5drunkfics table.

5drunkfics : pick your poison
Title: I offer thee this silent sacrifice.
Author: Azzy
Fandom: FF7 – CC.
Claim: Genesis Rhapsodos

  1. tipsy
  2. drunken
  3. forget
  4. confessions
  5. mistakes

Couldn’t resist.. somebody slap me! (And yes the damn table fucked up, so you’ll have to do with this.)


2 thoughts on “5drunkfics table.

  1. Nice story but you should finish it it’s pretty darn good. Is there only the tipsy and drunken chapters done?

    • Yes, sadly. I really should finish it. But i hit a shitstorm with the fangirls and it sucked the fun out of it. But thank you so VERY much =) You are 1 of 2 people who ever said anything nice about it. ^^

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