest. ”We don’t have to get up for at least fifteen minutes” Reno whispered huskily.

Tseng did something that had Reno in total and utter shock, but the good kind at least. He purred and stretched as he grabbed Reno’s hand guiding it down under the covers. This time Reno couldn’t keep the sound from his chuckle, as he curled his hand around Tseng’s morning erection. ”How very subtle”, Tseng closed his eyes and nodded, folding his arms under his head. ”And presumptuous” Reno added still grinning. But he still let go of Tseng’s erection to push the covers aside, crawling over between Tseng’s legs, nestling down resting his arms on the other man’s thighs. Reno smiled, as he saw Tseng’s smile widen too. He had never ever thought this about his partner, but then again, what had he actually thought about this matter to begin with? What he knew was that Tseng had a giant erection, and was waiting for him. Then who was he to object?

Grabbing the root of the cock with his hand, he opened his lips, siding down over the shaft. He could taste the pre-ejaculate on the roof of his mouth, and hearing Tseng’s little mews, he knew the other would not last long.

Jerking his hips, Tseng reached his climax, which was closely followed by Reno’s yelp, ”Fuck!” Tseng opened his eyes and popped up on an elbow, seeing Reno holding a hand up over his eye. ”Damn it stings” Reno said more calmly.

Insane laughter rose in Tseng’s chest, until he laughed so much he cried.

”It’s not fucking funny” Reno whined, getting off the bed. ”It feels like god damn battery acid!” he mumbled as he made his way to the bathroom.

Tseng chuckled to himself as he slowly rolled out of the bed. Picking up his clothes he dressed himself while listening to Reno curse in the bathroom. He was fully clothed by the time Reno came back into the bedroom. ”Better?” he asked from the far end of the room.

”No, it fucking hurts” Reno whined, but couldn’t keep from laughing at the absurd situation either. Slowly removing his hands from his swollen pink eye, he looked at Tseng who was tying shoelaces. ”So…ehm”

Tseng turned his head and looked at Reno ”I need to pick up something” he said, realizing it sounded just as untrue as it was.

”Oh” Reno said, ”Like what?”

”Like…some papers that are not here” Tseng said, knowing he had lost the battle. ”Alright, I just need to get home, ok?”


Cloud woke from what felt mostly like a fever nightmare. At first he couldn’t remember where he was, but as soon as he tried to move and found his moved restrained by rope, he remembered. He squinted and quickly realized he was no longer in the tile covered room, but in a van. Had they moved him without him noticing? Just what the hell had they given him? Cloud had a million questions, he had never gotten any explanation as to why they had kidnapped him. They had just asked him a lot of questions about Reno’s daily life. This made no sense!

Cloud quickly closed his eyes again, pretending to sleep as someone opened the door.” Are you sure?” a voice said.

”Yes, dammit” the other, deeper voice said.

The van rocked as one of the men leaned up against it. ”But what if your informer is wrong?”

”He isn’t” the deep voice said hotly. ”Strife is useless.”

”Dammit!” the first man growled and hit his fist into the side of the car.

Silence. Cloud hardly dared breathe, useless? Why was he useless? What were they talking about?

”So, what do you suggest we do now?” The first man whined.

”Waste him” The deep voice said.


Reno stepped into the shower, he leaned his forehead against the cold tiles, and felt the hot water pour down his body. He felt like crying and didn’t know why. He had gone and done something, something that could not be reversed. Just when he had realized that he had grown fond of Tseng he wasn’t really sure, or why. He closed his eyes and rubbed his face with water before he shut the taps off and stepped out into the cold bathroom.

He walked stark naked back into the bedroom to find some clothes, making a mental note to change the bedsheets. Reno sighed as he opened the drawer and started to get dressed. Being with Cloud was mostly like getting a freezer burn, where as Tseng was somehow more… ”more what?” Reno said to himself… Not gay? ”Get a grip, man.” He mumbled and walked out the bedroom, straight for his apartment door.

Cloud woke something feral in him, and just the thought of him gave Reno goosebumps, the good way. But somehow it just wasn’t enough any more. It was a strange realization. Reno looked up as the elevator gave its tell tale ‘pling’ and opened the doors, Well, he just had to reflect on this at some other time. Right now he had work to do.


Cloud felt the van make a full stop, he strained his ears trying to determine where he was, but there were no sounds to give him any indication of the location. Must be remote, he told himself, since there were no noises. The back doors in the van opened and someone grabbed his ankles and pulled him roughly outside. Cloud’s spine scraped against the metal of the car, and unable to break the fall with his hands, his head hit the ground.

His eyes blinked with confusion, trying to get used to the sharp light of the outside. One of the men roughly pulled Cloud’s gag off. ”No point in screaming, Spikey” He said with badly hidden mirth. ”Ain’t no one around here”

Cloud sucked in air like a drowning man, but ended up coughing as he inhaled dirt. Spitting dirt, he tried to follow the man out of the corner of his eye.

”Constantine, how do you want to do this?” the man said, placing a foot on Cloud’s hip. Cloud heard the sharp click of a loaded gun.

