So as i said, i would use thise place primarily as an archive for stuff i write/wrote, it DOES however require that i can log in to LJ to get it. *sigh* I seriously hope they solve their issues soon.

I had the epilogue of Harbingers, to post, and i had wanted to move some sims stuff over, just because i have to start somewhere. But i can’t log into LJ. Besides as GS said, there is a RSS feed from WordPress to Lj, which does help you keep up with my posts, but not me keeping up with yours. It does however require that you TOO can log into Lj, and my general picture is that no-one can. I mean it’s not just a European problem, people in the US and Austrailia have the exact same problem, because it’s their servers that keep going offline. Wonder who’d have an interest in being THAT much a pain in the ass.

Meanwhile i can fool around with the wordpress platform *haha*


8 thoughts on “*OMFG!

  1. Arrg – Its driving me crazy today, I’m on for a couple of minutes and it goes down again. I guess its a sign for me to get on with a few other things 😛

      • And if you are lucky enough to get on for long enough to try and comment on something, it times out almost every time.

        Oh while I have you here, if there are any poseboxes you really want, let me know and I’ll send them to you if I can get a hold of them.

    • Hmmm.. that other comment wont let me comment it. haha! Anyway, yeah i could do with that spousal abuse one, but i am always on the lookout for ‘death/fight’ poses since that is the hardest thing for me to get to look semi decent with ingame animations (game ani-poseboxes i mean) It’s not a secret i prefer ingame animation poseboxes/hacks. But mostly because they are easier to work with atleat if you are me. Also i am working on getting that harbinger epilogue up here as well, (i’m still writing it) it should be up a little later.

      Now if my kids would just stop fighting..

  2. Nice page you’ve got here.. A bit weird to navigate, but nevertheless an improvement over LJ… Which I’ve been unable to log into for almost a week now (Bummer)

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