”I don’t care” Constantine, said with his deep rumbling voice. ”Just do it.”

”Wonder if Reno’s cellphone can receive a photo message?” the other man said, and Cloud heard the sound of a cellphone being flipped open. ”Say cheese” the man said, placing the gun at Cloud’s temple, grinding the metal against Clouds cranium. The flash went off.

Cloud closed his eyes for a second. Thinking of what to do, maybe they would loosen up and get careless if they really thought they had the upper hand, which Cloud had to admit to himself, they actually had. No matter who the hell this guy Constantine was, one thing Cloud knew, he had had SOLDIER training, he could feel it on the way the rope was tied.

”Raiden! Just get on with it” Constantine called from afar.


Reno and Tseng drove to Constantine’s house in silence, Reno had thought Tseng would have acted differently this morning, but he was the same bossy Tseng as always. When they arrived at Constantine’s house, a member of the Shinra forensics laboratory personnel greeted them on the porch. His name tag said ‘Mr. Beele’.

”Fill us in” Tseng said, sitting down on the rail of the porch, looking at Beele.

Beele nodded, you both better sit down for this one. You stumbled across a hornets nest, and you can count yourself lucky you did not investigate every corner of this house, the group that was sent in to sweep this house, had to be taken back to Shinra and receive something to calm their nerves and recover in the sickbay.

”Swell” Reno mumbled ”now what was it that was so terrible?”

”The basement” Beele said sombrely, ”this place used to be a press, printing newspapers and posters, and in the back they had a storage room.”

”Explains the ventilation at least” Reno said, watching Tseng who nodded.

”In the storage room we found the missing family members that you had found evidence of” Beele said, pausing for dramatic effect. ”Mrs Constantine, and their three kids, the youngest was six years old.”

Neither of the Turks said anything, they just listened and secretly counted themselves lucky that they had not found that storage room. ”Suppose they weren’t hanging out, having a picnic” Reno finally said, in a really lame attempt to take the sting of the words he knew would come.

”No, sir” Beele said. ”They were hung on meat hooks” the young man shivered at the thought. ”Parts were missing, but we found them, or rather we found DNA from the different victims on” he paused again to draw a deep breath, ”…on cutlery and on the carving block, and in some pots and pans, they ate them, sir”

Reno paled visibly, wondering if he was about to throw up.


Raiden had turned Cloud over on his back, so he could look him straight in the face. ”So any last words Strife?” He said with a smirk.

”W…” Cloud croaked, he had not used his voice in days, and it was rusty, hurting in his throat. ”Why?” he finally managed to cough out.

”Why what?” Raiden said, ”Why you? Why shoot you? Or Why Reno?”

Cloud coughed again, spitting out more dirt. ”Useless” he whispered.

”Oh ‘that’” Raiden said, laughing. He squatted down, resting on Clouds chest, lowering his head so they were nose to nose. ”We thought that Reno would come for you” he whispered. ”But it seems like he found himself another little gay lover” Raiden chuckled, sitting up straight, running the muzzle of the gun over Clouds cracked lips. ”Seems like you’ve been replaced with a Wutai traitor”

Cloud tried to keep emotionless, their informant had to be wrong, but that didn’t change the fact that they believed it, and was going to shoot him in a matter of minutes. ”Always a funny taste in lovers” Raiden said more to himself than to Cloud, then he returned his attention to his prisoner. ”Have to admit you are kind of pretty, in a girlie way, on a dark night I suppose you could be mistaken for a butt ugly chick”

To his annoyance, Cloud blushed, but from anger, not from embarrassment.

Reno followed Tseng into the Constantine mansion, Beele indicated with a laser pointer on the various places something important had been found. Reno could have sworn he was about to die from boredom, and congratulated himself on never pursuing a lab job. ”Nerds, man” he mumbled, receiving himself a sharp look from Tseng.

”And here, Sir” Beele said, aiming the red light of the pointer at Reno’s forehead. ”Here we found DNA from both Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Constantine” Beele pointed from Reno down on to some dirty mattresses, ”And here” He pointed to a door which led into a walk in closet, ”Here we found skin cells and hair from Mr. Strife”

Reno wanted nothing more than to have a cigarette, not have, ‘craved’ a cigarette. ”So my brother was here?” He said with a disappearing voice, nodding towards the mattress, ”And not in there?” he pointed to the closet.

”Correct, sir” Beele said.

”You must be mistaken” Reno said raising his voice.

”No, Sir” Beele argued. ”I would not tell you if we were not 100% sure.”

”No, you guys must have…” Reno turned to Tseng for some back up, but Tseng was mesmerised by the walk in closet. ”Bullshit!” Reno finally snapped and turned angrily, stomping out of the room, and upstairs to fresh air and freedom. Had they really kept Cloud in that closet? And why had Raiden not been in there with him? ‘You mean well, Watson. Shall I demonstrate your own ignorance? ‘ rang in Reno’s head. Great! Now his mind started quoting fictional detectives. ”You’re loosing it man” he mumbled to himself, as he fought to get his cigarettes out of his pocket in a hurry. Finally managing, he lit one up, and sighed blissfully. The only way Beele – King of Nerds could be right, was if Raiden had been the kidnapper, and not the kidnapped. Reno shook his head, he simply could not compute! He flipped his phone open, and found the message sent from Cloud, Constantine, Raiden. It said…So Cloud had known. And Reno had read it wrong.

On impulse he clicked ‘answer’ and without thinking his thumb flew over the digits. Reno looked at the message, the little score at the end still blinked. ‘I miss you’ it said. Why the shit would he write that on impulse? Because he really did miss Cloud? Or because he was so used to sending messages like this to Cloud? After all they had spent more time apart the whole time they had been lovers, than together. Always apart, always longing. Maybe it was that longing he couldn’t deal with any more? His finger hovered over the ‘send’ button. But then he clicked the phone shut without sending the message.


Cloud had run out of options, and now realized that his death was an impending truth. He was not going to beg, or cry. He would take this as a SOLDIER! A bitter smile swept over his lips. Cloud stared down the barrel of Raiden’s gun, and slowly closed his eyes, preparing himself.

His eyes shot open as he heard someone yell, and he saw a flash of red. Vincent? His eyes grew large as Raiden was pulled off him with much force. ”Vincent!” he croaked.

Vincent had dealt with those two morons pretty fast, and they were unconscious for now, but just for now, and he had to get Cloud out of here and to somewhere safe. ”Cloud” He said softly, running a leather clad hand over Clouds forehead. ”Can you walk?”

Cloud shook his head miserably, Vincent just smiled and nodded. ”Hang on then” he said, gently lifting Cloud of the ground, hurrying off with his precious cargo.


Reno was home alone. It had been a while since he had had time to just sit down, put on a record and have a drink. And now that he did, he found he was bored. He wished Tseng was here, he would at least say something amusing. Not that Tseng was a funny kind of guy, but he was amusing if you just knew him. ”Sod it” Reno said out loud to no one as he got up from the couch. He slammed the front door after himself and walked down to his car with determined strides.

When he reached Tseng’s house, the lights were off. Reno realized he had not checked the time, he opened his cell phone and the little digital watch on the display says 01:45. ”Crap” he whispered. But now he had come all the way down here, then he might as well go knock on his door, he would find no rest until he had done this anyway.

The doorbell seemed unnaturally loud in the silent night. But soon after Reno heard a rustle behind the door. As the door opened he couldn’t help but smile, Tseng looked like he was still asleep, his eyes puffy and his hair a big mess. ”Reno?” Tseng mumbled, rubbing his eyes ”What brings you here at this hour?”

”You” Reno said softly. Enjoying the facial expression on the totally unguarded Tseng.

”Reno, I…I” Tseng said, stumbling over his own words.

”Yea I know” Reno said, reaching out to touch Tseng’s face.

”We could get suspended for this” Tseng said, but never the less leaned into the touch.

”Wow, living you life dangerous, huh?” Reno jested, grinning stupidly.

Tseng couldn’t help but smile as he stepped aside, letting Reno inside. ”I’m serious Reno, if Shinra knew, it could end up in a terrible mess” He closed the door behind Reno, shutting all the locks.

”Don’t fool yourself Tseng, I’m sure they already know” Reno said, flopping down into the sofa.

Tseng paled.

”Come off it Tseng, they don’t fucking care what we do with out free time, as long as we don’t abandon a mission to go off and shag in some obscure hotel room, we’re fine” Reno smiled at his own example ”or steal the chopper to…”

”Enough” Tseng cut him off. ”I got the point.”


Vincent held vigil over Cloud, listening to the wind in the trees, and Clouds shallow breathing. He couldn’t believe how close that had been, had he not been near by, Cloud would have been dead by now. Vincent looked at Cloud in the half light, his cheeks had none of the childish round shape they had had once, they were sullen and sharp. Cloud had come a long way since Vincent had met him first, but this lesson of love he was about to be taught was one Vincent would rather he would have done without.

He could have told Cloud that a Turk only really cared for one thing, they married their work, that was the one mistress they would never betray. When Reno had turned on Shinra and his fellow Turks, Vincent had hoped he would turn out to be different. He had therefore not warned Cloud, who would most probably not have listened anyway.

Vincent sighed softly. He had his way of gaining information too, and it was not like Reno was discrete. Actually so sloppy that Vincent had wondered if Reno secretly wanted to be found out. A Turk was never sloppy, always precise and professional, just not this one, this time. It had to be on purpose, otherwise it made no sense. For now Cloud slept, blissfully unaware of the extent of the betrayal.

Alive, and weak. Dreaming something unpleasant judging from the little desperate noises he made. Vincent laid down next to him, and wrapped his arm and cloak around his smaller friend. Cloud snuggled up to the heat, relaxing again. ”I’m going to kill you for this, Reno” Vincent whispered to the back of Clouds neck.



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